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Books and Arts; Music Review;文艺;音乐;The Aldeburgh World Orchestra奥德伯格世界交响乐团Beach music余音袅袅在海滩120 players from 35 countries have a ball来自35个国家的120名音乐家齐聚一堂开party The musicians who got off the bus all wore the same black hoodies with “Aldeburgh World Orchestra 2012” printed on the back. But the cases they carried were far from uniform. There were pocket-sized boxes for the piccolos, a wheeled-trolley for the harp and knobbly trunks, all barnacled in stickers, for the cellos. The English seaside town of Aldeburgh, the home of Benjamin Britten, is used to welcoming performers from all over the world, but nothing on this scale; a musical Olympiad of 120 players from 35 countries.下了车,所有的音乐家们都穿着统一的黑色卫衣,背上还印有“奥德伯格世界交响乐团2012”字样,但他们各自拉的箱子却五花八门——袖珍小巧的短笛盒子,装竖琴的带轮推车,还有装大提琴的多节箱子,上面满是贴纸。奥德伯格是英国的海滨城市,也是Benjamin Britten的家乡,过去总有世界各地的演奏家来这表演,但从来没有达到这次的规模——来自35个国家的120名音乐家齐聚一堂,堪比音乐届的奥林匹克盛典。Through its Britten-Pears young artist programme, Aldeburgh Music has earned a world-class reputation as a centre for the development of musical talent. When the programmes 40th anniversary coincided with Londons Olympic games, Aldeburgh Musics chief executive, Jonathan Reekie, decided the moment had come for Aldeburgh to take a leap ahead and create a “world” orchestra. Most orchestras—even the most international ensembles—recruit largely from Europe and America. The challenge for Mr Reekie and his team in creating the Aldeburgh World Orchestra (AWO) was to seek out 18-29-year-olds and use modern technology to try to make the orchestra truly global.奥德伯格音乐节有个“布里顿-皮尔斯青年艺术家项目”,正是这个项目让这一滨海小城闻名世界,成为培养音乐天才的中心。该项目的40周年纪念正好赶上伦敦奥运会,奥德伯格音乐节的行政主管Jonathan Reekie就此决定,是时候让奥德伯格阔步向前,建立一个“世界”交响乐团。世界上大部分乐团的成员大都来自欧美,即使最国际化的乐团也不例外。建立奥德伯格世界交响乐团(AWO),难就难在Reekie和他的团对必须寻找18到29岁的年轻乐手,还得运用现代科技确保这一乐团真正国际起来。The £700,000m project, which has received public and corporate funding, began three years ago with a call for YouTube submissions. Then Marie Bennell, the AWOs orchestra manager, travelled to Mexico to watch a rehearsal of the Youth Orchestra of the Americas, an important recruiter of regional talent. Patricia da Silva, a Brazilian double-bass player who is no more than five feet tall, stood out for her steady hand and warm personality. The British Council in Egypt called the Cairo Conservatoire, who suggested Marcellino Safwat, a 17-year-old cellist with ambitions to become a conductor. A colleague in Tokyo sent word to China, where YouTube is banned, and old-fashioned demo tapes began to pour in. Over eight weeks Ms Bennell watched and listened to more than 600 submissions.这一项目三年前在YouTube上启动报名,耗资70万英镑,还享有政府和企业资助。奥德伯格世界交响乐团的时任经理Marie Bennell去了墨西哥,观看美洲青年管弦乐团的排练,因为这个乐团集结了很多当地音乐人才。巴西低音提琴演奏家Patricia da Silva身高虽不过五英尺(1.52米),但却因手稳且平易近人脱颖而出。英国驻埃及文化委员会联系了开罗音乐学院,学院举荐了大提琴手Marcellino Safwat,他虽年仅17,却有有朝一日成为指挥家的雄心壮志。一名东京的工作人员把报名消息带到了中国,但由于YouTube在中国无法使用,报名者便源源不断地寄来老式小样磁带。Bennell在八个多星期里,连看带听的处理了600多份报名申请。She was determined to put together an ensemble that was capable of taking on a demanding repertoire and producing a unified sound. For that, she needed not just technical ability, but a steeliness of character and a willingness to listen. Players emerged in clusters, often grouped around an outstanding teacher. South Africa produces excellent string players, many of them taught by 82-year-old Jack de Wet (who taught Ms Bennell), and Sophie Cherrier has made France the country to go to for young flautists. Britain dominates the orchestras brass section, inspired by Richard Watkins, the Philharmonias former principal hornplayer, who is now a professor at the Royal Academy of Music. The final selection was truly international: the cello section alone has players from ten countries, including Palestine and South Africa.她决心组建一个能胜任各种高难度曲目并且音律和谐统一的乐团。为此,她不仅要有技术上的辨别能力,还得性格足够强大并且乐于倾听。报名乐手络绎不绝,而师出同一名师的学生通常会结伴报名。南非多出杰出弦乐演奏家,而他们大都师从于现已82岁高龄的Jack de Wet(他也是Bennell的老师);法国横笛大师Sophie Cherrier则令年轻笛手们都争相奔往法国。Richard Watkins--爱乐乐团前首席号角手--时任皇家音乐学院教授,在他的激发下,英国乐手独霸乐团的铜管乐部。最终的选择才是真正称得上国际选才:仅大提琴部就有来自包括巴勒斯坦和南非在内的十个国家的乐手。In Sir Mark Elder, the AWO found exactly the conductor it needed. Fiercely demanding and articulate, he is also “incredibly kind”, Ms Bennell says. He is music director of the Hallé orchestra in Manchester, where he teaches conducting; he has also worked with Britains National Youth Orchestra, and knows from experience that creating an ensemble of young players is an emotional and psychological process that requires a willingness to concentrate and cannot easily be hurried.奥德伯格世界交响乐团认为Mark Elder爵士正是乐团指挥的最佳人选。Bennell说,爵士为人极其严苛,心直口快,但也有十分和蔼的一面。Mark Elder爵士是曼彻斯特哈雷乐团的音乐总监,负责教授指挥;他也还在英国国家青年乐团帮忙。据他的经验,创建年轻乐手乐团是一种历程,有关情感和心理的历程,这种历程需要自主自愿的集中精力,并且不能操之过急。Some of the less experienced musicians were taught, before they arrived, by professional musicians in Britain whose instructions were relayed by conference. Once in Aldeburgh, each section worked for a week with a specialist before the full rehearsals. A number of them played alongside their pupils in front of the conductor, which, for some, was itself an experience to remember. As Ms da Silva posted on Facebook: “The unthinkable happened today: I played with the principal bassist of the Berlin Philharmonic. I still cant believe it!”一些年轻乐手缺乏经验,在英国的资深音乐家便通过视频会议在这些乐手到达奥德伯格之前对他们授课指导。以前在奥德伯格,每个部在合练之前都要配一个专家单独训练一周。好些专家便会跟着指挥和他们的学生一起排练演奏,这对部分学生来说是终生难忘的经历。da Silva就在她的脸谱上发状态说道“今天发生了不可思议的事:我和柏林爱乐乐团首席低音提琴手一起演奏了。这太让人难以置信了!”It was important, Sir Mark says, “to set the musical bar very high—and then ensure that they get up there.” Setting a high bar meant choosing a demanding repertoire: the strange and ambiguous Fifth Symphony that Dmitri Shostakovich wrote in 1937 when he had fallen out of grace with Stalin and the Communist Party, but was determined to go on composing in Russia, and the Sinfonia da Requiem, with its brilliant brass fanfares and heavy funeral march, that Britten wrote in 1940 as Europe was engulfed in war.马克爵士指出“先把音乐标准设高一些,再确保他们能达到这一标准”至关重要。设置高门坎就意味着要挑选一些高难度的曲目:德米特里·肖斯塔科维奇1937年写的晦涩难懂,风格古怪的《第五交响乐》,当时的他已失宠于斯大林,共产党对他也不再尊崇,但他毅然决然继续留在俄罗斯创作。再有就是布里顿1940年写的《安魂交响曲》——精绝伦的热闹铜管演奏,伴上沉重的葬礼进行曲,相辅相成,成就了一曲绝响。These musical responses to the worst that the 20th century could throw at the world had a resonance for many of the players, especially those from troubled parts of Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East. Rehearsing the first movement of the Shostakovich, Sir Mark was determined that the players should plumb the musical depths. “It has to be more powerfully played, more brilliantly played,” he insisted. “It has to feel like a crisis; all the ideas in the music are threatening to explode. It must never feel like café music.” Aldeburgh may be a small seaside town, but there has been nothing small about creating this world orchestra.这些音乐发声自20世纪人类经受的最深重的苦难,对于许多乐手,尤其是那些来自俄罗斯危机地区,中亚和中广东地区的乐手,这样的音乐最能唤起内心深处的共鸣。在排练肖斯塔科维奇的第一乐章时,马克爵士就决心让乐手们更进一步地去探索挖掘该音乐的深度。他坚持认为“必须将这首曲目演奏地更有力度,更加精。演奏得让人感受到危机四伏,感到音乐中各种思想的交汇融合就像是要爆炸泄出一样。决不能让这曲子听起来跟咖啡馆音乐似的。”奥德伯格也许只是个小小的滨海城市,但在这儿创建的世界交响乐团绝不容小觑哦。The Aldeburgh World Orchestra will be performing at the Snape Maltings concert hall near Aldeburgh on July 20th and 22nd, at the Ingolstadt festival in Germany on July 25th, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on July 27th and at the B Proms at Londons Royal Albert Hall on July 29th.7月20号和22号,奥德伯格世界交响乐团将在奥德伯格附近的斯内普马尔廷音乐大厅演出;7月25号,在德国英戈尔施塔特音乐节演出;7月27号,在阿姆斯特丹皇家音乐厅演出;7月29号,在伦敦皇家阿尔伯特音乐厅为B节目演出。201208/193294。

Its a city within the city. You have to look over 50,000 people. Youll be so alive when youre down here. What you would see mostly is when you came out for lunch on a beautiful day, when everyone is coming out of the buildings and then of course, youll sometimes look up and see these majestic mountains just staring down actively.那是一个城市中的城市。你得看看这里有超过50000人。当你来到这里,你会感到活力。你会看到大多是当你在美好的一天出来吃午饭,当每个人都走出大楼,然后,有时候你会抬头看见这些峻岭只是盯着下面。Then came 9/11. You know, we can just describe it like a death in the family. A collapse of the World Trade Center south tower obliterated the PATH Station. The station is the lowest point on the trade center site. All the water from fighting the fires poured in. Broken water mains flooded the PATH tunnel all the way to New Jersey. Workers built a temperate plug to sea of the tunnel. It took 40 days to pump all the water out. A crucial link to the subway system was destroyed. Now began the hard work, rebuilding. And Im president defeat of transient engineering. Workers got it one and a half kilometers of tunnels.之后就是9/11。你知道,我们可以把它描述成家庭的死亡。世界贸易中心南塔楼倒塌导致帕斯车站被毁。列车站是世贸中心的最低点。所有的水都在为灭火而战斗。断水淹没了帕斯从纽约到新泽西的隧道。工人们建造了温度插头来控制。而要花40天才能将水抽干。地铁系统的一个关键环节被摧毁。现在开始艰难的重建工作。而我则担任重建工程的总工程师。工人们的工作是1.5公里的隧道。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172709。

She chews its tail first, to make sure the fish cant get away.首先她咬住它的尾巴,确保鱼不能逃脱。While the pups are still demanding milk, the mother otter will often keep the whole fish for herself.这时幼崽仍要求喂奶,而母水獭往往会为自己留住整条鱼。Her pups are happy enough with caviar.有了鱼子酱她的幼崽感到非常快乐。As the flow becomes slow enough for the trout to lay eggs, there is a brief window of opportunity to spawn before the river gets too shallow to swim upstream.随着水流变得缓慢足以让鲑鱼产卵,在河流变浅以致于不能游到上游前,这是一个短暂的产卵机会。The female digs a trough with sinuous flicks of her body.母鲑鱼挖了一个槽, 她的蜿蜒身体可以进入。And the attending male fertilizes the eggs as they are laid.而到来的男性们滋养了她们产下的卵。Millions of new lives.这是数以百万计的新生命。注:听力文本来源于普特 201210/204447。

Its Thursday, April 21st, Im Natali Morris and its time to get loaded.今天是4月21日周四,我是Natali Morris,是时候接收今天的最新科技资讯了。Amazon announced kindle library lending. This lets you borrow books from over eleven thousand libraries in the US. You can use this with any kindle product, either the kindle app on your smart phone or your pc, you tablet or an actual kindle. You can make notes in the books and the notes will be yours to keep even after you returned these books. This feature will launch later this year.亚马逊推出Kindle产品的图书免费借阅务。这项功能持美国用户从1万1千多部书里借阅书籍。不管是智能手机还是笔记本电脑,或者是Kindle阅读器,用户可以通过任何一款Kindle产品使用这项务。用户还可以在阅读的时候做笔记,即使归还了图书,笔记也可以保留下来。这项务将于今年晚些时候开始实施。Toshiba will be launching its first tablet running Google Android operating system in June. We saw this tablet at CES in January, but now we have real information about it. It will run Android 3.0 and cost a little over 700 dollars. When it launchs, first in Japan and then overseas shortly after. Its a 10 inch tablet with a LED backlit screen, two cameras, HDMI and 16 gates of storage.东芝将于六月发布首款运行谷歌安卓系统的平板电脑。我们曾在1月的消费电子展上提到过,但现在我们有了确切的消息。这款平板电脑运行的是安卓3.0系统,售价700美元出头。它将首先在日本发售,不久后将在其他地区发售。这款平板电脑采用的是10英寸LED背光式屏幕,装有两个摄像头,配有HDMI和16G储存量。EBay announced the acquisition of where.com. This is a local advertising company that specializes in mobile phone ads. EBay did not disclose the terms of the deal but they did say the acquisition should happen in the second quarter of this year.易趣宣布收购where.com网站。这是一家专门从事手机广告业务的广告公司。易趣并没有公开交易的具体条款,但他们表示收购将定于今天第二季度进行。Goggle launched something called Goggle Earth Builder. This helps small businesses store geographic data on Google servers. It is a lot like Google docs for your maps. I dont suspect this will be a huge consumer hit, but some government agencies or companys that deal with special information could find this handy, it will help avoid expensive mapping software.谷歌发布了一款名为Earth Builder的应用。这款应用将帮助你通过谷歌地图得到路边小店的信息。他们就类似于地图版本的Google docs。如果这款应用受到用户热捧我并不会惊讶,但一些专门处理特殊信息的政府机关或公司会觉得这款应用太过方便了,它将延缓未来地图软件的开发。GameFly won a case against the US postal service. Two years ago the game rental company claimed that the post office was discriminating against them by charging extra for postage and not giving them the same preferential treatment that Netflix gets for their discs. The postal service now has to establish two parallel rate categories for round trip discs that would not be subject to surcharge when they are returned.GameFly打官司胜诉美国邮政行业。两年前,这家游戏租赁公司宣布相关邮政部门对其有歧视行为,因为邮政部门向其收取额外邮费而不给予等同于Netflix公司磁盘业务同样的优先权。现在相关邮政行业已经为其建立了两种平行规则,往返运送的磁盘在回程超载的情况下不会再被拒绝运输了。Thats your news of the day, Ill see you tomorrow. Im Natali Morris with CNet, and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的最新资讯,我们明天再见。我是Natali Morris,感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/207853。

Book Review;Entrepreneurs书评;企业家Headbanging离奇的企业家World Changers: 25 Entrepreneurs Who Changed Business As We Knew It. By John Byrne.世界改变者:25位改变传统商业的企业家 作者:约翰·拜恩。Hero-worship is out. Most serious writers are more interested in “forces” and “factors” than in heroes and heroines. And even biographers specialise in exposing feet of clay. Lord Actons dictum that “great men are almost always bad men” has become a commonplace. Yet one group has escaped from this general cynicism: entrepreneurs. Company executives may be boring Gradgrinds, bankers the spawn of the devil and politicians crooks and liars. But all agree that entrepreneurs are a cut above the rest of mankind. 英雄崇拜的时代已经不再。大多严肃的作家对“影响力”和“影响因素”比对英雄本身更加感兴趣。即使是传记作者,也开始专门曝光英雄的缺陷。艾克顿公爵的格言“伟人几乎总是坏人”已经成为名句。但是有一类人免受这种普遍的怀疑:企业家。企业的高管们也许像令人厌的葛擂梗(Gradgrinds,译者注:狄更斯小说《艰难时世》中的人物),是万恶之源的家和瞒天过海的政治家。但是所有人都同意企业家要高出其他人一筹。The obvious reason for this is that entrepreneurs represent the creative side of “creative destruction”: it is not hard to see how Richard Branson and Steve Jobs have made the world a better place, or even Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks. A less obvious reason is that entrepreneurs appeal to our anti-establishment instincts: some of the very emotions that lead us to dislike chief executives and bankers also lead us to admire entrepreneurs. They are impatient with stuffy conventions. They turn the world upside-down. And they get fabulously rewarded for their efforts.一个显而易见的原因是,企业家们代表着“创造性破坏”中创造性那一面:不难看到理查德·布兰森(Richard Branson,译者注:维珍(Virgin)品牌的创始人)和史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs),抑或是星巴克的创始人霍华德·舒尔茨(Howard Schultz)是如何使世界变得更好。另一个不那么明显的原因是,企业家唤起了我们反体制的本能:某种情绪让我们讨厌高管和家,却崇拜企业家。他们无法忍受古板的条条框框。他们将世界反转。他们也因其努力获得了惊人回报。John Byrnes “World Changers” is a classic exercise in hero-worship. The author provides some interesting insight into what makes entrepreneurs tick. They come in a dizzying variety of shapes. John Mackey, the co-founder of Whole Foods, was a hippie. Fred Smith, the founder of Federal Express, served in the marines during the Vietnam war. Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys, was a former leftist who found himself on the wrong side of the Bulgarian police.约翰·拜恩(John Byrne)的《改变世界者》是英雄崇拜的经典之作。作者对什么使得企业家发挥作用提供了一些有趣的洞见。他们的出身形形色色。全食食品公司(Whole Foods)的联合创始人约翰·马克(John Mackey)是一个嬉皮士。联邦快递(Federal Express)的创始人弗里德·史密斯(Fred Smith)曾在越战时期参军。印孚瑟斯(Infosys)的联合创始人纳拉亚纳·穆尔萨(Narayana Murthy)曾经是站在保加利亚警方反方的左派。But three things seem to unite them. The first is that entrepreneurs routinely see opportunities where everyone else sees problems. A surprising number of great companies were born out of fury and frustration. Reed Hastings got the idea for Netflix when a -rental agency presented him with a late fee for “Apollo 13”. This opportunism melds with determination to produce a powerful cocktail of self-belief. Jeff Bezos continued to work away at his idea for an online bookshop even after his company, which remained in the red for its first six years, had been widely dismissed as Amazon.toast.但是三件东西是他们同时具备的。第一,众人眼里的问题,企业家们通常却看到机会。从挫折中诞生的伟大的公司数不胜数。里德·哈斯廷斯(Reed Hastings)是在一家影碟租赁公司向他索取《阿波罗13号》40美元的滞纳金时,冒出了Netflix的灵感。这种机会主义和决心的融合通常炮制出了自我信念。杰夫·贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)在他的公司前六年持续亏损,被广泛否认为“Amazon.toast”的时候,仍然坚持他网上书店的想法。The second is an ability to live with risk and failure. Entrepreneurs do not go out of their way to court risk for its own sake. Many of them are far more conscious of risk than more conventional business people. Mr Hastings started working on the next iteration of Netflix almost as soon as he established his company because he knew that the internet would destroy his business model. But they accept that risk comes with success. Again and again entrepreneurs have been willing to bet their futures on what sensible people might dismiss as a crazy idea. The entrepreneurs hall of fame is full of teenage flakes and college dropouts.第二是在风险和失败中存活的能力。企业家因从未因自身的原因放弃过多风险的追逐。许多企业家远比传统的商人更有风险意识。哈斯廷斯先生在Netflix成立之初就开始着手下一代Netflix的建设,因为他知道互联网将会破坏他的商业模式。但是他接受成功总是伴着风险。企业家总是愿意将他们的未来投在敏感的人看来疯狂的想法上。企业家们的名声里总不乏青年期叛逆和大学辍学等字眼。The third feature uniting them is a determination to run their own lives. Most entrepreneurs have a problem with authority. They would rather fail as their own boss than succeed as second-in- command. A striking number of them come from difficult backgrounds. Ted Turners father, whom the boy worshipped, sent him to boarding school at the age of four and beat him with a coat hanger, for example. A disproportionate number suffer from dyslexia (Richard Branson and Charles Schwab are prominent examples).第三个他们共有的特征是按照自己意愿生活的决心。多数企业家都有权利情结。他们宁愿像自己的老板一样失败,也不愿做个成功的二把手。他们中背景曲折的人奇多。比如,泰德· 特纳(Ted Turner,译者注:CNN的创办者)的父亲,深受特纳崇拜,在特纳四岁时就将他送入了寄宿学校,还用衣架打他。还有一部分人受到阅读障碍的困扰(理查德·布兰森和查尔斯·施瓦布(Charles Schwab,译者注:嘉信理财的创始人)就是典型的例子)。Had “World Changers” continued in this vein it might have been a fascinating book. Mr Byrne is one of the most knowledgeable business writers around—a long-term writer for Business Week and the editor-in-chief of Fast Company. And he has been interviewing entrepreneurs for most of his professional life. But here he soon runs out of steam. He contents himself with printing his own interviews with his 25 world changers (or sometimes clipping together bits of other peoples interviews) rather than writing interpretative essays. And he confronts them with soft questions. The likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg deserve to be admired. But 276 pages of hero-worship, particularly when so much of it comes in the form of the heroes blowing their own trumpets, can wear a little thin.如果《改变世界者》延续这个脉络,可能会是一本非常令人着迷的书。拜恩先生是最见多识广的商业作家之一,担任商业周刊的长期撰稿人和快速公司(Fast Company)的主编。在他多数的职业生活中他都是在访问企业家。但是他很快就失去了活力。他满足于书写他和25位改变世界者的访谈(或者有时候将其他人的访谈也拼凑一点),而并不写些有解释力的文章。他也总问他们一些温和的问题。比尔·盖茨和马克·扎克伯格之辈确实值得被崇拜。但是276页满篇的英雄崇拜,尤其很多都以英雄们自吹自擂的方式呈现,难免乏味。 /201208/195796。

Cleaning Up The Ozone Layer清理臭氧层The scientists are devoting all their time to this problem(solving ozone layer depletion) are going to be thrilled.一些科学家花毕生的精力来解决臭氧层损耗的问题,他们将会感到很兴奋。The problem with the ozone layer is that when certain chemicals, like chlorofluorocarbons, reach the stratosphere, they break down into chlorine and bromine,which react with the ozone and destroy it.科学家们认为人类造成臭氧层破坏的主要原因是一些化学物质,像氯氟碳,当它们到达平流层后会分解成氯和溴,然后和臭氧发生化学反应从而破坏臭氧层。The plan is to somehow clean the stratosphere and get rid of these chemicals. For example, some scientists have suggested using giant lasers on top of mountains to basically break apart harmful chemicals before they reach the stratosphere.他们计划将这些化学物质从平流层中清除。例如,有的科学家就建议在有害化学物质到达平流层之前,使用山顶上的巨型激光束从根本上将它们分离。However, research proves that this would be incredibly expensive, not to mention that the side effects aren’t clear. Scrubbing out the chemicals this way might end up causing serious environmental problems.可是,调查研究研究表明这种方法的成本很高,更何况产生的副作用还不清楚。用这种方法清除化学物质可能会导致严重的环境问题。It would be much easier to stop releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere in the first place. One chlorinemolecule can break apart more than one hundred thousand ozonemolecules. Why not keep it from getting there at all? If we stopped releasing harmful chemicals today, the ozone layer would probably be back at full strength by 2050.首先,停止向大气中排放有害化学物质是比较简单易行的办法。一个氯分子可以分解十万多个臭氧分子。为什么不阻止氯到达臭氧层呢?如果我们现在停止排放有害化学物质,也许到了2050年,臭氧层空洞就会消失了。 /201301/218265。

This is the Dickens world in Kent, a vast tourist attraction built to take visitors inside the novels of Charles Dickens.这是狄更斯在肯特郡的世界,一处声名显赫的旅游景点,带领游客们进入查尔斯·狄更斯的小说当中。Hello!你好!Hello! How are you?你好!你好吗?Im good. Thank you. Who are you? And you are here all the time?我很好。谢谢你!你是谁?你所有的时间都在这里吗?Im Christopher Cober at your services, sir.很高兴为您务,先生,我是克里斯托弗·可贝尔。Are you Mr. Cober?你是可贝尔先生吗?Right, Very good to meet you here.是的,非常高兴见到你在这里。And you are?你是谁?Hello, sir. Im Nancy.你好,先生。我叫南希。Are you Nancy? Arent you dead?你是南希?你不是死了吗?Thats our famous Great Expectation Boat Ride.这是我们著名的远大前程船的旅行。Great Expectation Boat Ride?远大前程船的旅行?Indeed.的确如此。OK. Have you got the Artful Dodgers? Have you got that?好的。你得到雾都孤儿们了吗?你明白我的意思吗?Artful Dodgers?.雾都孤儿们?May I come through?我可以来吗?You may, sir.可以,先生。Fantastic. Thank you very much. Just get in here.太奇妙的。非常感谢你。到这里来。But surely, theres more to Dickens than this, more than just a designer logo attached to television costume dramas and West End shows about street urchins.但可以肯定的是,对于狄更斯而言不仅仅是这些,不仅仅是一个品牌标识连接到电视古装片和关于流浪儿的的西部节目。201303/230228。

Business Transport in Japan Bullet v budget商业 日本的交通 票战vs站票Can low-cost airlines beat bullet trains?低成本航空公司能击败子弹头列车吗?THE worlds busiest train route, and one of the busiest air routes, is between Tokyo and Osaka, Japans two biggest metropolitan areas.世界上最繁忙的铁路线和最繁忙的航线之一连接着日本最大的两个大都市区——东京和大阪。 (On that corridor, the shinkansen, as Japans bullet trains are known, were born in 1964.就是)这样一条通道在1964年见了如日本子弹头列车一样出名的新干线系统的诞生。They whizz 120,000 passengers a day smoothly from one place to another, on trains that leave every ten minutes.每10分钟一班,该系统一天之内可以快速且流畅得将120,000名乘客送抵各自的目的地。Although humans, not robots, are at the controls, the average delay is a miraculous 36 seconds.虽然该系统由人而非机器控制,却可以将平均延迟时间控制在令人不可思议的36秒内。To take all those passengers by air would require 667 aircraft, each with 180 seats, or five times Japans fleet of Boeing 737s, estimates Macquarie, an investment bank.据一家叫做麦格理的投资估算,如果上述乘客改乘飞机,则需动用667架180座的客机,5倍于整个日本的波音737保有量。Undeterred, between March and August three low-cost airlines will have started operations in Japan.即便如此,这仍未吓倒将于3月到8月份在日投入运营的三家低成本航空公司。It would be a miracle if they could help hammer down train and plane fares in Japan, which are excruciating.若其能冲击到日本高的离谱的火车和飞机票价的话,那(无疑)将会是个奇迹。For example, a one-way shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Osaka costs ¥14,000 (0), and there are no discounts for return fares or for booking early.例如,一张东京到大阪的新干线单程票价为14,000日元(0),并且往返票和提起订票均不打折。But compared with Europe and other parts of Asia, where budget airlines have quickly gained market share, in Japan the low-cost model is expected to take time to take off.但与被低成本航空公司迅速抢占市场份额的欧洲和其他亚洲国家相比,日本廉价运输模式的施行还需时日。There are three main reasons for that, analysts say.First, all three newcomers have established parents. 分析师们认为主要原因有三: 一,即将投入运营的三家航空公司均有各自的母公司。Peach, which started flying in March, and Air Asia Japan, which starts in August, are part-owned by ANA, one of Japans two main carriers.分别于3月份和8月份营业的Peach和Air Asia Japan 的股东中均有ANA(日本最大的两家运输公司之一)的影子。Jetstar Japan, which launches operations in July, is one-third owned by Japan Airlines (JAL).Japan Airlines (JAL)持有Jetstar Japan(将于7月份投入运营)三分之一的股份。Such ties have usually hobbled low-cost airlines elsewhere: incumbents hate to cannibalise their own business. (Australia, where Qantas owns Jetstar, is an exception.) Analysts say the upstarts will thrive only if ANA and JAL step out of their way, letting them shake up the domestic tourist market.像这种关系通常会阻碍其他地方低成本航空公司的的发展:虎毒不食子。 (作为澳洲Jetstar母公司的Qantas除外) 分析师们还认为,除非ANA 和 JAL让出场子,即将登台的新贵们才有可能在国内旅游市场的舞台上大显身手。The big boys could then concentrate on long-haul and business travel.也好让诸位前辈(更好地)专注于长途和商务旅行上面。Second, the budget airlines may struggle to make similar profits to their lucrative low-cost counterparts in other countries because, despite deregulation, airport costs and fuel taxes in Japan remain among the highest in the world.其次,与其他国家的同行相比,尽管日本的低成本航空公司不受政府直接管制,但高居世界前列的机场建设费和燃油税却使他们难以企及其他国家同行们的高盈利能力。That could limit expansion, though Jetstar Japan is boldly aiming for 100 aircraft by the end of the decade, up from three at its launch.即使从3架飞机起家的Jetstar Japan将目标大胆得订为10年内实现100架飞机保有量,但依然改变不了上述困境限制航空公司扩张的事实。Third, it will be hard to convince finicky Japanese passengers that low fares make up for the lack of comfort and convenience they are used to.第三,推行低廉票价难免降低早已被日本民众所习惯的乘坐舒适和便利程度,然而说这些挑剔的乘客接受这一点却并不容易。Jetstar and Air Asia are using Narita airport as their hub, which is expensive and time-consuming to get to from Tokyo.兼做Jetstar和Air Asia航空港的成田机场不仅租金昂贵,而且与东京之间的交通不便。The main carriers use Haneda, which is closer to the capital and cheaper. The shinkansen zoom out of the city centre, with no reservations needed.主要运输公司以Haneda作为航空港,该港不仅离首都更近而且租金更便宜, 毕竟时时都有新干线列车从Haneda市中心风驰而出。Miyuki Suzuki, the boss of Jetstar Japan, says her companys strategy is to use low fares to persuade people to make trips they would otherwise not have made at all.Jetstar Japan的老总Miyuki Suzuki说依她执掌的公司战略来看,如果票价降低,人们就可能做一些他们以前压根就不会做的旅行。More tourists, she hopes, will start visiting Japans most far-flung islands. She says she will not go head-to-head with the shinkansen (though her airline will fly between Tokyo and Osaka).她希望有更多的游客光顾偏远的日本岛屿, 并且表示将不会与新干线正面交锋(虽然该公司也运营东京到大阪的航线)。Peach and Air Asia Japan have their sights not only on domestic flights but also on the route between Tokyo and Seoul, the nearest foreign capital.Peach 和Air Asia Japan的业务不仅涉及日本国内航空,还包括一条东京到首尔(离东京最近的外国首都)的航线。They may be eyeing the East Asian market, where low-cost penetration lags behind the rest of Asia.并且因为东亚低成本航空业务不及亚洲其他地区,因此他们可能会进军该市场。Alas, none of Japans new budget carriers is expected to be as cut-throat as low-cost carriers elsewhere.不幸的是,日本没有一家新的特价航空公司像其他地区的同行一样极具竞争力。Ms Suzuki says Jetstar Japan will allow its passengers to book through travel agents, which are still ubiquitous, as well as online.Suzuki女士说Jetstar Japan的乘客既可以从无处不在的售票中介那里购票,也可以选择网购。;This is Japan,; she says, with a sympathetic air unusual for a budget-airline boss, ;its not all going to be self-service.;她以一种同行老总很少表露的同情的语气说道:;这是在日本,不是所有的机票都会实自助售卖。; /201212/212975。