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宜宾学韩式秀眉多少钱成都素秀国际学校纹绣绣眉培训好吗“篮球之神”迈克尔·乔丹近日作为拉塞尔·威斯特布鲁克进入俄克拉荷马市名人堂的介绍人,在俄城发表了一通精的演讲。除了称赞威少的忠诚以及打球风格之外,乔帮主还暗讽了夏天刚刚离队的凯文·杜兰特~~And when I saw that he choose to stay here Oklahoma当我看到你选择留在俄克拉荷马I was so proud and我真心为你感到骄傲as Clay know and as Russell know, I was...克雷知道,拉塞尔也知道I text him to show sincere respect我发短信告诉他我真诚的敬意because you guys have a very very special kid因为你们拥有一个非常非常特别的孩子I am truly honor that he even allow me to come up and stand present him to the Oklahoma Hall of fame我非常荣幸,他甚至让我站在这里介绍他进入俄克拉荷马名人堂I cant say enough what type of special kid that you have多少言语都无法告诉你们,拉塞尔有多特别He has done a lot for the game of basketball他为篮球这项运动付出了很多He has done a lot for outside the game of basketball, For his unbelievable family,他同样为篮球以外的世界付出了很多他拥有美好的家庭,this is the first time I actually have chance to spend time with the family这次我是我第一次有机会和他的家人们在一起交流Lumal is the best卢米埃很棒His unbelievable personality, his mom and his dad, they are great people他人很好,他的父母,也都是很棒的人So you guys are very special, but in terms of Russell你们都很特别,谈到拉塞尔His passion for the game of basketball他对于篮球比赛的You dont teach that, you born with that这些是不能教会的,是与生俱来的He shares that with everyone here in Oklahoma他和俄克拉荷马每个人分享这一份You guys should be certainly proud of that你们真的应该为此感到自豪and the effort and the loyalty that he show to the state他为这个州所展示的努力和忠诚and to the city and to the community同时对于这个城市和团体that each everyday he goes out with his ;why and not; campaign他每天投入到“为什么不”的活动当中and his foundation to make sure these less fortune kids get that opportunity to participate他努力确保那些不那么幸运的孩子能够有机会参与到in things they probably would never even have opportunity to participate in他们原本没机会参与的事情当中He does a great job supporting this community在持社区方面他做得很棒So please watch this and feel proud about Russell Westbrook让我们看看这个视频,为拉塞尔·威斯布鲁克感到骄傲更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201611/480931攀枝花纹绣去哪里学 正确发音小技巧长音/C:/嘴形又小又圆,从嘴巴前部发出。 短音/C/嘴巴张大张圆,从喉咙后部发出,非常短促。如图: /C:/ door for store short corner/C/ doctor forest stop socks coffee唇舌训练: The doctor walks into the door in shorts. /C/ /C/ /C:/ /C:/These short socks are around the corner of the door. /C:/ /C/ /C:/ /C:/The Coffee Corner program is a little bit short. /C/ /C:/ /C:/The doctor stops in front of the store for his coffee. /C/ /C/ /C:/ /C:/ /C/I like walking in the forest during the morning. /C/ /C/ /C:/单词中字母的发音规律一般发长音/C:/的字母 or sport, story, forward oor floor, door al ball, small ar warm oar aboard our four, course ore more, before一般发短音/C/的字母 a water, want, wash o dog, hospital, song ow acknowledge au caught, author al talk, walk aw crawl, dawn oa abroad ou bought, cough请注意:有很多单词如: talk, walk, caught, taught, bought,等等,这些单词里加粗字母的发音可以是长音/C:/,也可是短音/C/,在这里我们是按照美音的发音规律来分类,都发短音/C/的音。发音与朗读训练(在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音)Opportunity 机会The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; /C/悲观主义者在每次机遇中看到的是困难;The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. /C/ /C/乐观主义者在每次困难中看到的是机遇。Opportunities flit by while we sit regretting the chances we have lost,/C/ /C/当我们只是坐在那儿叹息我们曾失去的机会,and the happiness that comes to us we heed not, /C/叹息我们未曾留意而曾经就在我们身边的快乐时,because of the happiness that is gone. /C/ /C/机遇正从我们身边悄悄掠过。Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today, /C/ /C:/ /C/不要把今天能做的事推到明天,for if you enjoy it today, you can do it again tomorrow./C:/ /C/因为如果今天你喜欢做它,那么明天你还可以再做一次。Great opportunitycome to all, /C/ /C/ (美式发音)良机会青睐每一个人,but many do not know they have met them. /C/只是有很多人并没有意识到他们已经遇到了该良机。 The only preparation to walk into the door of them is simple fidelity to /C/ /C:/唯一能抓住机遇,并很好地利用它的前提是watch what each day brings. /C/高度密切关注每天的动向。《Faith口语课堂之发音与朗读技巧》第5课预告:元音/aelig;/, /e/和/ei/的发音技巧,绕可令式的唇舌训练,字母发音规律以及发音与朗读训练。Faith口语课堂每周四推出新课,敬请收听! /201109/155061Subject: It is no laughing matter. 迷你对话A: I want to take the students out for a trip. If I don’t, they will not like me.我想带学生出去游玩。如果我不这样的话,他们就不会喜欢我了。B: It’s no laughing matter. You may get fired for what you do.这可不是闹着玩的。你可能因为你的所作所为而被解雇。 地道表达 laughing matter 1. 解词释义Laughing matter是指“无关紧要的事情,开玩笑的事情”。但是no laughing matter相当于not a laughing matter,意思是指“此事不可言笑”“此事非儿戏,是正经事”。这个俚语用来告诫对方请严肃地看待事情和所发生的问题,因为它是不能随意可以开玩笑或闹着玩的。 2. 拓展范例e.g. Your lateness is no laughing matter.你迟到可不是件可以一笔了之的小事。 e.g. Their behaviour is an offence. Its no laughing matter. 他们这么做是犯罪,这可不是开玩笑的。 e.g. I know you like to joke, but this is no laughing matter.我知道你爱开玩笑,但这可不是件好玩儿的事。 e.g. I cant believe it! I have all my important personal documents stored in that computer. Now I cannot find them. Its no laughing matter.我简直不敢相信!我将所有重要的私人资料都存入电脑了。现在我找不到了,这可不是闹着玩的。 Ps 1: take sb. out for sth.的意思是“带某人出去做某事”。例如:I would love to take my daughter out for a show tonight.今晚我很想带我女儿出去看场演出。 Ps 2:get fired for something的意思是“因......而被解雇”。例如:In this company you can get fired for slightest mistake.在这家公司,你犯个小错就可能被解雇。 /201410/333439邛崃市纹绣化妆学校

南充名人化妆美甲纹绣培训学习韩式半永久雾眉毛多少钱迷你对话1A: Don’t drink like a fish. We will sign up for the university later.不要狂喝滥饮了,我们打会儿还要报名了。B: OK, this is the last cup.好的,这是最后一杯了。【地道表达】drink like a fish【解词释义】drink like a fish是用来形容人狠狠地喝着饮品,大多数是指含酒精成分的饮料,如:啤酒,,威士忌等,其意思类似于中国的“牛饮”。所以对话中的“Don’t drink like a fish.”的意思就是“不要狂喝滥饮”。【典型范例】Some people can drink like a fish and handle it.有些人既能豪饮,又能控制酒量。Ps: sign up在对话的意思是“报名”,表示“报名做......”在up后面用上解词for。例如:He was not the only one to sign up.报名参加的不光是他一个人。Can I sign up for this course in advance?我能事先申请上这一课程吗?此外,sign up还有“与......签订合同”的意思。例如:They manage to sign up all the best performers.他们设法跟所有最佳演员签订合同。迷你对话2A: It is time to sigh up and it is the deadline for signing up today, why are you still running?现在该去报名了,而且今天是报名的最后一天,你怎么还在跑步。B: Thanks for reminding me.I’ve kept the habit of running everyday for one year. This has become my sacred cow.谢谢提醒,我坚持每天跑步的习惯已经一年了,这已经是我神圣不可侵犯的生活习惯了。【地道表达】sacred是“神圣”的意思,cow是“牛”,sacred cow的字面意思就是“神圣的牛”。这个说法源于印度的宗教习惯。但是作为习惯用语,它的意思是指某个人,或某样东西从来没有收到批评或嘲笑即便在应该收到批评的时候也没有人敢这样做,此外,还有一层雷达不变的习惯或管理,意即:神圣不可侵犯的习惯或管理。对话中的“This has become my sacred cow. ”的意思就是“这已经成为我神圣不可侵犯的生活习惯。”【典型范例】It seems from your correspondence column that Harold Wilson is a sacred cow.从你的读者来信专栏看,哈罗德 威尔逊好像是个批评不得的人。Ps 1: deadline for something的意思是“......的截止日期”。例如:The deadline for making an application is next Friday.申请于下星期五截止。The boss will really give it to you if you miss the deadline for the job.要是到期完不成工作, 老板就要给你点厉害。Ps 2: keep the habit of的意思是“保持......的习惯”。例如:He keeps the habit of swimming in winter.他保持冬泳的习惯。 /201310/258656广安韩式半永久培训学校哪家好 Subject:You really make beautiful music together. 迷你对话A: You really make beautiful music together.你们真是和谐幸福的一对。B: Thank you very much.真谢谢你。 地道表达 make beautiful music 1. 解词释义Make beautiful music的字面意思是“创造美妙的音乐”。两个配合默契的音乐家,弹奏出的每一个音符都无可挑剔,听着这样美妙的音乐,是不是和谐呢?所以,make beautiful music的意思引申为“(一男一女)是和谐幸福的一对”。此外,a match make in heaven也可以表达类似的意思,即为:天作之合。这2个短语都可以用来形容两个人或两件事情很相配。 2. 例句拓展e.g. I wouldnt say we make beautiful music, but we are friends and go out once in a while.虽说我不能说我们是天生的一对,但我们是朋友,我们偶尔一起出游。e.g. Jim and Mary really make beautiful music in spite of their quarrels.吉姆和玛丽似乎是天生的一对,尽管他们会吵架。 /201404/293263广安学韩式半永久眉毛多少钱

成妆教育纹绣培训学习半永久韩式眉多少钱Subject: Stick to the guns. 迷你对话A: Some of my colleagues look down upon me, because I am considered to be a man without my own standpoint.我的一些同事瞧不起我,因为我被认为是一个没有自己立场的人。B: You should change yourself right now. Stick to your guns!你应该从现在开始就改变自己,坚持自己的立场! 地道表达 stick to one’s guns 1. 解词释义Stick的意思是“坚持”,短语stick to的意思是“坚持做某事”。Stick to one’s guns的字面意思是“坚持拿着自己的抢”,比喻为“坚持立场”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Pumpkin, I hear that some of the students at your school are fooling around with drugs. But I hope, young woman, that you stick to your guns and keep saying no! 小鬼,我听说你们学校的学生里有吸毒的现象。我希望你坚持正道,坚决抵制这种恶习! e.g. I have to admire the ladies who fifty years ago worked so hard to get women the right to vote. People laughed at them at first but they stuck to their guns and got the congress to pass the 19th Amendment back in 1920. 我很钦佩以前那些女士们,她们五十年前努力为妇女争取选举权。开始,许多人都笑话她们。但是,她们坚定不移,最后在1920年终于促使国会通过了美国宪法的第十九项修正案。 3. 视野拓展stick to something:坚持做某事e.g. Lionel, you just tell the cops what you saw; stick to your story. 莱昂内尔,你就把自己看到的告诉警察,实话实说。e.g. Remember, stick to the issues and dont take it personally. 记住,就事论事,不要把问题个人化。 Ps 1:look down upon sb.的意思是“蔑视某人,瞧不起某人,看不起某人”等意思。例如:e.g. We must not look down upon those who have lagged behind. 我们不应该瞧不起后进的人。e.g. People usually look down upon social climbers.人们通常瞧不起社会上那些攀龙附凤的人。 Ps 2:right now是表示时间的副词性短语,意思是“马上,现在”。例如:e.g. Ill lay odds that Dean is at your office right now. 我敢打赌迪安现在就在你办公室。e.g. Right now the poor old devils drinking himself silly. 这会儿那可怜的老家伙又喝得糊里糊涂的了。 Ps 3:standpoint的意思是“立场,看法,观点,看问题的角度”。对话中“without one’s won standpoint”的意思是“没有主见”。例如:from the standpoint of the customer的意思是“从顾客的角度来说”。再如:He believes that from a military standpoint, the situation is under control.他认为从军事角度来看,局势已得到控制。 Ps 4:consider是考虑的意思,注意它的结构,它后面可以接2个名次,即:consider sb. sb.,第二个sb.是做第一个sb.的宾语补足语。实际上,它的用法是consider sb. as sb,这里省略了解词as。例如:He will be considered a weak leader.他会被认为是个软弱无能的领导人。 /201411/342787 The point is......事实上/重点是...That's not the point. 那不是重点。Your point is well taken. 你的意见我接受。I'm just pointing out a reality. 我只是指出事实而已。 What's your point? 你的想法是什么?/你到底想要说什么?◎点击播放器下方“进入MP3进入下载界面”可下载音频◎ /201108/148839巴中韩式秀眉培训学校哪家好都江堰韩国学纹绣培训机构



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