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成都/韩国大长今顶级纹绣机构学习绣眉纹眼多少钱广安学半永久化妆成都伊凝国际纹绣培训电话地址 Apple has issued a voluntary recall of millions of its two-prong AC wall plugs after incidents of them breaking and causing electric shocks.近日,苹果公司主动召回了大批双插交流电源插头转换器,因为这些插头曾出现了破损和触电等事故。Apple said it knew of 12 such incidents and asked customers to stop using them.苹果方面表示,目前该公司已获悉12起事故,并已通知用户停止使用有问题的插头转换器。The plugs came with Macs and other iOS devices sold in Continental Europe and five other countries around the world between 2003 and 2015 and were included in the Apple World Travel Adapter kit. Apple said customer safety was its ;top priority;.这些有问题的部件在2003年至2015年随Mac和其他iOS设备一同在欧洲大陆和世界上的其他五个国家上市,还曾包含在旅行充电套装Apple World Travel Adapter kit当中。苹果公司表示他们始终把用户的安全问题放在首位。The recall relates to plugs for: Continental Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.包括欧洲大陆、阿根廷、巴西、澳大利亚、新西兰和韩国在内的国家和地区的转换器将参与召回。It does not affect plugs for: US, UK, China, Japan and Canada.而在美国、英国、中国、日本和加拿大等国家出售的插头转换器不受此计划影响。Affected users can exchange their plug at their local Apple store or request a replacement via the website.用户可以在当地苹果公司零售店更换插头转换器,也可以选择在官网申请更换。Last year, Apple urged owners of one of its Beats loudspeaker systems to stop using the kit because it posed a fire risk.去年,苹果公司曾召回一种存在火灾风险的Beats音响。In 2014, the company offered a free exchange for one model of USB iPhone chargers sold in Europe between 2009 and 2012, after a few cases of overheating.另外,2009年至2012年在欧洲出售的一批苹果USB手机充电器出现数次过热事故,苹果公司在2014年针对该批部件提供了免费更换。 /201602/425226Cosmic superhero Stephen Hawking never ceases to amaze his admirers. At the age of 72 he is the world’s most celebrated scientist and the ultimate symbol of triumph over adversity, as he celebrates five decades of intellectual achievement while living with motor neurone disease, which kills most patients within two or three years.“宇宙之王”斯蒂芬#8226;霍金(Stephen Hawking)从未停止让他的崇拜者惊叹。72岁高龄的他不仅是在世最著名的科学家,而且是战胜逆境的终极象征。50年来,他在患有运动神经元疾病(MND)情况下取得了非凡学术成就,而这种疾病的患者大多在两、三年内死亡。This week Professor Hawking enjoyed the limelight at the London premiere of the latest film about his life, The Theory of Everything, starring Eddie Redmayne. Last week he showed off a new communications system designed by Intel, which enables him to write and speak more efficiently — in his famous American android voice — by registering tiny movements of his cheek muscles.最近,霍金教授在《万物理论》(The Theory of Everything)伦敦首映式上成为公众瞩目的中心,这是最新一部刻画霍金生平的电影,由埃迪#8226;雷德梅尼(Eddie Redmayne)主演。更早些时候,他展示了由英特尔(Intel)设计的新通讯系统,通过捕捉他脸颊肌肉的微小抽动,这一系统使他能够更高效地写作和讲话——用他那著名的美国机器人的声音。At the same time Prof Hawking stirred up controversywith his views on artificial intelligence, which “could be a real danger in the not too distant future”, he told the Financial Times by email. “The risk is that computers develop intelligence and take over. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete and would be superseded.”同时,霍金对人工智能的看法激起了争议。他在发给英国《金融时报》的电子邮件中说,人工智能“可能在不太遥远的将来给人类带来真正的危险”。“风险在于电脑开发并掌控智能。人类受到缓慢生物进化的限制,可能无法与之竞争,并被取代。”Lord Rees, astronomer royal and fellow cosmologist, first met Prof Hawking in 1964 when both were graduate students at Cambridge university. “He was aly unsteady on his feet and spoke with great difficulty,” recalls Lord Rees. “I learnt that he might not live long enough even to finish his PhD.英国皇家天文学家、宇宙学家里斯勋爵(Lord Rees)第一次见到霍金是在1964年,那时两人都是剑桥大学的研究生。“他已经无法站稳,而且说话也非常困难,”里斯勋爵回忆说。“我意识到他可能活不了多长时间,甚至可能无法完成他的士学位。”“Astronomers are used to large numbers,” he adds. “But few numbers could be as large as the odds I’d have given, back in 1964 when Stephen received his ‘death sentence’, against ever celebrating this uniquely inspiring crescendo of achievement sustained now for more than 50 years.”他说:“霍金早在1964年就接到了‘死亡判决书’,而他还可以庆祝这一至今逾50年、不断发挥独特的鼓舞人心作用的辉煌成就,放在当年我会认为出现这一结果的几率无比之小。”Prof Hawking’s scientific reputation rests on his work on the relationship between gravity, space and time. “He has done as much to advance our understanding of gravity as anyone since Einstein,” says Lord Rees.霍金在科学领域的声誉建立在他对重力、空间和时间关系的研究上。“他是继爱因斯坦之后,在加深我们对重力的理解方面贡献最大的人,”里斯勋爵说。His most celebrated research concerns black holes, concentrations of matter so dense even light cannot escape their gravitational pull. Prof Hawking showed black holes are not just a bizarre theoretical construct but also play an important role in the development of the universe. His eureka moment came in the early 1970s, when he realised that black holes would not be completely black but would emit what became known as “Hawking radiation”, a key concept in mathematical physics.他最著名的研究成果与黑洞有关。黑洞是超高密度的天体,连光都逃不过他们的引力。霍金告诉人们,黑洞不仅是一种奇怪的理论建构,而且在宇宙的进化中发挥着重要作用。他的“尤里卡时刻”在上世纪70年代初降临,当时他认识到黑洞并不完全是黑的,而是会发射出被称做“霍金辐射“的能量,这个词后来也成为数学物理领域的一个重要概念。Although his subsequent work has not had such a strong scientific impact, he has continued to publish research papers on quantum cosmology, tackling questions such as what happened before the birth of our universe. His later output is doubly remarkable in a mathematical subject where most researchers peak at an early age.虽然霍金之后的研究没再产生那么大的科学影响,但他不断地发表关于量子宇宙学的研究论文,力图解答诸如宇宙诞生前发生了什么之类的问题。他后来在一个数学课题上取得了卓越成果,而在这一领域,大多数研究者在年轻时就达到了顶峰。He became a celebrity in 1988 with the publication of his first popular book, the bestselling A Brief History of Time. Ten further books have appeared, including four written for children with his daughter, Lucy. “The concept of an imprisoned mind roaming the cosmos plainly gripped people’s imagination,” Lord Rees says.霍金在1988年因其第一本畅销书《时间简史》(A Brief History of Time)成为名人。之后,他又出版了10本书,其中4本是为儿童以及他的女儿露西(Lucy)所写。“一颗身体被禁锢的心灵在宇宙中漫游的想法显然激发了人们的想象,”里斯勋爵说。Prof Hawking enjoys his fame, happily filling lecture rooms from London’s Royal Albert Hall to the White House. He has featured in Star Trek, The Simpsons and many other television shows. Several films have been made about him, including a notable portrayal by Benedict Cumberbatch in 2004.霍金享受他的声誉,他高兴地发表演讲,从伦敦的皇家阿尔伯特音乐厅(Royal Albert Hall)到白宫的演讲厅都挤满了他的听众。他在《星际迷航》(Star Trek)、《辛普森一家》(The Simpsons)和其他许多电视节目中出演过。已有多部关于霍金的电影问世,其中包括本尼迪克特#8226;康伯巴奇(Benedict Cumberbatch)在2004年塑造的著名形象。The best account of Prof Hawking’s early life is his memoir, My Brief History,published last year. He grew up just north of London, the son of Oxford graduates. After three laid-back undergraduate years, also at Oxford, serious work began as a Cambridge postgrad. His illness started at that point, too.对霍金早年生活最好的记录是他的回忆录——去年出版的《我的简史》(My Brief History)。他在伦敦北部长大,父母都是牛津大学毕业生。他同样在牛津念大学,度过3年悠闲的本科时光之后,他成为一名剑桥硕士生并开始了严肃的研究工作。他的病情也是在那时开始发展的。The Theory of Everything focuses on Prof Hawking’s marriage to Jane Wilde, who looked after him and their three children with extraordinary devotion for more than 25 years. They broke up under the strain of 24-hour medical care — and in 1995 he married Elaine Mason, one of his nurses. That, too, ended in divorce and since 2006 he has depended on a team of helpers — and the best medical technology available.新片《万物理论》着重刻画了霍金与简#8226;怀尔德(Jane Wilde)的婚姻,后者为照顾霍金和他们的3个孩子做出了超过25年的非凡奉献。但在24小时医疗护理的压力下,他们离婚了。1995年,霍金与照看他的护士之一伊莱恩#8226;梅森(Elaine Mason)结婚,但这段婚姻也以离婚收场。自2006年以来,霍金一直依靠一个助手团队和当今最先进的医疗技术生活。Prof Hawking retains a strong sense of fun and adventure, though respiratory problems are curtailing his ability to travel and in particular to fly.霍金依然对和冒险保持强烈的兴趣,尽管呼吸道问题限制了他旅行,特别是坐飞机。“He is a fantastic symbol for people living with motor neurone disease,” says Belinda Cupid, research director of the UK Motor Neurone Disease Association, with his role in the 2012 London Paralympics opening ceremony particularly inspiring. “As patron of our charity, he is very generous with his time.” Why Prof Hawking has lived so much longer than other MND patients remains a medical mystery, however.英国运动神经元疾病协会研究部主任贝琳达#8226;丘比特谈到霍金在2012年伦敦残奥会开幕式上特别鼓舞人心的作用时说:“他对患有运动神经元疾病的人来说是一个神奇的象征。”“作为我们慈善机构的赞助人,他付出了很多时间。”但是,为什么霍金可以比其他运动神经元疾病患者多活如此之久仍是个医学谜题。In the past 15 years Intel engineers have looked after his communications needs. “They have redesigned my software and incorporated new word prediction algorithms that allow me to write faster,” he says. “Through my computer I can write, talk, scientific papers, make Skype phone calls and search on the internet. Recently I decided to join Facebook .”在过去15年中,英特尔的工程师一直在关注他的通讯需求。“他们重新设计了我的软件,并加装了新的单词预测算法,让我可以写得更快,”霍金说。“通过我的电脑,我能够书写、讲话、阅读科学论文、拨打Skype电话以及在互联网上进行搜索。最近,我决定加入Facebook。”Important as Prof Hawking’s own research has been, his role as a beacon inspiring young people to study maths and physics may be even more influential in the long run, says Professor David Wands, director of Portsmouth university’s cosmology institute: “The iconic figure of Hawking the celebrity is impossible to disentangle from his profound contribution as a scientist.”朴茨茅斯大学宇宙学研究所所长大卫#8226;万兹(David Wands)教授说,与霍金教授自己所做的研究同样重要的是,从长远来看,他作为鼓舞年轻人学习数学和物理的一盏明灯可能会发挥更大的影响。“霍金作为一个名人的偶像形象不可能脱离他作为一个科学家的巨大贡献。” /201412/349711广元林教头纹绣培训学校哪家好

成都素秀国际半永久学校眼妆多少钱Chinese Mechanical Inventions that Contributed to the World中国传入西方的机械技术A common stereotype is that the Chinese have traditionally lacked scientif-ic and technological ability,despite the four great revolutionary inven-tions of paper making, printing, gunpowder, and compass that have essentially changed the world. However, Chinese people have made a lot of other significant mechanicalinventions besides the famous four, providing the source of many of the prerequisite technologies of modernity. From the 6th to the 15th century, China was the world’s most technologically advanced society.在很多人心目中,传统的中华文化似乎缺乏对科学技术的应用,可事实并非如此。除了对人类社会发展产生了巨大影响的四大发明之外,中国古代在科学技术方面也取得了辉煌的成就。中国古代的很多机械发明为人类社会的现代化提供了必要的条件。从公元6世纪到15世纪,中国一直是世界上科学技术最为发达的国家。从中国传往世界各地的技术发明中,最为显赫的还是活字印刷术、火药、指南针。Here are some of the most celebrated mechanical inventions from China that have exerted profound influences on the development of other societies, especially when they were passed to the West:以下是一些由中国传人其他国家的重要机械技术,它们一经进入了西方,便对西方社会的发展,乃至人类历史的进程都产生了巨大的影响:Cast iron铸铁The double-acting piston bellows活塞风箱The crank handle ( used for starting an engine)手摇曲柄The gimbals ( as in the ancient Chinese Incense Burner)平衡环(被中香炉)Manufacture of steel from cast iron皮带传送The belt drive ( or driving-belt)水力应用Water power方板链泵The chain pump蒸气机基本原理Essentials of the steam engine链条传动The chain drive (in which an endless wheel transmits power from an engine)独轮车The wheelbarrow滑动测径仪Sliding calipers ( a kind of compass used for measuring diameters)机械钟表装置The fishing reel永明灯The umbrella纺车The mechanical clock轮式碾磨机“Permanent”lamps船尾舵The spinning wheel航海磁罗盘Rudder /201512/410717成都/市纹绣培训资料 If you want a problem solved, beware politicians bearing gimmicks. For more than seven years, Boris Johnson has made the bicycle the symbol of his mayoralty and an emblem of his political style: reassuringly traditional but green and modern. That is politics for you. But it has nothing to do with the pressing problems London faces in transport policy.如果你希望问题得到解决,就要小心那些玩弄花招的政客。7年多来,鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)让自行车成为了他作为伦敦市长的标志以及他政治风格的象征:可靠、传统,但环保、现代。这是给你们看的政治。但它与伦敦在交通政策上面临的紧迫问题毫无关系。It is 12 years since the congestion charge was introduced in London — yet the centre of the city is often at a standstill, sometimes for reasons that defy common sense. I recently counted 15 buses on the Strand, which runs east from Trafalgar Square all the way to the Law Courts. Six of them were empty. The capital has more than 66,000 private hire drivers [IS THERE A SOURCE FOR THIS?], distinct from black cabs, summoned all over the city centre by iPhone apps or controllers in grubby offices. Do we need so many? And who truly believes the planned “cycle superhighway” along Victoria Embankment will do anything but slow the miserable snake of cars along the river to a near standstill? Not everyone cycles, Mr Johnson.12年前,伦敦开收拥堵费,然而伦敦市中心现在还经常出现交通瘫痪,有时其原因显得有违常理。我最近数了数岸滨街(Strand)上的15辆公交车,其中6辆是空车(岸滨街从特拉法尔加广场向东,一直延伸到皇家司法院(Royal Courts of Justice))。在伦敦,除了常见的黑色出租车,还有总共逾6.6万名持有私人出租车辆(PHV)牌照的司机,可以通过iPhone应用或乱糟糟的办公室的控制员叫他们的车。我们需要这么多出租车辆吗?谁真的相信,规划中沿着维多利亚堤岸(Victoria Embankment)修建的“自行车高速公路”会真的有用?它只会让泰晤士河沿岸原本行进缓慢的车流几乎停止前进。约翰逊,不是所有人都骑车。London’s often imbecilic transport arrangements are a serious problem for a global city that is the engine of the British economy and a magnet to commercial companies and creative geniuses who want to live and work in the country. That allure remains powerful. But we dare not take it for granted. A city that is impossible to move around rapidly loses its charm for men and women who can afford to live anywhere.作为一个拉动着英国经济,吸引着商业公司和希望在英国生活和工作的创意天才前来的全球城市,伦敦经常显得愚蠢的交通安排是一个严重问题。这种吸引力现在仍然强烈。但我们岂敢把这视为理所当然。一个无法提供便捷交通的城市,会迅速失去对那些有能力居住在全球任何一个地方的人的吸引力。Consider the buses, grinding their way pointlessly around the city’s 19,500 bus stops. The contracting out of London’s bus services was launched 30 years ago, when London Buslines took over route 81. Now private operators run all 700 of the capital’s routes.以公交车为例,它们漫无目的地辛苦穿梭在伦敦1.95万个公交车站点之间。30年前,London Buslines承包了81路,由此开启了伦敦公交车务的外包。如今,伦敦总共700条公交路线全部由私人运营商经营。Strictly speaking, this is not privatisation but competitive tendering; though private companies handle the running of the routes, they still receive subsidy from the taxpayer, which in 2013 worked out at about 15p every time someone made a journey[IS THERE A SOURCE FOR THIS?]. Yet empty buses on the Strand contribute nothing except gridlock. The contracts for operators ought to penalise such failures. A company that routinely sends out buses to tour London without a single passenger should face financial sanctions.严格来说,这并非私有化,而是竞争招标:尽管私营企业负责这些路线的运营,但它们仍接受纳税人的补贴,对乘车人每次乘车的补贴金额在2013年约为15便士。然而,跑在岸滨街上的空车没有任何用处,徒然增加拥堵。与运营商签订的合同应惩罚此类错误。那些让定时发出的公交车在伦敦四处空驶的公司,应被处以罚款。The same logic should apply to roadworks. Transport for London, the government body responsible for most of the capital’s public transport, collates a central register of disruption on its website. This is pointless; it is near the works themselves that the warnings need to be displayed and well in advance. Too often they are not. Worse, the works are frequently unmanned and, like empty buses, contribute nothing but inertia.同样的逻辑应适用于道路施工。负责伦敦多数公共交通的政府机构伦敦运输局(Transport for London)会在网站上集中公布道路施工信息。这是毫无意义的;警示标识应该设在施工道路附近,并且应提前足够长时间设好。很多时候施工道路附近根本没有警示标识。更糟糕的是,施工现场经常无人管理,与空车一样,没有任何用处,徒然增加拥堵。We should limit much more clearly the length of time that can be spent digging up a road, with tough fines for those who miss their targetsThe next mayor should commit herself or himself to halving the number of holes[IE POTHOLES? OR HOLES THAT ARE BEING DUG UP?] in the road.我们应对道路施工的时限进行明确得多的限制,对那些没有按期完工的工程应处以高额罚金。When distilled to its very basics, modern political discourse is often the same question rephrased in many ways: when is it appropriate for the government or other public authorityies to be involved in the operations of the market, and when not? Transport is an area of policy where the energy of competition and efficiency of the private sector should be harnessed. But public regulation is just as important. Would it not make sense, say, for delivery trucks over a certain size to be told to deliver between midday and 5pm, and not in daytime at all for the largest vehicles? Of course, there would be exceptions: medical supplies, for example. And it might be feasible for the regulations to be waived in return for a hefty antisocial delivery charge, with proceeds going to London’s public transport budget.本质上,现代政治话语往往是用很多方式表述的同一个问题:政府或其他公共部门什么时候应该参与到市场运营中,什么时候又该置身事外?在交通政策领域,应对竞争的活力和私营部门的效率加以利用。但公共监管也同样重要。例如,要求体积超过某种标准的货车须在中午至下午5点之间送货,并完全禁止那些最大型的车辆在白天送货,这不是很合理吗?当然,应该允许例外:例如医疗用品。或许还可以允许货车缴纳一笔高额的妨碍社会秩序运输费,以换取豁免于这一规定。收费所得可用于补贴伦敦的公共交通预算。What is woefully apparent is that these questions have not been seriously addressed. London’s transport policy is a national issue. The next mayor needs to tackle this problem head on, take hard decisions and seek legislation if necessary. Let us hope she or he offers more than a winning smile and a bike.悲哀的是,这些问题显然没有得到认真解决。伦敦的交通政策是一个国家问题。下一任伦敦市长需要迎难而上解决这个问题、做出艰难决定,在必要时可求助于立法。让我们期待,她或他给我们带来的不仅仅是一个迷人的微笑和一辆自行车吧。The writer is chairman of EL Rothschild本文作者是EL Rothschild董事长 /201507/383884绵阳高级纹绣培训

宜宾绣眼线培训学校哪家好 Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, is exploring a takeover of rival SABMiller in a deal that would create a 5bn company responsible for one out of every three beers produced globally.全球最大啤酒酿造商百威英(Anheuser-Busch InBev)正考虑收购竞争对手SABMiller。这笔潜在交易将缔造一家2750亿美元的企业,届时全球每三瓶啤酒就有一瓶是该企业生产的。A tie-up between the owner of Budweiser and Stella Artois and the group behind Peroni and Grolsch, dubbed “mega-brew”, would rank as one of the six largest takeovers in history and the biggest in a year that was aly the strongest for blockbuster deals since 2007.该交易的一方拥有百威啤酒(Budweiser)和时代啤酒(Stella Artois)品牌,另一方拥有佩罗尼(Peroni)品牌和高仕啤酒(Grolsch)品牌。合并后的企业已有“巨型酿酒商”之称。该交易的规模将进入史上前六大交易之列。而且,在大宗并购交易已经是2007年来最强的今年,其规模将位居榜首。It would mark the latest stage of a remarkable consolidation in the global brewing industry driven by a group of Brazilian investors led by Jorge Paulo Lemann. They are also the founders of 3G Capital , the Brazilian private equity group which has been buying up US food companies such as Heinz, Kraft and Burger King sometimes with the support of investor Warren Buffett.该交易将标志着全球啤酒酿造业一轮非同寻常的整合进入新阶段,其推动者是以豪尔赫?保罗?莱曼(Jorge Paulo Lemann)为首的一组巴西投资者。这些投资者还创办了巴西私募股权集团3G资本(3G Capital),该集团一直在收购亨氏(Heinz)、卡夫(Kraft)和汉堡王(Burger King)等美国食品企业——其中部分收购是在投资者沃伦?巴菲特(Warren Buffett)的持下发起的。A series of deals over the past decade have transformed AB InBev and SABMiller into the world’s two biggest brewers. They, along with Heineken and Carlsberg , make half the world’s beer.过去十年,经过一系列并购交易,百威英和SABMiller已成为全球最大的两家啤酒酿造商。再加上喜力(Heineken)和嘉士伯(Carlsberg),这些企业生产的啤酒占了全球一半。Given the size of the two companies, AB InBev would have to agree to divestitures to obtain regulatory approval for a deal in multiple countries, including the US and China. SABMiller has a near-30 per cent share of the US beer market via MillerCoors, its joint venture with Molson Coors. It also has 23 per cent of China’s beer market through a joint venture with China Resources Enterprise.考虑到两家企业的规模,在包括美国和中国在内的多个国家,为获得监管机构对并购交易的批准,百威英将不得不同意出售一些资产。SABMiller通过与Molson Coors建立的合资企业米勒康胜(MillerCoors),占有美国啤酒市场30%的份额。此外,通过与华润创业(China Resources Enterprise)建立的合资公司,SABMiller还占有中国啤酒市场23%的份额。 /201509/399497崇州市半永久化妆术培训学校成都素秀国际半永久学校学习唇妆唇部纹绣价格



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