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A court in the Chinese capital Beijing has commuted the suspended death sentence of Gu Kailai, wife of disgraced former Politburo member Bo Xilai, to life in prison. The court said Gu showed repentance and ;did not commit any crimes; in jail.中国北京市最高法院依法作出裁定,将罪犯薄谷开来(名誉扫地的前政治局委员薄熙来的妻子)死刑缓期二年执行的刑罚减为无期徒刑。该法院表示,谷开来在死刑缓期二年刑期间,有悔改表现,并“无任何故意犯罪记录。”Gu was sentenced in 2012 for murdering British businessman Neil Heywood. Her husband was jailed for life in 2013 for corruption and abuse of power. The cases were Chinas biggest political scandal in years.谷开来因谋杀英国商人尼尔·伍德012年被判处死刑。她的丈夫因腐败和滥用职权,2013年被判入狱。薄熙来的案件是中国多年来最大的政治丑闻。The statement was dated 11 December but released only on Monday. It added that she had ;obeyed discipline;, and ;completed labour tasks in a timely manner;. As a result she was ;eligible for the legal conditions for a commutation;.121日北京市高级人民法院已经作出了裁定,但直到周一24日)才对外宣布。在公示中还说,谷开来“遵守纪律”,并“按时完成劳动任务”。所以她“有资格获得减刑的法律条件”。Gus case sparked the series of events which brought down her high-flying husband. Bo Xilai was removed as Communist Party boss of the important metropolis of Chongqing in south-western China, and from the Politburo, which makes key party decisions, in 2012.谷开来的案件像一个导火线,引起了一系列事件,并把她青云直上的丈夫薄熙来拉下了马012年,薄熙来被免去中国西南部重要中心城市重庆市市委书记的职务,并停止担任制定党的重要决策的中央政治局委员。来 /201512/416458Media reports say the U.S. has determined North Korea is behind the hacking of Sony Pictures, which gave in to security concerns and canceled the release of a film about a fictional plot to assassinate Pyongyangs leader, Kim Jong Un.据媒体报道,美国已经确定是朝鲜策划了对索尼影业公司的网络入侵。索尼影业星期三决定取消发行一部虚构谋杀朝鲜领导人金正恩情节的影片。Speaking on condition of anonymity, U.S. officials said investigators have connected North Korea to the cyberattack. The massive breach has resulted in the leak of tens of thousands of documents and has escalated to threats of terrorist attacks over the film ;The Interview.;未透露姓名的美国官员说,调查人员发现朝鲜与这起黑客行动有关,这起行动导致数万份文件泄露,并加剧了针对影片《采访》的恐怖袭击威胁。It is not clear how investigators made the determination or how the White House will respond. The National Security Council said the FBI is leading the investigation and will ;provide an update at the appropriate time.;目前还不清楚调查人员做出这一判断的根据,也不清楚白宫将如何做出反应。美国国家安全委员会说,联邦调查局领导进行这项调查,并将在适当时候提供进一步的信息。Earlier Wednesday, Sony said it is scrapping the December 25 release of ;The Interview,; after several major theater chains chose not to show the film. The statement said Sony shared the theaters safety concerns. It has no current plans to release the film.索尼影业公司星期三早些时候表示,取消原定25日的《采访》首映式,此前几家主要影院连锁院线都决定不上映这部影片。索尼影业发表声明说,该公司与这些影院有着同样的安全方面的担忧。索尼影业目前还没有关于这部影片首映式的计划。A hacker group calling itself Guardians of Peace on Tuesday released a statement promising a ;bitter fate; to those who attend showings of ;The Interview.; In broken English, the brief statement invoked the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. and warned people to ;keep yourself distant; from theaters where the film is playing.一个自称“和平卫士”黑客组织星期二发表声明,威胁要让观看这部影片的人吃苦头。这份简短的声明用蹩脚的英文提到911袭击美国事件,并警告人们远离放映这部片子的影院。来 /201412/349979Enthusiasts for the “Africa Risingstory of rapid growth on the continent have spent much of the past 15 years strongly denying that the impressive economic performance was essentially about selling commodities to China. That confidence is currently being severely tested.笃信非洲大陆将实现经济快速增长的“非洲崛起”故事热爱者在过去15年里常常强烈否认这种观点:非洲引人注目的经济表现主要是因为向中国出售大宗商品。这种信念目前正遭遇重大考验。Prospects have darkened considerably. Growth momentum in much of sub-Saharan Africa is petering out. The International Monetary Fund reckons that growth rates in the region this year will fall to their lowest since before the global financial crisis and recover only marginally next year.前景已大为黯淡。撒哈拉以南非洲大部分地区的增长势头正在消失。国际货币基金组IMF)估计,该地区今年的经济增速将降至自全球金融危机爆发以来最低水平,明年仅会略有回升。Like many emerging economies, sub-Saharan African nations are discovering that a disturbing proportion of the rise in growth since 2000 was based on exporting expensive raw materials and importing cheap capital. China is the region’s biggest trading partner, and a fall in revenue from selling commodities there is hurting African economies.与很多新兴经济体一样,撒哈拉以南非洲地区的国家发现,本地区000年以来的经济增长,来自于出口高价原材料和进口廉价资本的部分大得令人不安。中国是该地区最大贸易伙伴,向中国出售大宗商品的收入下滑正损及非洲经济。Unsurprisingly, the worst-affected are the oil producers such as Nigeria and Angola, hit hard by the fall in the global price of crude. The IMF has cut from 7 per cent to 3.5 per cent its predictions for growth this year in the eight main oil-exporting countries, which make up about half of sub-Saharan Africa’s gross domestic product.不出所料,受影响最大的是尼日利亚和安哥拉等产油国,全球原油价格下跌令这些国家遭受重创。IMF将该地区8个主要石油出口国今年的经济增速预期从7%下调.5%,这些国家占撒哈拉以南非洲地区国内生产总GDP)的一半左右。Some slowdown was inevitable, but governments have not prepared well. Having failed to use enough of their bumper revenues over the past decade to rebuild reserves, many are coming into the commodity crunch with less fiscal space than they went into the global financial crisis.一定程度的经济放缓是不可避免的,但政府没有做好充分的准备。由于未能充分利用过去十年中的巨额收入重建储备,很多国家在遭遇大宗商品危机之际,可运用的财政空间比全球金融危机来袭时还小。Middle-income countries with significant commodity exports have also been feeling the pinch. Ghana, for example, has been disadvantaged by falls in gold prices. It also stands as a cautionary tale about how mismanagement of natural resources can turn a boon into a curse.大量出口大宗商品的中等收入国家也受到影响。例如,加纳因金价下跌而受到不利影响。该国还展示了一个关于自然资源管理不善可能会把好事变成坏事的警示案例。Ghana discovered oil in 2007 and began pumping it in 2010. But rather than reduce government debt, hold the revenues offshore in a standalone fund or indeed invest it domestically to increase productive capacity, Accra bought domestic popularity by using anticipated revenue to triple the salaries of the civil service and expand energy subsidies, and borrowed heavily from abroad.加纳2007年发现石油资源,2010年开始开采。但加纳没有减轻政府债务、将海外收入归入一个独立基金或切实投资于国内经济以扩大生产能力,而是利用预期中的收入将公务员薪资提高两倍并增加能源补贴来提升国内民意持率,同时从海外大举借债。In the latter course, it was not alone. Several African countries issued eurobonds for the first time in their history as the search for yield in a world of super-low interest rates drove investors to hitherto neglected corners of the developing world.加纳并非唯一从海外大举借债的国家。多个非洲国家在其历史上首次发行了欧元债券,因为在全球超低利率环境下追逐收益率的投资者忽视了发展中国家这些角萀?In Ghana’s case at least, the foreign borrowing spree looks even more foolish now than it did at the time. The country’s sovereign debt yields have spiralled, the currency has plunged and this summer the government called in the IMF for a rescue.至少就加纳而言,海外借贷热潮现在看上去要比当时愚蠢。该国的主权债务收益率已螺旋上升,本币汇率大幅下挫,今年夏季该国政府请求IMF纾困。Sub-Saharan African countries do not appear to have seized the opportunity of a favourable external environment to diversify and strengthen their economies sufficiently to thrive despite a change in that environment. Weak business environments and poor infrastructure need to be improved if they are to rise beyond their traditional patterns of dependence on the vagaries of the commodity and capital markets.撒哈拉以南非洲国家看上去没有抓住外部有利环境的机遇,真正实现经济多样化并增强经济实力,力求在环境发生变化时仍能蓬勃发展。如果要超越依赖于变幻莫测的大宗商品和资本市场的传统模式,这些国家就需要改善缺乏活力的商业环境和薄弱的基础设施。The pessimism should not be overdone. The continent contains huge potential, and the growth slowdown is less dramatic than in other emerging markets. Still, underdevelopment and inequality remain high. The idea that sub-Saharan Africa was embarking on a sustained growth surge that would lift large swaths of its population out of poverty has for the moment proved overly optimistic.我们不应过度悲观。非洲大陆拥有巨大潜力,增长放缓的幅度不像其他新兴市场国家那么大。然而,该地区发展仍然落后,不平等程度仍然很高。认为撒哈拉以南非洲地区经济将持续快速增长、使大量人口摆脱贫困的想法目前看来是过度乐观了。来 /201511/408270

The US has said it plans to return to contested areas of the South China Sea, with a top military commander saying it has conducted similar operations worldwide ;for decades;.美国计划重返颇有争议的南海地区,其最高军事指挥官称,美国几十年来在全世界范围内一直进行着此类维护航行自由原则的巡航。The sailing of a US warship within an area claimed by China last week angered Beijing, which issued a warning.美国军舰进入中国上周宣布的领土地区,这一行为引起了中国政府的不满和警告。Adm Harry Harris, speaking in Beijing, said such moves should surprise no-one. An unnamed US official earlier told Reuters similar patrols would take place at least ;twice a quarter;.美军太平洋总部司令哈里斯在北京时表示,人们不应该对美方的这一行为感到吃惊。一位不具名美国政府官员早期告诉路透社,美方将每季度将至少进行两次此类巡逻。Admiral Harris, of the US Pacific Command, said in a speech at Peking University: ;Weve been conducting freedom of navigation operations all over the world for decades, so no-one should be surprised by them.; ;Our military will continue to fly, sail, and operate whenever and wherever international law allows. The South China Sea is not - and will not - be an exception.; But he also added that the operations, which he described as ;routine;, should ;never be construed as a threat to any nation;.美军太平洋总部司令哈里斯在北京大学演讲时称:“美国几十年来一直在全世界范围内进行维护航海和飞越自由的例行巡逻,人们不应该对此类举动感到吃惊。美军将继续在任何时间、任何地点行使国际法赋予的航行和飞越自由,南海不是例外。”他还说到,他所提到的“例行巡航”不应被看作是对任何国家的威胁。His remarks came a day after US deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said ensuring freedom of navigation in the South China Sea was in the US interest. ;We have a responsibility to demonstrate that were going to be there but fostering peaceful resolutions,; he added.哈里斯发表这番讲话的前一天,美国国家安全事务副助理罗兹表示,维护美国在南海的航行自由符合美国的利益。他还说到,“我们有责任到那里,但是我们会寻求和平的解决办法。”The US and Chinas naval commanders spoke by link last week after the USS Lassens trip. China told the US that a minor incident could spark conflict in South China Sea if the US did not stop its ;provocative acts;.美国拉森号军舰事件之后,中美海军指挥官在上周进行了视频对话。中方表示,如果美方不停止其“挑衅性行动”,类似的事件将在南海引起冲突。来 /201511/407880

Not only does billionaire Donald Trump not regret questioning President Barack Obamas birth place, Trump now says theres a very good chance president Obama pretended to be Kenyan in order to attract financial aid money in college.英国《每日邮报7日报道,美国房地产大亨特朗普质疑总统奥巴马出生地,一再要求后者出示出生明,此人近期就“出生门”又抛出另一个理论——奥巴马为了能进入美国大学,谎称自己出生在肯尼亚The Donald got on the subject of Obamas background today after he was asked during the Q and A portion of a National Press Club luncheon if he regretted his past statements about the presidents birthplace. Not even a little bit, Trump said. I dont regret it. Why would I regret it? he asked amid applause from the audience.Trump said there were three scenarios to explain Obamas past: Either its fine, or he was born in Kenya, or in my opinion theres a very good chance he was born here, and said he was born in Kenya. Because if you were born in Kenya, you got into colleges, and you got aid, Trump said.当天,特朗普在国家记者俱乐部亮相,当被问到是否对过去针对奥巴马出生地发表的一系列言论表示后悔时,特朗普称:“对此,我不感到一丁点儿后悔,我为什么要后悔呢?”他接着说,三种情况可以解释奥巴马的过去:第一,出生在美国,第二,出生在肯尼亚 ,第三,出生在美国,但是为了能进入美国大学,获得资金援助,便谎称出生在肯尼亚。Though many Americans have tired of Trumps quest to see Obamas personal records, Trump claims people on the street are still asking him to pursue the issue.特朗普称,尽管很多美国人已经厌倦了他对奥巴马的个人纪录追根究底,但还是依旧有人要求他把事情弄个水落石出。Several days before the 2012 presidential election, Trump announced that he was offering President Obama million to put toward a charity in his home town, Chicago, Illinois, if he turned over his birth certificate, passport and college records.Trump says he later increased that amount to million, a number that was not reported in the media at the time, but Obama still wouldnt play ball.2012年总统大选期间,特朗普拿奥巴马出生明“说事”。他表示,如果奥巴马拿出出生、所有的大学入学和护照记录,他便立刻给奥巴马家乡芝加哥市的一个慈善机构捐500万美元,随后将数额追加到大约5000万美元。提到此事,川普在记者俱乐部表示从未收到奥巴马的回复。Unlike Obama, Trump says hes all facts and no fiction. His hair? Totally real, Trump said on Tuesday. They attack my hair. Its mine, Trump said during his speech while yanking on his head. Would anybody like to inspect?参加活动期间,特朗普不忘拿自己的头发开玩笑,他称和奥巴马不同,自己“货真价实”They say you wear the worst hairpiece Ive ever seen, what a horrible wig, he continued, explaining that hes made it clear on Twitter that his hair is real, yet people keep claiming its fake for some reason he said.“大家批评我戴假发,但我的头发是真的,有人愿意检查一下吗?You know its funny, but when people wanna keep going, they keep going, Trump noted.“我曾在推特上说的很清楚,头发如假包换,但依旧有人由于某种原因,否认这一事实。如果他们非愿意这样做,请便。”The billionaire was less forthcoming about whether or not he has any big political plans for 2016.We’re going to see what happens in 6, he said. If I don’t see the right person, I will do something in 6.另外,特朗普还被问到是否参加2016年总统大选,他仅表示,如果没有看到合适人选参选的话,他会采取一些行动来 /201406/303471

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