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和老虎(The Dog and the Tiger) -- :59:00 来源: 和老虎(The Dog and the Tiger)  Long long ago, a little dog lived near a stream.  One day, he went to the stream drink water. The water was clear. The tiger came. The tiger asked,“You are a big dog ,I want to eat you.”But the dog was not afraid. He said, "Look,in the stream there is a big dog.”The tiger trusted him. He jumped in the stream.  The tiger did not return. The dog was very happy.。

  • Help Each Other 互相帮助 --6 :55: 来源: Help Each Other 互相帮助September th Friday Cloudy  This morning I went to the classroom at seven o'clock because I was on duty today. Of course I was the first one. I was cleaning the blackboard when Li Ming came into the classroom. I asked her, "Who do you come here so early?" She answered with a smile, "I know you are on duty today. Let me help you." I was very happy and said, "Oh, thankyou. " We began to work together. When the teacher arrived, we had aly done a good job, and the classroom was clean and tidy. The teacher praised me.  The day after tomorrow Li Ming will be on duty. I am going to help her too. We are good friends. We should help each other.9月日 星期五 阴今天早晨我7点就到教室了,因为我今天值日当然我是第一个到校的我正在擦黑板,这时李敏走进了教室我问他,“为什么你来这么早?”她笑着回答说,“我知道你今天值日,让我来帮你”我很高兴并且说:“谢谢!”我们一起干了起来当老师到来时,我们已经打扫完了,教室又干净又整洁老师表扬了我后天李敏值日,我也要帮助她我们是好朋友,应该互相帮助。
  • A Diary -- :58:3 来源: A DiaryThe sixth of MayI got up early this morning. I wanted to clean my room. I opened the window and aired the room. I picked up the paper and swept the floor. Then I made the bed.I played computer games. We had lunch at :00. We had fish lunch.After lunch we went to the park. In the evening I did my homework. We had delicious food supper.Today I was very happy.。
  • Asking Sick Leave 请病假条 -- :5: 来源: Asking Sick Leave 请病假条Dear Mr Liu,  I'm sorry to tell you that I can't go to school today. I've caught a bad cold because I was caught in the rain yesterday.  This morning I had a headache. After taking my temperature, my mother found that I had a high fever. She took me to see a doctor. The doctor advised me to stay in bed three days.  Now I'm writing to you to ask three days' sick leave. Li Na  亲爱的刘老师:  很抱歉我今天不能上学了我患了重感冒,因为我昨天让雨淋了  今天早上我头疼,妈妈给我量体温后发现我发高烧她带我去了看了医生医生建议我卧床休息三天  我现在向您请三天病假 李娜。
  • “圣地”大昭寺英文导游词 -- :: 来源: “圣地”大昭寺英文导游词大昭寺是每天世界各地艰苦跋涉不远万里而来朝圣的朝圣者的圣地大昭寺位于拉萨老城区中心,由松赞干布和他的两位外族妻子所建Jokhang Temple is the spiritual center of . Everyday pilgrims from every corner of trek a long distance to the temple. Some of them even progress prostrate by body length to the threshold of the temple. Pilgrims fuel myriad of flickering butter lamps with yak butter, or honor their deities with white scarves (Kha-btags or Hada) while murmuring sacred mantras to show their pieties to the Buddha.   It lies at the center of the old Lhasa. Built in 67 by Songtsen Gampo and his two eign wives, it has a history of more than 1,300. It was said that Nepal Princess Tritsun decided to build a temple to house the Jowo Sakyamuni aged brought by Chinese Princess Wencheng. Princess Wencheng reckoned according to Chinese astrology that the temple should be built on the pool where the Jokhang now locates. She contended that the pool was a witch’s heart, so the temple should be built on the pool to get rid of evils. The pool still exists under the temple. Then goats were used as the main pack animals, as is the reason the city is called Lhasa. The construction took months. However it was originally small and had been expanded to today’s scale in later dynasties. When the Fifth Dalai Lama took reign, large-scale reconstruction and renovation had been done. The temple is a combination of Han, an and Nepalese architectural techniques. Visitors will see sphinx and other weird and sacred sculptures.   The temple keeps many invaluable cultural relics. The most famous and valuable one is the Jowo Sakyamuni aged , which is circumambulated by thousands of pilgrims day and night. On his sides, there are altars of Songtsen Gampo and his two wives who introduced Buddhism into . The murals in the main hall are also worth seeing, depicting the procession of Princess Wencheng arriving in and the building of the Jokhang Temple while other murals tell Jataka stories. Two thangkas imaging Yamantaka and Chakrasamvara from the Ming dynasty (68-) still remain in perfect condition. The gold bumpa (a vase) upon which the reincarnations of Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama are decided, musical instruments brought into by Wencheng and other important stuffs are also kept here.  Every year, the Great Prayer Festival will be held in the Temple. The rites of Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas’ initiation into lamahood are also held in the monastery. 英文导游词。
  • 上海旅游不可不知大厦英文介绍 --1 ::50 来源: 上海旅游不可不知大厦英文介绍Pu Fa Plaza I(浦发广场一期) Pu TuoLin Zhao Ding Xiang Yuan(凌兆丁香苑) Pu DongZhen Xin Business Building(真新商务楼) Jia Ding 7Yun Ji Building(云集大厦) Xu HuiZhongguancun Science Building(中关村科技大厦) Pu TuoShanghai New Sport City(上海新体育广场) Pu TuoCentury Business Building II(世纪商务大厦二期5号房) Pu TuoZhong Chang Jin Cheng Building(众昌金城大厦) Zha BeiGlobal Plaza(环球广场) Pu DongShanghai Zhong Si Building(上海中丝大厦)Shanghai Zhi Jun Building(上海之俊大厦)Jin Long Building(金隆大厦) Pu DongZhongrong·Hengrui Guoji Dasha(中融恒瑞国际大厦) Pu DongJia He Mei She(嘉和美舍) Hong KouTop Intelligence(申银发展大厦) Jing AnXiang Shan Yuan(香杉园) Hong KouShanghai Zhaodi International Plaza·Shanghai International Shoes City(上海兆地国际广场·上海国际鞋城) Jia DingYou Yi Shi Dai Building(友谊时代大厦) Xu HuiFuhai Business Garden(富海商务苑) Pu DongShanghai Jiang Shan Building(上海江山大厦) Xu HuiTai Chen Business Building(泰宸商务楼) Jia Dingtune Times(财富时代大厦) Pu TuoAi Li Cheng Building(爱立诚大厦) Pu DongJing’an New City Commercial Building(静安新城R综合楼) Min HangCEMINI Master Piece(飞雕商务大厦) Pu TuoCommerce Spirit(绿地商务大厦) Chang NingYueda International Plaza(悦达国际大厦) Pu TuoBao Hua Building(宝华大厦) Pu TuoTong Da Chuang Ye Building(同达创业大厦) Chang NingHuangpu Star(万事利大厦) Huang PuKairun Jin Cheng(凯润金城) Hong KouShanghai Zhi Jun Building(上海之俊大厦) Xu HuiChannel 0(维奇特大厦) Pu Dong5M Time Tower(海泰时代大厦) Hong KouHua Rui Building(华瑞大厦) Zha BeiJian Hui Building(建汇大厦) Xu HuiDing Tian Business Apartment(鼎天商务公寓) Chang NingPlaza Hyundai(现代广场) Chang NingJin Tian Di International Mansion(金天地国际大厦) Huang PuHongqiao International Mansion(虹桥国际大厦) Chang NingCross Region Plaza(飞洲国际广场) Xu HuiShanghai Zhong Si Building(上海中丝大厦) Huang PuBM Tower(宝矿国际大厦) Hong KouDa Zhong Finance Tower(大众金融大厦) Chang NingRong Xin Building(荣欣大厦) Hong KouYin Qiao Building(银桥大厦) Pu DongClassical Apartment(金沙丽景苑) Jia Ding 8Ke Wei Building(科维大厦) Pu TuoDong Fang Tian Lun Building(东方天伦大厦) Pu DongGuo Ji Li Du Gong Guan(国际丽都公馆) Jing AnZhong Hui Plaza(中惠广场) Pu DongYin Xing Ming Ting(银星名庭) Xu HuiJin Qiao Business Apartment(金桥商务公寓) Pu DongTian Jiao Building(天骄大厦) Pu DongBei Ke Building(北科大厦·华原二期) Xu HuiTianci Apartment(天赐公寓) 大厦英文。
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