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Last week, this column laid out the painful, tedious process that awaits Windows XP users in October if they choose to migrate their existing PCs to Microsoft's forthcoming new edition of Windows, called Windows 7. This week, I aim to explain some of the other details and issues involved in upgrading a PC to Windows 7, even if you are currently running Windows Vista, from which an upgrade is far simpler.Unlike migrating from XP—still the most common version of Windows, despite its age—moving up from Vista is designed to be relatively straightforward. It's a direct upgrade process that preserves all your personal files, settings and programs.However, even this easier transition involves some choices and limitations that can be confusing for mainstream, non-techie users, so I will try to sort them out here. Throughout this column, I will be referring to simple, direct, upgrades meant for average users. I won't be discussing more complex methods that require things like wiping out, or dividing, hard disks.Unlike Vista, Windows 7 doesn't require beefier hardware than its immediate predecessor. It should work fine on nearly every Vista PC, and even on many late-model computers running XP. In fact, it is a bit less demanding than Vista. For instance, Microsoft has repeatedly demonstrated Windows 7 working on low-powered netbooks that choked on Vista.However, just like Vista, Windows 7 will be sold in a multitude of different editions, and deciding which one to buy can be confusing. There are six different flavors, though one is reserved for countries Microsoft calls 'emerging markets.' Of the remaining five, one is for big businesses. Another, a stripped-down edition called Starter, can't be installed as a direct upgrade for existing computers, according to Microsoft.Most consumers will likely choose Windows 7 Home Premium, which costs 0 for upgraders and has all the key Windows 7 features. The next step up, called Professional, adds a few extras that may be especially useful for consumers who work at large companies or use older, specialized programs. Most notably, the Professional edition, unlike the Home Premium version, can remotely tap into certain corporate networks that use a system called 'Domain Joining.' And the Professional version has the ability to run older Windows XP programs that wouldn't otherwise work in Windows 7. It costs 0 for upgraders. The other likely choice is called Ultimate. It combines every feature of the other editions but costs upgraders 0 more than Home Premium.There are limitations on which current Vista machines can be directly upgraded to the various versions of Windows 7. In general, you can only upgrade your current version of Vista to the comparable version of Windows 7. For instance, Vista Home Premium can only be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium and Vista Business can only be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional. This rule has two exceptions. Any flavor of Vista except Starter can be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate, if you care to spend the extra money. And Vista Home Basic can be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium.All of the three common consumer versions of Windows 7 can run inside virtual machines, such as the faux Windows computers created on Apple Macintosh hardware using the Fusion and Parallels software. However, the upgrade rules still apply.After you've installed Windows 7, you can move up from Home Premium to Professional with minimal extra effort, for an added sum, by using a program from Microsoft called Windows Anytime Upgrade. This unlocks the added features of Professional, which were actually aly on your machine, but were hidden. You can do the same thing to move up to Ultimate.However, there's another complication. For each of the three main consumer versions of Windows 7, there are actually two editions. One is meant for PCs with standard processors, called 32-bit processors, and the other for PCs that sport newer processors called 64-bit processors. The 32-bit version of Windows can recognize only 3 gigabytes of memory, but the 64-bit version can use much, much more. For most average users, 3 gigabytes is plenty, but some consumers have 64-bit Vista machines, which can move faster when lots of programs are being used at once, or when doing tasks like playing back high-definition .The problem is that you cannot directly upgrade 32-bit Vista to 64-bit Windows 7, or vice versa. So that adds another layer of complexity to the upgrade process.Finally, a note about prices. Most major Windows PC makers are offering free, or very low cost, upgrades to Windows 7 later, if you buy a Vista PC now. They are doing this, in cooperation with Microsoft, to discourage people from waiting until October to buy a new PC. Each hardware company has slightly different policies on this. However, this free upgrade program isn't of any help if you simply want to keep your existing PC and upgrade it to Windows 7.You can learn more about the various editions of Windows 7 at: windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/products/compare-editions?T1tab01. And I'll have a full review closer to its Oct. 22 release date. /08/80737The Morning After 隔天早上 Evan wakes up to find Kathy concerned about him. 艾凡醒来发现凯西正替他担心K:Evan, wake up. Ive aly asked Mrs. Lindquist here at the hostel a good doctor. He just a few blocks away. Come with me. He open aly, and were going to see him. 凯西:艾凡,醒醒我已经问过这家旅社的林德奎斯特太太请她推荐一个好医生他就住在几个街区外的地方我带你去他已经开始看病了,我们这就去找他看病E:Huh? How do you know how I feel? 艾凡:呃?你怎么知道我舒不舒呢? K:Are you kidding? I didnt sleep a wink last night. 凯西:你在开玩笑?我昨晚一夜都没瞌过眼E:Why not? 艾凡:为什么呢? K:Between your moaning and snoring, you kept me up all night. 凯西:整晚你一会儿呻吟一会儿打呼,使我一直睡不着 E:Gee, Im sorry. 艾凡:哦,我很抱歉 K:Dont worry about it. Get dressed. Do you want to have breakfast? 凯西:不用担心把衣穿好你想吃早餐吗? E:No, Im still not hungry. 艾凡:不,我仍然不饿K:That what I figured. You look awful. 凯西:我就知道你看起来真糟 E:Gee, thanks! 艾凡:嗯,谢谢你了!K:Oh, sorry. I didnt mean it that way. I just meant you really do look sick. 凯西:喔,对不起我不是那个意思我的意思是说你真的一脸病容E:I know, I know. OK. Let me put my clothes on. I have to use the bathroom. 艾凡:我知道,我知道好吧,让我穿好衣我必须用一下浴室 K:Ive aly had breakfast and cleaned up. It all yours. 凯西:我已经吃完早餐也漱洗完毕浴室任你使用 E:Fine. Ill be out in a minute; then we can go see the doctor. 艾凡:好我马上就出来,然后我们可以去看那位医生

Hello, is Sue there?你好,Sue在吗?Who?谁?Sue John.Sue JohnYou must have the wrong number.你一定是打错电话了Oh, I’m sorry.哦,对不起 63

  Russian emergency officials have called off a brief tsunami warning after an 8.2- magnitude earthquake hit Russias eastern coast Friday.俄罗斯东部沿海地区发生一.2级地震,稍后,俄罗斯紧急事务机构官员取消了一次短暂的海啸警报。Authorities had issued a tsunami warning for the Sakalin Islands.有关当局是针对库页岛发布海啸警报的。A Russian environmental monitoring service official told the Interfax news agency that ;practically the whole continent shook.;俄罗斯环境监测部门的官员对国际文传通讯社说,地震使整个大地都在颤动。There were no reports of casualties.目前没有关于伤亡的报道。来 /201305/241528

  到期 expireA: When does the contract expire?B: Next January.A: Is it possible to renew it?B: Itll be renewed if there are no disagreements.还有需要修改的地方吗?Is there anything to be amended?Have you got anything that needs to be revised?A: Is there anything to be amended?B: No.Things that should be there are there.Were very satisfied.A: When shall we sign the contract?B: How about tomorrow morning?我们的律师已经看过合同了吗?Has our attorney looked at this contract yet?A: When will the contract be y?B: The day after tomorrow.A: Has our attorney looked at this contract yet?再检查一遍have another checkgo over the terms once moreA: Shall we sign the contract now?B: Yes,but wed better have another check.A: Youre absolutely right.I really appreciate your conscientious attitude.B: Thank you.Here is the copy you.就剩下我们签名了All that left is to sign our names.A: I think everything is in order here.B: All that left is to sign our names.A: Ive been looking ward to this moment a long time.真高兴我们最终达成了协议Im so pleased weve made the deal finally.A: Im so pleased weve made the deal finally.B: Me too.I hope the contract will lead to years of pleasant cooperation.A: Let propose a toast to our successful negotiation!B: Cheers! 35993。


  Which anesthetic will you use, Doctor?医生,使用什么麻药?Give me capsules (cartridges) of Xylocaine % with 1:0,000 epinephrine.给我抽一1:0000的肾上腺素,浓度百分之二的赛罗卡因(利多卡因)两Ill give you the anesthetic injection now. You may feel this a little bit.我现在就要给你注射麻药,你可能会有点感觉Can you give me a general anesthetic (can you put me to sleep)?你可以给我做全身麻醉(你能使我睡着)吗?I dont give general anesthetics in my office, because of the possibility of complications.我这里不是全麻的,因为做全麻有发生并发症的可能性It best to give a general anesthetic in a hospital to protect you from dangerous side effects.做全麻最好住在医院,Complications are difficult to treat in a dental office.以免发生危险的副作用There, Im finished now. Did I hurt you?好,现在注射完了痛不痛?No. it didnt hurt much. I hardly felt it.不,不怎么痛,几乎没有感觉Rinse your mouth, please. Ill wait about minutes the anesthetic to take effect.请先漱漱口,约等分钟才能发挥作用My lower lip feels funny aly.我的下唇感到发生变化了The anesthetic is starting to take effect. How does your tongue feel?麻药正在开始起作用了,舌头有什么感觉吗My tongue doesnt feel different. I dont feel well.我的舌头没有什么不同的感觉,就是感到不好受,Im dizzy and my stomach is upset. I think Im going to vomit (spit up)感到头晕目眩,胃很不舒我很想吐Dont worry. Youre having a mild nervous reaction.不用担心, 这是一种轻微的神经反应Is that normal?这正常吗?It happens to a lot of patients and it not serious.有许多病人有这种情况,但是并不严重,Youll feel better in a little while. Everything will be OK.过一会儿就会好的,什么事也没有Ill tip the dental chair back and that will help.我要把牙科手术椅往后倾一些,这样可能有点帮助Im thirsty. May I have a drink of water?我口渴我可以喝水吗?Yes, go ahead. Youre looking much better. You looked pale a while.可以,喝吧你现在脸色好得多了,刚才有一阵子脸色发白Yes, I do feel better now, doctor.是的,现在我感到好些了We can start now.现在我们开始吧Youll feel pressure while Im removing the tooth.我在给你拔牙的时候, 你会有一种压迫感,Youll also feel the tooth move, but it wont bother you.也会感到牙齿松动, 但是不会让你感到难受Miss Jones, hand me a periosteal elevator.琼丝,把骨膜起子拿来Was that sensitive, Mrs. Waters?沃特丝太太,会不会有感觉 5

  10. India’s Corruption Woes10. 印度发生多起腐败丑闻The ruling Congress Party-led government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has seen its popularity and credibility plummet following waves of corruption scandals implicating top politicians accused of exploiting their positions for financial gain.在发生多起涉及高级官员以权谋私的腐败丑闻后,由来自国大党的印度总理曼莫汉·辛格领导政府的持度和信誉大幅下降。The reported incidents of graft have been both epic—a billion-dollar telecoms scandal—and petty, but all have fueled the fires of public anger. Foreign observers now warn that the Indian model for democracy and development could be derailed by the country’s venal bureaucracies and crony capitalism.媒体报道的贪腐事件牵涉甚广,有案0亿美元的电信案,也有多起案值不高的小案件,这些都引发了公众的怒火。外国观察家现在警告称,印度的民主和发展模式可能被其贪腐的官僚政治和裙带资本主义所葬送. Afghanistan: Escaping the Quagmire9. 阿富汗:逃离泥潭It’s no secret that the diminishing coalition of Western governments still involved in the 11-year war in Afghanistan are desperate to get out. Some, like the French, have aly wound down their military operations ahead of schedule. Washington preaches staying the course through gritted teeth until the end of 2014, at which point Afghan government forces will ostensibly have the numbers, the training, the equipment and the will to take over the fight against the Taliban.卷入阿富1年战争的西方国家政府联盟急于脱身不是一个秘密。法国等一些国家已提前结束了军事行动,美国将坚守至2014年年底,阿富汗政府军到时候从名义上说拥有接管打击塔利班任务的所需人员、训练能力、装备和意愿。That narrative has been challenged by events in 2012, not least the steady toll of regular “green-on-bluekillings—when supposedly friendly Afghan personnel attack their NATO mentors. More than 60 coalition soldiers have died in such attacks this year alone. No surprise, then, that the Administration is currently in negotiations with Kabul over keeping a residual force in Afghanistan well after the departure date.不过2012年发生的事件对这种说法提出了挑战,其中包括一系列阿富汗政府军攻击北约教官的事件(被称为绿对蓝攻击事件),今年就有60多名联军士兵在此类袭击事件中丧生。奥巴马政府正在与阿富汗政府就在撤军后在阿驻留部队的问题进行会谈. Asia’s Troubled Waters8. 亚洲海洋领土问题In a year Washington had announced would see a “pivotof its strategic priorities away from the Middle East and toward the Asia-Pacific region, things heated up in the waters surrounding the continent’s budding hegemon, China. 就在美国宣布其战略优先事务将从中东转往亚太地区的今年,中国与其邻国出现海洋领土问题。Beijing has grown more and more assertive in its territorial claims, both to its east in contests with Japan and in the South China Sea, which the Chinese imagine as their sphere of influence. In the East China Sea, the Chinese locked horns with Japan over its control over the Senkaku Islands (known as the Diaoyu by the Chinese).中国政府对东海和南海的领土主权态度越来越强硬,中国渔船和海监船越来越频繁地在南海与越南、菲律宾船只发生对抗。在东海,中国与日本就钓鱼岛主权问题发生对抗. Latin America Seeks Reforms on Drugs7. 拉美试图在打击毒品方面进行改革After decades of bloodshed and billions of dollars spent, there’s an emerging consensus in much of Latin America that the U.S.-authored war on drugs has caused more problems than it has solved, and ought to be ended. Some governments in the region now champion a move away from the longstanding focus on prohibition towards more practical and progressive measures.在经过数十年的流血和数十亿美元的投入,大部分拉美国家开始认为美国主导的扫毒战争弊大于利,应该结束了。一些地区国家的政府现在主张把重点从禁止转向更为实际和前进的措施。The greatest change has come in the small republic of Uruguay, whose center-left government pushed through legislation making the state the sole legal dispensary of marijuana. Elsewhere, a host of Latin American leaders such as Guatemala’s Otto Perez Molina have called for drug legalization, with the support of regional players such as Mexico and Colombia.拉圭在这方面采取了最大的变化,它的中左政府推动立法,使本国成为大麻唯一合法发放者。其他拉美国家的领导人,如危地马拉总统莫利纳呼吁起草毒品法案,他的诉求也得到了墨西哥和哥伦比亚等国的持. Communist Leadership Changes6. 社会主义阵营领导层换届In 2012, two of the world’s remaining Communist regimes completed two very different leadership handovers. The isolated pariah regime in North Korea saw the ascension of Kim Jon Un, the well-fed third son of the deceased Dear Leader Kim Jong Il. Kim Jon Un appears to have consolidated his power and is steadily building his own cult of authority.2012年社会主义阵营的两个国家实现了领导层换届。已故的朝鲜前领导人金正日的儿子金正恩成为朝鲜新领导人。金正恩看起来巩固了自己的权力,正在稳步建立自己的权威。In neighboring China a once-in-a-decade leadership transition took place. How these newly leaders navigate the domestic and international challenges of their decade at the top will be critically important in shaping global events.中国也进行了十年一次的领导层换届,新一代领导集体在未来十年如何应对国内和国际挑战对于全球具有非常重要的意义. Mali’s Crisis5. 马里危机In one of the gloomier stories of a gloomy international news year, Mali turned from being hailed as one of West Africa’s democratic success stories to various metaphors of doom: it was labeled the next Somalia, a dysfunctional, failed state; the next Afghanistan, overrun by extremist militias and terrorist groups; and the next Libya, facing civil war and Western-backed military intervention.非洲国家马里从西非的民主成功故事沦落为各种末日的隐喻,它被称作是下一个索马里、利比亚、阿富汗,被认为是一个失败国家,被极端民兵武装和恐怖团伙所控制,面临内战和西方持的军事干涉。After a military coup ousted the country’s democratically-elected government in March, an insurgency in Mali’s vast north rapidly gained ground. The rebels have de facto control over more than half the country, including the historic cities of Timbuktu and Gao. Meanwhile, the chaos has fueled a growing humanitarian crisis, with hundreds of thousands displaced.军事政变在三月推翻了民主选举产生的政府,马里北部的武装分子活动在这之后开始攻城掠地,反对派武装已控制了马里一半以上的领土,包括历史名城廷巴克图和加奥。与此同时,混乱加剧了人道主义危机,数百万人流所失所. Netanyahu’s Year of Living Dangerously4. 内塔尼亚胡的一年Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has scarcely been out of the headlines in 2012, whether for warning of a possible war with Iran, launching a military offensive to stop Palestinian rocket fire out of Gaza, or appearing to signal a preference for Republican candidate Mitt Romney to win the White House in November.以色列总理内塔尼亚012年多次出现在媒体头条上,包括警告要对伊朗动武、对加沙发动攻势以制止巴勒斯坦人的火箭弹攻击、表态持罗姆尼成为美国总统。At the U.N. in September, Netanyahu warned that at current rates of progress, Iran would likely cross Israel’s “red linefor action by next summer. And as the year draws to a close, the Israeli leader’s response to the Palestiniansquest for U.N. recognition initiating planning on new settlement construction in the West Bank has prompted a flurry of Western pressure on Netanyahu to back down. On one front or another, it’s a safe bet that the Israeli Prime Minister whose reelection appears likely this January will remain a key player in the international headlines next year.9月在联合国大会上,内塔尼亚胡警告称,伊朗可能在明年夏季之前跨过以色列的“红线”。以色列为了应对巴勒斯坦成功入联而宣布将在约旦河西岸建设新的定居点,这使西方加大了对内塔尼亚胡作出让步的压力。内塔尼亚胡可能在明月的大选中获得连任,将继续出现在明年的国际新闻头条上. The Eurozone Crisis3. 欧元区危机Debt-ridden Southern Europe continued to reel from the fiscal nightmare gripping the eurozone, and clouding the prospects of the global economic recovery. Mass protests and general strikes became routine in 2012 in Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal and elsewhere, as infuriated publics rallied against austerity measures imposed on their countries as the condition of bailouts from further north.债务累累的欧洲南部国家继续受到欧元区危机的重压,这给全球经济恢复的前景蒙上了阴影。大规模抗议、罢工成为西班牙、希腊、意大利、葡萄牙和其它国家的家常便饭,愤怒的公众举行集会,反对强加的经济紧缩措施。Steep cuts in public spending have done little to promote the growth needed to right the listing ships of the Mediterranean economies. Instead, hardship and inequality have deepened, and unemployment has skyrocketed nearly a quarter of Spain’s workforce is out of a job.对公共出的大幅削减无助于推动使地中海国家经济转好的增长。事实上,这些国家的困难和不平等加剧,失业率大幅增加,四分之一的西班牙劳动力没有工作. An Arab Winter2. 阿拉伯之冬After the Year of the Protester, came the Year of the Politico. The next phase of revolutions in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia saw previously marginalized Islamist political forces make dramatic gains. Once banned or fringe parties now hold the levers of power: In Tunisia, Ennadha, a previously outlawed moderate Islamist movement, now commands a majority in the legislature and may set about overhauling the country’s relatively laissez-faire, secularist societal mores. In Libya, the Sept. 11 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi brought into stark relief both the security conundrum and growing radicalism.在经过示威者的一年后,又迎来了政客的一年。在埃及、利比亚、突尼斯革命的下一阶段,先前处于边缘地位的伊斯兰派政治势力取得了重大进展,一度被取缔或者处于边缘地位的政党现在掌握了权力。在突尼斯,一度被取缔的持温和立场的伊斯兰复兴运动已在议会上获得了多数席位。在利比亚,美国驻班加西领事1日遇袭事件说明了安全难题和不断增长的极端主义. Syria’s Bloody Stalemate1. 叙利亚的流血僵局As 2012 draws to a close, Syrians approach the second anniversary of a bloody civil war with little immediate prospect of resolution. By some estimates, more than 40,000 people have been killed since a peaceful uprising against President Bashar Assad in February 2011 morphed rapidly into a bloodbath. 012年接近尾声的时候,叙利亚正迈向血腥内战爆发二周年的日子,这场内战看不到任何立刻解决的希望。一些机构估计,011月针对阿萨德总统的抗议示威开始以来,已有4万多人死于冲突,抗议示威快速转变为流血事件。Western powers are reluctant to be drawn into yet another conflagration in the Middle East in which an authoritarian secular state is being torn apart along lines of religious sect. The chaos is being further fueled by regional proxy-war agendas and has spilled over Syria’s borders into such tinderbox polities as Lebanon and Iraq.西方国家不太愿意卷入另一场中东地区的冲突,作为独裁统治的世俗国家叙利亚,因为不同的宗教派别而被四分五裂。地区代理人战争日程进一步加剧了动荡,并蔓延至叙利亚边境以外的黎巴嫩和伊拉克。来 /201212/212952Have had enough已经吃饱了You have made a poor meal. Let me get you some more fish.你吃的不多,我再给你夹些鱼吧No, thanks. I have had enough.不用了,谢谢我吃饱What about some drink?那要喝点什么吗?Please bring me a cup of coffee.一杯咖啡 56

  7 Troubleshooting7 解除故障Some useful phrases.有用表达Listen to the recording and repeat.听录音,跟读Johan hasnt turned up.约翰没有露面Were very short-staffed.我们非常缺乏人手Tommi can stand in an hour.汤米可以暂时接替一个小时What wrong with the photocopier?复印机出什么毛病了?Have you checked the fuse?你检查保险丝了吗?The toner has run out.碳粉用完了The gears have seized up.齿轮不转了Youll have to dismantle the .你必须拆下这个部件Ive been having problems getting onto the Internet.我连接互联网有问题Why don’t you call the Help Desk?你为什么不给务台打电话?The system keeps crashing.系统持续死机Youll need to reboot your machine.你们需要重新启动你的机器When did you last take a backup?你最后一次备份是什么时候?The server might be down.务器可能是停机了I might have the wrong version.我可能安装错版本了Youll have to upgrade.你需要进行升级了 59





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