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Spanish firm OHEA has unveiled its Smart Bed, an electronic bed that makes itself, the Daily Mail reported.据英国《每日邮报》报道,西班牙的OHEA公司推出了一款可以自己收拾寝具的电子“智能床”。In just 50 seconds two mechanical arms, one on each side and each equipped with a roller, carry the blanket back to the head of the bed. As it approaches, the pillows are lifted on two shelves allowing the blanket to neatly slot in underneath. They are then lowered and the bed looks neat and is completely made.床的两侧各装了一只带有滚柱的机械臂,仅需50秒,两只机械臂就能把毛毯推送到床头。当毯子向床头移动时,枕头会被两个架子高高举起,这样一来毛毯就可以在下面放平。枕头随后被放下来,整个床就收拾好了,看起来很平整。What is more, the owner does not even have to remember to turn the device on. A switch at the foot of the bed provides manual and automatic settings. Flipped to automatic, the bed can sense when somebody has just got up and starts making itself three seconds later.更重要的是,主人根本无需记得去开启这一装置。床尾的开关有手工和自动两种设置。扭到自动模式时,只要有人刚刚起床“智能床”就会感觉到,并且在三秒之后开始收拾。 /201206/187608。

The next iPhone, which Apple Inc. plans to unveil this week, could do something the White House, Congress and Federal Reserve have struggled to do: boost the U.S. economy.苹果公司(Apple Inc.)计划这周发布的新一代iPhone,可以做一件白宫、美国国会和美联储(Federal Reserve)都一直难以做到的事情:提振美国经济。Sales of the new iPhone could add between a quarter and a half of a percentage point to the annualized rate of economic growth in the fourth quarter, J.P. Morgan Chase amp; Co.#39;s chief U.S. economist Michael Feroli estimates. That could help cushion the sluggish U.S. economy from other risks in the final months of the year.根大通(J.P. Morgan Chase amp; Co.)首席美国经济学家费洛里(Michael Feroli)说,新iPhone的销售有望使第四季度年化经济增长率提高0.25至0.5个百分点。这可能有助于疲弱的美国经济在年内最后几个月应对来自其他风险的冲击。In a note to clients Monday, titled #39;Can one little phone impact GDP?,#39; Mr. Feroli walks through the math: J.P. Morgan#39;s equity analysts expect Apple to sell about eight million new iPhone units in the final three months of 2012.弗洛里周一向客户发送了一份题为《小小手机能否影响GDP?》的报告,解释了上述结论的计算过程:根大通股权分析师预计苹果将在2012年最后三个月卖出约800万部新iPhone。If the phone sells for around 0, with about 0 of it counted as imported components, then 0 per phone would add to the government#39;s measure of gross domestic product, the total value of the economy#39;s output.如果售价约为600美元,其中根大通算为进口零部件的部分在200美元左右,那么每部手机就会使政府统计的国内生产总值(GDP)增加400美元。Even though consumers may not pay that much for the phone, because of subsidies from wireless carriers, Mr. Feroli explains that companies often report phone sales based on the price of the stand-alone product.虽然电信运营商的补贴可能会让消费者不用付那么多钱,但费洛里解释,企业在报告手机销售额的时候,常常是基于单个产品的价格。The bottom line: The new iPhone sales could boost GDP by .2 billion in the fourth quarter, or .8 billion at an annual rate. That is an increase of 0.33 percentage point in the annualized rate of GDP growth. It could be even higher, he says. Even a third of a percentage point would limit the risk the economy would grow more slowly than J.P. Morgan#39;s fourth-quarter growth projection of 2%.总之,新iPhone的销售额有望将第四季度的GDP提高32亿美元,折合成年率为128亿美元,相当于年化GDP增长率提高0.33个百分点。弗洛里说,实际可能还会更高。哪怕只有三分之一个百分点,也会降低第四季度实际经济增长速度低于根大通预测速度2%的风险。Mr. Feroli warns that the estimate #39;seems fairly large, and for that reason should be treated skeptically#39; but adds: #39;We think the recent evidence is consistent with this projection.#39;弗洛里警告说,这个估计数字看起来似乎相当大,所以应当抱怀疑态度。但他也说:我们认为近期出现的据与这一预测相符。One clue: When the iPhone 4S became widely available last October, he writes, over half of the 0.8% increase in the nation#39;s so-called core retail sales─which exclude autos, gasoline and building materials─came in the categories of online sales and computer and software sales. The two categories together had their largest monthly increase on record.他写道,另一条线索是,当去年10月份iPhone 4S广泛上市销售时,核心零售额(排除汽车、汽油和建材)0.8%的增幅中,超过一半的增幅来自网上销售和电脑及软件销售。这两个项目加起来的月增长幅度达到有记录以来最高水平。He estimates the sales growth was due to the iPhone, which boosted overall GDP growth by a fifth to a 10th of a percentage point. The new iPhone launch will be even bigger than that, he says, making the latest estimate #39;reasonable.#39;费洛里估计这种增长得益于iPhone,它使整个GDP增速提高了0.1至0.2个百分点。他说,新一代iPhone是分量更大的产品,所以最新的估计是“合理”的。In the final three months of last year, the U.S. economy expanded rapidly at a 4.1% annual rate, and then slowed sharply to a 2% pace in the first quarter of this year, and 1.7% in the second quarter.去年最后三个月,美国经济年化增长率达4.1%,今年一季度大幅减速至2%,二季度又降至1.7%。Many analysts have recently lowered their forecasts for economic growth in the second half of the year for reasons including the drought, higher oil prices and uncertainty about U.S. budget policies. Last week, the forecasting firm Macroeconomic Advisers shaved its forecasts for economic growth to a 1.5% annual rate in the third-quarter and 1.4% in the fourth quarter, both down seven-tenths of a percentage point, largely due to the effect of the drought on farm output.很多分析师最近下调了美国下半年经济增长预期,原因包括旱灾、油价上涨及美国预算政策的不确定性。预测公司Macroeconomic Advisers上周将第三季度年化经济增长率预期下调至1.5%,将第四季度预期下调至1.4%,分别都降了0.7个百分点,理由主要是旱灾对农业产量的影响。 /201209/199132。

Owning a smartphone may not be as smart as you think.使用智能手机也许并不像你想的那样明智。They may let you surf the internet, listen to music and snap photos wherever you are...but they also turn you into a workaholic, it seems.使用智能手机可以让你随时随地上网、听音乐、拍照片……但也可能让你变成工作狂。A study suggests that, by giving you access to emails at all times, the all-singing, all-dancing mobile phone adds as much as two hours to your working day.最新调查显示,智能手机能让你随时查收邮件,因此这种花哨的手机会让你每天的工作时间延长多达两个小时。Researchers found that Britons work an additional 460 hours a year on average as they are able to respond to emails on their mobiles.调查人员发现,由于可以随时用手机查收电邮,英国人每年的工作时间平均增加了460个小时。The study by technology retailer Pixmania, reveals the average UK working day is between nine and 10 hours, but a further two hours is spent responding to or sending work emails, or making work calls.科技产品零售商Pixmania开展的这项调查显示,英国人平均每天工作9到10小时,但额外加班的两个小时通常用来收发工作邮件或者打工作电话。More than 90 percent of office workers have an email-enabled phone, with a third accessing them more than 20 times a day.超过90%的职员有可以收发电邮的手机,其中1/3每天查看20次以上。Almost one in ten admits spending up to three hours outside their normal working day checking work emails, and even those without a smartphone check emails on their home computer.近1/10的职员承认每天日常工作时间外,还要花长达3个小时来查看工作电邮,没有智能手机的员工甚至要打开家中的电脑查看。Some workers confess they are on call almost 24 hours a day, with nine out of ten saying they take work emails and calls outside their normal working hours.有些员工表示,他们几乎全天24小时待命,其中9成受访者表示要在正常工作时间外收发电邮和接打工作电话。Nearly two-thirds say they often check work emails just before they go to bed and as soon as they wake up, while over a third have replied to one in the middle of the night.近2/3的受访者表示睡前和醒后会查收电邮,超过1/3的受访者曾在半夜回复电邮。The average time for first checking emails is between 6am and 7am, with more than a third checking their first email in this period, and a quarter checking them between 11pm and midnight.受访者在一天中首次查看电邮的平均时间在早晨6点到7点,超过1/3的受访者在这段时间首次查看电邮,1/4的受访者在晚上11点到半夜查看电邮。Ghadi Hobeika, marketing director of Pixmania, said: ‘The ability to access literally millions of apps, keep in contact via social networks and take photos and as well as text and call has made smartphones invaluable for many people.Pixmania的市场总监甘地-胡贝卡说:“人们通过智能手机能够接触到几百万种应用程序,能通过社交媒体保持联系,拍摄照片和视频,还有发送短信接打电话,这些让智能手机显得尤为重要。”‘However, there are drawbacks. Many companies expect their employees to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and smartphones mean that people literally cannot get away from work.“但这也有坏处。很多公司希望员工一周七天每天24小时随叫随到,智能手机意味着人们无法脱离工作。”‘The more constantly in contact we become, the more is expected of us in a work capacity.’“人们之间的联系越频繁,对我们的工作能力期待越高。” /201211/207029。

When Apple (AAPL) introduced the iPhone 5s earlier this month, one of the features it touted was Touch ID, a fingerprint-scanner built into the home button at the bottom of the device. Users may simply touch the home button to unlock their phone and even authenticate iTunes purchases, instead of inputting a custom 4-digit passcode used by previous iPhones.苹果(Apple)本月初发布了新款iPhone 5s,Touch ID技术是其中备受瞩目的新特性之一。这项技术可利用内置于Home键中的指纹扫描设备加密手机。用户只需轻触Home键就能解锁手机,甚至还能在iTunes上消费,而在此之前,用户必须先在手机上输入四位数的解锁码。But just how secure is Touch ID, really? Is it a nifty gimmick, or truly better security for user data?不过,Touch ID功能真的安全可靠吗?它究竟是可有可无的新奇玩意,还是用户能真正可以信赖的安全管家?Likely the latter. According to Marc Rogers, a security researcher for the mobile security startup Lookout, Apple#39;s implementation of fingerprint scanning trumps the old method for myriad reasons. Across both Android (GOOG) and iOS devices, just over 50% of users use the four-digit passcode feature. Having it boosts security, but it also seems many just can#39;t be bothered with wasting a few seconds each time to log in. ;People see them as barriers, and they try to avoid having too many barriers, ; explains Rogers.我看是后者居多。移动安全新创企业Lookout公司的安全研究员马克#8226;罗杰斯表示,苹果的指纹扫描技术在方方面面完胜传统加密方法。据统计,仅有一半多的Android和iOS用户在使用四位数字解锁码。虽然解锁码能提高安全系数,但许多用户都不愿意在登陆前花几秒钟的时间来输入密码。罗杰斯解释说:“解码锁被人们看成是一种障碍,而人们会有意识地避免过多的障碍。”Touch ID should make the process easier, at least in theory. Initially, users have to to set up the feature by having their fingerprint scanned and stored on the device -- a process that takes several moments. From every instance on, unlocking the phone means simply pressing the home button as one normally would. If that#39;s the case, more iOS users are likely to turn the feature on. It doesn#39;t add a pesky extra step in everyday user experience: just touch and go.Touch ID能让这个过程更加简单,至少从理论上是这样。用户只需在使用前花费少许时间,扫描和存储指纹即可。以后,用户只需要像日常使用一样,轻轻触碰一下Home键就能解锁手机。如果Touch ID真的能达到如此效果,我想绝大部分iOS用户都会乐于使用这项新功能。用户几乎没有增加任何使用成本:只要轻轻点击即可。As for the tech itself, Rogers explains fingerprint scanning as a whole is more secure than the four-digit passcode. Copying someone#39;s fingerprints remains a cumbersome process, not to mention pricey -- as much as 0, 000, by some estimates. And at the risk of sounding morbid, using severed fingers apparently isn#39;t an option either. (However, cat paws work.) Which is to say, that barring a targeted hack, iPhone 5s owners should rest assured their data is just as secure as it ever was.罗杰斯表示,就整体而言,指纹扫描技术的安全系数要高于传统的四位解锁码。即使在今天,复制指纹依然是一项异常复杂的工作,更不要说它高昂的成本——有人估算每次成本高达20万美元。虽然听起来有些变态,但截断的手指也无法解锁iPhone。(不过,它还能识别猫爪。)这就是说,除非遭遇有针对性的攻击,不然Touch ID绝不比之前的安全技术差,iPhone 5S用户完全可以放心。;It#39;s your phone -- we#39;re not launching missiles here, ; jokes Bruce Schneier, a security technologist. ;We#39;re looking for a little bit of security, and I think Touch ID is a really great idea for that.;安全专家布鲁斯#8226;施耐尔调侃说:“大家的手机里又不会有什么国家机密,对普通人而言,Touch ID的安全性足够了。” /201309/258617。

日前,美国福克斯新闻评选出了;改变世界的十四大发明;,从阿司匹林到抽水马桶、从车轮到胸罩,上榜的发明涉猎范围广泛、时间跨度巨大。中国人发明的指南针和纸也没有被;遗忘;,成功入选了这个榜单。What#39;s the greatest invention since sliced cheese? Wait: Why is sliced cheese so great in the first place? Here are 14 inventions that REALLY changed the world ; cheese not included.自从切片奶酪问世以来,最伟大的发明是什么?等等:为什么切片奶酪如此伟大呢?以下是实实在在改变了世界的14个伟大发明;;当然不包括奶酪。 /201112/166317。