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哈尔滨市第四医院打胎流产好吗齐齐哈尔市中医院官网One single years of primary eudcation invested in one kid means 10 to 20 percent increase in the wages in their adult life. For every dollar invested in early childhood development programs, that same child will give back 17 dollars. So yeah, education also boosts economic growth.对孩子们投入一年的基础教育意味着他们成年后的工资水平会增长10%—20%。在早期儿童教育中,当时1美元的投入会换来将来17美元的回报。所以,教育也可以促进经济的增长。Then I want the youth of 2060 to see it. That our mission for global peace consisted of sending 30,000 educators to Afghanistan, not 30,000 soldiers. That in 2010, world education became more important than world domination.我想要2060年的青年人能看到这一天。为了世界和平,希望有朝一日我们派往阿富汗的是30,000名教师,而不是30,000名士兵。在2010年,全球教育将比全球霸权更重要。Because only education will accelerate our evolution.因为只有教育才能加速我们的进步。Because only by investing in our children, by tapping their potential that has remained untapped for too long, can they one day cure our diseases, or bring us to Mars, or secure us peace here on earth. Education for all.只有通过给孩子们投资,并开发他们长期以来未被开发的潜能,终有一天,他们才能治愈我们的疾病,或者把我们带上火星,或者确保我们在地球上的和平。教育可以带来一切。John Locke, who I believe was one of you, once said, ;The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it, and the earlier the better.; So yeah, the earlier the better. There is no time to waste. It is you who are in the drivers seat. It is your foot on the accerlerator.约翰·洛克,我想他曾经也是牛津大学的一员,曾经说过:“对抗外部世界的唯一屏障就是对它的彻底认知,越早越好。”是的,越早越好。没有时间去浪费了,现在你们是坐在驾驶座上的驾驶员,是你们的脚踩在了油门上。And please, step on it.那么——请踩下去吧!Thank you so much. This has been a true honor.非常感谢大家,能够在此做演讲,我感到莫大的荣幸。201401/273180哈市妇幼保健院医生的QQ号码 Hi, everybody. 大家好!As 2014 comes to an end, we can enter the New Year with new confidence that America is making significant strides where it counts.2014年就要结束了,这一年我们取得了巨大的成就,籍此我们将满怀信心迎接新的一年的到来。The steps we took nearly six years ago to rescue our economy and rebuild it on a new foundation helped make 2014 the strongest year for job growth since the 1990s. 过去六年里我们为经济复苏和重建经济发展基础所制定的政策在2014年结果,这也使得2014年成为自上个世纪90年度以来就业增长最强劲的一年。Over the past 57 months, our businesses have created nearly 11 million new jobs. 在过去的57个月里,私营部门共创造了1100万个就业岗位。And in a hopeful sign for middle-class families, wages are on the rise again.同时让中产阶级看到希望的是,工资也再次上涨了。Our investments in American manufacturing have helped fuel its best stretch of job growth since the 90s. 我们在制造业上的投资成为上世纪90年代以来就业增长最好的助推剂。America is now the number one producer of oil and gas, saving drivers about 70 cents a gallon at the pump over last Christmas. 现在,美国已成为最大的石油气生产国,自去年圣诞节以来,每加仑油价下降了70美分。The auto industry we rescued is on track for its strongest year since 2005. 汽车产业在我们的扶持下取得了自2005年以来最强劲的发展。Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, about 10 million Americans have gained health insurance in the past year alone. 由于有了《平价医疗保险法》,仅仅去年1年就有大约1000万人获得医疗保险保障。And since I took office, we have cut our deficits by about two-thirds.自我主政以来,我们的财政赤字已经削减了2/3。Meanwhile, around the world, America is leading. 同时,美国也在全球发挥领导作用。Were leading the coalition to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL. 我们领导全球力量打击和消灭ISIL。Were leading the global fight to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. 我们领导全球力量抗击西非爆发的埃拉疫情。Were leading global efforts to address climate change, including last months joint announcement with China. 我们领导全球力量共同应对气候变化,包括上个月与中国签署的联合声明。Were turning a new page in our relationship with the Cuban people.我们与古巴人民的关系也翻开了历史新篇章。And in less than two weeks, after more than 13 years, our combat mission in Afghanistan will be over, and our war there will come to a responsible end. 一个多星期前,在经过13年多的战争后,我们在阿富汗的军事行动宣告结束,我们也将以负责任的态度结束这一地区的战争。Today, more of our troops are home for the holidays than at any time in over a decade. 今天,相比10年前,有更多的军人可以回家与家人团聚过节。Still, many of our men and women in uniform will spend this Christmas in harms way. 然而,依然还有大量军人还要在前线度过这个圣诞节。And as Commander-in-Chief, I want our troops to know:your country is united in our support and gratitude for you and your families.作为最高统帅,我希望我们的军人知道:你们的祖国和人民全力持你们和你们的家庭,并对你们和你们的家人致以最崇高的敬意。The six years since the financial crisis have demanded hard work and sacrifice on everyones part. 金融危机发生六年来,每个人都付出了艰辛的劳动和巨大的牺牲。But as a country, we have every right to be proud of what weve got to show for it.但作为一个国家,我们有权自豪的宣布我们所取得的成就。More jobs.More insured. 更多的就业,更多的保障。A growing economy.Shrinking deficits.Bustling industry.Booming energy.不断增长的经济,不断减少的赤字,欣欣向荣的工业,方兴未艾的能源产业。Pick any metric you want – Americas resurgence is real. 无论你用什么方式来衡量,美国复苏的步伐都是坚实的。And we now have the chance to reverse the decades-long erosion of middle-class jobs and incomes. 现在,我们有机会改变十多年来中产阶级的就业和工资收入受到侵蚀的现状。We just have to invest in the things that we know will secure even faster growth in higher-paying jobs for more Americans. 我们要做的就是在保在可以更快促进经济增长,提供更多高薪岗位的产业上投资。We have to make sure our economy, our justice system, and our government work not only for a few, but for all of us. 我们要确保我们的额经济、司法体系、政府部门为所有人务而不是只为少数人务。And I look forward to working together with the new Congress next year on these priorities.明年,我也期待着与新一届国会合作,在这些优先事项上取得突破。Sure, well disagree on some things. 当然,我们在某些事情上有不同意见。Well have to compromise on others. 我们当然需要与他人妥协。Ill act on my own when its necessary. 我也会在必要的时候自己采取行动。But I will never stop trying to make life better for people like you.但我想让大家生活的更好,为了这一目标我不会止步。Because thanks to your efforts, a new foundation is laid. 由于有了大家的付出,我们的经济有了良好的发展基础。A new future is y to be written. 崭新的未来等着我们去书写。We have set the stage for a new American moment, and Im going to spend every minute of my last two years making sure we seize it.我们为新的美国时代打造了一个平台,接下来的两年里,我将为确保我们抓住这一机遇而不懈努力。On behalf of the Obama family, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.同时我也代表奥巴马全家,中心祝愿大家圣诞节快乐!Thanks, and have a wonderful holiday season.谢谢大家,祝大家度过一个美满的假期。 201412/351453艺术家Raghava KK展示他的新iPad儿童书籍的有趣特点:当你摇动它是,这个故事—和你的观点—会随之改变。在这个可爱的短演讲里,他倡导大家都改变一点自己的观点。201506/379721哈市中医院能做人流吗

肇东第一人民中医院修复处女膜And so, I actually made a kind of curious decision. After the success of Titanic, I said, ;Okay, you know, Im going to park my day job as a Hollywood movie maker, and Im going to go be a full time explorer for a while.; And so, you know, we started planning these expeditions. And we wound up going to the Bismark, and exploring it with robotic vehicles. We went back to the Titanic wreck. We took little bots that we had created that spooled a fiber optic. And the idea was to go in and do an interior survey of that ship, which had never been done. Nobody had ever looked inside the wreck. They didnt have the means to do it, so we created technology to do it.所以,我做了一个奇怪的决定。在《泰坦尼克号》成功后,我说:“好吧,我要暂停我的主业——好莱坞电影制作人,做一段时间全职探险家。”于是,你知道,我们开始计划那些冒险。我们紧张而又兴奋地去俾斯麦,用机器开发探险。我们又回到了泰坦尼克号的残骸处。我们带了一些自制的装着光纤眼的机器人。我们想的是到船里做一个以前从没有做过的内部调查。没有人看过残骸里面。人们没有方法这么做,而我们发明了这么做的技术。So, you know, here I am now, on the deck of Titanic, sitting in a submersible, and looking out at planks that look much like this, where I knew the band had played. And Im flying a little robotic vehicle through the corridor of the ship. You know when I say, you know, Im operating it, but my mind is in the vehicle. I felt like I was physically present inside the shipwreck of Titanic. And it was the most surreal kind of deja vu experience Ive ever had, because I would know before I turned a corner what was going to be there before the lights of the vehicle actually revealed it, because I had walked the set for months when we were making the movie. And the set was based as an exact replica on the blueprints of the ship.所以我当时就站在泰坦尼克号的甲板上,坐在潜艇里,看着那些跟这个很像的木板,也就是乐团最后在甲板上演奏的地方。然后我操纵着一台遥控载具通过走道。在船上虽然我只是操纵,但意志却在这载具中。我觉得我仿佛整个人走入泰坦尼克号的残骸中,这是我这辈子最超现实的似曾相识感。因为我知道,在转过转角之前,甚至是在灯光照射到之前,我就知道后面的景象。因为我在拍电影时,就在布景上走过好几个月,而我们的布景则是完全复制船的蓝图。So, it was this absolutely remarkable experience. And it really made me realize that, you know, the telepresense experience you actually can have these robotic avatars, then your consciousness is injected into the vehicle, into this other form of existence. It was really really quite profound. And may be a little bit of a glimpse to what might be happening, you know, some decades out as we start to have cyborg bodies for exploration or for other means in many sort of post-human futures that I can imagine, as a science fiction fan.这真是不同寻常的经历。让我真正意识到,你知道,遥距体验的可能。你可以用这些机械代理人,把意识灌注到这载体上或是其他形式的存在物中。这真的让人非常着迷。让我们看看可能发生的事情,你知道,几十年后可能发生的情景,我们可以使用电子人进行探险或是别的工作。这是我作为一个科幻迷可以想象到的后人类时代的未来。 /201311/263345哈尔滨市公安医院人流要多少钱 Hello, everybody! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, everybody. All right, everybody go ahead and have a seat. How is everybody doing today? How about Tim Spicer? I am here with students at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia. And weve got students tuning in from all across America, from kindergarten through 12th grade. And I am just so glad that all could join us today. And I want to thank Wakefield for being such an outstanding host. Give yourselves a big round of applause.大家好!谢谢你们。谢谢你们。谢谢大家。好,大家请就坐。你们今天都好吗?蒂姆·斯派塞好吗?我现在与弗吉利亚州阿灵顿郡韦克菲尔德高中的学生们在一起。美国各地从学前班到中学12年级的学生正在收听收看。我很高兴大家今天都能参加。我还要感谢韦克菲尔德高中出色的组织安排。请为你们自己热烈鼓掌。I know that for many of you, today is the first day of school. And for those of you in kindergarten, or starting middle or high school, its your first day in a new school, so its understandable if youre a little nervous. I imagine there are some seniors out there who are feeling pretty good right now—with just one more year to go. And no matter what grade youre in, some of you are probably wishing it were still summer and you couldve stayed in bed just a little bit longer this morning.我知道,今天是你们很多人开学的日子。对于进入学前班、初中或高中的学生,今天是你们来到新学校的第一天,心里可能有点紧张,这是可以理解的。我能想象有些毕业班学生现在感觉很不错——只有一年就毕业了。不论在哪个年级,你们有些人可能希望暑假更长一点,今天早上还能多睡一小会儿。 /201304/234325哈尔滨市医科大学附属第二医院在那里

黑龙江哈市阳光妇科医院是正规的I leaned something that day 那天 我得到了一些教训and what I learned is if you are going to connect your business and your philanthropy 我认识到 如果你要将经营和慈善结合起来you better make sure that is integrated deep into your culture 你要确保慈善深深融入到企业文化中that its not just something that youre going to tack on 慈善不能机械地加到经营上but youre going to build an integrated business, youre going to build an integrated life 你要将两者融为一体 形成有机的整体youre going to get these things to work deeply together 让两者能够深深地兼容and you can do it 这是可以做到的And when I started my company salesforce.com in 1999 1999年我创建了自己的公司 salesforce.comI decided to do three things 我打算做三件事One, a radically new technology model called cloud computing 一 建立一个全新的技术模式 叫云计算Two, a radically new business model 二 建立一个全新的经营模式which was subscription services for software 也就是针对软件的订阅务And three, a radically new philanthropy model 三 建立一个全新的慈善模式At that day we started the company, we put 1% of our equity 创建公司的那天 我们将1%的股权1% of our profit and 1% of all of our employees time charity 1%的利润和所有员工1%的时间into a 501(c)(3) public charity 用于一家501(c)(3)慈善机构It was very easy 这很简单We had no products 我们没有产品We had no equity. We had no people 我们没有股本 我们没有员工That was an easy decision 这个决定很好做But today salesforce.com is doing great 不过如今 salesforce.com做得很好with more than 13,000 employees 我们有超过1.3万名员工well do more than billion in revenue this year, were 今年的年收入将超过50亿美元heading into the Fortune 500, the top 500 companies in the world 我们即将跻身全世界财富500强公司的行列we are Fortune Magazines most admired software company for 2014 我们是财富杂志2014年度最令人钦佩的软件公司we are Forbes most innovative company in the world for three years in a row 我们连续三年被福布斯评为全世界最具创新性的公司and we are Fortune Magazines best place to work number seven this year in the world 我们还在财富杂志今年的最佳雇主排行榜中名列世界第七Thank you 谢谢大家Thank you 谢谢大家And if youre looking for a job, graduates, ceo@salesforce.com 想找工作的毕业生 可以发邮件到ceo@salesforce.comThats my email address 这是我的电子邮箱201601/422596 We need more women not just to sit at the table 我们需要更多的女性不仅仅坐在会议桌旁but as President Obama said 而且要像奥巴马总统a few weeks ago at Barnard 几周前在Barnard学校说的那样to take their rightful seats at the head of the table 去光明正大地坐到主座上去One of the reasons I was so excited to be here today 我今天来这里十分激动的另一个原因是is that Dean Nohria told me that 院长Nohria告诉我this year is the 50th anniversary of letting women into this class 今年是HBS开始招收女生50周年Your Dean is so passionate 你们的院长about getting more women into leadership positions 对让更多的女性进入领导岗位很执着And he told me that he wanted me 他告诉我这就是to speak this year for that reason他请我来做今年的演讲者的原因I met a woman from that first class once 有一次我遇到了那届的一位女生She told me that when they first came in, the first class of women 她告诉我当第一届女生入学时They took a mens room and converted it to a womans room 学校把一个男生洗手间改成了女生洗手间made sense 没错吧But they left the urinals in 但是他们留下了小便池She thought the message was super clear 她认为这里的信息很明确we are not sure this whole girl thing is going to work out 我们不确定 让女生来上学的事是不是靠谱and if the case doesnt 万一后来黄了we dont want to have to reinstall the urinals 我们也不必重新安装小便池The urinals are long gone 现在这些小便池当然早就不在了Lets make sure that no one ever misses them 让我们确保没人会想念它们As you and your classmates sp out across the globe 当你和你的同学们即将走向世界各地and walk across this stage tomorrow 当你们明天走出校园I wish for you four things: 我对你们有四个期望First, keep in touch via Facebook 第一 通过Facebook保持联系This is critical to your future success! 这对于你们未来的成功而言很关键And were public now 另外 我们现在是上市公司了so can you click on an ad or two 所以当你上Facebook的时候while you are there 请点击一两个广告吧Two, that you make the effort to speak as well as seek the truth 第二 努力说真话 求真知Three, that you remain true to and open about your authentic self 第三 保持你的真我 用你的真我待人And four, most deeply 第四 最由衷的一点that your generation accomplishes what mine has failed to do 让你们这代来实现我们这代没有做到的Give us a world where half our homes 让我们创造一个are run by men and half our institutions are run by women 男女在家庭和工作都各撑半边天的世界Im pretty sure that would be a better world 我敢保这会是个更美好的世界I join everyone here in offering my most sincere congratulations 让我们一起向2012年的毕业生们to the the Class of 2012 献上最真挚的祝贺With your authentic self 和你们的真我一起give yourselves a huge round of applause 给你们自己一轮热烈的掌声吧201511/410532巴彦县妇女医院在哪啊五常市妇幼保健院妇科地址



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