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Downton Abbey star Laura Carmichael gave an admirable permance her West End debut in Chekhov classic Uncle Vanya.《唐顿庄园(Downton Abbey)女星劳拉·卡尔迈克尔(Laura Carmichael)在话剧契诃夫的经典之作《万尼亚舅舅(Uncle Vanya)中奉献了精的西区首秀The actress - known her role as Lady Edith Crawley in the hit TV show - stars opposite Anna Friel, Ken Stott and Samuel West in the play which opened at London Vaudeville Theatre in the Strand.劳拉因饰演热播剧《唐顿庄园中的伊迪丝·克劳利(Lady Edith Crawley)而被影迷所熟知在这部于伦敦斯特兰特地区的沃德韦耶剧院上演的话剧中,劳拉饰演桑娅(Sonya),与安娜·弗里尔(Anna Friel),肯·斯托特(Ken Stott)与塞缪尔·韦斯特(Samuel West)上演对手戏Laura stoically carried on with her closing monologue despite a member of the audience in the front rows becoming unwell and causing a commotion.演出时,前排的一名观众突感不适,引起一阵骚动,但劳拉泰然处之,念完了最后一段独白In the audience to support the actress were her Downton co-stars Joanne Froggatt, Amy Nuttall and Phyllis Logan, who play housemaid Anna, disgraced maid Ethel and housekeeper Mrs Hughes.前来给这位女星打气的有不少《唐顿庄园的演员:饰演女仆安娜(Anna)的琼安·弗洛甘(Joanne Froggatt),饰演堕落女佣艾瑟尔(Ethel)的艾米·纳托尔(Amy Nuttall)和饰演女管家休斯太太(Mrs. Hughes)的菲利斯·洛根(Phyllis Logan)Also in the audience were Luther star Idris Elba and Anna partner Rhys Ifans, who made V victory signs to her during the curtain call.观众中还有《路德(Luther)男星伊德瑞斯·艾尔巴(Idris Elba)以及安娜的男友瑞什·伊凡斯(Rhys Ifans),后者在谢幕时给了安娜做了一个胜利的V字手势Phyllis said of the show: ;I loved it. Laura was great. She must have thought she was being heckled but she just kept on going. She did so well.;对于这场演出,菲利斯道:“我非常喜欢这部戏劳拉太出色了她当时肯定在想有观众起哄了,但她还是很镇定地继续演了下去她做得很棒”Amy said: ;She was amazing. But we think she was miscast because she kept saying Im so plain and she so beautiful.;艾米说:“她真的很赞但我们觉得选她来演这个角色不是最合适,她一直说着‘我毫无姿色,相貌平平’,但她其实可漂亮啦!”Joanne agreed and added: ;We loved our girl.;琼安很同意,并补充道:“我们很爱她” 9

The 76-episode drama series ;Legend of Zhen Huan; has had sweeping popularity in the Chinese mainland over the past months, that ;a whole town tunes in to watch when it airs on TV,; Sina.com reported.据新浪网报道,76集电视连续剧《甄嬛传在过去的几个月里风靡整个中国大陆,其火爆程度可用“热播期间万人空巷争睹”来形容The series is adapted from a novel of the same name by Liu Lianzi, and the story centers on the schemes between Emperor Yongzheng concubines in the imperial palace during the Qing Dynasty (-19).该剧改编自流潋紫所著的同名小说,是一部清朝雍正年间的宫廷情感大戏,主要讲述后宫嫔妃之间的勾心斗角The pure and innocent -year-old Zhen Huan is chosen the emperor harem, and after entering the palace, she finds herself caught in the fierce infighting between the empress and the concubines. Realizing that the palace is actually a cruel and harsh place, Zhen has to learn to survive on her own, sometimes by unscrupulous methods.剧中女主角甄嬛从一个不谙世事的岁纯真少女被选秀入宫,不久便发现自己置身于皇后和嫔妃间的激烈争斗之中她意识到后宫实际上是一个残酷恶劣的地方,必须学会依靠自已生存,有时甚至要不择手段With her wits and talents, Zhen fights her way through and wins the emperor affection, ultimately becoming the most powerful concubine in the imperial palace and ascending to unparalleled glory and wealth. However, she also becomes a woman with few true friends at her side, even after she is rid of all her enemies.凭借天资聪慧,甄嬛想方设法赢得了皇帝的宠爱,最终成为宫中最有权势的妃子,得到了无与伦比的荣华富贵然而,此时她却已成了孤家寡人,虽然铲除了所有的敌人,但身边也不复存在真正的朋友Directed by Zheng Xiaolong and starring Sun Li and Chen Jianbin, ;Legend of Zhen Huan; has been praised as one of the best historical dramas in the Chinese mainland in recent years. Through the thrilling story, audiences can also learn about ancient Chinese poetry, wardrobes, court etiquettes, and herbal medicine. The show also features many refined dialogues that become trending es among its followers on the internet.《甄嬛传由郑晓龙导演,孙俪、陈建斌等主演,播出之后被誉为近年来中国大陆最好的古装剧之一不但剧情扣人心弦,剧中有关诗词歌赋、装礼仪、中医用药等内容也让观众们大开眼界剧中不乏经典台词,被网上诸多粉丝津津乐道Some viewers have also begun using the story to allude to the present and describe the schemes and trickery between rivals in the palace as ;a treasured book survival in today professional world.; Psychological experts disagreed, saying that violent infighting is not a characteristic in modern workplaces此外,还有不少职场中人借此剧讽古喻今,把后宫争宠之计当作职场生存宝典但心理专家认为,血雨腥风并非现代职场本色 186虎年英文新年贺词Best wishes the year to come! 恭贺新禧! Good luck in the year ahead! 祝吉星高照! May you come into a good tune! 恭喜发财! Live long and proper! 多福多寿! May many tunes find their way to you! 祝财运亨通! I want to wish you longevity and health! 愿你健康长寿! Take good care of yourself in the year ahead. 请多保重! Wishing you many future successes. 祝你今后获得更大成就 019566

很多女人都希望能有一个帅气、体贴、任劳任怨、精于购物的男人陪伴购物有这样一个完美男人陪伴,女人购物一定兴致高昂为了迎合这种需求,现在美国等国家正在兴起一种称为“购物男伴(shopping boyfriend)”的职业,据说非常受女主顾的欢迎,提供这种务的公司自然也生意兴隆Shopping boyfriend, a new career, refers to a man who is hired to accompany a lady during shopping. 购物男伴是个新职业,是指那些被女人雇用、陪伴女人购物的临时男伴 1935She flew to Beijing to launch the new baby Range Rover that she helped to design earlier this week. But ever the shrewd business woman, Victoria Beckham is also using her time in the Chinese capital to promote her new clothing line.本周初,贝嫂维多利亚抵达北京,亮相北京车展,一方面是为了推出自己参与设计的新款路虎汽车,但另一方面,作为精明的商界女性,她还将利用此次来京机会推广她的新款时装系列The singer-turned-fashion-designer stepped out a special event in the city as she modelled one of her own dresses.歌星转行的时装设计师贝嫂参加了在北京举办的特别活动,同时也给自己品牌的装当了一把模特儿And the mer Spice Girl modelled the red and black frock like the professional she is as she posed the cameras.在镜头前亮相时,前辣组合成员贝嫂身穿红黑相间的女装,很符合她自身的职业风范Victoria wore her hair in a high ponytail, while she went smoky eyes and dark nail polish on both her hands and feet.维多利亚梳着高高的马尾辫,眼部画着烟熏妆,手指和脚趾上都涂着黑色的指甲油She turned up to the Joyce fashion store to attend the customer event with her entourage in tow.她和随行人员一起出现在乔伊斯时装店,参加客户活动The singer outing comes after Victoria unveiled her new exclusive baby Range Rover the night bee. The special edition styling was created by Victoria in collaboration with Land Rover.此次亮相前一晚,她发布了参与设计的最新限量版路虎汽车这款限量版汽车的风格是维多利亚和路虎汽车公司合作设计的The finished product was unveiled by her in Beijing on Sunday on the eve of the city’s Auto China motor show which began officially on Monday.上周日晚间,她在北京国际车展上发布了这款汽车本届车展从本周一正式开始She has also been spotted enjoying some retail therapy in the capital, along with her hairdresser Ken Paves. And she even brought baby daughter Harper along some shopping earlier in the day bee her work commitments took over.她还被拍到和发型师肯-帕维斯一起在北京扫货,甚至在工作还没完成时抱着女儿哈珀去购物 93

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