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World Book Day:Annual UNESCO event promotes ing联合国教科文组织举办世界读书日活动Today marks World Book Day, also known as International Day of the Book.今天是世界读书日,同时也被称为国际读书日。It was celebrated for the first time on the 23rd of April, 1995, and organized by the ed Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO.世界读书日是联合国教科文组织在1995年4月23日发起的一项活动。The yearly event aims to promote ing, publishing and copyright.一年一度的这个活动旨在提高阅读、出版及版权意识。And the choice of date is by no means random.世界读书日选择这样一个日子并非偶然。The 23rd of April was first commemorated in 1923 by booksellers in Catalonia as a way to honour the author Miguel de Cervantes, who died on this date.米格尔·德·塞万提斯是在1923年4月23日逝世,因此加泰罗尼亚书商选择这一天纪念这位作家。It#39;s also the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, as well as that of the birth or death of several other prominent authors.这一天同时也是威廉·莎士比亚和加尔希拉索·德·拉维加的逝世纪念日,以及其他几位著名作甲的出生或逝世纪念日。 Article/201504/371807。

The winds generated out at sea, sweep inland across the continents.风在外海形成,侵入大陆席卷内陆地区As they travel across the Sahara, they create the biggest of all sand storms它们穿越撒哈拉沙漠时,造成了世界上最大的沙尘暴blowing sand halfway round the world to fertilize the Amazon jungle.沙子被吹到地球的另一头,亚马逊丛林因此而变得肥沃Winds blowing across the Indian Ocean风掠过整个印度洋collect moisture and sweep northwards towards the Himalayas.一边收集水气,一边扑向北方的喜玛拉雅山脉As the air rises, so it cools.随着气流的上升,温度也逐渐下降The water it carries condenses into clouds携带的水气开始凝结,汇集成云and then falls as the life giving rains of the monsoon.然后变成季风雨落到地面,滋润大地万物So air currents powered by the sun, carry wet air to the middle of continents.至此,由太阳驱动的大气环流,将潮湿空气带到了大陆中部。 Article/201701/490115。

栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。 Article/201507/385810。

Thursday afternoon in a 60 zone, this 34-year-old motorcyclist was on his way home.星期四下午,在一条速限60公里的路上,这位34岁的托车骑士正在回家的路上It#39;s our job to work out why he never got there.让我们来说明他为什么回不了家The rider broke his neck on impact here, having crashed into this car that was turning right.这位骑士在撞击时弄断了脖子,他撞上了要右转的车By analysing the impact, we know he hit the car at 30km/h.我们分析了一下,他在冲撞时的速率是每小时30公里And these marks on the road tell us that he skidded for 21m, having braked hard here.从路上的煞车痕可以看出他在煞车后滑行了21公尺When he first reacted, he was doing 68.当他意识到前方车辆时,车速是每小时68公里But let#39;s change one small thing.现在来做一个小小的改变At 60, the driver would have had more chance to see him properly,若车速是每小时60公里,车上的驾驶将有更多机会注意到他he#39;d have stayed in control and reached this point a moment later.他也不会因此失控,并能安全渡过The car would have cleared his path and he#39;d be home by now.车子将不会撞到他,而他现在也已经安然无恙的到家了You decide on your speed. The physics decides whether you live or die.你可以决定车速。但物理定律将决定你的生死 Article/201612/485113。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!What part of the human brain is the largest?人脑的哪部分最大?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it the cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla, or brain stem.是大脑、小脑、骨髓还是脑干?You#39;ve got three seconds.Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you are the cerebral type, you may aly know that the cerebrum is the biggest part of the human brain.如果你是大脑型的,你应该已经知道了,大脑是人脑中最大的一部分。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your Shoutout.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: How we interpret touch, how we reason, how we learn, it#39;s all believed to be determined by our cerebrum and doctors say that what our brains encounter in the first five years we#39;re alive can have this tremendous impact on how we learn later on.我们如何感知触碰、进行论、进行学习,都被认为是跟我们的大脑有关的。医生说,我们大脑在出生后前五年所经历的会对我们之后的学习过程产生巨大的影响。Research looking into babies#39; brain development shows one thing that can help is the element of surprise.研究者在观察了婴儿大脑发育后认为,惊讶能帮助大脑更好地开发。 /201504/369919。

Children diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma,被诊断有软组织肉瘤、神经母细胞瘤、neuroblastoma, non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, brain tumors,非霍奇金淋巴瘤、脑瘤的孩子male survivors of leukemia, non amputated females白血病的幸存男士,患有骨癌with bone cancer, Wilms tumors and survivors of但没被截肢的女士和肾母细胞瘤、霍奇金病Hodgkin’s disease are more likely to be underweight幸存者在以后的生活中更有可能消瘦不已later in life whereas children diagnosed with acute而患有严重的淋巴细胞性白血病的孩子lymphoblastic leukemia and those receiving cranial和接受颅放射治疗的脑瘤患者radiation therapy for brain tumors were at a higher极有可能会变得risk of becoming overweight and even obese.超重甚至肥胖The reasons behind these trends are still being造成这些趋势的原因researched however possible implications associated还在研究之中with being underweight include being malnourished但是,与消瘦有关的可能原因有while receiving total body radiation, treatment with一是在接受全身辐射和腹部辐射治疗时abdominal radiation and being at a very young age营养不良,二是在很小的时候when treatment begins.就接受治疗The use of aranthrocyclenes and atinomyasin后期的生活中变得消瘦which are powerful chemotherapy drugs are also可能与药效大的化学药物—associated with becoming underweight later in lifearanthrocyclenes和atinomyasin有关because they cause structural and functional injuries因为他们会造成胃肠道的结构和功能损伤to the gastro intestinal tract preventing an adequate以致在后来的生活中oral intake even later in life.口食物得不到充足的营养This chart gives an overall comparison of the short这个图表对在儿童癌症时期营养不良的term and long term consequences of malnutrition during短期和长期影响做了全面的比较childhood cancer. The ones that we have aly我们上面讨论过的那些副作用是粗体的discussed are bolded and some other important另外一些重要的结果包括consequences include the wasting of muscle and消耗掉肌肉和脂肪量fat mass, drug dose alterations, retardation of药物用量改变、阻滞了骨骼肌的发展skeletal muscles and even an increased risk for甚至增加了二次癌症的危险secondary cancers. So clearly avoiding malnutrition显而易见,在治疗期间避免营养不良during treatment is extremely important. We will now是极其重要的turn our focus to the nutritional interventions that我们将把注意力转移到can be used to avoid malnutrition. We will now turn可以避免营养不良的our attentions to the nutritional interventions营养干预上 这种营养干预最常用在most commonly used in a clinical setting.临床环境中There are 3 main feeding practices used in healthcare在医疗保健设施中有三种主要的喂养方式facilities, supplemental or oral feeding, enteral or补授法或经口喂养,肠内管饲和tube feeding and parenteral or IV feeding.肠内或静脉注射Oral feeding is the best method of support for对营养缺乏不严重的病人,patients with a low nutritional risk. Some children口喂养是最好的方式will still need dietary supplements due to an increase由于对营养的需求增大,如钙in nutrient needs such as calcium. Ideally there一些孩子通常需要膳食补充剂 理想状况下should be flexibility in choice and meal times.对菜单的选择和吃饭时间应该灵活安排Studies have shown that a more flexible meal service研究表明,相比而言灵活的进餐务对can lead to a significant increase in children’s food,孩子们的食物、蛋白质和能量吸收protein and energy intakes.有重要的作用Enteral nutrition is a practical method when oral儿童在口营养,体重仍然持续下降时intake and the weight of a child continue to decrease.肠内营养是个很实用的方式Enteral nutrition works well if the child’s gut is如果儿童的肠道功能如果仍然很好的话still functioning properly. Enteral feeding also has那么肠内营养就能起到很好的作用the advantage of preserving the integrity of the肠道喂养对于保持肠道粘液的完整也是intestinal mucousa. Parenteral nutrition is best used非常有益的 而在儿童肠道功能不再正常when the child’s gut is no longer functioning的情况下,肠胃外的营养则是最好的方法correctly. This bypassing the usual process of eating这种肠胃外营养是避开正常的进食及消化and digestion and feeding the child intravenously.通过对儿童进行静脉注射来喂养他们Research has indicated that when normal oral intake研究表明,在不能正常口时,肠内营养is not possible enteral nutrition has more在生理上比肠胃外营养更具有优势physiological benefits compared to parenteral nutrition这优势包括保持小肠绒毛including the maintenance of the heightened activity of及小肠刷状缘酶活性的提高intestinal villi and brush border enzymes,能更好地保护better preservation of specific gut nutrients such as小肠营养内特殊物质glutamine and short chain fatty acids and an upholding比如像谷酰酶、短链脂肪酸of the mucosal membrane surrounding the intestine.和撑小肠周围黏膜的薄膜Enteral nutrition is also associated with fewer肠内营养也和不少的传染病infections and complications however many studies are以及并发症相关continuing to show that parenteral nutrition is more许多研究不断表明,肠胃外营养successful at preventing and correcting malnutrition.在预防和改善营养不良这方面做的比较成功 Article/201501/351687。

I don#39;t think you see anything happening to you现在应该还没发生I#39;m still working on it我还在努力I#39;m getting tired here我有点累了Something happening?发生了什么吗Oh, my goodness, I could see myself哦,我的天,我可以看到我自己了Well, this is a real workout, I#39;ll tell you这个真的是太费体力了So what we#39;ve created here is a beautiful silver mirrored flask这里我们做成了一个银镜烧瓶So look at that看这个Dr. Dolhun has created a beautiful silver mirrorDolhun士做成了一个漂亮的银镜It almost looks like a Christmas tree ornament就像是圣诞树上的装饰品一样and a silver ornament could in fact be made this way银色装饰确实也可以这样做So here#39;s what#39;s happening这里情况是这样的Electrons from here, the glucose电子来自葡萄糖get transferred to the silver reducing it to silver 0被转移给银离子,将其还原为Ag?Silver 0 is insoluble in water. It#39;s just silver metal Ag?不溶于水,也就是银金属And it#39;s precipitating out on the inside of the flask它会沉淀到烧瓶内面forming the beautiful silver mirror that we see形成我们所看到的漂亮银镜Now this process is called reduction这个过程叫作还原And whenever something is reduced有东西被还原something else is oxidized就有东西被氧化So the glucose must be getting oxidized被氧化的必然是葡萄糖It becomes this它变成这个An oxygen was added here一个氧被加到这里Now this process is similar to metabolism in our bodies这个过程很类似于我们体内的代谢过程We remove electrons from the sugar we eat我们也会从吃下的糖中移除一个电子and transfer them to the oxygen that we breathe将其转移给我们呼入的氧气In a reduction reaction like ;mirror, mirror;;魔镜魔镜;这样的还原反应there might be energy released会释放出能量In your body, this energy is harnessed in chemical bonds人体内,这些能量会用化学键储存起来stored for later以便日后使用The point of Tollens test was not to produce silver mirrorsTollens测试的本身目的不是为了制造银镜although a similar reaction is used for that today虽然现在类似反应确实被用作这个用途The point was to distinguish between two types of sugars其本身目的是为了区分两种糖One is containing aldehydes and one is containing ketones一种中包含醛,一种中包含酮Let me draw those我画一下这些The difference is that in an aldehyde差别在于,醛中the carbon is connected to hydrogen碳是同氢相连的and in the ketone, the carbon is connected to another carbon而酮同,碳是和另一个碳相连的Aldehydes are more reactive than ketones醛比酮的反应性更强so they will react with the silver ions所以它们能同银离子反应while the ketones will not而酮则不能That#39;s it for me. Hopefully, you enjoyed this 就到这里吧,但愿大家喜欢这个视频And I will see you next time我们下次再见 Article/201501/352467。