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White House Says Syria Used Sarin Gas on Its Own PeopleMartha Raddatz discusses the U.S. assessment that Syria has used chemical weapons.and that of a stunning statement from the White House, the US saying that it now has evidence that Syria has used chemical weapons on its own people. President Obama has said many times that would be a red line for the US to take action. But is the evidence strong enough? A question for A#39;s Martha Radith join us now in Washington with Morgen. Good Morning to you Martha. Good Morning Josh. The language in this assessment is the strongest we have seen and very specific. The White House saying that the intelligence community believes that the Syrian regime has used the nerve agent Sarin on a small scale. That is a nerve agent that essentially paralyzes and suffocates its victims. But there are many caveats(告诫) in the statement they make clear that there is a varying degree of confidence that Sarin was used, and basically want more tests to prove it. So this seems a red line, Josh, that still has shades of gray. But a red line, nevertheless, Martha. This is something again the President had been very clear about in the past.President Obama did say at one point there would be enormous consequences if President Assad used chemical weapons, but we are talking about the possibility of military action in Syria or a no-fly zone so the administration is not rushing into this. /201305/238093

Following Margaret Thatcher#39;s death on Monday, Chinese media have published special reports on the Iron Lady of British politics.英国前首相“铁娘子”撒切尔夫人于当地时间周一逝世,中国媒体发表了专题报道。Most mainstream news websites have launched feature pages, reviewing Thatcher#39;s political career, especially her relationship with China.大多数主流新闻网站推出了专题页面,回顾撒切尔的政治生涯,特别是她与中国的关系。ChinaDaily said Thatcher ;helped push ties with China; and played an important role on the smooth handover of Hong Kong. Xinhua said she changed the development path of Britain and the world.中国日报称,撒切尔推进了中英关系的发展,为香港政权的顺利交接铺平了道路。新华社称,她改变了英国和世界的“运行轨迹”。Many sites have also shown pictures or s of Thatcher#39;s four visits to China. On Weibo, China#39;s twitter like social website, thousands paid condolence to Thatcher#39;s passing, and many have published some of her famous es.许多网站还展示了撒切尔夫人四次访华的历史照片和视频。对于撒切尔的逝世,许多人在微上表达了哀悼,有的还盘点了撒切尔名言集锦。 Article/201304/234178

Mention excavation in Egypt, and most of us immediately see ourselves entering Tutankhamun#39;s tomb, discovering the hidden treasures of the pharaohs and at a stroke rewriting history. Aspiring archaeologists should be warned that this happens only very rarely. 提及在埃及的考古挖掘,我们绝大多数人自然而然地就联想到进入图坦卡蒙的法老陵墓,挖出隐藏多年的法老大宝藏,于是乎,一夜改写世界历史,一举成名天下名。可别说我要打击那些胸怀抱负、满腔热情的未来考古学家啊,事实上这种情况是极少发生的。Most archaeology is of course a slow dirty business, followed by even slower recording of what has been found. And the tone of archaeological reports has a deliberate, academic, almost clerical dryness, far removed from the riotous swagger of Indiana Jones.大多数的考古工作真是又累又苦,又慢又脏;逐一记录下发掘出来的有用没用的物品的过程,就更别提有多缓慢了。而且考古报告的基调几乎千篇一律的学术味十足、几乎是文书干燥的调调,与大家印象中“守宝奇兵”的缤纷招摇可是相去甚远。In 1900, a member of the Egypt Exploration Society excavated a grave in southern Egypt. He soberly named his discovery Grave A23 and noted the contents:1900年,埃及探索学会的某一成员在埃及南部发掘处一处墓葬,他正而八经地将这发现命名为墓A23,并记录其中发现成果如下:#39;Body, male. Baton of clay painted in red stripes, with imitation mace-head of clay. Small red pottery box, four-sided, 9 inches x 6 inches. Leg bones of small animal. Pots and - stand of 4 clay cows.#39;“遗体,男性。泥塑棍棒,表面涂有红色条纹,顶端是仿狼牙棒头。方型小陶盒,四面9英寸x 6英寸,内装:小动物脚骨。陶罐若干,站立式四牛泥塑模型一件。”These four little clay cows are a long way from the glamour of the pharaohs, but you could argue that cows and what they represent have been far more important to human history. Babies have been reared on their milk, temples have been built to them, whole societies have been fed by them, economies have been built on them. Without cows there are no cowboys, and without cowboys no Wild West. Our world would have been a different and a duller place without the cow. 当年这四只小小的陶牛与法老们辉煌与伟大真是无从相比,然而你也可以这么说,这些陶牛及其代表的意义在人类历史上可以占有更加重要的地位。人类的婴儿喝着牛奶成长,人类建立起供奉牛的神庙。没有牛就没有牛仔,没有牛仔就没有美国的狂野西部文化。假如没有牛的存在,我们的世界将会变得多么的不同与乏味啊。 Article/201404/288098There#39;s something disturbingly familiar about this kind of image-it looks to us indeed a bit like a contemporary political cartoon, and so we showed it to the political cartoonist, Steve Bell, to ask him what he made of it:类似这样的场面熟悉得令人不安,看上去几乎有点像是现代的政治卡通。于是,我们把这标签拿给政治漫画家史蒂夫?贝尔看,问问他的想法:;Well, looking at this tiny object now, it is a genuinely archetypal image of power-it#39;s the exercise of power, it#39;s somebody bossing it over somebody else. And this image of having a larger character dominating a smaller character is obviously not to do with physical size, it#39;s to do with symbolic size, symbolic weight, and that even carries on into the world of naturalistic political cartoons to this very day. I did it myself only yesterday. You find that characters you focus on often you draw bigger, just because that#39;s where the meaning is. Here we are-one of the earliest political images of all time-it is quite something. There#39;re no laughs there-but that comes later!;“这小小的物品看起来,真的是一种权力的真正原型形象,代表权力的行使,一个人对别人的镇压。你看,这标签上是一个身形大得多的人在威吓一个身形较小的人,显然这并不是一种真实肉体上的体型差异,而是象征性的。这一点甚至当今政治漫画界仍然很自然运用着。我自己昨天才画过这种类型的。我们看到的是人类历史上最早的政治图像之一。这画面挺严肃的,没有什么笑点,不过那些都是后话了!”The label-maker#39;s job #39;was#39; deadly serious-to keep his leader looking invincible and semi-divine, and to show that Den was the only man who could guarantee what Egyptians, like everybody else, wanted from their rulers-law and order. Within the pharaoh#39;s realm, everybody was expected to conform and to take on a clear Egyptian identity. The message of our sandal label is that the price of opposition was high and painful. And the message is carried not only in images but by writing-there are some early hieroglyphs scratched into the ivory.标签制造的工作可是有“致命”的重要性,得确保把他的统治者描绘成无往不胜的半神,也得表现出国王丹是唯一能为他的国家带来法律与秩序的人—古埃及人,像任何其他人一样,都希望他们的统洁者能做到这点。在法老的皇权下,人人都得遵从并体现出一种明确的埃及人身份特征。我们这枚凉鞋标签上传达出的信息是:强权镇压的代价是昂贵而痛苦的。这信息不仅仅通过画面表达出来,而且刻在牙牌上边的早期象形文字也说很清楚。 Article/201405/301900But this time,it was not meant to be.但这一次,上天另有安排。For after this win aganst Ghana in last sixteen, they were eliminated by the French。在本场1/8决赛战胜了加纳之后,便被法国队淘汰。重点词汇:mean to be 注定例:This regulation is meant to be boring.视频介绍:夺冠热门巴西队在1/8决赛中顺利战胜加纳,然而却在1/4决赛中遭遇法国队,被1:0淘汰出局。 Article/201403/278954

Fat people have their leptin thermostats set high.胖人的瘦蛋白控制所在的水平较高They can be reset, but it它们可以被更改seems to be much easier to reset it up than down.但是似乎变高比变低更容易So it#39;s easier to get fat than thin.所以说变胖比变瘦容易一些It seems as if our biology似乎我们的生理状态is happy at the particular body composition更易于接受某种特定的身体组成状况that we are, and if our health requires如果我们需要通过that we need to change our body weight to improve our health,改变体重来变得更健康it#39;s a massive struggle that#39;s a day, by day, by day exercise.我们就需要大量日复一日的努力和练习The discovery that there are genetic variations关于不同的基因控制着that govern our response to leptin,我们对瘦蛋白的反应and therefore our appetite,进而控制我们食欲的发现forced even expert doctors促使甚至是专家医师to change their attitudes to their obese patients.对于肥胖病人的态度转变I really judged them as being not strong enough我过去认为他们没有毅力to control their body.无法控制自己的身体But now I really know that there are genetic defects但是现在我才知道这是基因在that we can#39;t control, that force us to eat,迫使我们吃东西 我们无能为力and I feel sorry for my patients我对我的病人们感到抱歉that I have misjudged and that I have been cruel to.我对他们有过错误的判断并且过于严厉 Article/201307/246870在TEDx迪拜, 资深的英语教师帕特里夏·瑞安提出了一个发人深省的问题,这个独尊英语的世界是否会妨碍其他语言传播优秀的思想?例如,如果一定要爱因斯坦通过,这会造成怎样的结果呢?这段演讲热情地捍卫了翻译和分享思想的价值。 Article/201303/230430

Kun Aguero again and here,又是Kun阿奎罗,so close,差一点,but he has made the goal for David Silva.但他为大卫席尔瓦完成了助攻。重点词汇: so close 只差一点例句:He was close to score.他差一点就得分了。 视频介绍:塞尔吉奥·阿奎罗(Sergio Aguero)是阿根廷足球运动员,司职前锋,其岳父是迭戈·马拉多纳。他速度快,控球能力与得分意识俱佳,是俱乐部和国家队的主力前锋。内容来自: Article/201403/282423To get this ship y in time for the inspectors is a massive task,要赶在检查员来之前整理好这艘船 是一项巨大的工程and they#39;ve been doing a brilliant job.工作人员很厉害 我们要切开嵌板We#39;re cutting panels through to let the water rush through when she starts sinking.这样船开始下沉的时候 水才能很快冲进去That#39;s the last bit, OK, guys.好,进去吧 这是最后一块了,好了Vamos!快滚吧Shipshape at last.船终于准备好了Well, she#39;s clean, she#39;s been inspected, and she#39;s y to be sunk.它清干净了,也通过检查了 准备可以沉了What can go wrong now?还能有什么问题呢As the tail end of Hurricane Dean sweeps through,迪恩飓风的尾巴横扫而过the team are forced to put their plans on hold.所以制作团队的 沉船计划被迫延后- TELEVISION: - #39;..winds of 150 miles an hour...#39;风速达到时速一百五十英里Luck doesn#39;t seem to be on their side.他们似乎没有 受到命运之神的眷顾But, two days later, good weather returns.但是两天之后,天气好转了Here comes a crane, finally!吊车来了 终于来了Fingers crossed, arms crossed, legs crossed, everything#39;s crossed!祈求老天保佑不要下雨 不要出错,什么状况都不要发生They urgently need to get the boat into the water,他们希望能尽快把船放入水中or they won#39;t reach the chosen wreck site before nightfall.否则就没有办法在夜晚降临前 抵达预定的沉船地点 Article/201310/262014

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