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Sike leave may be made mandatory in Washington D.C. at all businessesA national movement to make sure you get sick days at work is catching on. tune small business reports Washington D.C could become the second US city to require a mandatory sick leave at all businesses. Right now worker advocates estimate 70 million American employees don't have sick leave benefits. So the advocates are pushing universal laws. San Francisco approved the sick leave law in . Ten states plus the city of Milwaukee have introduced similar bills. None of them have passed yet. DC council members are scheduled to vote on February 5th.Boeing has announced passengers will have to wait a while longer bee the aerospace giant's newest jumbo jet hits the skys. Boeing says it's pushing back delivery of the first 787 dreamliner possibly by three months. That will give Boeing's workers more time to build the massive aircraft. The dreamliner will be Boeing's first newly designed commercial jet since the 777 began flying in 1995. The plane will boast technological advances that allows more fuel efficiency, bigger windows, less turbulence and higher humidity in cabins, which could lead to a more comtable flight you. Consumer Watch, I'm Lizz Kennedy 571

Christine:Help me! Im going to fall!克里斯汀:帮帮我!我要掉下去了!Asahi:Youre not going to fall. Ive got you.朝日:你不会掉下去的我拉着你呢Christine:Sorry, I have a fear of heights.克里斯汀:对不起,我有恐高症I sometimes have panic attacks when Im high up off the ground.我有时离开地面的时候会有恐慌症Asahi:Okay, but were not very high up.朝日:好吧,但是我们的位置不是很高啊Christine:I know. My phobia is totally irrational.克里斯汀:我知道我的恐惧是完全非理性的Asahi:That explains a lot, like why you live on the ground floor of your apartment building and why you didnt want to go hiking near the cliffs.朝日:这下我明白了,为什么你住在公寓一楼,为什么不想去悬崖附近远足Christine:That right. I try to avoid any situations that will trigger my fear.克里斯汀:没错我试图尽量避免任何会引发恐惧的情况Asahi:So how do you travel? Do you ever fly?朝日:那你如何旅行呢?坐过飞机吗?Christine:The one time I flew in an airplane I experienced vertigo and I hyperventilated until we landed.克里斯汀:有一次我在飞机上经历了眩晕,直到降落我还不断喘粗气I was really agitated because I thought I was going to die.我当时非常激动因为我想会死掉It wasnt pretty.这不是什么光的事情That why I normally drive or take a train.我通常开车或乘坐火车Asahi:So Im guessing no skydiving you.朝日:我猜你跳伞也不行Christine:Not unless you want to find out how my stomach reacts to heights!克里斯汀:除非你是想探究我的胃对高度的反应!译文属 8950

Aristotle亚里士多德Aristotle was bom in Stageira, Chalcidice, in 38 . His father was the personal physician to King Amyntas of Macedon. Aristotle was trained and educated as a member of the aristocracy. At about the age of eighteen, he went to Athens to continue his education at Plato’s Academy. Aristotle remained at the academy nearly twenty years bee quitting Athens in 7 . The traditional story about his departure reports that he was disappointed with the direction the academy took after control passed to Plato nephew Speusippus upon his death.亚里士多德于公元前38年出生于色雷斯的斯塔基拉,父亲是马其顿王的御医从小亚里士多德在贵族家庭环境里长大在18岁的时候,亚里士多德被送到雅典的柏拉图学园学习,此后年间亚里士多德一直住在学园,直至老师柏拉图在公元前7年去世柏拉图去世后,学园的领导权转移到柏拉图的侄子Speusippus,学园的学术倾向令亚里士多德感到失望,他便离开了雅典He then traveled in Asia Minor on the invitation of his friend Hermias. There, Aristotle married Hermias’ adoptive daughter (or niece) Pythias. She bore him a daughter. Soon after Hermias death in , Aristotle had to leave Asia Minor. Later, he was invited by Philip II of Macedon to become the tutor to his son Alexander the Great who was only years old.离开学园后,亚里士多德先是接受了朋友赫米阿斯的邀请访问小亚细亚亚里士多德在那里还娶了赫米阿斯的侄女为妻她为他生了一个女儿公元前年,赫米阿斯被谋杀后不久,亚里士多德不得不离幵小亚细亚后来,亚里士多德又被马其顿的国王腓力二世召唤回故乡,成为当时年仅岁的亚历山大大帝的老师Aristotle was appointed as the head of the royal academy of Macedon. During that time he gave lessons not only to Alexander, but also to two other future kings: Ptolemy and Cassander. In his Politics, Aristotle states that only one thing could justify monarchy, and that was if the virtue of the King and his family were greater than the virtue of the rest of the citizens put together. Tactfully, he included the young prince and his father in that category.亚里士多德被任命为马其顿皇家学院的校长期间,他不仅给亚历山大授课,也为其他两位未来的国王Ptolemy and Cassander授课在政治观点上,亚里士多德认为只有一种情况能让君主制成为正确的,即国王和其家人的美德合在一起超过了其他所有公民的美德的总和他很有技巧地将年轻的王子和他的父亲包括在这个范畴之内By 335 he had returned to Athens, establishing his own school there known as the Lyceum. Aristotle conducted courses at the school the next twelve years. It is during this period when Aristotle is believed to have composed many of his works. Aristotle wrote many dialogues, only fragments of which survived. The works that have survived are in treatise m and were not, the most part, intended widesp publication, as they are generally thought to be lecture aids his students.公元前335年,亚里士多德回到雅典,并在那里建立了自己的学校,取名为Lyceum亚里士多德在接下来的年中在此授课正是在此期间,亚里士多德撰写了多部哲学著作虽然亚里士多德写下了许多对话录,但这些对话录都只有少数残缺的片段流传下来被保留最多的作品主要都是论文形式,而亚里士多德最初也没有想过要发表这些论文一般认为这些论文是亚里士多德讲课时给学生的笔记或课本Upon Alexander s death, Aristotle fled the city to Chalcis, explaining, “I will not allow the Athenians to sin twice against philosophy”,a reference to Athens prior trial and execution of Socrates. Aristotle died in 3.亚历山大死后,亚里士多德逃亡到加而西斯 (Chalcis )他这样解释:“我不想让雅典人再犯下第二次毁灭哲学的罪孽”(隐喻之前苏格拉底在雅典被审判和处死)公元前3年,亚里士多德病逝 661

听笑话学英语:The Mean Man's Party 吝啬鬼餐会The notorious cheap skate finally decided to have a party. Explaining to a friend how to find his apartment, he said, "Come up to the fifth floor and ring the doorbell with your elbow. When the door open, push with your foot.""Why use my elbow and foot?""Well, gosh," was the reply, "You're not coming empty-handed, are you?"一个声名狼藉的小气鬼终于决定要请一次客了他在向一个朋友解释怎么找到他家时说:“你上到五楼,用你的胳膊肘门铃门开了后,再用你的脚把门推开”“为什么我要用我的肘和脚呢?”“天哪!” 吝啬鬼回答,“你总不会空着手来吧?” 3

Luisa:Are you still here? I thought you got off at 3:00.路易莎:你还在这里吗?我以为你下午3点就闪人了呢Max:I picked up a second shift. I could use the money.马克斯:我接了个私活我可以用这些钱Luisa:But I thought you had another part-time job in the evenings.路易莎:但我以为你晚上有另一份兼职差事Max:I normally do, but the restaurant where I work has been cutting back my hours, so Im trying to pick up as many extra shifts here as I can.马克斯:我通常会干那个,可是在我打工的那家餐厅已经减少了我的工时,所以我尽量多接些额外的Luisa:And dont you work at the amusement park on the weekend?路易莎:周末你在游乐园的工作不做了吗?Max:I do half the year, but it winter and the park only keeps a skeleton crew on during these months.马克斯:我半年才去一次,但现在是冬天而且这几个月公园只留了老员工In the meantime, Im working a temp agency, which gives me short-term assignments.这段期间,一个临时工作机构安排我做些短工Luisa:I dont know how you juggle all these jobs.路易莎:我不知道你如何应对所有这些工作Max:I have no choice.马克斯:我没的选择I have to piece together an income if I want to pay rent.我得东拼西凑才能付得起房租Luisa:Have you ever thought about going back to school to qualify other work, something full-time?路易莎:你有没有想过到学校再充充电找份其他工作吗?比如全职工?Max:Sure, all the time.马克斯:当然了,我一直在想Id like a better job, one with benefits and a reliable salary.我想要份有福利而且工资靠谱更好的工作Luisa:What stopping you?路易莎:那是什么让你没了这种想法?Max:I have to pay something called “food,” and I havent met my fairy godmother yet!马克斯:我得为“食物”这种东西买单,而我还没有见过能够帮我一把的仙女教母! 6

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