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Polish Leather Shoes. Is your footwear looking a little worse for wear? Have a quick look at our expert led guide to getting your leather shoes looking as good as new.擦皮鞋。你脚上的鞋子是否有些破损了?来看一看专家的建议吧,让你的鞋子迅速焕然一新。Step 1: Clean1.清洁First put down some newspaper and remove the laces . This makes the shoes easier to polish.地面上铺上报纸,把鞋子放在报纸上,然后把鞋带解下来,这样擦鞋的时候更容易些。If your shoes are a bit dirty, brush off any mud with an old nail brush. Wipe with a damp sponge if the the dirt is not lifting.如果鞋子有点脏,用刷子清除掉泥土。如果污点不能完全清除,可以使用湿海绵。If your shoes are very dirty clean with some water. Work all the way around from toe to heel, covering the side of the soles as well.如果鞋子非常脏,可以用水进行彻底的清洗。Then leave to dry naturally. Only polish shoes that are absolutely dry, damp shoes wont absorb the polish in the same way.然后让鞋子自然晾干。只有干透的鞋子才行,湿鞋子不能吸收鞋油,鞋油擦上之后没有任何效果。Step 2: Deal with scuffs and scratches before polishing2.擦鞋油之前处理刮痕和擦痕If the leather has lifted and torn, repair with a thin layer of rubber based glue under the tear. Leave it to dry of a few seconds, then smooth the leather back over.如果皮鞋起毛了或者破损了,可以使用胶水和橡皮进行修补,等几秒钟之后把起毛的部分压平。TOP TIP高级技巧Roll the side of a pen over the tear to completely smooth it back into place. This will create a better finish than if you use your fingers.用铅笔将皮鞋破损处压平,效果要比用手指好很多。Remove any excess glue by rubbing with a little crepe rubber or an ordinary pencil eraser.用普通的铅笔橡皮擦去多余的胶水。If there are any deep scratches, fill with a little wax polish before the next stage如果擦痕过深,可以在擦鞋油之前先涂上一些蜡。Step 3: Wax on3.打蜡Shoe polish is available in wax or cream. Always go for wax as it is more durable. Take a brush and circle it around the edge of the tin picking up a little on the bristles. Dont scoop it out from the middle, as it will dry out, wasting the polish at the side.鞋蜡和奶油都可以用来擦鞋。记住,每次擦鞋前都要上蜡,因为这会使鞋油效果更持久。上蜡时每次用刷子蘸一点儿,不要取太多,因为鞋蜡容易变干,一次取太多容易浪费。Apply the polish by rubbing in small circular motions. Work your way around until the whole shoe is covered. Then leave them, allowing the shoes to absorb the polish. The longer you leave them the better - ideally overnight.用画圆圈的方式在鞋子上擦油,擦遍整只鞋子。然后把擦好的鞋子放在一边,让它慢慢变干,放置的时间越久,效果越好,通常情况下一整夜最好。Step 4: Wax off4.除蜡To get the wax off, use the bigger softer brush to remove excess polish from the shoes. Work with a rapid back and forth action to buff the leather. You will see that the shoes gradually begin to shine. The more you work them, the shinier they will be.为了清除掉鞋子上多余的蜡,要用大一点的软毛刷来回快速地擦,将鞋擦亮。你会看到鞋子逐渐变亮,而且你刷的次数越多,鞋子就越亮。Step 5: Bulling5.提高亮度If you want to create a really high shine, dip a soft cloth into the polish then apply to the shoe in small circles. This is called buffing. Keep working, the longer you rub the higher the shine. Then use the second, soft brush to buff.如果想让鞋子变得很亮,用块布蘸着鞋油去擦,这叫做抛光。同样擦的次数越多,鞋子就越亮。然后用第二步,软毛刷擦拭。Step 6: Re-lace6.重新系好鞋带Th into the two bottom holes and pull the laces level. Next weave the laces up through alternate holes so that the outer lace is always laying horizontally. This will stop the laces rubbing across each other, and also give an even pull.从最下端的鞋眼开始,将鞋带两边长度持平。先穿外侧的鞋带,这样鞋带会显得整齐有序,而且也可以减少鞋带之间的擦。To prevent your laces from coming undone, tie in a normal bow, then use one lace-end to tie a simple knot around one of the bows. This will secure it, but still be easy to untie when you want将鞋带打成结,易结易解就好。Step 7: Maintenance7.保养When not wearing your shoes, try to keep them on a shoe tree. This will stop the vamps, the part at the front of your shoes from becoming creased.不穿的时候,要把鞋子放在鞋撑上,这样可以防止鞋面变形。You should aim to polish your shoes very well at least once a month, then they will only need a quick brush before each wearing.擦完之后应该使鞋子保持一个月的锃亮效果,那么这一个月里你每次穿鞋之前只需要快速一擦即可。Thanks for watching How To Polish Leather Shoes谢谢收看本期“擦皮鞋技术”节目201208/196985重庆星辰整形割双眼皮手术多少钱Today in History:Monday, June3, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月3日,星期一June 3rd, 1965.““Get back in.” “OK. Were on our way and tell everyone go back in now.” Astronaut Edward White becomes the first American to walk in space during the Gemini IV mission.1989, Iran’s spiritual leader the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini dies in Tehran. Khomeini’s rise to power in the Islamic Revolution led to the hostage crisis, in which Iran held dozens of Americans captive for 444 days.1963, Pope John XXIII, who pushed to modernize the Roman Catholic Church, dies in Rome at age 81. Pope Paul IV succeeds him as pontiff.1937, Britain’s Duke of Windsor marries American divorcée Wallis Warfield Simpson in France. It happens 6 months after the former King Edward VIII abdicated his country’s throne for Simpson.1926, “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.” Allen Ginsberg, the poet who becomes one of the icons of America’s Beat Generation, is born in Newark, New Jersey.And 1906, Josephine Baker, the dancer, singer and actress who gained fame with her shows in Paris during the 1920s, is born in St. Louis.Today in History. June 3rd. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/242599重庆哪里做双眼皮做的好重庆市脂肪移植隆胸费用

重庆星辰整形医院激光祛痣多少钱重庆星宸整形美容医院切眼袋手术多少钱How To Beat Your Addiction For Good on HowcastYou keep saying you want to be rid of it, but nothing works. You need to want it badly enough.You Will NeedFellows in recovery Rest Physical activity Self-examination Toughness Interests Gratitude Replacement activity Step 1: Bond in recovery(找一个志同道合的知己,一起克食物的诱惑)Bond and interact with others in recovery. Join a peer support group or find friends who are doing something about their addictions so that you don’t feel alone.Step 2: Remove yourself(尽量避开诱惑)Avoid places where you are likely to come across your vice. Stay away from people and places where you will be reminded of it.Step 3: Get rest(休息好)Give yourself rest, relaxation, respect, and stability in every aspect of your life. For self-esteem, start by eating well, exercising, and pacing yourself.Step 4: Conquer inaction(战胜不活跃的自己)Push yourself to conquer distraction, laziness, and inaction. Attend talks, books for inspiration, and stay physically active to get reconnected with the world.You don’t have to hit bottom to begin recovering.Step 5: Examine your thought patterns(找到自己喜欢美食的原因)Examine the thought patterns that lead to your addiction, and the denials you attempt. Identify your triggers and eliminate them.Step 6: Treat this like any sickness(把自己对美食的喜欢当成一种不正常的心理)Treat withdrawal as you would any sickness and stick it out. You are getting your health and life back and you need to toughen up.If you think you’re having detox symptoms, seek medical help right away.Step 7: Replace the addiction(发展新的兴趣爱好来替代)Find something that gives you more pleasure than the addiction. Build a discipline and gratitude around that activity.Data from 2002 to 2007 show that 11.9 percent of U.S. children lived with a parent who abused alcohol or drugs.201005/103447重庆激光治疗鸡眼多少钱重庆星辰美容医院口腔科

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