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A Strip of Noodle with Soup面汤-一根面 It tastes delicious with thick soup and pliable noodles, enjoying high favor among people. It is said that in a scholarly family in the old town Nanzhao, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were not getting along well and squabbling with each other almost every day, leaving no peace to the family. The father-in-law, a well- scholar believed it would disharmonize and dishonor the family if things went like this, giving others chance to laugh at them. He was wrapped in thought for a long time before finally finding a way to solve this problem—making the soup with one long string of noodle, for it needed cooperation and concentration to make such a long noodle; then the mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law gathered together to make it with concerted efforts. Finally they made it. While having the meal, the father-in-law said what they ate that day was one-heart noodle, and hence they would be of one heart forever. The families lived in harmony from then on.它以其清爽筋道的面条,浓郁醇厚的汤汁,深受旅游者的青睐。据说,过去在南诏古城里有一户书香世第,家中婆媳不和,三天一大吵,两天一小闹,一家人不得安宁。老公公是一个饱读诗书的秀才,总觉得这样吵下去有伤和谐,有辱门风,让街坊邻居笑话。苦思多时,终于寻出了一个办法,那就是扯面汤,因为扯面汤需要多人合作、齐心协力才能扯得出来,于是老秀才把婆媳二人加上小姑一起叫拢,要他们扯面汤,婆媳二人和小姑真的把扯面汤扯出来了,吃扯面汤的时候,老公公说:“今天我们全家吃的是同心面汤,今后我们全家都要吃同心饭。”从此以后,全家人和睦相处。 /201505/375878。

;I was floating in a tunnel toward a very bright light and then a voice told me I had to go back and finish listening to the presentation.;我正在一个隧道中朝着光明漂流,这时,一个声音传来,告诉我应该回去把演讲听完。 /201507/385697。

Austria is home to some weird andwonderful superstitions, with some of them still practised today. Ahead of thattraditionally inauspicious date - Friday 13th - weexplain ten of the most common Austrian superst itions.在奥地利本土有许多怪异奇特的风俗迷信,其中有些还一直流传至今,在邻近“黑色星期五;这个不吉利日子前,我们 来见识一下奥地利的十个最常见的迷信。As a Catholic country, it#39;s perhaps no surprise that Austria is steeped in superstition.奧地利迷信盛行,但作为一个天主教国家,这不算奇怪。Some - like never walking under a ladder - you may have aly heard of in your own home country while o thers are individual toAustria.你或许在家乡听到去过奥地利的人说过,那儿的有些人可能从不会在梯子下走过。If the prospectof Friday 13th is troubling you, or youworry about breaking mirrors, here are ten other t hings to think about.要是眼前的黑色星期五困扰着你,或是你还在担心弄碎镜子,有十件事要留心了。Eating raw sliced garlic mixed with yoghurt isbelieved to bring you good luck. We#39;re not sure this would have the desiredeffect if taken before a first date though. It#39;s also thought to be a powerfulcold remedy - which makes more sense, as garlic is believed to stimulate theimmune system.吃混有生蒜的酸奶能给你带来好运。要是第一次约会时就这样干,我们不知道这能否达到预期效果。把它看成治疗感冒的强效药还差不多,因为大蒜能增强免疫。 /201503/363608。

An overjoyed royal baby fan has created a reborn doll that she claims is an exact replica of Prince George。皇室宝宝的一位狂热粉丝打造出了一个栩栩如生的洋娃娃,她宣称这个洋娃娃和乔治小王子简直是一个模子里刻出来的。Natalie Lawrence, 44, ordered the doll#39;s silicone body from Germany before she spent more than two months painstakingly painting on George#39;s face and sewing on his golden locks with Angora goat hair。现年44岁的娜塔莉·劳伦斯从德国订购了洋娃娃的身体部分,材质为硅胶。之后,她花了两个月的时间,十分仔细地画出了乔治小王子的面部,还用安哥拉山羊毛给洋娃娃缝了一头金发。The former florist from Barrow-Upon-Soar, Leicester, says she doesn#39;t have any children of her own, so decorating replica babies is something she #39;really enjoys#39;。娜塔莉来自莱斯特郡索尔河畔巴罗,曾经当过花匠。娜塔莉说,她自己没有孩子,所以她“特别喜欢”装饰这些仿真洋娃娃。Now that her little Prince, worth an estimated #163;500, is complete, Natalie revels in knitting him replicas of George#39;s real-life clothes - as well as forking out for designer items to match his real-life wardrobe。现在,估价为500英镑的乔治小王子仿真洋娃娃已经完工,娜塔莉开始仿照乔治小王子现实中穿过的衣,为洋娃娃缝制衣。此外,为了与现实生活中乔治王子的衣柜相匹配,她还大手笔购买名牌衣。Her ultimate dream would be to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge so she could show them her princely creation。她的终极愿望是见一见威廉王子和凯特王妃,好让他们看看自己亲手做的小王子洋娃娃。Talking about what inspired her to create Prince George, Natalie said: #39;Whenever, there#39;s a new royal baby I get really excited. He has such a gorgeous face that I just had to try and make him.#39;谈到创作灵感时,娜塔莉表示:“不管什么时候,只要有王室宝宝降生,我就会特别兴奋。何况乔治小王子还是个小帅哥,所以我就要试试做个仿真洋娃娃啦!”When she was ordering the base doll from Germany, she sent off a newspaper cutting featuring a photograph of the young Prince so manufacturers could match his eye colour. She said: #39;Prince George has got such unique chocolate brown eyes. I sent them a cutting from the paper so the glassmaker could get them just right.#39;娜塔莉从德国订制洋娃娃主体部分时,还附带了一张从报纸上剪下来的乔治小王子的照片,这样生厂商就可以参照他的眼睛颜色。娜塔莉说:“乔治小王子的眼睛是独特的巧克力棕色,所以我才把那张照片给他们,这样玻璃工人做出的眼睛颜色就恰到好处了。”When it came to the hair, Natalie bought four different colours of Angora goat hair to get mimic Prince George#39;s blonde tones. Each hair then had to be inserted into the silicon base separately by a needle。至于头发,娜塔莉买了四种颜色的安哥拉山羊毛,混合搭配出了像乔治小王子一样的金发。娜塔莉是用针把头发一根一根缝到洋娃娃上的。#39;I#39;m a real perfectionist. All in all it took me four weeks just to get his hair right,#39; Natalie said. #39;And I wanted to get his skin tone just right, which took 27 layers of specialist paint.#39;“我是个不折不扣的完美主义者。光是头发缝就整整花了我四周时间,”娜塔莉说,“我还希望洋娃娃的肤色和真人最接近,所以又给它刷了27层特制涂料。”Natalie bought some of the doll#39;s clothes - such as a Ralph Lauren T-shirt - but she#39;s also had some of his clothes handmade。洋娃娃的一部分衣是娜塔莉买的,比如拉夫·劳伦的T恤,还有一些是自制的。Natalie says she would love to take her mini Prince George out and about, but he#39;s just too precious. #39;I#39;d be devastated if he got damaged, so I just keep him in the house, and sometimes sit out in the garden with him.#39;娜塔莉说,她倒是很想带上“迷你小王子”出去溜溜,无奈它太珍贵了。“如果洋娃娃什么地方被弄坏了,我会崩溃的。所以,我还是把它珍藏在屋里吧,偶尔带它到花园坐坐就够了。”In the past, Natalie has sold her reborn dolls for hundreds of pounds but this time around she has no intention of letting George go. She concluded: #39;From all of the work I#39;d put in someone would have to pay at least #163;500 for him. He#39;s so special to me I wouldn#39;t dream of giving him away.#39;娜塔莉以前做的仿真洋娃娃卖出去好几百英镑了,不过这次她不打算卖掉“乔治小王子”。她总结道:“鉴于我花了那么多心思做这个洋娃娃,想买的人起码要给我500英镑。对我来说,它是独一无二的,我从没想过要把它交给别人。” /201507/384781。