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Endless Summer followed Calinian longboarders Mike Hynson and Robert August chasing summer around the world, surfing in Africa, Australia, New Zealand and strange backwash waves in Tahiti.Highlight: Discovering Cape Saint Francis, also known as ‘Bruce’s Beauties‘ in South Africa. Hynson and August rode seemingly endless, perfect right handers down the point. All the more important now that the wave no longer breaks as it did in the movie due to large scale development on the nearby dunes.《无尽之夏(The Endless Summer)(或译为《漫长夏日),1966年两个来自加州的年轻人,罗伯特·奥古斯特(Robert August)和迈克·汉森(Mike Hynson),为了找到他们心目中完美的海浪而进行了一次环球旅行他们的足迹遍布夏威夷、西非直至澳大利亚最佳场景:两个年轻人经过长途跋涉终于找到了完美的海浪虽然很小,但相当完美,而且一浪接一浪,似乎永远不会停息导演布鲁斯·布朗(Bruce Brown)本人在踩着冲浪板、保持平衡的同时,抱着摄像机拍下了5秒钟的冲浪镜头此外,一些真正的冲浪选手也参与了该片的拍摄工作 796。

Over 3000 swans arrived at their winter habitat in Rongcheng city, in China Shandong province by Monday, November 1, . 年9月1日,周一,3000余只天鹅迁徙到中国山东荣成 Flocks of these white weathered, elegant birds gather on the city lakes creating a buzz among citizens, photography fans and tourists.成群的天鹅纷纷聚集到荣成的湖泊中,它们洁白优雅,吸引了众多市民,摄影爱好者和游客 The mild temperature in the costal city serves as an ideal sanctuary swans during the winter period. This year, the local government of Rongcheng has invested eight million yuan towards environmental improvement and protection in an eft to welcome more migratory birds.沿海城市的温带气候为这些天鹅提供了绝妙的过冬地点今年,荣成政府为吸引更多天鹅来此过冬,特批了800万人民币来治理环境,保护野生动物 1977。

fq[SqOT!Uy6m~@p7ei_ujd.8bfp;a0wCLJlojaq!UPraying dog at Japanese temple.日本寺庙里的祈祷vtgl0Wg_^,m8qH0n_qIf%n9OS7K7R^ROr-SU!,vGBb7VLfBn#f)YBx3Hj(g@1DIt 3581。

.《曾经  曾经拥有的,不要忘记不能得到的,更要珍惜属于自己的,不要放弃已经失去的,留作回忆  Don’t get the things you once you owned. Treasure the things you can’t get. Don't give up the things that belong to you and keep those lost things in memory. 61。

Materials:Rice 50gMillet 50gSticky rice 50gSorghum 50gRed beans 0gLotus seeds 0gBroad beans 0gDried longans 0gPeanuts 0gChestnuts 0gRed jujube 0gWhite sugar 材料:大米 50克玉米粒 50克糯米 50克高粱 50克红豆 0克莲子 0克胡豆 0克干龙眼 0克花生 0克板栗 0克红枣 0克白糖适量Preparations: 步骤:1. Soak the lotus seeds in a bowl of water, steam at high heat 1 hour, take out and draw aside later use;将莲子泡入水中,高火蒸1个小时,取出待用;. Peel off the skin of longans and remove the seeds; strip off both outer and inner skins of chestnuts; wash sorghum, red beans, broad beans, peanuts, jujube, rice, millet and sticky rice;龙眼、板栗去皮去核;其余材料用清水清洗;3. Place sorghum, red beans, peanuts and jujube in a pot, cover with water and cook to half tender;将高粱、红豆、板栗和红枣放入锅中、煮至半软烂;. Add broad beans, rice, millet and sticky rice into the pot, blend well. After boiling, shimmer in low heat until the nuts become tender;加入胡豆、大米、玉米和糯米,充分混合水开后、改小火精炖,直至坚果都变软;5. Add steamed lotus seeds and bring to boil. Remove from the fire, add white sugar, y to serve.加入蒸熟的莲子、再次煮开熄火、加入适量白糖、可以吃了! 3。

Traveling is one of life’s great joys. It’s a way to see the world and learn about places you’ve never been bee. Here are some ways to help you make the most of your travel experience.旅行是人生一大乐趣之一旅行的方式,让我们放眼看世界以及了解自己以前从未去过的地方这里有一些方法有助于你充分体验旅行的乐趣1. Plan the unexpected旅途中的意外惊喜An itinerary can be helpful, but you won’t be able to plan everything down to the smallest detail. How could you possibly have known about that little restaurant at the back of that alley bee you arrived, or that friendly local who invited who into his house to hear him play the santuri? Often, the best parts of a trip are a result of an adventure.旅行日程可能会有所帮助,但你无法计划到一切最小的细节你不到那里的话,你怎么可能知道那个巷子后面的那个小餐馆呢?或者说,你怎么可能预料到友好的当地人会邀请你到他家去听他演奏扬琴?通常情况下,一次旅行的最佳部分就是冒险 776。

1. 吃货必备——煎饼枕 This pillow set design by Todd von Bastiaans and Bryan McCarthy really looks like pancakes with pats of butter! 这款枕头是由Todd von Bastiaans和Bryan McCarthy共同设计而成,它看起来超级像一堆薄饼上放了两块黄油. 点睛之笔——月亮枕 A pillow created with 6 hi-resolution images of the moon's surface, the floor pillow is one cool living room gadget that has a diameter of 5-foot wide. Designed by Lily Suh, a South Korean designer. 这款枕头的外观是6副高清凸显组成的月球表面,这款直径为5英尺的枕头绝对是客厅里的点睛之笔它是由韩国设计师Lily Suh设计的3. 以假乱真——锤子枕 At " tall by " wide, if you've got an upright sleeper in the house, the pillow looks perfect sawing logs. 如果你加有人喜欢竖着睡觉的话,这款高英寸宽英寸的枕头应该不会为他带来打鼾困扰. 科幻人士最爱——飞毯枕头 The Flying Carpet is the only carpetfloor pillow that gives you the magic sensation of lying down between hills. 这款名为“飞毯”的枕头能够让你躺在上面的时候有一种在飞毯上穿越河山的感觉 688。