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Now all of us must realize this is not a spectators sport, when I was just sitting here watching ;amazon.com;. Every institution and every entity must grab with this issue at the highest level as management. Samp;Base, Cacherdeck is one of the largest department stores in Europe. But they are making their first foreway into online sales. That is not an easy decision for an enterprise with huge investments and retail space, not to mention their economic model, their coop culture, rooted and traditional retail sales. Who made the decision for Cacherdeck to jump into online sales? I can assure you it was not their Web master. Increasingly, CEOs of companies, university presidents, government officials are stepping up to these issues. They are testing pilot sites, they are setting strategy, and they are answering questions like ;How will this network world affect my organization?; ;How are we threatened?; but more importantly, ;How can I leverage this new medium for competitive advantage?; The toughest, most jocular decisions that need to be made are which browser or which server their core management and policy issues. 当我坐在这儿浏览 amazon.com 时,我们大家或许都已意识到这决不是观众在看体育比赛。每一家机构和实体都应该象抓企业管理的一样抓住这个问题。......是欧洲最大的百货公司之一。它们是第一次走向网络销售。这不是一个轻松的决定,这家企业已经有巨大的投资规模和零售空间,更不要说它的经济模式、企业文化和它传统的零售业务了。是谁作出在线销售的决定的呢?我相信决不是它们的网络主管。逐渐地,公司的 CEO 们,大学校长们,政府官员们都在走近这个问题。他们测试试验网站,制定战略,而且对诸如;这个网络世界会对我们的组织产生何种影响?;;我们会受到何种威胁?;以及更重要的;我们如何利用这种新的媒体获得竞争优势?;等问题做出回答。最为为难的、最滑稽的是要决定采用何种浏览器或务器用于核心管理和政策问题。201312/269932

So when a request is entered into this box,当用户输入请求之后we do all kinds of semantic analysis, behavioral analysis,将会对此请求进行各种语意分析,行为分析intelligent interaction with the user并与用户进行智能交互than massive computing然后进行大量计算and figure out what the user really wants.来定位用户的真正需求Once thats clear, we will send it结果一出to the necessary application,页面将会转到相应的应用be it a search engine or anti-virus software,像,搜索引擎,或者,杀毒软件or a stock search, or shopping,或是,股票搜索,购物or FriendFinder - anything that can be交友网站plugged into this kind of platform.任何能够接入平台的东西So now we have implemented a number of the applications.我们现在已经设计一些应用If you ask what is todays lunar date,如果你问今天的农历日期we will come up with a calendar of it. So, lunar dates.页面会呈现农历的日历给用户If youre looking for a piece of software Baidu Hai如果你要找百度Hi这个软件--its an instant这是一种messenger software we delivered-- we will show that to you.即时通讯软件,搜索页面会显示出来If youre looking for a beautiful girl,如果你寻找美女this is one that not only shows you页面上the pictures but its got不仅会出现照片a Flash application that you can browse through as well.还有Flash应用能帮助你轻松浏览It also automatically rotate.还带有自动旋转的功能Train schedule, you will be prompted by列车时间表,一个新搜索框会提示你the newer boxes from where to where.输入起点与终点We understand this kind of user intents.了解到用户的意图之后Then, theres a lot of computation going on将进行大量计算to figure out whats the right answer.以找到正确We had a lot of submissions第三方应用程序from the third-party application.也提供许多信息This is the movie showing schedule from a third party.这是一个来自第三方的电影放映时间表This is the stock es. This is an anti-virus software.这是股票报价信息表,这是一个杀毒软件It doesnt need to show you the search result.页面并不显示所有搜索结果It just asks you,而是询问用户;Do you want to run the anti-virus software?;;是否要运行杀毒软件;So we group all kinds of information into one box.当所有的信息都被整合至一个搜索框内时You can find that Box Computing efficiently connects框计算就会展现出高效的一面enormous user request with the application providers.能够将众多用户要求与程序提供者连结起来So in the future, when you power up a terminal,在未来,当你打开一个终端时a laptop, a PC, a netbook, or a cellphone, immediately,比如笔记本电脑 PC机,上网本,手机instantly, you see a box.马上就能看到一个搜索框You dont wait two minutes for Windows to put up.无需花两分钟等待Windows启动You dont need to launch a browser也无需启动浏览器and type in a URL address.并输入URL地址You will only see this and immediately see this.只要打开终端,你就能看到搜索框Whatever you want to do;无论你想做什么check your email, publish tweets, go shopping or whatever,查收邮箱,发布推特状态,网上购物等等it can be solved by this one box.都可以通过这个搜索框解决So everyone you know,学会使用it takes time to learn how to use Windows.Windows需要时间It takes time to learn how to use Mac.学会使用Mac也需要时间But nobody needs to teach you但使用搜索不需要how to use the search. Its so easy.很简单Its so instant.很便捷,这就是为什么Thats why I think the future should be like this.我认为未来应该是这样的201503/365922

Your Majesties,Your Royal Highnesses,Ladies and Gentlemen, The great economist John Maynard Keynes once wrote: “If economists could manage to get themselves thought of as humble, competent people on a level with dentists, that would be splendid.” 83 years and much research later, we would perhaps aspire to be compared with “meteorologists” or “doctors”, whose scientific accomplishments have been truly outstanding and yet have to face challenges that are rather down-to-earth. Our failure to foresee or prevent the financial crisis is a sore reminder of the dangers of hubris. True enough, we had worked on most of its ingredients. But like a virus that keeps mutating, new dangers emerged when we thought we had understood and avoided the existing ones. The need to be humble applies also to the field that was rewarded by the Prize. Recognizing that industries are different from each other and evolve rapidly, researchers in industrial organization have patiently built a body of knowledge that has helped regulators to better understand market power and the effects of policy interventions, and helped firms to formulate their strategies. They have thereby contributed to making this world a better world, the economist’s first mission. Yet, there is so much we still have to learn, and the world changes faster than our understanding can keep up. Humility is not easy to preserve when receiving such a prestigious award. Albert Camus in his acceptance speech wondered how he, rich only in his doubts and his work still in progress, could cope with being at the center of a glaring light. His answer was that he could not live without his art. The great French scientist Henri Poincaré described the unmatched pleasure of discovery: “Thought is only a flash in the middle of a long night. But this flash means everything.” Wisdom therefore encourages me to return as soon as possible to my lab, to the colleagues to whom I am indebted for the Prize, in short to the wonderful life of a researcher. But I shall be profoundly and permanently grateful to the Committee for the immense honor it has bestowed upon me, and to the Nobel Foundation and Sweden for their astounding mission of drawing attention to Science year after year.201506/382752

  St Davids Day is a moment to celebrate a wonderful country and a great part of our ed Kingdom. When I think of Wales, I think of its incredible beauty. From the beaches of the Gower to the peaks of Snowdonia, it is absolutely right that Wales has been named in the top ten countries to visit in the entire world. I think of Welsh industry. Wales was the worlds first industrial nation. And today, it is Wales that builds the wings for more than half of the worlds commercial aircraft. Wales, that makes cells supporting half of the worlds mobile phones, and Wales, where only last week, Aston Martin announced its second manufacturing facility, as part of a #163;200 million investment. I think of Welsh creativity. From the founder of our most treasured public service, our free NHS, to our continued funding for S4C, which is so important to the Welsh language and the rapidly-growing creative industries sector. And when I think of Wales, of course, I think of its magnificent culture and sport. From the land of song and the home of the Eisteddfod, to the Welsh rugby team whose visit to Twickenham later this month will be the highlight of the Six Nations and yet another great advert for British sport. So, wherever you are today, take a moment to treasure everything that is so special about Wales. And I wish you all a very happy St Davids Day.201603/429927

  At that age, Id take any excuse to make estimates and do minor arithmetic. Id calculate our gas mileage--figure out useless statistics on things like grocery spending. Id been hearing an ad campaign about smoking. I cant remember the details, but basically the ad said, every puff of a cigarette takes some number of minutes off of your life: I think it might have been two minutes per puff. At any rate, I decided to do the math for my grandmother. I estimated the number of cigarettes per day, estimated the number of puffs per cigarette and so on. When I was satisfied that Id come up with a reasonable number, I poked my head into the front of the car, tapped my grandmother on the shoulder, and proudly proclaimed, ;At two minutes per puff, youve taken nine years off your life!;在那样的年纪,我会找任何借口做些估测和小算术。我会计算油耗——还有杂货花销等鸡毛蒜皮的小事。我听过一个关于吸烟的广告活动。我不记得细节了,但广告的大意是说,每吸一口香烟会减少几分钟的寿命,我想大概是两分钟。无论如何,我决定为祖母做个算术。我估测了祖母每天要吸多少香烟,每香烟要吸几口等等。当我心满意足地得出了一个合理的数字后,我往车前探探头,拍了拍祖母的肩膀,然后骄傲地宣布,“每吸一口烟就减少两分钟的寿命,你已经减少了九年的寿命!”I have a very vivid memory of what happened next, and it was not what I had expected. I expected to be applauded for my cleverness and my arithmetic skills. ;Jeff, youre so smart. You had to have made some tricky estimates, figure out the number of minutes in a year and do some division.; Thats not what happened. Instead, my grandmother burst into tears. I sat in the backseat and did not know what to do.我清晰地记得接下来发生了什么,而那是我意料之外的。我本期待着我的小聪明和算术技巧能赢得赞美。“杰夫,你很聪明,你做了些复杂的估算,计算出一年中有多少分钟,还做了些除法。”但那并没有发生。相反,我的祖母哭泣起来。我坐在后座不知道该怎么办。 /201309/257943。

  Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, memebers of the university, graduates, ladies and gentlemen. As I look around this hall full of happy, proud faces, filled with enthusiasm and hope for the future, I am struck by the rich possibilities that await you. You have been educated in one of Australias and the worlds top universities, in the peaceful and beautiful environment of Canberra. You have studied with some of the most talented students and teachers you could find anywhere. You have been exposed to a kaleidoscope of cultural influences and you have achieved academic excellence.尊敬的校长,副校长,各位教职员工,全体毕业生们,女士们,先生们,你们好!环顾大厅四周,我看到一张张洋溢着幸福和自豪的脸庞,你们富有,对未来满怀希望,我为你们的大好前途感到惊叹不已。在宁静而美丽的首都堪培拉,你们在澳大利亚乃至世界上一流的大学接受了教育。在这儿,你们同世界上最出色的学生为伴,得到最学的教师的谆谆教导。遨游在多种文化交织的海洋里,你们在学术上取得了卓越的成就。Leaving the global financial crisis aside for a moment, surely this is one of the best positions from which to start living the rest of your life. Hopefully you will all be happy and successful and live long fulfilling lives. So while you are celebrating your achievements today, lets take a moment to pause and reflect on what makes some people successful while others, whith similar or greater talent and resources, founder.暂且抛开全球金融危机不谈,毋庸置疑,从这所大学毕业将成为你们今后美好生活的起点。我希望,你们所有人都能拥有幸福而成功的人生,能实现自己的人生价值。因此,在你们庆祝自己所取得的成就时,让我们暂停下来反思一个问题:拥有同样甚至更加卓越的才智和资源,为什么一些人成功而另一些人却失败呢?Over my career, I have had the privilege to work with some astounding people. People like Paul Keating who left school at barely 15 years of age, yet went to become one of Australias most visionary and far sighted prime ministers. As an executive coach, I am working with highly motivated, successful corporate leaders. Yet often I find myself helping them to work out what is missing in their lives and what to do about it.在我的职业生涯中,我非常有幸曾和一些杰出的人一起工作,比如保罗·基廷。他不到15岁就离开了学校,然后后来却成为澳大利亚最具远见卓识的总理之一。作为一名高级主管指导员,我经常和富有活力且非常成功的公司领导人一起共事。然而,我发现自己经常帮他们寻找生活中迷失的东西,并帮助他们弥补。 /201308/252345

  One of our graduate students then says, well,我们的一个毕业生说,好吧how does a driverless car communicate with pedestrians?这个无人驾驶的车,怎样提防行人呢?You have nobody to make eye contact with.没有司机看着它啊You dont know if its going to run you over.也不知道它是不是会把你碾过去So hes developing strategies so the vehicle can所以他在研究怎样让这辆车communicate with pedestrians, so --留心我们的行人,所以——So the headlights are eyeballs, the pupils can dilate,所以车头灯成了眼球,它的瞳孔会扩大的we have directional audio, we can throw sound我们有指导声频,所以可以在人们面前directly at people.直接发声What I love about this project is he solved a problem我之所以钟情这个项目,是因为他解决了一个问题that hasnt, that doesnt exist yet, so --而这个问题,甚至还未存在,所以——We also think that we can democratize access to bike lanes.我们同时也觉得我们可以扩大范围到自行车道You know, bike lanes are mostly used by young guys自行车道大多是都是穿着弹性裤的年轻人在用in stretchy pants, you know. So -- 所以,你懂的,所以——We think we can develop a vehicle that operates我们觉得我们可以发明一种能在自行车道行驶on bike lanes, accessible to elderly and disabled,的交通工具,老年人和残疾人women in skirts, businesspeople, and address the issues穿裙妇女,商业人士都可以用of energy congestion, mobility, aging and obesity同时针对能源消耗,流动性,老年化和肥胖症这些问题simultaneously. Thats our challenge.那就是我们的挑战This is an early design for this little three-wheel,这是我们早期设计的小三轮车its an electronic bike. You have to pedal它是电动自行车,你得踩踏板to operate it in a bike lane, but if youre an older person,它才会在自行车道上行驶,但如果你是个上了年纪的人thats a switch. If youre a healthy person,那儿有个开关。如果你是个身体健康的人,you might have to work really hard to go fast.你可能得踩得很费劲它才会很快You can dial in 40 calories going into work骑着它去上班你可以消耗40卡路里and 500 going home, when you can take a shower.然后回家时消耗500卡路里,然后再洗个澡We hope to have that built this fall.我们期待它在今年秋天可以面世Housing is another area where we can really improve.住房是我们能改善的另一个方面Mayor Menino in Boston says lack of affordable housing波士顿的市长Menino说这个城市面临最大的问题的之一for young people is one of the biggest problems就是缺乏可以让年轻人the city faces.负担得起的住房Developers say, okay, well build little teeny apartments.开发商说,好吧,那我们就来建造小型的公寓People say, we dont really want to live in a little teeny但人们说,我们其实不想住进这些狭小的conventional apartment.传统型公寓So were saying lets build a standardized chassis,所以我们说,得建造标准的“底盘”much like our car. Lets bring advanced technology就像我们的车一样,让我们把高科技into the apartment, technology-enabled infill,引进公寓,比如那些科技辅助的填充料give people the tools within this open-loft chassis在这个宽敞的阁楼“底架”内,让人们拿起工具to go through a process of defining what their needs自己动手去创造,去诠释他们的需求and values and activities are, and then价值观和行为,然后a matching algorithm will match a unique assembly会有一个对应的算法,对应整套独特的of integrated infill components, furniture, and cabinetry,填充物组件,家具,还有橱柜that are personalized to that individual, and they give them而且是为个人量身定做的,让他们有机会the tools to go through the process and to refine it,拿起工具完成整个过程并完善它and its something like working with an architect,这就像和建筑师一起合作where the dialogue starts when you give an alternative而对话的内容往往是关于to a person to react to.这里我想选择这么做Now, the most interesting implementation of that for us现在,住进去最好玩的事情is when you can begin to have robotic walls, so就是当你拥有了机器墙your space can convert from exercise to a workplace,这样就就能调整空间,不管是变成运动室还是工作室if you run a virtual company.只要你开了公司(一切就都有可能)You have guests over, you have two guestrooms有客人拜访时,你就可以that are developed.扩展两间客房You have a conventional one-bedroom arrangement当你需要的时候,你可以变出一间传统卧室when you need it. Maybe thats most of the time.可能大部分时间都是这样You have a dinner party. The table folds out当你有宴会时,桌子会翻折开来to fit 16 people in otherwise a conventional one-bedroom,在其他时间都是传统卧室里的空间里容纳下16个人or maybe you want a dance studio.或者你想改造成舞蹈室也行I mean, architects have been thinking about these ideas我想,建筑师很长时间一直在思考这个问题for a long time. What we need to do now,我们现在需要去做的develop things that can scale to those 300 million Chinese是开发一些东西,使得3亿中国人people that would like to live in the city,能容纳进城市里and very comfortably.并且生活得安逸We think we can make a very small apartment我觉得我们能造出一套公寓出来that functions as if its twice as big利用以上的那些策略,令房子的实际用途by utilizing these strategies. I dont believe in smart homes.可以达到它两倍大小的作用。我不信智能家居Thats sort of a bogus concept.那是虚假的概念I think you have to build dumb homes我觉得应该建造愚笨家居and put smart stuff in it.然后放些智能的东西进去。And so weve been working on a chassis of the wall itself.我们现在已经在研发机器墙的底架You know, standardized platform with the motors还有带着发动机和电池and the battery when it operates, little solenoids的标准平台,还有可以固定在一个地方that will lock it in place and get low-voltage power.收集低压电力的小螺丝管201504/370917Now I have two points to make 我想说的有两点 First, this man who had lost nine of his ten children led me through that camp with a smile on his face, 第一 这个男人失去了自己十个孩子中的九个 带着我参观营地的时候面带笑容 and never talked about anything but what those other people needed and what he wanted me to do for them 除了大家需要什么 和他希望我能为大家做些什么之外 从未提起过其他任何事情 He honored his children by pouring himself into meeting the needs of the people left on earth, so we did the tour 为了纪念自己的孩子 他全身心地投入到 满足这世上其他人的需求当中 我们就这样继续参观 Second point, they ended it at the health clinic cause they knew Ive done a lot of work in this area 第二点 他们最后来到的是卫生所 因为他们知道我在这方面经验颇丰 And they were talking and all of a sudden, the mans wife shows up again, this time holding a threedayold baby 他们正在讲话的时候 忽然 他的妻子又过来了 这一次怀里抱着一个出生才三天的婴儿 She said this is our youngest resident, and we want you to name this child 她说这是我们最小的居民 我们想让你给这个孩子起个名字 And she was carrying the baby, not the mother, 是她抱着这个孩子 而不是孩子的母亲 I hate to have to tell you all this, but in their culture, when a mother gives birth to a new baby, she gets to go to bed for forty days and be waited on. 我真不想跟你们讲这个 不过在他们的文化里 一个母亲生下孩子之后 就得在床上呆四十天 被人伺候着 You should, here is Congressman Cummings, ask him to introduce that next week see how far that gets in this Congress 你们应该 下边坐着的有国会议员卡明斯 让他下周引进这种做法 我们看看国会能否通过这条提议 But anyway, so this woman, who had lost nine of her ten children, with a smile on her face is holding this baby 总之 这个女人 失去了十个孩子中的九个 面带笑容 抱着新生儿 And I said, do you really want me to name the child? It was a boy 我说 你真的想让我给这个孩子起名字 是个男孩 She said yes 她说是的 201508/390671

  Hi everybody.大家好!Wednesday is Earth Day, a day to appreciate and protect this precious planet we call home.下周三是世界地球日,这是我们珍惜和保护这个作为我们共同家园的珍贵星球的日子。And today, theres no greater threat to our planet than climate change.当今对这个星球的威胁之中,没有什么比气候变化更严重了。2014 was the planets warmest year on record. Fourteen of the 15 hottest years on record have all fallen in the first 15 years of this century.2014年是有史以来最热的一年。而历史上15个最热的年份,有14个出现在本世纪的头15年当中。This winter was cold in parts of our country-as some folks in Congress like to point out-but around the world, it was the warmest ever recorded.去年冬天有些地方确实很冷,正如国会的某些同志所说,但纵观全球,去年的确是有气象记录以来最热的一年。And the fact that the climate is changing has very serious implications for the way we live now.而气候正在不断变暖的事实已经对我们的生活方式产生了非常严重的影响。Stronger storms.Deeper droughts.Longer wildfire seasons.更肆虐的风暴,更严重的干旱,更持久的森林草场大火。The worlds top climate scientists are warning us that a changing climate aly affects the air our kids breathe.全球最顶尖的气候学家警告我们,持续的气候变化已经影响到孩子们呼吸的空气。Last week, the Surgeon General and I spoke with public experts about how climate change is aly affecting patients across the country.上周,卫生部长和我一起与专家们讨论了气候变化对全国的病人产生了的影响。The Pentagon says that climate change poses immediate risks to our national security.五角大楼也宣布气候变化对我们的国家安全产生了现实的威胁。And on Earth Day, Im going to visit the Florida Everglades to talk about the way that climate change threatens our economy.在世界地球日这一天,我将到访佛罗里达州的埃弗格莱兹湿地,向大家介绍气候变化对我国经济产生的影响。The Everglades is one of the most special places in our country.埃弗格莱兹湿地是我国最为特别的一个地方。But its also one of the most fragile.但也是最为脆弱的地方。Rising sea levels are putting a national treasure-and an economic engine for the South Florida tourism industry-at risk.不断上升的海平面正威胁这一地区,这片国家级的珍贵湿地,也是南佛罗里达州宝贵的旅游资源,面临消失的危险。So climate change can no longer be denied-or ignored.因此,我们不能继续对气候变化问题不管不顾。The world is looking to the ed States-to us-to lead.全世界都在关注我们,希望美国带领大家一起行动。And thats what were doing.我们正在努力之中。Were using more clean energy than ever before.我们比以前使用更多的清洁能源。America is number one in wind power, and every three weeks, we bring online as much solar power as we did in all of 2008.美国是全世界风能发电最多的国家,每三个星期,我们就有相当于2008年全年的太阳能发电量上线并网。Were taking steps to waste less energy, with more fuel-efficient cars that save us money at the pump, and more energy-efficient buildings that save us money on our electricity bills.我们正在采取措施减少能源浪费,采用更高效的发动机制造汽车,为大家节省燃料费用,建设更节能的建筑,为人们节省电费。So thanks in part to these actions, our carbon pollution has fallen by 10 percent since 2007, even as weve grown our economy and seen the longest streak of private-sector job growth on record.正是有了我们的这些措施,我们的碳排放自2007年以来降低了10%,而在这期间,我们的经济取得了发展,私营部门也创下了连续增长就业最长的时间记录。Weve committed to doubling the pace at which we cut carbon pollution, and China has committed, for the first time, to limiting their emissions.我们承诺将碳排放削减一倍,中国也首次就削减碳排放做出承诺。And because the worlds two largest economies came together, theres new hope that, with American leadership, this year, the world will finally reach an agreement to prevent the worst impacts of climate change before its too late.正因为全球两大经济体之间的合作,新的希望就在眼前,在美国的引领下,今年,全世界将最终达成一致,在气候变化产生严重影响之前阻止这一趋势继续恶化。This is an issue thats bigger and longer-lasting than my presidency.这是一项比总统本身更宏大,比总统任期更长远的事业。Its about protecting our God-given natural wonders, and the good jobs that rely on them.它关系着保护上苍赐予我们的伟大自然,关系着依赖于此的高薪工作。Its about shielding our cities and our families from disaster and harm.它关系着让我们的城市和家园免受灾害的侵袭。Its about keeping our kids healthy and safe.它关系着我们的孩子们的健康和安全。This is the only planet weve got.这是我们唯一拥有的星球。And years from now, I want to be able to look our children and grandchildren in the eye and tell them that we did everything we could to protect it.我希望多年以后,我能看着我们的孩子们以及孩子们的孩子们的眼睛,告诉他们,我们尽到了我们的最大力量来保护这个星球。Thanks everybody, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家!祝你们周末愉快!201504/371813But the interesting thing I realized along the way我渐渐意识到一个很有趣的事实:is that payment is another form of communication.付款是另一种交流方式Its another exchange of value.是另一种价值交换The really interesting thing about payments in the金融界的付款很有趣financial world is no one has really designed it.因为它不是什么人设计出来的If you think about it,不妨想一想every single person in this world has some世界上的每个个人都和钱connection to money, they all hate it.有关系,他们都讨厌它At some point or another,在某时某刻youre going to hate some aspect of money.你会讨厌金钱的某些方面So, there has never been anyone所以没有任何一个人who has really designed a payments去设计一种十分完美platform or an exchange of value or考虑周全a currency thats really让用户不光是接受务beautiful and thats really thoughtful不光体验到价值的转移and that engages a user还能体验到交流的乐趣experience around communication的一种平台instead of purely the service或是价值交换方式and the mechanics of transferring the value.或是货币So, when we were building Square, we realized that,所以当我们建起Square时,我们意识到;Wow! The receipt is something that has never really;哇!这种入款方式是从未被设计和been designed or looked at. I go up to a coffee看过的,我去咖啡店store and I hand them my credit card. I say,拿出信用卡,说;I want a cappuccino.; I hand them my credit card.;我要一杯卡布奇诺;,我把信用卡递给他们And they type in ;cappuccino; on a little terminal,他们在一个小终端机上输入;卡布奇诺;which is basically a calculator on top of the cash box,那个终端机不过是个收银盒上价格计算器而已and then they get .24 from that. They get a receipt.他们划走了3.24美元,打出一张凭条Then, they take that amount and they go over and they然后他们拿走了那些钱,检查一下type that amount into the credit card terminal.然后把数额输入信用卡终端机Then, they swipe the card and接着刷了一下卡then they get that receipt.然后他们就得到这笔钱And then, they hand me that receipt and I sign for之后他们给我收据,然后我在上面签字that receipt and then I give it back to them.然后把收据交还他们And then, they take that receipt,之后,他们拿起收据take the other receipt,再拿起另一张收据staple it together with a little coffee card and then和另一张咖啡卡钉在一起然后give me all that and I throw that paper away.一起给我,我扔掉了那张纸Its useless.这收据没什么用It would be so easy如果你建立一个if you built a cohesive system that carries能覆盖整个交易过程the entire transaction to create a receipt能产生有效的收据的系统that is useful.一切都会变得更容易With one swipe, I can sign on electronic screen,刷一下,我就可以在电子屏幕上签字get rid of paper completely.完全丢掉纸质的收据But with that one swipe,但就是那么一刷I learn of the merchants Twitter handle.让我了解到商人的推特账号I learn of their Facebook page.让我了解到他们的Facebook页面I learn of their Yelp account.让我了解到他们的Yelp的账户I learn of their ,让我了解到他们的菜单their hours, whatever they want to put on their receipt让我了解到了他们的时间,他们想在收据上写什么they can put there.就可以在上面写什么It can be used as a publishing medium and它可以用作一个发行媒介something that you can interact with,成为你可以与之互动的东西instead of something that is a burden to receive.而不再是一个负担And a lot of retailers out there很多零售商在生意上are embarrassed by the receipts they因为在收据give out and和整个付款过程上的落后the whole payment processing aspect of their business.而处境尴尬They go above and beyond他们不光要学会to craft a beautiful experience in their在店里提供美好的体验store and they have to compromise他们必须要对to accept credit cards.信用卡妥协,接受信用卡They have to compromise to accept any form of payment.他们必须对接受任何付款方式And then, what do they get out of it?之后,他们得到了什么呢?If you go to any coffee store in America如果你去美国的任何咖啡店and you ask them,你问他们;How many cappuccinos did you sell today?;;你们今天卖出多少杯卡布奇诺?;apart from Starbucks and Petes,除了星巴克和彼得斯;I dont know, we made 0.;别人都会说;我不知道,我们赚了300美元.;How many cappuccinos did you sell?你们今天卖出多少杯卡布奇诺?And then,然后再问他们what percentage of these people bought biscottis?人们买biscottis饼干的百分比是多少?What happens when its a rainy day?如果是下雨天会怎么样?What happens on Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.?周二下午5点呢?All these data were used for Google Analytics.所有这些数据都用于谷歌分析Weve used these effectively to我们会有效地使用它们build our electronic systems来建立一个电子系统and our blogs and all of these companies建立我们的客和我们建立的that were building.所有的公司But real-world offline merchants但现实世界里那些不上网的商人have none of these data.没有这些数据They can buy into it if they buy into a ,000他们可以买入这些数据point-of-sales system.比如价值15000美元的销售网点系统But then, they would also need to buy into an entire但之后他们也需要买入整个service army of people to figure out how to use it.务团队的人来研究怎么用它So, what we want to do is所以我们想做的是we want to build a full point-of-sales我们想建立一个完全销售网点的系统system that is just gorgeous它很伟大and that allows and enables它不只是让交易更快someone to immediately not just make the transaction而是让人们能实时交易fast and feel great but to get very,让人们不仅有出色的体验very rich data for everything that theyre selling,还能从卖出的所有东西里搜集更丰富的数据Google Analytics type of data for everything谷歌分析他们卖出的that theyre selling.所有东西的数据This becomes really,这变得非常really important,非常重要not just when youre starting a business不仅对创业重要but when youre trying to grow that business.而且对扩大业务也很重要201503/366162

  My predecessor at the Fed, Chairman Ben Bernanke我在美联储的前任本·伯南克主席demonstrated such courage就明了这份勇气especially in his response to the threat of the financial crisis特别体现在他对金融危机威胁所作出的反应To stabilize the financial system and restore economic growth为了让金融体系保持稳定并恢复经济增长he took courageous actions that were unprecedented in ambition and scope他采取了力度和范围都堪称空前的勇敢行动He faced relentless criticism, personal threats他因此面临了无情的批评 甚至人身威胁and the certainty that history would judge him harshly if he was wrong他如果走错一步 历史上恐怕就会留下骂名But he stood up for what he believed was right and necessary不过他勇敢地坚持着自己认为正确和必要的道路Ben Bernankes intelligence and knowledge served him well as Chairman对本·伯南克担任主席而言 不仅智慧和知识至关重要but his grit and willingness to take a stand were just as important对重要信念坚定不移的决心和毅力也同样重要I hope you never are confronted by challenges this great我倒希望你们永远不碰到这么大的困难but you too will face moments in life但即便如此 生命中还是会有时候when standing up for what you believe can make all the difference你必须捍卫自己信仰的东西 才能实现成功Having dwelt for a moment on failure and grit之前我讲了失败和决心let me turn to the下面让我转向deeper meaning that underpins grit and can carry us beyond failure能撑决心并帮助我们度过失败的更深层次的意义The hard work of building a life that makes a difference人生成功所需要的辛勤工作is much easier to sustain when you are passionate about what you pursue在拥有热情时会更容易维持 201504/371559

  Were going to be shooting from minus 2,600 meters thats a little over 8,600 feet down at 30 kilometers from the entrance.我们要从地下2600米处,大约8600多英尺之下--开始拍摄。那个地方离洞口30千米处。The lead crews will be underground for pushing 30 days straight.先头部队将会在地下向前不停地推进30天。I dont think theres been a mission like that in a long time.我想已经很久没有象这样的探险活动了。Eventually, if you keep going down in these things,最后,如果你一直向下深入这些洞穴,probability says that youre going to run into a place like this.概率上说你很可能进入一个Its a place where theres a fold in the geologic stratum that collects water and fills to the roof.有褶皱的充满水的地方。And when you used to find these things,当以前找这些地方时,they would put a label on a map that said terminal siphon.人们会在地图上标注其为吸管终端。Now I remember that term really well for two reasons.这个词我记得很清楚。因为有两个原因。Number one, its the name of my rock band, and second,第一,它是我摇滚乐队的名字,第二,is because the confrontation of these things forced me to become an inventor.是因为这些地方的挑战迫使我变成了一个发明者。And weve since gone on to develop many generations of gadgets for exploring places like this.而且从那以后,我们研发了好几代,许多用于探索类似地方的小仪器。This is some life-support equipment closed-cycle.这是某种闭合的维持生命的仪器。And you can use that now to go for many kilometers horizontally underwater and to depths of 200 meters straight down underwater.你现在可以用它在水下水平前行几千米,其应用范围深至水下200米处。When you do this kind of stuff its like doing EVA.当你在水下行走时,感觉有点儿像EVA(太空行走)。Its like doing extra-vehicular activity in space,像是进行太空行走,but at much greater distances, and at much greater physical peril.但是要走的更远,冒的风险也更大。So it makes you think about how to design your equipment for long range, away from a safe haven.这让你想办法如何设计你的器械使它安全地走得更远。Heres a clip from a National Geographic movie that came out in 1999.这是国家地理电影1999年拍的一些片段,Exploration is a physical process of putting your foot in places where humans have never stepped before.探索是一个物理过程,它让你涉足人类从未涉及的地方。This is where the last little nugget of totally unknown territory remains on this planet.这是地球上完全不为人知的最后一点儿金地。To experience it is a privilege.只有极少的人能够亲历。That was taken in Wakulla Springs, Florida.那电影取景于佛罗里达的瓦库拉泉。Couple of things to note about that movie. Every piece of equipment that you saw in there did not exist before 1999.这部电影有几件事值得注意:你所见的每种设备,1999年前都不存在。It was developed within a two-year period and used on actual exploratory projects.它们是在两年内发明的,并且用于实际探索项目。201512/413289。


  Hi, everybody. 嗨,大家好。Over the past four and a half years, 回首过去的4年半,weve been fighting our way back from an economic crisis and punishing recession that cost millions of Americans their jobs, 我们用自己的方式击退了经济危机,惩罚了造成衰退的人,此次危机让数百万人失去工作、their homes, and the sense of security theyd worked so hard to build.失去家园、失去了他们勤劳工作换来的安全感。And thanks to the grit and determination of the American people, 而且正因为的美国人的刚强和坚决,our businesses have now created nearly 7 million new jobs over the past 38 months.我们的企业才能在过去38个月里创造近700万个工作岗位。An auto industry that was flat lining is once again the heartbeat of American manufacturing,曾经濒临死亡的汽车产业再次成为美国制造业的核心,with Americans buying more cars than we have in five years.美国人民买的车比过去5年买的还要多。Within the next few months, 在未来几个月,were projected to begin producing more of our own crude oil at home than we buy from other countries,我们计划在国内开采更多原油,超过我们从其他国家的进口量,the first time thats happened in 16 years.这在16年来还是第一次。Deficits that were growing for years are now shrinking at the fastest rate in decades. 连续增长多年的财政赤字现在也以10年来最快的速度下降。The rise of health care costs is slowing, too. 医保成本的疯涨也在减缓。And a housing market that was in tatters is showing new signs of real strength. 而且破败的房地产市场现在呈现先出强劲的增长势头。Sales are rising. 销售上涨,Foreclosures are declining. Construction is expanding. 强制抵押下降。新的工程也正在动工。And home prices that are rising at the fastest rate in nearly seven years are helping a lot of families breathe a lot easier.房屋价格也正以近7年来最快的速度上涨,这给了大量家庭更多喘息之机。Now we need to do more.但我们还需要做的更多。This week, my administration announced that were extending a program to help more responsible families modify their mortgages so they can stay in their homes.本周政府宣布实施一项计划,帮助更多负责任的家庭调整房屋抵押贷款保留其房产。But to keep our housing market and our economy growing, Congress needs to step up and do its part. 但为了保持房地产市场和经济继续增长,国会需要站出来做好自己的工作。Members of Congress will be coming back next week for an important month of work. 议员们下周就将重返岗位开始一个月的重要工作。Weve got to keep this progress going until middle-class families start regaining that sense of security. 我们要继续保持这样的进展,直到中产家庭重新感到安全感。And we cant let partisan politics get in the way.而不能让党派之争成为我们前进的绊脚石。Congress should pass a law giving every responsible homeowner the chance to save about ,000 a year on their mortgage by refinancing at historically low interest rates.国会应该通过一项法律,让每一位有责任心的房主有机会利用难得的低利率重新转按揭贷款,这样每年可节约近3000元。Congress should put more Americans to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, 国会还应让更多美国人重返工作岗位,重建我们破败不堪的道路和桥梁,like the one that collapsed last week in Washington state. 在上周华盛顿州的一座桥梁就塌了。Wed all be safer, and the unemployment rate would fall faster.我们会更安全,也能让失业率更快下降。And Congress should fix our broken immigration system by passing commonsense reform that continues to strengthen our borders; 而且国会还应通过改革修补漏洞百出的移民体系,这包括继续巩固边境巡逻安保;holds employers accountable; 让雇主负起责任;provides a pathway to earned citizenship; 提供公民获得身份的途径;and also modernizes our legal immigration system so that were reuniting families and attracting the highly-skilled entrepreneurs and engineers who will help our economy grow.适应形势调整合法移民体系,让众多家庭团聚,吸引高技能的企业家和工程师促进我们的经济增长。So there are a lot of reasons to feel optimistic about where were headed as a country-especially after all weve fought through together. 因此我们有太多理由因为国家前进的方向感到乐观,尤其是通过我们的团结奋战。Weve just got to keep going. 我们要继续前进。Because weve got more good jobs to create. 因为我们还要创造更多工作岗位。Weve got more kids to educate. 让更多孩子接受教育。Weve got more doors of opportunity to open for anyone whos willing to work hard enough to walk through those doors.让任何一个希望通过自身的努力的人获得通向成功之门的机会。And if we work together, Im as confident as Ive ever been that well get to where we need to be.只要共同努力,我相信我们一定能达到新目标。Thanks and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快!201306/244742

  For you will be part of that leadership毕竟你们以后都将成为军队领导中的一员First, let me repeat a principle I put forward at the outset of my presidency:首先 请让我重申我在总统任期伊始便已明确的原则The ed States will use military force unilaterally if necessary, when our core interests demand it美国在核心利益受到侵害时 会毫不犹豫地采取单方面军事行动when our people are threatened, when our livelihoods are at stake when the security of our allies is in danger当我们的人民受到威胁时 当我们的生活受到威胁时 当我们的盟友安全处于险境时In these circumstances, we still need to ask tough questions about whether our actions are proportional and effective and just不过哪怕这些情况下 我们仍然需要确保 行动有效正义 而且不会得不偿失International opinion matters but America should never ask permission to protect our people, our homeland or our way of life国际舆论非常重要 不过在需要保护人民 国土和生活方式的时候 美国无需征得任何人的同意On the other hand when issues of global concern do not pose a direct threat to the ed States另一方面 当某一全球焦点问题不会对美国形成直接威胁时when such issues are at stake when crises arise that stir our conscience or push the world in a more dangerous direction例如某场危机侵扰了我们的良知 或是将世界推往更危险的方向but do not directly threaten us then the threshold for military action must be higher但没有直接威胁到我们 这时 军事行动的门槛需要提高In such circumstances, we should not go it alone这些情况下 我们不应当单独行动Instead, we must mobilize allies and partners to take collective action我们应当动员盟友和合作伙伴采取联合行动We have to broaden our tools to include diplomacy and development sanctions and isolation appeals to international law and,我们需要采用更广泛的手段 包括外交和发展 制裁和孤立 诉诸国际法if just, necessary and effective multilateral military action在正义有效的前提下 实在有必要时 还可以采取多边军事行动201505/375722

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