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  • Labour: UK Apprentice For Each Foreign Worker Ed Miliband promises to help those struggling to cope with rising prices and launches a radical plan to train British apprentices.A day of distraction for Ed Miliband. He obviously want the labor donference to focus on his new policy announcements on the minimum wage of apprenticeship and immigration. But instead, they wanted the conference to begin with an angry backlash against his plans to loosen the links between Labor and the Trade Unions.We are proud who we are and what we have achieved on our way of social justice. We are certainly not gonna accept any advice on democracy and transparency from previous cash-for-honor scandals.A sign of trouble ahead for Mr. Miliband.Inside the hall, it#39;s the future of labor#39;s links with the Trade Union that stirring up controversy, but outside the hall it#39;s the shocking revelation by Damiel about fuse, plots and smears that is alarming the delegates here.Mr. Mcbride,Golden Brown#39;s former spin-doctor has admitted in his memoirs destroying the labor leadership ambition of blare at John and Charles, and smearing another minister Ivon.Everyone is fed up. No one wants politics as what it is about, what it is meant to be about, the biggest thing as for what we should be, concentration.People like to sell books, don#39;t they? But I don#39;t think it#39;s helpful to conduct yourself in that way at all.I think it#39;s a real shame that our politics has come to this. And our politics doesn#39;t seem to be about actually debating issues any more and seems to be about listing a clash of personalities.The Labour leader who is also formerly in the brown in a circle found himself being interrogated about Mr. McBride.I was concerned about the activity about David McBride and did I complain to golden brown about it.What did you know that he was doing when you complained?I was worried there were indications in his brief against colleagues.You know what is like in politics people, people tell you the things that are going on and you have enough suspicion as they are. Yet that was something I made, I haven#39;t thought it was damaging to the Labour Party.Others close to golden brown will also challenge about what they knew about Mr. McBride.We know he did know and work with your husband M chancellor and has Mr McBride ever come around your house?No.Not once, not ever.Labour now hopes to kick on from the distraction of day 1 of its conference onto the economy. And B will be hoping he doesn#39;t fall flat on his face again. /201309/258733。
  • It seems there are two rules,看起来有两条自然规律 one for these special centenarians一条是针对那些特别的百岁老人 and one for everyone else.一条是针对其他人For most of us,对于大部分人来说our health depends less on the genes we are born with我们的健康只有少部分是由基因决定and more on how we choose to live.大部分是由我们的生活方式决定It#39;s commonly believed that普遍认为 人的寿命是由it#39;s 80% the environment and 20% genes.百分之八十的环境和百分之二十的基因决定In centenarians, it#39;s probably the opposite.对于这些百岁老人来说 或许正好相反It#39;s probably 80% the genes或许是由百分之八十的基因and 20% the environment.和百分之二十的环境决定Because our centenarians have longevity genes,因为我们的这些百岁老人都很长寿they are protected against many of the effects of the environment.大多数环境都影响不到他们That#39;s why they do whatever they want to do所以他们可以想做什么就做什么and they get there anyhow.还能照样长寿Nir has seen this by watching one of his wife#39;s relatives.尼尔从他妻子的亲戚那就见识过了这点This is my grandmother in law, Freda,这是我的祖母 弗雷and that#39;s her 100th birthday party.那是在她百岁大寿的寿宴上At that time she was dating当时她在和an 85 year old guy that drove a car.一个85岁的老司机约会Look how she grabs the bottle and pouring herself and看看她是如何握住瓶子 给自己倒酒laughing all at the same time, right?还在哈哈大笑You can sense the type there, right?你有看到旁边的字吗 Article/201304/234499。
  • China#39;s superstar pianist Lang Lang has become a ed Nations#39; Messenger of Peace. He is the first Messenger of Peace from China.中国钢琴家郎朗被授予“联合国和平大使”荣誉。他是首个获此殊荣的中国人。The 31-year-old says the role is more important than his music. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Lang Lang will focus on a key UN priority: Getting 57 million children around the world who are currently not receiving an education into classrooms.现年31岁的郎朗表示该项殊荣对他来说比音乐更重要。联合国秘书长 Ban Ki-moon表示郎朗将致力与帮助推进联合国优先项目:帮助全球570万失学儿童走进课堂。It#39;s the highest honor bestowed by a UN chief on accomplished individuals in any field. Lang Lang has also been a goodwill ambassador for the UN children#39;s agency, UNICEF, for 10 years.该项殊荣为联合国主席授予在任何领域作出突出贡献的个人的最高奖项。10年来,郎朗一直是联合国儿童基金会的亲善大使。 Article/201310/262646。
  • Shadow play is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment using opaque, often articulated figures in front of an illuminated backdrop to create the illusion of moving images.皮影是一种使用不透明物来以及讲故事的古老形式。经常会以一个清晰的人物照出现在被照亮的背景幕的前面,来产生运动图像效果的幻影。 Article/201306/245618。
  • Yucca blossoms appear at different times of the year depending on the species. Here are some ways to encourage blooms no matter which species you have.根据品种不同,丝兰开花的时节也各有不同。根据以下建议,让所有品种的丝兰花开得更加灿烂。You Will Need你需要Adequate light充足的光线Appropriate watering techniques恰当的浇水技巧Fertilizer肥料Exposure to cold weather寒冷的天气Suitable container合适的容器Well-drained soil (optional)排水良好的土壤(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Provide adequate light1.提供足够的光线Locate your plant where it gets enough light. Some species do well with as little as two hours of light per day; others need six to 10.将植物放在可以获得足够光线的地方。一些品种每天只需两小时的光照就可以了;其他一些品种需要六到十个小时。Step 2 Water lightly2.适量浇水Water the plant no more than once every two weeks though spring, summer, and fall. Allow the potting soil to dry out almost completely between waterings.春夏秋季节,每两周浇水的次数不要超过一次。待盆栽土壤几乎完全干燥之后再浇水。Yuccas do best in well-drained soil with sand, gravel, or pebbles mixed in.丝兰花在排水条件良好的,加入沙子,碎石或鹅卵石的土壤中长势最好。Step 3 Fertilize sparingly3.少量施肥Fertilize the plant no more than once a year. This will enhance flower growth.每年施肥次数不要超过一次。这样可以促进花朵生长。Do not over-fertilize the yucca. Too much nitrogen can prevent the plant from blooming.不要过量施肥。过多的氮素会阻止植物开花。Step 4 Trigger dormancy4.触发冬眠Keep the yucca outdoors until temperatures at night approach 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Exposure to cold weather will trigger the dormancy needed for the plant#39;s next bloom period.一直将丝兰花放在室外,直到夜间温度接近华氏32度。暴露在较冷的天气中会触发冬眠,为下一个开花期做准备。Step 5 Transplant the yucca5.移栽Transplant the yucca every three years to a larger container. This will allow the plant to maintain its growth.每三年将丝兰花移栽到更大的容器中。这样可以保持植株生长。Yucca are native to North and Central America and the West Indies.丝兰花原产于美洲北部,中部以及西印度群岛。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/233425。
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