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Bush Says Economic Meltdown Forced Aggressive Intervention布什:金融危机蔓延政府只能干预 President Bush says the ongoing financial crisis has forced him to endorse aggressive government intervention in numerous economic sectors in spite of his core, free market principles. President Bush restated his desire to prevent the U.S. auto industry from going bankrupt, while stressing that federal intervention should be temporary. 布什总统星期四说,尽管他主张自由市场原则,但是由于金融危机持续蔓延,他不得不持在很多经济部门采取激进的政府干预政策。布什重申了防止汽车工业陷入破产的立场。但是,他说,政府对汽车业的干预必须是临时性的。President Bush came into office eight years ago with an agenda of low taxes and limited government. But, in a wide ranging discussion in Washington, Mr. Bush admitted that the economic meltdown of the last year has forced him to set some of those principles aside. 布什总统8年前入主白宫的时候大力倡导低税收、小政府。但是,布什总统现在说,持续肆虐的经济下行迫使他暂时搁置了这些原则。The latest example is a rescue package the administration is contemplating for troubled U.S. automakers. An earlier attempt at a rescue plan passed the U.S. House of Representatives, but the measure failed in the Senate. 最近的一个例子是美国行政当局正在酝酿的对汽车工业的救助方案。早些时候,国会众议院通过了一项救助方案,但是这个议案没能在参议院过关。Mr. Bush noted that the U.S. auto industry employs millions of people, and that it is on the brink of collapse. "I am worried about a disorderly bankruptcy and what it would do to the psychology and the markets," he said. 布什说,雇用了数百万人的美国汽车工业现在处于崩溃边缘。布什说:“我担心汽车工业无序的破产会对人们的心理和市场产生的影响。”Mr. Bush said he intends to act, but has yet to decide how best to do so. 布什说,他计划采取行动,但是尚未决定最佳方案是什么。Earlier this year, Congress approved a 0-billion financial rescue package. Mr. Bush said he disliked the idea of such massive government expenditure and intervention, but that he had been warned of a possible economic catastrophe worse than the Great Depression if no action were taken.  今年早些时候,国会批准了7千亿美元的金融救市计划。布什说,他不喜欢动用庞大政府开干预市场的做法。但是,他接到的警告说,如果政府不采取行动,美国可能会遭遇比大萧条更为严重的经济灾难。The president was speaking at a gathering of the free market policy organization, the American Enterprise Institute. He was asked to respond to accusations from Democrats that his economic agenda sowed the seeds of the financial crisis. 布什总统在主张自由市场的保守派智库美国企业研究所发表演讲时,有人问他如何回应民主党对他经济政策的批评。这些批评者认为,布什的经济政策为金融危机埋下了伏笔。"I'm looking forward to the true history of this financial crisis being written," said Mr.Bush. "No question part of the crisis came about because of excesses in lending in the housing market. My administration early on expressed concern about implicit government guarantees in the mortgage industry, in Fannie and Freddie." 布什回答说:“我期待着了解有关这场金融危机的历史真相。毫无疑问,危机的部分原因来自房地产市场的过度借贷行为。我的政府从一开始就对向房贷部门,房利美和房地美,提供政府担保表达了关注。”Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government-sponsored mortgage insurers that have benefited from the financial rescue package. 房利美和房地美是获得美国政府持的房贷融资机构。这两家公司接受了政府的金融救助。Mr. Bush added that he understands the frustrations of ordinary Americans whose tax dollars are propping up corporations because of what he described as the "excesses on Wall Street." 布什说,他理解美国民众对于政府用纳税人的钱来救助私人企业表达的不满。The president, whose term ends next month, also expressed disappointment that free trade pacts with Colombia and Panama have not been ratified during his time in office. 即将于明年1月卸任的布什总统还对于他在任内没能看到国会批准美国和巴拿马以及哥伦比亚的自由贸易协定表示失望。200812/59197哈尔滨省八院做孕检多少钱Olympic-sized profits 菲尔普斯 Multiple-gold medalist Michael Phelps talks about endorsement deals and his investment strategy.Well, they wowed us in the water in Beijing and now they are swimming in the investment pool on Wall Street. I’m surrounded by gold, everybody, Natalie Coughlin, Brian Locke, Michael Phelps, welcome back to the U.S. and congratulations. So we won’t talk about money, now that you, all the hard work is over. Don’t cough and get choked up, Michael. I mean this is the time to strike what the iron is hot. So on the one hand you wanna take an advantage of all these endorsements and on the other hand I would imagine you wanna delude the brand. Is that your strategy?Um, you know, I think I’ve been working a lot with my agent Peter Carlisle trying to discuss of, you know, what are some of the best options for me. You know, we gonna go with the things that really suit sort of my personality and what I want to do.Ok, what one of those things you like to do is you like to eat a lot with eight to ten thousand calories a day? That’s what I’m supposed to try to get.So you gonna be like, you gonna be going working with a lot of food companies?I guess, we’ll see, we’ll see what it works.Well you’re with Kellogg’s right now, right?Yes.How many boxes of cereal with that take?8~10 thousand probably take a few boxes or few cases, so it’d be a lot of cereal.What some of the other companies that you work with seriously you think are good fit right now?So be perfectly honest, I’ve been, award went toward from one thing after another. Peter and I really have had a time to sit down and discuss. What he is coming, err, what I guess, what’s coming across the table and what I have mine, so when we have a free moment, we gonna sit down and discuss everything.Can I name few companies that are supposedly associated with your name? Well, of course there is Kellogg’s, Visa, Speedo, Rosetta Stone, Pure Sport, AT amp; T.I was wondering I’m going now, yes.And they would be added to your name.Maybe, maybe I’ll see.What about investing for the future, we’ve talked about so much, met your mom and you know, talked a lot about all of the sacrifice growing-up. Is something like Wall Street, something that you’re even thinking about investing some of the endorsement money that you’re going to be earning right now? I’ve, I actually had a financial advisor. I’ve been working with him for the past year, so I do have some money invested all of the places.You wanna give us some secrets?My secrets are my secrets, come on. I won’t let anyone else figure them around now.200811/55053佳木斯妇幼保健妇保医院投诉电话US Government Acts to Spur Lending Amid Economic Downturn经济收缩 美国大力出资刺激借贷 The U.S. economy has contracted more sharply than previously believed, according to new government figures. Meanwhile, in yet another sign of continuing stress in the credit market, the U.S. central bank is allocating hundreds of billion of additional dollars to purchase bad mortgage debt and spur consumer lending. 美国政府公布的最新统计数字显示,美国经济今年第三季度的收缩幅度远远大於先前的估计。与此同时,为了缓和信贷市场持续不断的压力,美国的中央正在拿出数千亿美元收购房贷坏帐和刺激消费者借贷。Revised figures from the Commerce Department show the American economy shrank at an annual rate of 0.5 percent in the third quarter of the year, a greater contraction than the original estimate of 0.3 percent. The negative quarter followed a year of mostly-anemic growth, and, while the fourth quarter has yet to be completed, economists believe it, too, will show significant contraction. 根据美国商务部发布的经过修正的数据,美国经济在今年第三季度折合成年率收缩了0.5%,远远大於先前估计的0.3%。在此之前,美国经济增长已经持续疲软了一年。今年第四季度虽然尚未结束,但是经济学家相信,美国经济在今年最后三个月也将是大幅度收缩。"GDP [gross domestic product] fell by 0.5 percent because consumers spent less, there were fewer new homes built, and expenditures for business purposes fell," said. University of Maryland economist Peter Morici. "Unfortunately, this is a precursor of worse things to come." 马里兰大学的经济学教授彼得·莫里奇(Peter Morici)说:“国内生产总值(GDP)下降了0.5%是因为消费者花销减少、新房子修建太少、用于商业目的的开销下滑。不幸的是,这些还只是即将来临的更糟糕的情况的前奏。”Most analysts trace America's current economic woes to tight credit conditions sparked by a wave of home foreclosures and mortgage defaults. In recent weeks, the U.S. government has taken a series of aggressive, unprecedented steps to prop up or take control of major lending institutions and financial firms, committing well over trillion to the effort. 绝大多数分析人士都把美国目前的经济困难归咎于房贷违约和丧失抵押住房赎回权案子激增所导致的信贷条件紧缩。最近几周来,美国政府采取了一系列前所未有的大刀阔斧行动来持或接管主要的信贷机构和金融公司,承诺拿出的资金总额已经超过两万亿美元。Now, the Federal Reserve says it will devote an additional 0 billion to combat the mortgage meltdown, and another 0 billion to unfreeze consumer credit. A small portion of the new funds will come from a 0 billion rescue package Congress approved last month, which is being administered by the Treasury Department. 现在,美国联邦储备委员会又说,将再拿出6000亿美元来抵御房贷市场的下滑,另外还要拿出2000亿美元来帮助消费者信贷市场解冻。在这笔新的救市基金中,有一小部分来自国会上个月批准的7000亿美元金融救援计划。美国财政部负责管理这些金融救援资金。"By providing liquidity to issuers of consumer asset-backed paper [consumer loans], the Federal Reserve facility will enable a broad range of institutions to step up their lending, enabling borrowers to have access to lower-cost consumer finance and small business loans," said Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. "Today's announcement by the Fed underscores our support for the housing market. Nothing is more important to getting through this housing correction than the availability of affordable mortgage finance." 财政部长保尔森说:“通过向消费者贷款发放部门提供流动性,美联储就可以帮助各种各样的机构增加借贷,并且使借款人能够获得成本较低的消费者贷款和小企业贷款。为了渡过这次房地产市场的修正期,没有什么事情比提供人们能够负担得起的房贷融资更加重要了。”Few, if any economists would contest the importance of the availability of credit to the health of the American economy, nor the desirability of the federal government doing all it can to reverse a credit crunch that has constrained businesses and consumers alike. 说到信贷市场对于美国经济健康的重要性,几乎没有任何经济学家持反对意见。他们也都赞同联邦政府竭尽全力扭转信贷紧缩的局面,因为信贷紧缩使工商企业和消费者同时受到制约。But the sheer scale of initiatives undertaken to date, and the apparent need for successive waves of government intervention are an unsettling indication of the magnitude and the tenacity of the problem being confronted, according to economics professor Lawrence White of the University of Missouri. 然而联邦政府迄今为止所采取的这些规模空前的计划,以及一波接一波迫切需要政府干预的浪潮,令人不安地显示出目前问题是多么的巨大和艰难。密苏里大学的经济学教授劳伦斯·怀特说:"It is a recognition [that] we still have a big problem. It is a strong statement by the Fed that it is going to take massive, broad, forceful efforts to try to break the back of [resolve] the crisis," he said. “大家都认识到我们仍然面临一个很大的问题。美联储的行动已经强有力地说明,我们需要采取大规模的、广泛的、强有力的努力来破解这场危机。”In the face of relentlessly grim economic news, Treasury Secretary Paulson says the federal government is doing all it can to mitigate the situation. 面对这些滚滚而来的冷酷无情的经济新闻,美国财政部长保尔森表示,联邦政府将尽一切努力来缓和目前的形势。"It will take time to work through the difficulties in our market and our economy, and new challenges will continue to arise. I and my regulatory colleagues are committed to using all the tools at our disposal to preserve the strength of our financial institutions and stabilize our financial markets to minimize the spill-over [damage] into the rest of the economy," he said. “我们需要时间来克我们的市场和我们的经济中存在的困难,而且新的挑战还会继续出现。我和其他负责监管的同仁们决心利用一切可以利用的手段来确保我们金融机构的实力,稳定我们的金融市场,尽量减少其他经济领域受到的损失。”In other economic news, a private research firm says U.S. consumer confidence has rebounded somewhat this month, aided by falling energy prices, but that the index remains at a low level. Meanwhile, U.S. export growth slowed, while American homebuilders continue to cut spending. 总部设在纽约的经济研究机构会议委员会报告说,美国的消费者信心在11月份出人意料地有所提高,主要由于能源价格下降,不过消费者信心指数仍然处于很低的水平。另外,美国的出口增长有所减缓,美国的住宅建筑商继续削减开。200811/57209哈尔滨九州投诉电话

黑龙江中心医院好么哈尔滨哪个医院做人流专业Afghanistan-Iraq Balance to Be High on Obama Agenda奥巴马将平衡伊拉克和阿富汗问题  President-elect Barack Obama has said that very soon after his inauguration on Tuesday he will meet with top U.S. military leaders to discuss priorities. During the election campaign he said he would give the military a new mission in Iraq. But priorities have changed since then and now the meeting may focus more on Afghanistan, where Mr. Obama is expected to implement a troop increase that President Bush promised. 美国当选总统奥巴马说,星期二就职之后,他将很快会见美国军事负责人,讨论首要任务。在竞选过程中他曾经表示,将给驻伊拉克美军新的任务。不过从那时到现在,一些优先事项已经改变,现在讨论的重点可能更多是阿富汗问题。奥巴马预计将会履行布什总统的承诺,向阿富汗增兵。The president-elect had said he wanted most U.S. combat troops out of Iraq within 16 months of his inauguration. But late last year, the Bush administration signed an agreement with Iraq that takes a different approach, requiring the removal of U.S. combat troops from Iraqi cities by June, and the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the entire country by the end of 2011. 奥巴马曾表示,希望大部分美军作战部队在他就职之后16个月内从伊拉克撤出。但去年底布什政府与伊拉克签署的一项协议与此不同,协议要求美军作战部队今年6月前撤出伊拉克城市,在2011年底前全部撤出伊拉克。It is not clear exactly what orders Obama will give, but he has said he will listen to the concerns of top military officers before making any final decisions.  目前还不清楚奥巴马将下达什么样的命令,但他说过他将会聆听军方高层官员所关切的问题,然后再作出最后决定。One of the main concerns he will hear relates to Afghanistan, where the U.S. commander has asked for 14,000 more combat troops and several thousand more support troops. The new president's appointee for Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Michele Flournoy, was asked about that at her Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday. "I actually think the intent of both President-elect Obama and (Defense) Secretary (Robert) Gates is to move as quickly as possible. I have not yet been briefed on the details in terms of what would be required to do that. But I do believe that in principle we should be moving as quickly as possible," she said. 他将听到军方关切的一个主要问题涉及阿富汗。美军指挥官已经要求在阿富汗增加1万4000名作战部队以及数千名援部队。新总统提名的主管政策的国防部副部长米歇尔·弗卢努瓦在星期四的参议院任命听当中,被问到这个问题。她说:“实际上,我认为当选总统奥巴马以及国防部长盖茨希望尽快快行动。我还没有听取有关行动细节的简报。但我相信,在原则上,我们应该越快行动越好。”But Pentagon officials say moving quickly to add troops in Afghanistan means reducing troop numbers in Iraq. General David Petraeus, the former U.S. commander in Iraq who now has responsibility for the entire Middle East and Central Asia region, says he, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker and the new U.S. Iraq commander, General Ray Odierno, believe the ed States needs to be careful about removing troops from Iraq too quickly. "The ambassador and General Odierno and I have reminded everyone, it is our view that the progress does remain fragile. It does remain reversible," he said. 但五角大楼官员说,快速在阿富汗增军,意味着减少驻伊拉克部队的人数。前驻伊美军司令、现在掌管整个中东与中亚地区的彼得雷乌斯将军说,他、美国驻伊拉克大使克罗克,以及现任驻伊美军最高指挥官奥迪耶诺,都认为美国在迅速从伊拉克撤军问题上应当谨慎行事。彼得雷乌斯说:“大使、奥迪耶诺将军和我提请所有人注意,我们现在取得得进展还很脆弱,依旧有可能被逆转。”And some experts warn against adding too many foreign troops to Afghanistan. Among them is Zbigniew Brzezinski, a professor at Johns Hopkins University who was President Jimmy Carter's national security adviser in the 1970s when the Soviet Union invaded and occupied Afghanistan. "This runs the risk of gradually turning the Afghan population against our efforts. The enterprise thus, paradoxically, is turning in the direction painfully reminiscent of what the Soviets experienced," he said. 有些专家则对向阿富汗增派太多外国部队提出警告,其中包括约翰霍普金斯大学教授布热津斯基。1970年代前苏联侵占阿富汗期间,他是卡特总统的国家安全顾问。布热津斯基说:“这有可能使阿富汗人逐渐转为反对我们的努力。矛盾的是,这种冒险的做法有可能让我们重蹈当年苏联的痛苦覆辙。”Brzezinski says any troop increases should be relatively small, and focused on particular problem areas in Afghanistan, where Taliban insurgents who support the country's former government have been particularly active in recent months. 布热津斯基认为,任何增兵都应该是小规模的,并且专注于阿富汗境内特别有问题的地区,也就是近几个月来,持前政府的塔利班激进分子特别活跃的地区。Michele Flournoy says the Obama Administration will be careful in implementing the expected troop increase. "The key principle is to shift the emphasis, but to do so in a very responsible manner," she said. 弗卢努瓦表示,奥巴马政府在增军问题上会谨慎行事。她说:“主要原则是改变重点,但以非常负责任的态度来这样做。”Aside from troop numbers, civilian and military officials agree there needs to be a strong parallel effort to improve Afghanistan's economy and the quality of its government, and to end corruption and fight the narcotics trade. And many experts, including Zbigniew Brzezinski and General Petraeus have called for local political accommodation, perhaps even with reconcilable elements of the Taliban. 除了部队的规模,文职与军方官员一致同意,应当同步改善阿富汗的经济和政府质量,杜绝腐败,打击毒品交易。包括布热津斯基以及彼得雷乌斯将军在内的许多专家,都呼吁当地各政治派别之间实现妥协,甚至与塔利班当中的温和派合作。That kind of strategy worked in Iraq, where General Petraeus engineered a series of agreements with previously hostile tribal leaders. Petraeus is quick to point out that Iraq and Afghanistan are very different, but he also says many of the approaches he used successfully in Iraq will likely work in Afghanistan. Among them are the needs to establish better security, provide government services, put military and police posts out among the people and to get local residents involved in providing for their own security. "The lines of operation exist. The question is how to achieve greater unity of effort among all of the different partners in this effort, and with our Afghan partners as well," he said. 这种策略在伊拉克取得了效果。彼得雷乌斯将军当时推动好几个原本相互敌对的部落领导人签订一连串的协议。但他很快指出,伊拉克与阿富汗非常不同,不过许多他在伊拉克用过、并且成功的方法,可能在阿富汗也行得通,其中包括需要建立更好的安全环境,提供政府务,把军方与警方驻点在民众当中,以及让当地民众参与提供自身安全。彼得雷乌斯说:“行动方向是有的。问题在于如何使所有不同伙伴、包括阿富汗伙伴的努力更加协调一致。”That concept of "unity of effort" is frequently mentioned but difficult to implement, particularly in Afghanistan, where more than 40 nations provide troops and assistance. “行动一致”这个概念经常被提及,但实施起来很困难,尤其在阿富汗,因为那里有超过40多个国家提供的军队与援助。The White House and the Pentagon recently completed reviews of the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, and delivered them to the Obama Transition Team. The top U.S. military officer, Admiral Mike Mullen, said in December he did not expect any major strategy change. "At this point, anyway, I don't expect any radical changes. I think emphasis is going to be important. Clearly, we'll see where we go with a new administration with respect to that, and clearly part of the discussion will be how the strategy gets resourced," he said. 白宫和五角大楼最近完成了对美国在阿富汗战略的审议,并且审议报告提交给了奥巴马的过渡班子。美国最高军事官员麦克.马伦去年12月曾表示,他不认为会出现重大的战略改变。马伦说:“在现阶段,我并不期待任何重大的改变。重点很重要。显然,在这个问题上,我们要看新政府将如何去做,很明显,讨论的部分内容将是如何为这个策略划拨资金。”Like other military officers and civilian officials, Admiral Mullen says the Afghanistan war will not be won by military power alone, adding that Afghanistan also needs a variety of civilian aid and advice. And the admiral also says the ed States and NATO need a regional approach, taking into account the situation in Pakistan, where Afghan insurgents take refuge, and the role of other nearby countries, including Iran. 就像其他军方和文职官员一样,马伦将军也指出,阿富汗战争无法仅靠军事力量获胜,阿富汗人也需要各种非军事援助和咨询务。马伦还谈到,美国与北约需要采取地区性的做法,考虑阿富汗激进分子藏匿的巴基斯坦的现实,以及包括伊朗在内的周边国家的作用。That kind of regional approach is what General Petraeus is working on in his own Afghanistan strategy review, and he has a 200-member team working on it. His report is expected in February. 彼得雷乌斯将军在他对阿富汗战略的审议当中也涉及这种地区性做法,他有一个200人的团队正在研究这种做法。彼得雷乌斯的报告预计将于2月完成。01/61331Bacon price hike to save industry A national pig petition is set to back UK pig farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by high feed prices and cheap foreign meat.Now a national pig petition is being launched today to support British pig farmers who say their livelihoods are threatened by soaring feed prices and competition from cheap imports.The campaign is backed by celebrity chefs from Gordon Ramsey to Rick Stein, and launched by Waitrose. But in a global market should consumers be expected to pay more for products just because they're British? Here is Jane Dodge.Most of us have a soft spot for pigs, not enough though to stop us eating them. Bacon is the nation's favorite meat. But the butties we know and love could become a luxury in the future according to pig farmers. They say they're struggling to survive, a big rise in the cost of feed means they're no longer making a profit. Some are quitting. Others like Martin Martindale in Hampshire have scaled down production.Solely, we've seen our overdraft rise, uh, some 3 times, uh, triple in size over the last 6 months, um, if the, if the situation continues, um, then we will find it increasingly difficult to stay in businesses, we will have to charge more for our product.To make that palatable to consumers, a campaign has been launched today called "Save Our Bacon".According to the industry the cost of rearing a pig is around 106 pounds. But farmers only get 80 pounds when it's sold, so that's a loss of 26 pounds. Farmers now want consumers to pay more for their pork.Aren't you just at the end of the day asking us to buy British?That's part of what we're trying to do, but the problems behind the British product, the freshness, the welfare standards that we've produced to are all far better than there is available from imported product.Standards may well be high here. But competitors argue their product is just as good and cheaper.There are occasions I would say where individual governments, uh, go ahead of the basic EU legislation which is, uh, to which we must alter it here, uh, that has happened in this country we would accept, with certain aspects of uh, pig welfare, but Danish farmers would also point to areas, in the area of welfare where their government has gone further than the government here.Ultimately this is a fight for hearts and minds - British pig farmers have to persuade consumers that quality is worth paying more for.200810/54099大庆市药流需要多少钱Ties between the intelligence agencies of Pakistan and the ed States have been severely strained since the killing of Osama bin Laden in a covert U.S. raid in Pakistan in May.自从美国今年5月秘密派人前往巴基斯坦打死基地组织头目本.拉登以来,美国同巴基斯坦情报机构之间的关系大受影响。Both sides have attempted to play down the tensions through public statements, but the expulsion of American security personnel by Pakistan and the suspension of some U.S. military assistance have highlighted the distrust on both sides.双方都试图通过公开讲话淡化他们之间的紧张关系,但是巴基斯坦驱逐美国安全人员,以及美国暂停对巴基斯坦的部分军事援助突显了双方的互不信任。In an interview with VOA, U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter acknowledges that the bin Laden raid was a setback for bilateral ties.美国驻巴基斯坦大使卡梅伦.芒特在接受美国之音采访时承认本.拉登事件影响到双边关系。“I think in the wake of what happened on May 2, there was a great deal of consternation on the side of Pakistan because of the issue of the sovereignty, the questions that were raised," Munter said. "There were questions that were raised in the ed States because people did not know whether there was a role of Pakistani authorities in him being here. This was a source of great amount of unhappiness on both sides because there were questions that could not be answered."芒特说:“我认为在5月2号本.拉登被打死之后,巴基斯坦方面由于主权问题而惊惶失措。美国国内也提出了一些问题, 因为人们不知道巴基斯坦当局是否参与窝藏本.拉登。由于本.拉登事件,双方都很不愉快,因为有些问题没有。”But after months of their tense relationship playing out in public, this week the Pakistani military made a rare public acknowledgement that U.S. agents provided key information that helped them plan the successful raid that captured senior al-Qaida planner, Younis al-Mauritani, along with two aides.在之后的几个月里,美国和巴基斯坦的紧张关系公开化。但是这个星期巴基斯坦军方少有地公开承认,美国情报人员提供的重要情报帮助他们策划并成功地逮捕了基地组织的资深领导人毛利塔尼和他的两名助手。Army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said the authorities watched the group for months.巴基斯坦陆军发言人阿巴斯少将说,当局几个月来一直对这些人进行监视。201109/153082黑龙江妇幼保健预约四维彩超

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