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63-year-old Li Lin from Chengdu, China, was promised that the treatment would make his frozen shoulder feel better, reports the People Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,63岁的李林来自成都,治疗前他曾被承诺拔火罐将使他“僵麻的肩膀”舒一些The man says he had been having cupping treatment every day in the same place around a month when large blisters started to appear.李林表示,在近一个月的时间里,他每天都在同一个地方拔火罐,后来他的背上开始出现了一些大水泡From May to June , Li underwent cupping in a small massage parlour to try and cure his frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is a condition that leads to pain and stiffness in the shoulder and in some extreme cases people are unable to move their shoulder at all.从5月日到6月日这一段时间内,李林都在一个小房里拔火罐,希望能够治好他的肩周炎肩周炎这种病会导致肩膀疼痛和僵硬,在极端情况下,病人甚至完全不能活动肩膀He said: The clerk advised me to stick to cupping a month to cure my frozen shoulder.李林说道:“店员建议我坚持拔火罐一个月来治疗我的肩周炎”Cupping is a therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin creating suction and are thought to stimulate the flow of energy inside the body.拔火罐这种疗法指的是,在点火排出玻璃罐子中的空气后,依靠吸力附着在人体皮肤上这种疗法被认为能够刺激人体内的能量流动During treatment, the man had the cups placed in exactly the same place every time. Li said that during the last ten days, blisters began to m on his back from the locations the cups had been placed.在治疗过程中,李林每次都在背上同一个地方拔罐据李林表示,在疗程的最后天里,他背上拔火罐的地方开始出现了水泡Instead of stopping the treatment, he asked his wife to pop the blisters bee rubbing his back with oil.但是李林非但没有停止拔火罐的治疗,反而叫他的老伴儿把水泡扎破,然后涂上跌打油On June , the man went cupping treatment and during his walk home, he began to feel uncomtable and had a high fever. His family rushed him to the hospital.6月日那天,他像往常一样去拔了罐,但是在回家途中,他开始感觉不舒,还发了高烧随后他的家人将他紧急送到了医院Surgeon Xie Liang said that when Li was sent to the emergency room with a fever of 37.7 degrees and his back was completely swollen. On examination, it was found that he had a bacterial infection. Doctors said that it was lucky that Li came to the hospital when he did as if he had continued then he would have developed sepsis.外科医生谢亮表示,当李林被送到急诊室时,他高烧达到了37.7度,背上完全肿了在检查过程中,医生们发现李林有细菌感染的症状他们表示,幸好李林及时来到医院,否则任由病情继续拖延下去的话,有可能会恶化成为脓毒症Medical staff said that the cupping should not have been done in the same position as it causes skin burns and infections. Li situation is improving and is not considered life threatening.医务人员表示,拔火罐不应该每次都在同一个地方,不然的话会造成皮肤烧伤和感染现在李林的状况正在逐渐改善,没有生命危险 5

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A: Yes, I need more amenities.B: By amenities, exactly what do you mean, please?A: You know, the things that are free, like the soap and the shampoo.B: Okay, I got it. You've aly run out of all your amenities?A: No, I still have plenty left, even if I took three baths a day.B: I'm more confused now than bee. How is there a problem?A: I need to take home some souvenirs!B: Okay, finally I understand. You would like souvenirs!A: Yes, souvenirs that I can take home and add to my collection.B: If it's souvenirs you want, sir, just visit our souvenir shop. It has everything.A: Are you kidding? Whoever heard of paying hotel souvenirs?B: No problem at all, sir. Housekeeping will deliver you all the amenities you like in a bit.

A: Hi, I am your new neighbor and was wondering if I could ask you a question or two.你好,我是你的新邻居,能否问你一两个问题B: Hi! I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.你好,愿意回答你提的问题A: Everyone here seems very friendly.这儿的人看起来都很友好B: Yes, many of us have lived here a long time and know each other well.是的,很多人生活在这儿已经很长时间了,彼此很了解A: How long have you lived here?你住在这儿多长时间了?B: I have lived in this building ten years.我住在这栋楼里年了A: When I get settled, would you consider giving me a list of places you use, like cleaners and grocery stores?当我安顿完后,你能给我一个日常常去的地方吗?比如清洁工或杂货店B: I can help you with that. Would you like to go to the local farmerrsquo;s market with me this morning?乐意效劳你愿意今天商务和我去当地农贸市场吗?A: That would be great!太棒了!B: Fine. Irsquo;ll knock on your door around ten orsquo;clock then.好的,点左右我会去找你

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