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大沥狮山镇西樵镇治疗阳痿多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470019佛山市治疗前列腺疾病多少钱You have been here so many times, and before you were pregnant, during the pregnancy--你来我的节目 已经很多次啦 在你怀之前 在你怀期间I know. And now shes three. Shes three. Over three, or how old?是哒 女儿现在已经三岁啦 是的 已经三岁啦 过了三岁 还是多大了?Three and a half almost. Shes nuts. I bet she is. Shes totally nuts.差不多三岁半吧 她太坏了 我猜她一定是的 她不能更调皮了Made from the two of you. Aww.她毕竟是你们俩的结晶 哇哦……Yeah, i was talking to carey earlier today, and really, you both made a--嗯今天早些时候我还在跟凯里说 你们俩共同的…She must be, like, wild. Shes delicious. Shes wild.你女儿一定很…野… 她很可爱 她很调皮He said shes fierce. She gets it from papa. Yeah, he said sheim physically cautious.她爸爸说她太凶狠了 她一定是遗传了她爸爸 对 他说她… 我是一个头脑很清醒的人Im physical, but Im cautious. Hes reckless, and shes reckless.我也许不够理性 但我做事很谨慎 我老公做事很鲁莽的的 我女儿也是Oh! Yeah, shell jump off-- ;Its only ten stairs, babe.; Yeah.嗯 她会跳下来 不过是10级台阶罢了 亲爱的 嗯He said, ;Well, theyve got to learn.;他说 “嗯…他们得学学”And im like, ;Well, yeah, but you kind of try to protect them from that.;然后我说 “是啊 但是你得保护他们”Thats fire. Yeah. Except she gets a potty mouth from you.这太对了! 嗯 哈哈 但有一点 她遗传了你 喜欢碎碎念She does not have a potty mouth. Yes, she does. She almost had a potty mouth.她才不喜欢碎碎念呢 不 她喜欢的 她一点都没有No, no, she-- Tell them what she said to you the other day.不不不 她… 给他们讲讲 她那天对你说了什么Am I allowed? Yes. Well bleep it, but yes. Okay. She I was in thegetting y我可以说吗?可以 我们可以哔— 没事 你说 好的 她……我在……打扮出门to go out onstage, and she ran in, and she--准备一个舞台演出 她跑了进来 她…She mustve been preparing this, like a bit,她一定准备了很久 看上去是的And she came in, and shes like, ;Im here.;她跑进来说 我在这儿哔—And I was likei was like, ;Im sorry.然后 我好像…我说 “哦 什么?;I canti dontmy ears--My ears dont understand what youre saying.; Wow.我不能…我不懂…我的耳朵… 我不明白你在说什么” 哇哦And then you dont want to make a big deal of it, cause shes gonna keep saying it, so...然后 你也没太重视这个事儿 因为 她还会这么说Sheshe mutters it when she thinks no ones looking.她…她…她小声的说 如果她觉得没有人在看她的话And someone mustve--someone mustve said that to her at some point. But its so cute.一定是有人 一定是有人 对她说过这话 这太可爱了I mean, im notim notim not encouraging it,我的意思是 我不会…我不会…我不鼓励你们这么做but come on, its, like, a little threeyearold body但是 拜托 这可是一个三岁的小子说出来的And then just-- Yeah. No. Like a sailor. Shes like a little sailor.她只是… 对 不 她像个水手 一个小小的水手Shes a precious a little sailor. Shes an adorable little sailor. Little delicious sailor.她就像个 小心翼翼的水手 超可爱的小水手 甜美的小水手201707/516011But still, he was a Stuart,然他终究是斯图亚特家族的and that blood certainly mattered to the Prince himself这一血统自然对于王子自身而言至关重要who, at 24, sailed from France to Scotland to win back the throne for his father.他24岁时为夺回其父的王冠 从法国漂洋过海到达苏格兰On the 19th August, 1745,1745年8月19日Prince Charles Edward Stuart stood here at Glenfinnan,查尔斯·爱德华·斯图亚特王子 就站在这里 格伦菲南watched his family standard being raised,见自己家族统治的崛起and told the assembled clansmen hed come to make Scotland happy.并告诉身边围聚的族人说 他将让苏格兰幸福安康That wouldve been news to some of the crofters这在一些农场佃农听来耳目一新whod been threatened with having their cottages burned他们常受到威胁 若不加入詹姆斯二世党军unless they joined the Jacobites army.就会被抄家没产But the sight of Bonnie Prince Charlie and compared to George II然而美王子本人 较之乔治二世and to his own embittered, ageing father,以及他自寻烦恼 日益苍老的老爹而言he certainly was bonny standing here in the glen他的确很美 身着苏格兰花格呢子裙at the head of Loch Shiel in his tartan plaid did seem to promise, if only for a moment,站在希尔湖端头这片河谷的图景 哪怕有那么一瞬间 似乎真的预示着a new Scottish future.苏格兰可能会有崭新的未来Or, at the very least,the end of the miserable captivity of the Union.或者至少可以说 预示苏格兰被扼制在联合王国中的命运终结But happiness?Well, that was going to prove a lot harder to come by.但让苏格兰幸福安康呢 后来的事实明那可要难得多了The structure of clan society meant that support for the prince gathered quickly.部落社会的社会结构 使得王子的势力一夜间迅速集聚起来 /201706/512399禅城区妇幼保健院男科

佛山市顺德区乐从医院有泌尿科吗杨和镇更合镇明城镇男科医院在那儿TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466624TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/470044佛山医院男科大夫Around 3 million deaths a year are linked to outdoor air pollution, but new research might have found a way to combat the problem.每年约有300万人死于室外空气污染,但新的研究可能找到了解决问题的方法。A new study found B vitamins could offset the negative health effects that come from breathing fine particulate matter. 一项新的研究发现,维生素B可以抵消吸入细颗粒物质对健康的负面影响。The research focused on PM2.5, a pollutant that can cause sinus irritation, heart attacks and even premature death in some cases.这项研究的重点是PM2.5,这种污染物在某些情况下可能引起鼻窦刺激、心脏病发作甚至过早死亡。Researchers exposed 10 volunteers to polluted air from downtown Toronto for four weeks without vitamins. The air samples were fed through a face mask.研究人员连续四周将10名志愿者暴露在多伦多市中心受污染的空气中,没有补充维生素。空气样本通过面罩进行提供。Then, subjects were given a series of B vitamins while being exposed to the same pollution for another four weeks. The results showed the supplements reduced the negative effects by 28-76 percent.然后,志愿者被给予一些维生素B,同时另外四周暴露于相同的污染中。结果表明,补充维生素B将负面影响降低百分之28到76。Pollution is a growing health hazard, and cities across the globe struggle with levels of PM2.5 well above whats considered safe to breathe.污染是一个日益严重的健康危害,全球各地城市应对PM2.5的水平远比被认为安全呼吸的高。While this study did have encouraging results, the team behind it acknowledges the trials limitations. Aside from the small sample size, the researchers dont know the exact dose of vitamins needed to halt the negative health effects.虽然这项研究取得了令人鼓舞的成果,但它背后的团队承认了试验的局限性。除了样本量小外,研究人员还不知道需要维生素的确切剂量来停止负面健康效应。The researchers think future studies should increase the sample size and focus on areas with even higher pollution, like China or India.研究人员认为,未来的研究应增加样本容量,聚焦污染更为严重的地区,如中国或印度。译文属。201703/498061佛山急性前列腺炎治疗费用

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