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We need to shrink them to the point,within the next five years,that they no longer pose a systemic risk.在接下来的五年里,我们要给它们大幅瘦身,让它们不再具有系统性风险。Right now, they are ticking time bombs that will cause a global crisis as soon as the next one fails not if, when.现在,它们就是定时炸弹,其中一个破产倒闭,就会引发全球性危机。而且问题还不是会不会倒,而是什么时候倒的问题。Second thing we need to do is completely reform modern executive and professional compensation,which is what they use to suborn the appraisers.第二,我们要彻底改革当前的高管人员薪酬制度,这也是他们用来胁迫估价师的工具和手段。Remember, they were pressuring the appraisers through the compensation system, trying to produce what we call a Greshams dynamic,in which bad ethics drives good ethics out of the marketplace.想想看,他们在通过薪酬体系向估价师施压,造成劣币驱逐良币的格雷欣效应,市场上道德节操无人问津。And they largely succeeded, which is how the fraud became endemic.很大程度上,他们得逞了。这就是为什么欺诈行为如此猖獗。And the third thing that we need to do is deal with what we call the three Ds:第三,我们要解决三无问题:无规章制度、无有效监管deregulation, desupervision, and the de facto decriminalization.出事后,无人担责被绳之以法的问题。Because we can make all three of these changes, and if we do so,we can dramatically reduce how often we have a crisis and how severe those crises are.因为我们可以从这三方面进行改革,只要我们这样做,就能大幅降低危机发生的频率和危机发生后的危害程度。That is not simply critical to our economy.这不仅事关我们的经济。You can see what these crises do to inequality and what they do to our democracy.看看这些危机对贫富差距的影响,对我们的民主制度的破坏。They have produced crony capitalism, American-style,in which the largest financial institutions are the leading financial donors of both parties,and thats the reason why even after this crisis,70 times larger than the savings and loan crisis, we have no meaningful reforms in any of the three areas that Ive talked about,other than banning liars loans,which is good,but thats just one form of ammunition for this fraud weapon.危机产生了裙带资本主义,有美国特色的裙带资本主义,最大的金融机构是两党的最大金主。这就是为什么这场比储贷危机严重70倍的危机发生之后,在我提到的三个方面依然没有任何实质性的改革。除了欺骗性贷款被取缔,这当然是好事但欺骗性贷款只是他们手中的一种武器。There are many forms of ammunition they can use.他们可用的武器还很多。Thats why we need to learn what the bankers have learned:这就是为什么我们需要求教家的地方:the recipe for the best way to rob a bank,so that we can stop that recipe,because our legislators,who are dependent on political contributions, will not do it on their own.抢的最佳秘方,这样我们才能除掉它。因为我们的国会议员离不开政治献金,所以他们不会主动来做这一切。Thank you very much.谢谢,多谢。201502/358580。

I played quarterback on the football team in high school--我在高中橄榄球队打四分卫but dont be too impressed但别以为我们有多了不起we had the longest losing streak in the nation by the time I graduated as a senior在我毕业那年 我们是全国连败最长的队Years and years without a victory一年又一年 我们一次都没赢过It was said that grandfathers of my teammates有人说 我同学的爷爷们had contributed to the multi-generational loosing streak早就为子孙后代的连败打下了基础After high school, I eventually ended up at Brown University高中毕业后 我最终考进了布朗大学and I remember vividly one particular day when I returned from college有一次从大学回家 我尤其记忆犹新My father picked me up at the airport我的父亲到机场接我and when we were driving home, he asked me in the most casual way在我们开车回家的路上 他很随便地问了我一句;Jim, what are you thinking of studying?;;金墉 你想学什么呢;I told him I was excited about philosophy and political science我说我对哲学和政治学很感兴趣I thought I could make a difference in the world我认为我可以改变这个世界and I was thinking of going into politics我在考虑从政My father put the blinker on我父亲打开车子的闪光灯slowly pulled over to the side of the road, turned off the car把车缓缓开到路边停下looked back at me and said, ;Hey他转过身来看着我说 ;听着;;once you finish your medical residency, you can do anything you want;;你只要完成了医生实习期 就可以做任何你想做的事情;Now, I see some Asian parents in audience nodding their heads我看到在座的亚洲家长正在点头saying, whats funny about that?说 这有什么好笑的But you see, my father knew all about uncertainty不过你们看到 我父亲十分懂得不确定性He knew that its impossible to be sure about where you might end up in life他很清楚 一个人不可能知道自己最终会做什么And he worried that his own success而且他很担心自己的成功might have deprived his children of the opportunity to understand deeply有可能会使自己的子女没有机会深入理解the meaning of running away from the noodle police从警察身边跑开 当然同时还要while, of course, finishing your noodles吃完剩下的面条意味着什么201502/359082。

The world will look to us to help solve these problems, and our answer needs to be more than tough talk or calls to carpet bomb civilians.世界人民会指望我们去解决这些问题,我们的回应不能只是嘴上功夫:不断使用强硬的措辞,做给平民们看。That may work as a TV sound bite, but it doesnt pass muster on the world stage.这种回应可能在电视新闻上起点作用,但世界人民感受不到切实的鼓舞。We also cant try to take over and rebuild every country that falls into crisis. Even if its done with the best of intentions.我们也不能接管和重建每个陷入危机的国家。即使那是出于好意。Thats not leadership; thats a recipe for quagmire, spilling American blood and treasure that ultimately will weaken us.那不是领导力,那样只会将我们拖入泥潭,白白浪费美国人民的热血和财富,最终削弱我们自己。Its the lesson of Vietnam, its the lesson of Iraq and we should have learned it by now.这是越战和伊战给我们的教训——我们早该铭记在心。Fortunately, theres a smarter approach, a patient and disciplined strategy that uses every element of our national power.幸运的是,我们有更明智的办法。这是一个耐心、克制的策略,能充分发挥国家的每一分力量。It says America will always act, alone if necessary, to protect our people and our allies; but on issues of global concern, we will mobilize the world to work with us, and make sure other countries pull their own weight.这个策略就是:美国一定会采取行动——必要时单独行动——以保护我们的人民和盟友;但在全球共同关注的问题上,我们会动员全世界与我们一起行动,确保其他国家也尽到自己的职责。Thats our approach to conflicts like Syria, where were partnering with local forces and leading international efforts to help that broken society pursue a lasting peace.这就是我们应对叙利亚等冲突时采取的方法:我们与当地军队合作,领导所有国际力量,共同帮助这个千疮百孔的社会实现长久和平。Thats why we built a global coalition, with sanctions and principled diplomacy, to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.这就是为什么我们要建立全球联盟,通过制裁和有原则的外交手段防止伊朗拥有核武器。And as we speak, Iran has rolled back its nuclear program, shipped out its uranium stockpile, and the world has avoided another war.现在,伊朗已放弃核项目,运出浓缩铀储备,世界避免了又一场战争的爆发。Thats how we stopped the sp of Ebola in West Africa.这也是我们在西非阻止埃拉病毒传播时采取的方法。Our military, our doctors, and our development workers they were heroically set up the platform that they allowed other countries to join in behind us and stamped out that epidemic. Hundreds of thousands maybe couple millions lives we saved.我们的军队、医生和研究人员英勇地先搭好平台,然后集结其他国家加入抗击埃拉的战役。我们救了很多人。201602/427428。

And Yudhisthira replied,尤帝士提尔答道,The most wondrous thing in the world is that all around us people can be dying and we dont realize it can happen to us.世上最美妙的事情就是我们所有人都将死去,而我们对此却一无所知。I looked up.我仰起头。Tending those 31 dying people were young women from villages around Bangalore.照顾这31个濒死者的是来自班加罗尔周边村子的年轻女性。I looked into the face of one of these women,我看着她们的脸,and I saw in her face the strength that arises when natural compassion is really present.在她们的脸上我看到慈悲显现时升起的力量。I watched her hands as she bathed an old man.我看着她的手她在给一个老年男人沐浴。My gaze went to another young woman as she wiped the face of another dying person.我转头望向另一个年轻女子,她在擦拭另一位临死的人的脸。And it reminded me of something that I had just been present for.这让我想起我刚刚演讲提到的那些内容。Every year or so,差不多每一年,I have the privilege of taking clinicians into the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau.我由此荣幸身负使命进入喜马拉雅地区和西藏高原。And we run clinics in these very remote regions where theres no medical care whatsoever.我们在每一个遥远的区域开设诊所,那里没有医疗护理此类。And on the first day at Simikot in Humla,我们在胡姆拉的Simikot的头一天,far west of Nepal,在尼泊尔的最西端,the most impoverished region of Nepal,全国最贫困的地区,an old man came in clutching a bundle of rags.一个抱着一堆破烂布片的老人走进来。And he walked in, and somebody said something to him,他进了门,有人招呼他,we realized he was deaf,然后我们发现他是耳聋,and we looked into the rags,我们看看那堆布片,and there was this pair of eyes.里头露出一双眼睛来。201510/404548。

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I am Mike Crapo and I represent the people of the great state of Idaho in the ed States Senate. This season is a time to gather with loved ones and celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. An important part of Christmas is remembering our Fathers love. God loved us so very much that He sent His Son to earth so that we may better understand that love. As we love and care for our families, strive to protect them, and always no matter how grown our children get, long for what is best for them, we can start to grasp the magnitude of Gods love and reflect it not only throughout the Christmas season, but also every day. For many families, this time of year is when children learn charity and service to others, and realize that giving to others, is always more important than receiving. For those of different faiths, including those who choose not to observe a higher power or any religious faith, this season is observed with many different traditions. The season is a reminder of one of our greatest American values ensured by our Constitution: the freedom of religion. Many families spend the holidays volunteering to serve others in our communities. The diversity of our celebration is part of the magic of Christmas. It brings people together in so many different ways, especially in service to others. We all know people in our communities who are making good things happen. They reach out to those who are hurting, shelter those without and demonstrate examples of selfless service throughout our great nation. Many devote countless hours to lessening the burdens of others. To all those giving Americans serving others, please know that you are setting lasting examples. Acts as seemingly small as caring words or holding a door generate a current of kindness. Thank you, for your love and the kindness you share. As we gather together with our loved ones this Christmas, let us not forget to take time to enjoy the little and the big things more: The joy in the eyes of children; the laughs of friends and family; the snow-covered trees; the food on our tables; clean water and heat – and all the many other blessings we have as Americans. This year, we have witnessed, both abroad and at home, the real threats to our way of life. Yet in the face of these unspeakable acts of terror, men and women still selflessly volunteer themselves to defend families, neighbors, communities and our nation. Thank you, to all our first responders and law enforcement officers who serve in the face of evil. And to the men and women of our military, many of whom are far from home right now missing their families and the joys of this holiday season, we thank you. Your sacrifice and dedication to your country is a debt we can never fully repay. The men and women of our military routinely give so much of themselves so that the rest of us, as a nation, can remain free. And to the families, the many, many military families across this country, who set an extra place at their tables in honor of a loved one deployed in the service of our nation, we thank you. You too bear the cost of our freedoms and protection of Americans at home and abroad. For many, 2015 has been a year of great challenges and impactful events. The terrorist attacks and the continued struggle of millions across America and around the world are a glaring reminder that we cannot take our well-being for granted. As this year draws to a close, I hope that those who have struggled will find optimism in the dawn of a new year. These challenges will unite us and our compassion will match our strength. We live in a beautiful world with some very dark corners. I pray that more light can be shed into the dark corners throughout this Christmas season and the year ahead and that Gods love can be felt and reflected in every corner of our hearts, of our country and the world. God bless you all and Merry Christmas.201601/420059。


Hi, everybody. 大家好!On Thursday, I visited a steel plant in Cleveland, Ohio to talk about what were doing to rebuild our economy on a new foundation for stronger, more durable economic growth.本周四,我参观了俄亥俄州克里夫兰市一家钢铁厂,在那里我谈到了我们当前正在做的事情,为重建经济体系打下更坚实的新的基础,保经济可持续发展。One area where weve made great progress is American energy. 取得进步的领域之一就是能源。After years of talk about reducing our dependence on foreign oil, we are actually poised to control our own energy future.在大喊降低海外石油依赖性的多年之后,现在我们确实可以掌控自己的能源未来了。Shortly after I took office, we invested in new American technologies to reverse our dependence on foreign oil and double our wind and solar power.在我主政不久,我们加大了对新技术的投资,以扭转对海外石油依赖的局面,实现风能和太阳能产量翻一番的目标。And today, we generate more renewable energy than ever-with tens of thousands of good, American jobs to show for it. 今天,我们生产的可再生能源比以往任何时候都要多,带来的还有成千上万待遇优厚的工作岗位。We produce more natural gas than anyone-and nearly everyones energy bill is lower because of it. 我们的天然气产量全球第一,每个人的能源出都因此得以降低。And just this week, we learned that for the first time in nearly two decades, the ed States of America now produces more of our own oil here at home than we buy from other countries.就在本周,统计数据表明,近20年来,美利坚合众国第一次实现国内石油产量超过我们从海外购买的石油量。Thats a big deal. Thats a tremendous step towards American energy independence.这是一个重大的成就。是我们走向美国能源自主的巨大一步。But this is important, too: we reached this milestone in part not only because were producing more energy, but because were wasting less energy. 但还有一点很重要,我们之所以能实现这一里程碑式的进步,不仅仅因为我们生产的能源更多,更因为我们浪费的能源更少了。We set new fuel standards for our cars and trucks so that theyll go twice as far on a gallon of gas by the middle of the next decade. 我们制定了新的汽车燃油标准,实现未来5年内一加仑汽油行驶里程翻一倍的目标。Thats going to save an average driver more than ,000 at the pump over the life of a new car. 这将为每位驾驶员在一辆新车的使用寿命范围内节省8000多元的油费。We also launched initiatives to put people to work upgrading our homes, businesses, and factories so that they waste less energy. 我们还启动了一项激励计划,鼓励人们改造家用、办公、工厂的设施减少能源浪费。Thats going to save our businesses money on their energy bills-thats money they can use to hire more workers.这将为企业节省能源出,他们可以用省下的这些钱招聘员工。Heres another thing. Between more clean energy, and less wasted energy, our emissions of dangerous carbon pollution are actually falling. 此外,使用更多清洁能源和更少能源浪费使得我们二氧化碳等污染物排放量得到实质性下降。Thats good news for anyone who cares about the world we leave to our kids.这对所有关心为子孙后代留下一个美好环境的人来说都是一个好消息。And while our carbon emissions have been dropping, our economy has been growing. 在碳排放下降的同时,我们的经济却一直在增长。Our businesses have created 7.8 million new jobs in the past 44 months. 私营企业已经在过去44个月里创造了780万个就业岗位。It proves that the old argument that we cant strengthen the economy and be good stewards of our planet at the same time is a false choice. 这充分明过去说我们不能在保持经济增长的同时保护好我们的星球的争论是一个假命题。We can do both. And we have to do both.这两件事我们可以同时做好。而且我们必须都做好。More good jobs. 更多好的就业岗位。Cheaper and cleaner sources of energy. 更便宜、更清洁的能源。A secure energy future. 一个安全的能源未来。Thanks to the grit and resilience of American businesses and the American people, thats where were heading. 感谢坚韧不屈的美国企业和美国人民,正是有了你们,我们才能一直前进。And as long as Im President, thats where were going to keep heading-to leave our children a stronger economy, and a safer planet.只要我担任总统,这将是我继续为之奋斗的目标,为我们的子孙后代留下一个更强大的经济,一个更安全的星球。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201311/265979。

Because it is the day before Mothers Day马上母亲节就要到了To all the mothers, Happy Mothers Day我向所有母亲致以节日的问候Now, graduates, you all handled your business, right毕业生们 你们都做好了自己该做的事吧Just because you were graduating didnt mean you, come on, now不能仅仅因为毕业就忽视了母亲节Okay, well, if you didnt, you have my permission to get up and go right now如果你还没做好准备 我允许你们现在起身离场because there is nothing more important no, no, dont get up因为没有什么的重要性… 不不 不要起身Your mothers would kill you if you got up at this moment否则你们的母亲会当场杀了你们So just stay in your seats, and when this is all over make sure you take care of mom现在先坐好 等典礼结束之后 记住给母亲准备礼物But in all seriousness, to all the moms out there我这里严肃地感谢所有母亲as well as the dads and the grandparents以及所有父亲 祖父母 外祖父母the uncles, the aunts, the brothers, the sisters叔舅姑姨 兄弟all of you who have helped raise these graduates你们都对毕业生们的成长做出过贡献you have seen them through their ups and downs你们陪他们经历过起起落落and you have poured your hearts and souls into these men and women你们将自己的心血倾注在这些年轻人身上So today is your day, too, and you should be very proud. You really should今天 也是你们的盛典 你们也应当感到自豪And finally, most of all, I want to congratulate the最后 也是最重要的 我要祝贺beautiful and handsome men and women of the Dillard University Class of 2014迪拉德大学2014届美丽而帅气的毕业生们Yay耶You all have come so far, I know, to make it to this day你们都付出过很多 才走到了今天这一步from all those early days when the girls were sneaking out of Williams Hall包括不少女生从威廉姆斯教学楼偷偷溜出来to go see the boys over at the Duals去见自己的男友oh yeah, I did my research我做过研究201503/364507。