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"The only thing more fallacious than damn lies are statistics, or so the saying goes.俗话说,统计数据比裸的谎言更不靠谱。This notion was on full display this weekend, after Financial Times economics editor Chris Gilespublished a blog post calling into question data used by economist Thomas Piketty in his best-selling work Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Giles analysis found several mistakes in Pikettys data, mistakes which put to doubt whether there has been an observable increase in wealth inequality in Europe and the ed States over the past 30 years.上周末就出现了这样一幕:英国《金融时报Financial Times)的经济编辑克里斯o盖斯发表了一篇文,质疑经济学家托马斯·皮凯蒂在畅销书1世纪资本论Capital in the Twenty-First Century)中使用的数据。盖斯从皮凯蒂的数据中找出了几个错,由此质疑过去30年欧美财富不平等程度到底是否出现了明显可见的加剧。Pikettys book asserts that the concentration of wealth in capitalist societies naturally grows more extreme, especially in times of low population and economic growth, so the possibility that wealth concentration hasnt really increased in the past 30 years does throw some cold water on the economists overarching theory.皮凯蒂在书中认为,资本主义的社会财富会天然地变得更加集中,特别是在人口和经济低增长时期。因此,如果过去30年财富集中度根本没有上升的话,等于给这位经济学家的中心理论泼上了一盆冷水。Many of Piketty and Giles disagreements come down to interpretation of incomplete data. One of the parts of the book that impressed economists so much was Pikettys painstaking assemblage and exploitation of years of wealth data across countries and time periods. It is not surprising, given the fact that wealth data is much less plentiful and uniform than other statistics, that there would be disagreements over what exactly these data say.皮凯蒂和盖斯的很多分歧源于对不完全数据的阐释。皮凯蒂的书有很多地方都给人们留下了深刻印象,其中之一就是皮凯蒂不厌其烦地搜罗、分析各个国家、各个时期多年的财富数据。由于财富数据不像其他统计数据那样丰富和标准化,围绕“这些数据究竟意味着什么”存在分歧也毫不奇怪。But when you take a step back and look at all the evidence, from much more reliable data on income inequality, to stagnant median wage growth, to a lack of economic mobility in America, to evidence of huge discrepancies in the quality of education offered to the rich and poor, its quite clear that modern capitalism is failing to offer a level playing field and that there are cultural and public policy changes we could work toward to make the economy better at providing for everyone.但如果大家退后一步,看看所有这些据:从可靠度较高的收入不平等数据,到停滞的中值工资增长率,美国缺乏经济流动性,再到富人和穷人所获教育质量的天壤之别。有一点很清楚,现代资本主义并不能提供一个公平竞争的舞台,我们应该推动文化和公共政策变化,让经济能更好地务于每个人。After all, Americans have not been particularly swayed by arguments concerning inequality. If anything is clear from ing Pikettys book, its that capitalist economies tend to be deeply unequal societies, even following World War II, when income inequality was at its lowest levels. But only in recent years, after it became clear that the average family hasnt gotten richer over the past generation (and that the housing bubble hit hardest those families leaning on rising home prices to compensate for this fact) that Americans started to grow dissatisfied with the distribution of wealth and income.不过,美国人并没有特别被这些不平等讨论所左右。皮凯蒂的书中有一点非常清楚,资本主义经济往往是一个高度不平等的社会,即使是在收入不平等处于最低水平的二战后也是如此。直到近年来,美国人才开始不满财富和收入的分配:过去整整一代人,普通家庭没有变得更富裕(房地产泡沫冲击最严重的是那些依赖房价上涨来弥补收入的家庭)。The above Gallup poll shows a clear trend of growing pessimism among Americans about the economy.上述盖勒普(Gallup)调查显示,美国人对于经济的悲观情绪清楚地显示为上升趋势。Debates over whether or not capitalism leads to increasing inequality, as Piketty asserts in his book, or leads to decreasing inequality, as economists had once thought, are worthwhile. But most Americans are simply concerned with whether they can feel themselves getting richer and if they have a fair shot at prosperity and security. The data clearly show that economic growth right now is being captured by the very rich, while the rest of the country is struggling to figure out how to pay for education, healthcare, and retirement.争论的一方认为资本主义导致不平等加剧,正如皮凯蒂在书中声称的那样。而另一方则认为,资本主义导致不平等减弱,正如经济学家们一度认为的那样。这样的争论自有其意义。但大多数美国人考虑的是,他们能否感觉到自己变得更富裕,是否有公平的机会获得财富和保障。数据清楚地显示,当前经济增长的好处被最富有的人占尽,其他美国人还在为付教育、医疗和养老费用发愁。Its against this backdrop that policy makers need to decide how to make entitlement programs sustainable going forward, that the wealthy must decide how much of their money to give to charity, and that business leaders must decide how much to pay their workers. Its difficult to see how small disagreements over trends in wealth concentration could affect these decisions.在这样的背景下,决策者们需要决定如何制定未来可持续的财富分配制度,富人必须决定将多少钱交给慈善,企业领导人必须决定给工人付多少工资。关于财富集中趋势的小小分歧,很难影响到这些决定 /201405/302208抚顺生殖民诊抚顺顺城区第二人民医院看泌尿科怎么样

抚顺市新抚包皮手术怎么样抚顺清原县人民医院人民医院地址NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Prime MinisterNarendra Modi on Thursday appealed to millions of people of Indian originacross the world to turn to their homeland after he eased visa rules to lureoverseas talent,in a bid to make the country a top power.新德里(路透社)——总理莫迪周四呼吁无数的海外印度人回到自己的祖国印度,为了吸引更多人才,莫迪已经放宽了签,目的是为了把印度建成一个世界强囀?India has the worlds second largestdiaspora after China, with more than 25 million people settling overseas sincecolonial times, from Guyana in South America to Singapore in East Asia.印度在海外拥有的印度人数量世界第二,仅排在中国之后,自殖民时代以来已经有2500万印度人移民海外,从南美的圭亚那到东亚的新加坡。Modis desire to harness the groups skillsand resources is bolstered by his Hindu nationalist leanings towardsreasserting Indias position as a global leader with a unique civilisationstretching back thousands of years.莫迪之所以想要利用这些人的技能和资源,是因为他想让印度再次恢复印度在千百年前所具有的那种世界领袖地位;There was a time when professionalsin India went to distant lands to explore new possibilities,; Modi told anannual gathering for people of Indian origin in Gujarat. ;Now India awaitsyou with opportunities.;“从前有一段时间印度的人才到遥远的他乡探索新的可能性,”莫迪在古吉特拉邦的年度海外印度人的聚会上说道。“现在印度以崭新的机会等待着你们的归来。”The diaspora event was timed immediatelyprior to a large investment meeting that will be addressed by U.S. Secretary ofState John Kerry and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.这次聚会的时间安排恰恰发生在一个大型的投资会议之前,美国国务卿克里和世界主席金辰勇将在这次投资会议上发言。On Wednesday, President Pranab Mukherjeeapproved an executive order to ease the way for those whose families left Indiaas many as four generations ago, as well as their spouses, to get lifetimevisas and own property in India.周三,印度总统穆克吉颁布了总统令,那些最多于四代之前就离开印度的印度人后裔及其配偶们将能更容易的获得印度的终身签以及更容易的在印度拥有资产。Modis pitch has a harder economic aspecttoo, as the diaspora holds investments of more than 0 billion in India.莫迪的这个计划也有经济层面的考量,因为这些海外印度人在印度的投资达到000多亿美元。Young, foreign-educated Indians came backin droves at the turn of the millennium and poured in funds as the economy tookoff with a roar, but the flow has dried up as growth sputtered in the past fewyears. Modi is keen to reverse that trend.世纪之交的时候年轻的在外国接受教育的印度人蜂拥回国,随着印度经济的发展,他们开始在印度进行投资,但随着印度经济的走低,这些资金流开始萎缩。所以莫迪想要逆转这种趋势。Officials said they are also assistingcitizenship efforts by those whose ancestors left India centuries ago, shippedby British rulers to distant corners of the globe as indentured labourers.官员称他们还在帮助印度后裔们获取印度的公民身份,他们的祖先在几个世纪前被英国殖民者当作契约劳工运送到遥远的地方去。Last year, overseas Indians greeted Modiwith a rockstar welcome and stadium rallies on his state visits to the edStates and Australia.去年,莫迪在访问美国和澳洲时受到了当地印度人热烈的欢迎。The energetic leaders popularity hasaly won over some high-profile individuals, including Arvind Panagariya andArvind Subramanian, two of the worlds top economists, who recently joined hisgovernment after long careers in the ed States.这位精力旺盛的领导人的名气已经为他赢得了一些高知名度个体的心,包括两位世界级的经济学家Arvind Panagariya Arvind Subramanian,在美国经历了长久的职业生涯后他们最近加入了印度政府。The diaspora meeting was attended byGuyanas President Donald Ramotar, and also sought totap into the French-speaking Indian diaspora from island nations such asMauritius.圭亚那总统DonaldRamotar也参加了这次的海外印度人聚会,这个聚会还试图接近来自岛国的讲法语的海外印度人,比如岛国毛里求斯。来 /201501/353030新抚区妇幼保健院男科预约抚顺市职业病防治院泌尿科咨询

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