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即使是一个英语初学者,大概也不会不知道单词sweet的最基本意思是酸甜苦辣中的“甜”,但在新西兰人的日常口语中,sweet常常用来替代口语中的OK、nice、good和better。举几个简单例子: You really are a sweet man! 你真是一个好人!He said the second method was sweet. 他说第二种方法更好些。Boss: Hi, Mark, can you work overtime today?Mark: No problem!Boss: Sweet!老板:喂,马克,你今天能加班吗?马克:没问题!老板:非常好!类似的单词和短语还有很多,在这里只选择了一些新西兰当地人日常口语中频繁使用的词汇和短语,介绍给即将来新西兰的读者朋友。掌握这些口头禅不仅有助于让你正确理解当地人的口语,并且如果自己能够在日常会话时加以适当运用,会让人觉得你的口语更加地道。 /200908/79998Host: Why did you decide to pick up the story on dreams? Julie Bain: Well, dreams are fascinating, and the thing is most people don't pay any attention to them. And dreams have a lot to offer. Host: How do you train your mind to remember it the next morning? Gayle Delaney: Just keep a note pad by your bed before you go to sleep. Host: So you don't train yourself, you just write it down? Gayle: Just write it down. When you wake up, whatever's in your mind, write it down because you're problem solving. Every night in your sleep, you're looking at your relationships, your work issues, and your self-esteem. So it makes senseto write down whatever's there and then learn how to interpret your dreams. 主持人:你为什么决定研究梦? 朱莉·贝恩:嗯,梦令人着迷,问题是大多数人都不会注意它。梦可以反映很多问题。 主持人:怎样训练自己的大脑在第二天早上记住昨晚的梦呢? 盖尔·德莱尼:睡觉前在床边放一个笔记本。 主持人:所以你不需要训练自己,只要把梦记下来就行了? 盖尔:只要记下来就行了。你醒来时,不管你脑海中记得什么,写下来,因为你在解决问题。每晚在睡梦中,你都在审视你的人际关系、工作问题和自尊心。所以,明智的做法是:不管记得什么,先记录下来,然后学习怎样解梦。Host: Why do we dream in the first place? Gayle: We dream for many reasons. We dream to incorporate new learning. We dream to calm down our feelings and our upsets. But we also dream to understand our lives better. What are we really like when we're not so defensive? And our dreams show us "Look here!You're having a fi ght with your husband." You're the one who's doing something really stupid. Sometimes your dreams will tell you that, and that’s more useful information than ever being right with your husband. Host: So Julie, to that point then, we really should pay close attention to our dreams because it may enlighten us on what's down the road or what we're dealing with immediately. Julie: Well, and what people say is that you can train yourself to remember your dreams. You can even train yourself to go back to them and follow up, ya know, and it's all that stu that'sburied in you that  nds ways of bubbling up in your dreams...主持人:我们到底为什么做梦? 盖尔:我们做梦的缘由有很多。我们做梦以吸收新知识,我们做梦以平稳情绪、缓解不安。我们做梦还可以更好地了解我们的生活。当我们卸下一些防备时,我们到底是什么样?我们的梦告诉我们,“看!你和你的丈夫吵架了。”你是那个正在做一些非常愚蠢的事情的人。有时候你的梦会告诉你这一点,而那是比跟你的丈夫和好如初更有用的信息。 主持人:朱莉,说到这一点,我们真的应该密切关注我们的梦,因为它可能会启示我们将来会发生什么,或者我们应该马上处理什么问题。 朱莉:嗯,据说你可以训练自己记住所做的梦。你甚至可以训练自己重新回到那个梦,继续那个梦境。你知道,那些都是埋藏在你身体里的东西,以某些情境在你的梦里冒了出来……Gayle: And not only that, you can ask for a problem to be solved in your sleep. Incubate a dream. Tonight you've got a problem with your sister. What's really going on between me and my sister? You write that down and you will have a dream on it that night. Host: I want to break it down to some of the dream scenarios that are common, that people talk about all the time. Flying. What does that mean? Julie: They say it's when you feel exuberant and your self-esteem is up...Host: Really? Julie: ... you feel in control. Host: Now what about chased, being chased? That can't be a good thing, is it?  Gayle: Hardly ever, because you're terrified and you're afraid you're not gonna survive. So you have to in and out, who's the aggressor? What do you feel like in your dream? And if what you're feeling like is this person's overwhelming me, terrifying me, see what you can fi nd out about who is this guy following you, and is there anything in your life that's like that? What are you running away from? 盖尔:还不止这些, 你可以要求在睡梦中解决一个问题。酝酿出一个梦。比如今晚你跟你的产生了矛盾,“我和我的之间到底发生了什么?”你把它写下来,那晚你就会做一个有关这件事的梦。主持人:我想打断一下,谈谈一些人们经常谈到的非常常见的梦境。飞翔,这个梦境是什么意思?朱莉:据说当你觉得高兴,你的自尊心提高…… 主持人:真的吗?朱莉:……你感到自己控制着一切时(你会做这样的梦)。 主持人:梦到追逐……被人追是什么意思?那不可能是好征兆,对吗?盖尔:基本上不是,因为你会害怕,你害怕你会无法幸免。所以你要找出谁是那个攻击者?你在梦中的感觉是什么?如果你的感觉是这个人压制着你,让你感到害怕,看看找出这个追你的人你能发现什么,你的生活中曾发生过类似的事吗?你要逃离什么?Host: What if it's someone you don't recognize? 'Cause I've had dreams about people I've never seen! Julie: You know what I learned about this is that it might be a partof yourself that you're running away from, and it's really important to look inside and think "What could that be that I'm trying to get away from?"Gayle: And especially if the person chasing you is a different sex...Host: Uh-huh...Gayle: ...is there some part of yourself that acts like that person that you're not aware of, and you're running away from your own smoking, your own addiction? Host: This is deep. We need to sit in – we need to have a long talk. Now I'm going to ask you about the dream of missed exam, or missed appointment. A lot of people have that. Even when they don't have an appointment or an exam! Gayle: Remember, dreams are metaphors. 主持人:如果是你不认识的某个人呢?因为我的梦里出现过我从来没见过的人! 朱莉:你知道,据我了解,这可能是你想要逃避你自身的一部分,内省并想想“我试图逃避的是什么?”真的很重要。 盖尔:特别是如果这个追你的人是异性…… 主持人:嗯哼…… 盖尔:……是你的某一部分表现得像那个你不认识的人?你在逃避抽烟,你的烟瘾? 主持人:这学问太深了。我们需要坐下来,我们需要好好谈谈。现在我要问一下梦见错过考试或错过约会是什么意思。很多人都会做这样的梦,即使是在他们没有约会或考试的时候! 盖尔:记住,梦是隐喻。Host: OK...Gayle: It's not that you're actually having an exam tomorrow, but something going on in your life right now, your relationships, your work pressures, are like "Oh, there I am, back in high school or in college, taking an exam and I'm not even prepared for it." What are you doing in your life that you're so overscheduled that you're not prepared for things? Or, are you forgetting to prepare for something you know is coming up and you're just putting it off? Host: OK, and the last one I've got to ask you about…huh…the dream of being naked. There's a whole lot of people who feeexposed...Julie: ... vulnerable...Host: So that seems pretty obvious! Gayle: It's obvious, but you have to say "Relate it to my life. How in my life do I feel like that? Do I feel that way in my relationship? At work? Do I feel that I’ve said too much? Am I vulnerable?" And that's very helpful to know and be aware of so you don't keep making those same mistakes. 主持人:嗯…… 盖尔:实际上,不是你明天有考试,而是你现在的生活中发生的一些事,比如人际关系、工作压力,让你觉得就像“噢,我回到了中学或大学,要参加一场考试,我甚至都没有准备。” 你的生活中有什么事情如此仓促让你没有准备?或者,你是不是忘了准备某件事,延误了做某事? 主持人:好的,我最后想问你的是…… 呃……梦见裸露。许多人感到自己被曝光…… 朱莉:……易受伤…… 主持人:看起来非常明显! 盖尔:非常明显,但你得说“将它和我的生活联系起来,我在生活中是怎样一种感觉?在我的人际交往中我有那种感觉吗?在工作中我有那种感觉吗?我说得太多吗?我敏感吗?”了解这些非常有用,意识到这些可以让你不犯相同的错误。 /201110/158988

我们在QQ上时常看到别人拥有一句很个性的签名,但是英汉互译的很少,下面为大家找到几个在QQ签名上常常被大家看到,也广为流传的个性签名的英文版,看看用英文怎么表达。1. 如果只是遇见,不能停留,不如不遇见。If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other, then I wish we had never encountered .2. 宁愿笑着流泪,也不哭着说后悔。心碎了,还需再补吗?I would like weeping with the smile rather than repenting with the cry, when my heart is broken, is it needed to fix?3. 没有谁对不起谁,只有谁不懂得珍惜谁。No one indebted for others, while many people don't know how to cherish others.4. 命里有时终需有命里无时莫强求You will have it if it belongs to you, whereas you don't kvetch for it if it doesn't appear in your life.5. 当香烟爱上火柴时,就注定受到伤害。When a cigarette falls in love with a match, it is destined to be hurt.6. 爱情……在指缝间承诺 指缝……在爱情下交缠Love, promised between the fingersFinger rift, twisted in the love7. 没有人值得你流泪,值得让你这么做的人不会让你哭泣。No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.8. 记住该记住的,忘记该忘记的。改变能改变的,接受不能改变的。Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Alter what is changeable, and accept what is mutable. /200907/79699

摘要:在古代和中世纪,看见和听见闹鬼的说法十分流行。现代大多数人不信鬼魂之说,但仍对有关鬼魂的故事、小说和电影十分感兴趣,而且不肯夜间走过坟地或废弃的老房子。The ghost is supposed to be the spirit of a person who has died. Reports of seeing or hearing ghosts have been common throughout history — especially in ancient times and in the Middle Ages. Most modern people do not believe in ghosts, but they are interested in stories, books, films and plays about ghosts. And they prefer not to go into graveyards or deserted house at night. In most stories and reports about ghosts, the ghost resembles its living form. Many ghosts are transparent or shadowy. Some ghosts are pictured in long white robes.Many ghosts have the intention of doing harm or evil. But some ghosts are friendly. Ghosts with evil intention are usually the spirits of people who were murdered. They are believed to haunt the place where, in their real form, they died or were buried. Whole families may be visited by the ghost of a person that an early ancestor killed or injured, or even by the ghost of an ancestor. A ghost may try to reveal who murdered it — as in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet — or try to frighten the murderer — as in Shakespeare's Macbeth. A ghost haunts a place by screaming, groaning, making strange noises and causing doors, furniture, and other objects to move by themselves. In many stories and reports, a ghost returns from the dead without being called by anyone. In others, a medium(a person with special powers) calls the ghost back to earth. Ghosts are associated with darkness and night, so they usually end their visits by dawn, as the old saying goes, "Apparitions vanish at cock-crow." /200906/72869When you’re in love with a beautiful woman, you really do have to watch your friends. Just like Dr Hook warned in their 1979 hit, research has revealed that relationships in which the woman is more attractive than the man may be doomed to failure. However, having a handsome husband or boyfriend is no barrier to the couple’s success, according to the study.  如果说“红花必须绿叶配”,那么红花与绿叶的搭配法则随着时代的更替又需要重新普及下了。倘若你要与一名美女陷入爱河中,好事的科学家们又要提醒你,你又要小心了!因为从恋情顺利发展的机率来说,与美女谈恋爱,失败的机率会很高!与之相反,与帅哥谈恋爱或者找一个超级超级迷死人的老公的结果却恰恰相反,丝毫不会影响你们恋爱成功的步伐。 Their findings could help explain why Angelina Jolie’s marriages to actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton barely lasted three years a piece. In contrast, her relationship with Brad Pitt, one of the world’s most handsome celebrities, has aly lasted six years, suggesting she has found her match. The Stirling, Chester and Liverpool university researchers took photos of the men and women in more than 100 couples. Some had been together for just a few months, others for several years. The individual men and women were then rated on their looks.  专家拿出好莱坞第一美人安吉丽娜·朱丽的婚史来让普罗大众“以史为鉴”,回顾安吉丽娜·朱丽的恋情与婚史(与演员Jonny Lee Miller 和Billy Bob Thornton 的婚姻仅仅维持3年),而安吉丽娜与世界第一大帅锅布莱特·皮特的婚姻却整整维持了6年直到如今,看来速配并不只是“男才女貌”而已,还需要都要长得靠谱才能维持得久啊!利物浦大学的研究者针对100名夫妇拍摄照片后,经过调查,有一些夫妇维持了几个月有一些维持了数年,这些感情的长短要是与他们的外貌“相提并论”的话还确实是“值得考究”的哦!  The analysis revealed having an attractive husband or boyfriend was no barrier to a relationship succeeding. But, if it was the woman who was the one blessed with good looks, the relationships tended to last only a matter of months, the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin reports. Researcher Rob Burriss said: ‘This would indicate it is the woman who is in control of whether the relationship continues. Beautiful women may realise they can afford to pick and choose, he suggests. They may also have the confidence to leave behind relationships that have run their course. ‘Attractive women might generally prefer short-term relationships. They’re better placed to move on.’  分析家指出了,找一个帅气的男友或者老公并不会影响恋情的发展,但是女人倘若太美的话,对恋情发展不利!有数据竟然表示,与超级大美女恋爱的时期可以缩短到短短数月就“歇菜”了,这项数据还发表在了期刊《个性与社会心理学通报》上。研究员说:“这项结论明了一个道理,女人在是掌握一段恋情发展质量与时间的最重要的平衡点,漂亮的女人更有相对的挑选优先权,她们可以决定她们是否继续恋爱,因为美女更希望恋情短暂并质量好,恋情短了,她们就可以继续下一段恋爱了。” /201103/127046Never has a Queen had a better reason to say ;Let them eat cake;. Four engineering teams are preparing to do battle in a contest to make the tallest cake to mark the Diamond Jubilee.从没有一位女王能有更好的理由说:“大家吃蛋糕吧。”已有四家工程队准备开展一场竞赛,为纪念英国女王登基钻石禧年,打造最高的蛋糕。The rival companies will show off their engineering and baking prowess, equipped with a total of 66lb of flour, 408lb of butter, 990lb of sugar, four vats of golden syrup and 1,480lb of chocolate.这几家竞争公司将展示各自的工艺水平和烘焙技术,预计将用掉66磅面粉、408磅奶油、990磅的糖,4大桶金黄色糖浆以及1480磅巧克力。The contest will be held to mark the Queen#39;s Diamond Jubilee on Sunday at the Battersea Park festival in London, near to the start of the river pageant.这场蛋糕比赛将于周日在伦敦贝特西公园的庆祝活动上举行,以纪念英国女王登基钻石禧年。这里临近钻石禧年庆典中皇家御舟航行的始发地。It has emerged that Arup - the company who created the Gherkin skyscraper in London - will be producing a replica of the iconic towerblock.据称,负责设计伦敦“小黄瓜”天大楼的英国奥雅纳工程顾问公司将依照这一地标性建筑的外观设计蛋糕。After weeks of planning, the team behind the project are set to build their cake to the height of a two-storey house.在数周的计划之后,该公司的设计团队打算打造一个两层楼高的蛋糕。Stephanie Black, an electrical engineer with Arup, said the team was used to working with concrete and steel, but less so with materials such as chocolate and fruit cake.该公司的电子工程师斯蒂芬妮-布莱克说,团队习惯于和钢筋水泥打交道,但对巧克力和水果蛋糕等材料不太熟悉。;We had to do a lot of testing on the new materials before we realised that diamond-shaped blocks of crispy cakes were the most sturdy,; she said.她说:“我们进行了大量的试验,才发现钻石型搭建的酥脆蛋糕是最牢固的。”The crown of the bullet-shaped building will be formed of delicate spun sugar.这个子弹型“建筑”的“王冠”将由鲜美的棉花糖制成。Also in the mix for the competition are Expedition Engineering, a team who are planning a cake made of ice cream cones; Buro Happold, who will create a cake tower topped with a Union Jack-shaped sponge; and the Young Structural Engineers team, who will bake a creation involve cupcakes and chocolate pillars.参与竞争的团队还有计划制作冰淇淋甜筒蛋糕的远征工程公司;计划制作顶部是英国国旗形状松糕的蛋糕塔的标赫工程顾问公司;以及计划烘焙一个包含纸杯蛋糕和巧克力棒的蛋糕的青年结构工程公司。The cakes will afterwards be fed to the crowds.蛋糕最终将分发给民众品尝。 /201205/184461

The Goddess of Justice was the daughter of Zeus, while Poseidon was the younger brother of Zeus. In ancient times, human beings and gods coexisted in the world and were happy and harmonious. However, the Goddess of Justice and Poseidon admired and respected each other. The Goddess of Justice was persistent and enthusiastic, whereas Poseidon was complex and cold-blooded. Zeus had numerous wives and children but he only had one brother, who was created by his and Hera’s tears. Thus, Poseidon was loved by everyone in the heaven, but the Goddess of Justice was independent.正义女神是宙斯的女儿,海神波塞冬是宙斯的弟弟。在极为遥远的年代,人类与神一起居住在地上,过着和平快乐的日子。而正义女神和波塞冬在长时间的相处中也产生了感情,他们彼此尊重,互相爱慕。正义女神有着男子一样的气质,坚毅而热情;波塞冬像海一样深邃,冰冷。宙斯有无数的妻子,因此也有数不清的儿女,而波塞冬是他唯一的兄弟,是他和天后赫拉用泪水造出来的。不仅宙斯和天后疼爱他,神殿里所有的神祗都视如掌上明珠。正义女神却十分独立,有自己的思想。Human beings were clever. They learned to construct buildings and pave roads. But they also created conflicts amongst themselves. Wars and crimes erupted everywhere and many gods returned back to heaven. Only the Goddess of Justice and Poseidon remained with humans.人类很聪明,他们逐渐学会了建房子、铺道路,但与此同时也学会了勾心斗角和欺骗。战争和罪恶开始在人间蔓延,许多神无法忍受纷纷回到天上居住,只有正义女神和波塞冬留了下来。The Goddess of Justice did not lose the confidence towards human beings but believed someday they would be conscious of what they had done. But Poseidon felt disappointed and persuaded her to return to heaven. The Goddess refused and they quarreled for the first time. The Goddess despised him only as salt water creature, but Poseidon released the scandal of Zeus, that the Goddess was Zeus’ illegitimate daughter. She felt to be humiliated and found Zeus to have it out.女神没有对人类绝望,她认为人类终有一天会觉悟,回到过去善良纯真的本性。但是波塞冬却对人类丧失了信心,他悲观的劝女神回到天上去。女神自然不听,于是两人生平第一次争吵。他们争执得很激烈,从人类的问题上不断升级,最后竟吵到了彼此的身世上。正义女神鄙夷波塞冬不过是一滩咸水,而波塞冬则抖落出宙斯的丑闻及女神私生的事实。正义女神受到极大的侮辱,找到父亲宙斯评理。 /201108/151846On Chen Chen#39;s route to the highest peak of the world, corpses of mountaineers served as a reminder of how tough it is to climb Qomolangma. Chen recently became the first female college student to climb Qomolangma.在陈晨前往世界最高峰的途中,一具具登山者的遗骸似乎在提醒她攀登珠峰是有多么艰难。前不久,她刚刚成为首位攀登珠峰的在校女大学生。It took her two years#39; preparation and another 40 days in the oxygen-deprived, high altitude of Tibet.她花了两年时间来做行前准备,此外还在高海拔且氧气稀薄的西藏生活了40天时间。Chen is a 25-year-old outdoor recreation major at China University of Geosciences, Wuhan campus. When she removes her puffy down jacket and climbing boots fitted with crampons, Chen Chen is a slim woman with a pageboy haircut.25岁的陈晨就读于中国地质大学(武汉校区)的户外专业。当脱下臃肿的羽绒以及装有冰爪的登山鞋后,陈晨是位留着娃娃头的窈窕少女。But according to Dong Fan, director of this Qomolangma expedition who has been to the top three times, it is Chen#39;s unrivalled mental strength that got her to the summit of the world.此次珠峰探险队的总指挥董范曾三次成功登顶珠峰,而他表示,正是陈晨那份无人能比的意志力使她登上了世界最高峰。;Apparently Chen Chen is an innate mountaineer. She is tough and her mental strength is more powerful than many male mountaineers,; said Dong.董范表示:;陈晨似乎天生就是登山运动员。她很坚强,相对于其他男性登山队员,她意志力更强。;But for Chen, her mental toughness came at a price.但对陈晨而言,钢铁一般的意志是需要付出代价的。When Chen was a freshman her father was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a fatal disease.当陈晨还在读大一时,她的父亲被确诊为;多发性骨髓瘤;,生命垂危。The cost of keeping his symptoms under control squeezed every penny out of the family purse. Instead of enjoying a care-free freshman year, Chen took a part-time job in a local sports club to support her tuition and expenses.治病的巨额费用使得整个家庭倾其所有。因此陈晨的大一生活并非无忧无虑,她靠在当地的一家运动俱乐部中做兼职来赚取学费以及生活开销。;I learned endurance throughout my college life, which, by chance, is what a good mountaineer requires,; said Chen.陈晨说:;我整个大学生活都在学习忍耐,而恰巧这正是一名优秀登山运动员所应具备的。;Chen#39;s cool, calm attitude singled her out from 400 student-applicants for the trip to Tibet.沉着,冷静的态度使得陈晨从400名申请参加此次西藏之旅的学生中脱颖而出。The expedition team climbed the peak via the north ridge, where climbers usually find the vertical ascent progressively difficult.登山队从北峰登顶,登山者常常发现垂直攀登一步比一步艰难。Their final push to the 8,844.43-meter summit from the 8,300-meter camp was only 3 to 4 kilometres.他们从位于海拔8300米高的营地出发,向海拔8844.43米的最高峰发出最后冲击,而两者之间的距离只有3-4千米。;But it took us seven hours to crawl our way up,; said Chen.陈晨说:;我们却花了七个小时的时间,缓慢地向上攀爬。;In her final effort to the top, several frozen bodies were like monuments alongside her path.在她最后发力登顶的路途中,路旁那些冻僵死去的骸骨们仿佛一座座纪念碑。;I thought I would shudder at the mountaineers#39; corpses, but reverence replaced horror the second I saw them on my way to the peak,; said Chen.陈晨说:;我本以为那些登山者的遗体会让我感到害怕,但当我登顶时看到他们的那一刻,尊敬却取代了恐惧。;At 8:16 am, May 19, Chen finally stood on the summit – for 15 minutes. It was long enough.5月19日早上8点16分,陈晨最终站在了珠峰顶,并停留了15分钟。时间看似很短,但已足够漫长了。As the party descended, Chen#39;s parents were like cats on hot bricks thousands of kilometres away on her campus in Wuhan.在登山队下山过程中,在数千公里外的中国地质大学(武汉校区)里,陈晨的父母急得就像热锅上的蚂蚁。Many fatal incidents have taken place on the descent and there is no second chance if you take a tumble or miss your footing on the mountain.很多致命事故都发生在下山途中,一旦你在山上跌倒或失足,便绝无生还机会。;I hardly talked about mountain climbing with my parents, let alone the danger of it,; said Chen.陈晨说:;我几乎不和父母谈登山的事,更不用说其中的危险了。;According to Chen, a mountaineer must avoid causing his or her family anxiety.陈晨表示,一名登山者一定不能让自己的家人担忧。;One wrong step could cost you your life, but you cannot have your parents haunted by that,; said Chen.;尽管一步走错都可能要付出生命代价,但你不能让父母为此饱受煎熬。;陈晨说道。Following her trip to the top of the world, Chen is considering professional mountaineering as her career in the future.在征世界最高峰之后,陈晨正在考虑以后做一名职业登山者。She cited the reason why legendary British mountaineer George Mallory wanted to climb Qomolangma: ;Because it#39;s there.;当被问及为何要攀珠峰时,她引用了英国传奇登山家乔治#8226;马洛里的一句名言:;因为它就在那里。; /201206/187753

How do you spend your off hours? Do you watch television? Do you surf the web? Read articles here at Lifehack.org? There are many ways you can spend your leisure time. But is it really possible to get more out of your time off? Not just making this time more productive, but actually making it more enjoyable.Breaking the Work/Play DistinctionI believe the answer goes against what many of us have been taught about how to spend our free time. From early childhood we’ve been taught to divide everything to do into two groups, work and leisure. Work consists of all the things we need to do and leisure is everything else.Splitting the world this way isn’t necessarily wrong. But the subtle message contained in this split is that work and leisure shouldn’t resemble each other. Your work needs to be productive, efficient and challenging. Therefore leisure should be relaxing, accomplish nothing and be free of pressures.Why This Kills Your Free TimeThe problem is this assumption, that work should be the opposite of leisure, ruins your free time. The belief that the most enjoyable moments of life are spent relaxing in the fruits of our labor doesn’t match the real world. Research has shown that the most enjoyable moments of our life are the ones where we are most engaged.Psychology researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi recorded this phenomenon. He did this through a device that pinged at random points in time. The subject then filled out a form based on their feelings, thoughts and current activity. What he found was people have more enjoyable experiences from work than from their time off. He mentions this paradox in his book, Flow:“Thus we have the paradoxical situation: On the job people feel skillful and challenged, and therefore feel more happy, strong, creative and satisfied. In their free time people feel that there is generally not much to do and their skills are not being used, and therefore tend to feel more sad, weak dull and dissatisfied. Yet they would like to work less and spend more time in leisure.” [emphasis mine]I believe the dissatisfaction for work stems from the external need to work. Since we cannot exercise freedom in choosing to show up every morning, it is easy to begrudge the time there. Even if it produces positive experiences in our lives.The Answer Isn’t Becoming a WorkaholicI don’t believe the resolution of this problem, is to work all the time. I think that would only exacerbate a situation where people feel trapped by oppressive work schedules. Even if jobs can produce,challenging flow experiences, putting all your eggs into one basket can be risky.Instead, Fill Your Spare Time With Active LeisureActive leisure is free activities you choose that challenge and fulfill you. But because you take up these tasks through internal desires, not external constraints, you won’t feel trapped by them.Many people have found ways to incorporate active leisure into their lives. Taking up hobbies, sports and learning new skills even when time is limited. But as the standard forty hour workweek gets pushed longer and passive entertainment becomes easier to consume, it is harder to take up active leisure.Leisure is Hard WorkUpgrading your leisure time to make it more enjoyable isn’t always easy. This may sound backwards, since many people believe the purpose of leisure is to be easy. But sometimes the benefits of being active in your time off aren’t immediately apparent.Activity requires that you invest your attention. The body was designed to be efficient, not enjoyable, so it may resist your attempts to invest energy in anything non-essential.How to Start the Active Leisure HabitThere are many ways you can upgrade your leisure time, but it requires effort. Unlike watching television or relaxing, opportunities for flow need to be structured in advance. It can sometimes require planning and always requires an initial push of momentum to get started.I suggest an experiment. Try replacing some low-energy task with a more engaging one. Continue it for a month. After that month, if you don’t feel the new task is more satisfying than your old usage of time, quit. This is about enjoyment, not productivity, so you don’t need to feel guilty if you decide to switch back later.Suggestions for Active LeisureHere are a couple ideas to get the ball rolling:1. Join Toastmasters -At toastmasters.org you can find clubs near your location. There are thousands of them and they are a great experience. I’ve known many people who tell me Toastmasters is the highlight of their week.2. Start a Craft -Try learning a new hobby or restarting an old one. Painting, woodworking, sculpting, programming or blogging are all great starts. Buy a tutorial book to get you started and learn from there.3. Play Sports -Find a physical activity that will get you to move and provides a challenging environment. Not only will this keep you healthy, but it will put your mind into a state of flow more easily than sitting on the couch.4. Learn a New Language -Challenge yourself to learn a new language. This has always been a goal of mine. I’ve heard from many sources that it can be both challenging an enjoyable to gain fluency in a non-native tongue.5. Play a Game -Computer games and interactive entertainment can be great ways to produce flow. Although you can get addicted to the enjoyable environment, structuring a small amount of time to play games can engage you mind to have fun.6. Start a Project -One of my personal favorites is to get a new project going. Starting a project to complete something over the course of a couple months can be exciting and incredibly rewarding. Go start that novel you’ve been thinking about. /200903/64310二月二龙抬头,北方人很重视,关于龙抬头很有很多传说的故事,也有历史相关的故事。这是一则历史与传说相结合的故事,相传唐朝武则天登基后,玉帝大怒,下令龙王三年不准给人间降雨,然后龙王仁慈,不忍见百姓受苦,私自降雨,而遭受天帝惩罚,被贬下凡压在大山之下。玉帝称,除非金豆开花,否则龙王将永远压在大山之下。百姓感恩龙王的救命之恩,四处奔走找金豆,到了二月初二这天,忽见有人在晒金黄的玉米种子,那人心想,如果把玉米爆开花不就是金豆开花吗?于是家家户户爆爆米花,并设香炉祭天地,龙王因此得救。According to the folk legend, the 2nd day of the second lunar month is the very day for the dragon king who is in charge of clouds and rains to raise his head. After that day, there will be more and more rain, so that day is also called Spring Dragon Day. Most Chinese northern farmers believe that with the help of that day, all stores, big and small, will be full of grain. Every year when this day comes, those Chinese northern people will carry the lanterns, in the morning to fetch water from the wells and the rivers. They will light the candles, burn incense and play tribute to the dragon king. In the old times people called this ;welcome the fields dragon.; On that day, all the families will eat noodles or fried glutinous rice blocks, and pop corn to enjoy happiness.根据民间传说,农历二月初二是长官云雨的龙王抬头之日。过了龙抬头这天,雨水充沛,所以这天被称为春龙界。中国北方的农民深信龙抬头后雨水充足这事,到时粮仓无论大小都会装满粮食。每当春龙节到来,中国北方都会舞龙,大部分地区在这天早晨家家户户打着灯笼到井边或河边挑水。回到家里便点灯、烧香、上供,理发(有习俗正月理发死舅舅)。旧时,人们把这种仪式叫做;引田龙;。这一天,家家户户还要吃面条、炸油糕、爆玉米花(比作为;挑龙头;、;吃龙胆;、;金豆开花,龙王升天,兴云布雨,五谷丰登;),以示吉庆。A popular fairy tale in the north of China can tell the origin of the day. When Wu Zetian, the empress, in the Tang Dynasty came into power, the Heaven God was so angry that he ordered the dragon kings to stop raining for 3 years. Soon after this, the dragon king who was in charge of the heaven river heard the bitter cries from the folk, saw many people starve to death. He was afraid that there would be no life in no time. Then he went against the Heaven God#39;s order and gave the folk a heavy rain. Because of this, the dragon king was thrown into the folk world by the Heaven God and pressed under a large mountain. 北方庆春龙节还因为另外一个传说。相传唐朝,武则天登位做了皇帝,玉帝大怒,命令龙王三年之内不能降雨。但龙王日日听闻百姓哭泣,见无数百姓音饥饿而死,他担心很快地球上就没有生命了。于是他违背玉帝旨意,给老百姓降了一场大雨。玉帝得知后,将司掌天河的玉龙打下天宫,压在一座大山下面。(山下还立了一块碑,上面写道:龙王降雨犯天规,当受人间千秋罪。要想重登灵霄阁,除非金豆开花时。)Then the folk hurried to look for gold beans everywhere in order to save him from the pressure. On the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month the next year, when people were drying the corn seeds in the sun, they thought of the corn seeds as gold beans because when they were roasted, they would pop in blossom like gold beans. So all the families began to pop corn and burn incense and put gold beans on desks. When the dragon king raised his head, he knew the folk were trying to save him, so he shouted to the God, ;Gold beans are in blossom, so let me out.; After the Heaven God saw all gold beans in blossom in all families, he had to give his order to ask the dragon king to return to the heaven palace and go on with his job of making clouds and rains for the folk. Since then, it has been the folk custom to eat pop corn on the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month. In fact, after the 2nd lunar month, since there will be more and more rain which marks the end of little-rain winter. This is a clear characteristic of the monsoon climate in North China.人们为了拯救龙王,到处寻找开花的金豆。到了第二年二月初二这一天,人们正在翻晒金黄的玉米种子,猛然想起,这玉米就象金豆,炒开了花,不就是金豆开花吗?于是家家户户爆玉米花,并在院里设案焚香,供上;开花的金豆;,专让龙王和玉帝看见。龙王知道这是百姓在救它,就大声向玉帝喊到:;金豆开花了,放我出去!;玉帝一看人间家家户户院里金豆花开放,只好传谕,诏龙王回到天庭,继续给人间兴云布雨。从此以后,民间形成了习惯,每到二月二这一天,人们就爆玉米花,也有炒豆的。 /201202/172360

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