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中方在东海上方拦截美方侦察机 -- :00:01 来源: 麦当娜演唱会脱粉丝上衣,女粉丝为此辩解不会告她,反而很荣幸 A Chinese jet fighter conducted an “unsafe” intercept of a U.S. spy plane in international airspace over the East China Sea, the U.S. Pacific Command said, in the second such midair encounter in a month.中方战斗机在中国东海的国际空域上方进行了对美国侦查机的“不安全”拦截,美国太平洋司令部表示,这是一个月内第二次这样的半空拦截The jet was one of two Chinese J- fighters that intercepted a U.S. Air ce RC-5 reconnaissance plane on routine patrol Tuesday, the Pacific Command said in a statement.该飞机是中国两架J-号战斗机中的一架,于周二拦截了一架正在进行常规巡逻美国空军RC-5侦察机,美国太平洋司令部在声明中说That same day, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was in Beijing annual economic and security talks that included discussions of regional tensions.同日,美国国务卿约翰·克里在北京就经济和安全进行年度对话,话题中包括对地区紧张局势的讨论Tuesday’s intercept was the second such incident since Beijing and Washington agreed in September on rules of behavior air encounters—an agreement hailed by both sides as an important step in stabilizing military relations.周二的拦截是自北京和华盛顿同意去年9月的空间行为准则以来第二次事件——该协议被双方赞赏,认为是构建安全军事关系的重要一步The Pentagon said last month that a Chinese fighter had flown dangerously close to a U.S. spy plane over the South China Sea.五角大楼称上月一架中国战斗机在中国南海上空靠近一架美方侦察机的危险距离飞行China denied that its plane flew dangerously during that encounter and accused the U.S. of threatening its security by regularly patrolling along the Chinese coast.中国否认其飞机在相遇中危险飞行,并指责美国在中国海岸的常规巡逻威胁其安全China’s defense ministry said on Wednesday it would look into the latest incident but accused the U.S. of “again deliberately hyping” the issue of U.S. military reconnaissance flights near China.中国国防部周三表示,将调查最近发生的事件,但指责美国在中国附近的美军侦察机的时间上“再次故意炒作”“Chinese military pilots always operate according to laws and regulations, and are professional and responsible,” the ministry said in a faxed statement.“中国军事飞行员总是依法飞行,而且很专业和负责,”国防部在一份传真声明中说China’s eign ministry echoed the comments in a regular news briefing and said the “the crux of the problem” are the U.S. flights.中国外交部在例行新闻发布会中发表类似说“问题的症结”在于美方飞机“The U.S. continues to carry out close reconnaissance activities against China, which severely undermines China’s maritime security,” said eign ministry spokesman Hong Lei.“美国继续对中国展开紧密的侦查活动,对中国海域安全构成严重威胁,”外交部发言人洪磊说He declined to comment on whether the intercept was timed to coincide with the U.S.-China talks in Beijing. “I think you need to ask the U.S. about that,” he said.他拒绝拦截是否有意在北京的中美会谈这个时间上进行的“我觉得你应该问美国,”他说Mr. Hong also declined to comment on Beijing’s commitment to the air-encounters agreement.洪先生也拒绝在北京对空间相遇协议的责任上作出表态The recent intercepts have raised questions about that among some eign military officials.最近的拦截引起了一些外国军事官员的质疑马克·扎克伯格的社交媒体账户被黑客攻击 -- ::0 来源: 扎克伯格的Instagram、推特、领英和Pinterest的账号遭到短暂地黑客攻击 He might run the world’s biggest social networking site, but not even Mark Zuckerberg is immune to being hacked.虽然马克·扎克伯格统治着世界上最大的社交媒体网站,但也无法对黑客攻击免疫The Facebook founder’s s on sites including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest appear to have been briefly compromised on Sunday.这位脸书创始人的包括Instagram、推特、领英和Pinterest的账号在周日显示遭到短暂地黑客攻击A hacker group called Ourmine, which has more than 0,000 Twitter followers, claimed responsibility.拥有万名粉丝的名为Ourmine的黑客组织称这起事件为其所为The group bragged about the alleged hacks in a tweet and invited Mr Zuckerberg to contact them.该组织在推特上自夸了这起所谓的黑客行动,并要求扎克伯格联系他们"Hey @finkd we got access to your Twitter Instagram Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm us."“嘿,@finkd,我们进入了你的推特、Instagram和Pinterest账户,我们只是测试你的安全性,请联系我们”Engadget posted a screengrab of the alleged hack of the Facebook chief executive’s Twitter :瘾科技网站发布了脸书CEO推特账号被所谓黑客攻击后的截屏:The Twitter has since had the offending tweets deleted. Mr Zuckerberg has not sent a tweet from the since .该推特账号从此把这些冒犯的帖子删除了扎克伯格自年就没有用此账户发布信息Developer Ben Hall tweeted a screenshot of Mr Zuckerberg’s "hacked" Pinterest page.程序员Ben Hall在Pinterest页面上发布了扎克伯格“被黑客攻击”的截屏The B understands that Facebook’s security systems prevented Mr Zuckerberg’s Instagram from being accessed. The photo-sharing service is owned by Facebook.B了解的情况是,脸书的安全系统防止扎克伯格的Instagram账户被访问该图片分享务网站为脸书所有Some reports suggested that the hack of LinkedIn may have been responsible the breach.一些报道称年领英遭黑客攻击可能导致了该安全系统的崩溃Last month it was reported that 7 million LinkedIn username and password combinations stolen four years ago were being sold on the dark web 5 bitcoins - worth about $,300 (1,595 pounds).据报道,上个月,四年前1.亿被盗的领英用户的用户名和密码组合在黑网站上以5比特币被出卖,价值300美元The passwords were encoded, but in a m that appears to have been relatively easy to unravel.这些密码是被编码的,但从形式来看显得相对容易解开The , on which he has posted just 30 images, has more than 600,000 followers.这个只发布了30张图片的账号拥有60万粉丝鹦鹉可能成为凶杀案目击者 -- :59: 来源: 一只非洲灰鹦鹉在主人被杀后一直以主人的声音重复“他妈的不要开”这是否能够成为法庭据? Parrot called Bud keeps repeating ‘Don’t fucking shoot’ in the voice of his owner Martin Duram who was shot five times in his Michigan home.一只名叫Bud的鹦鹉不停地用主人Martin Duram的声音重复叫着“他妈的不要开”而其主人在密歇根家里身中五死亡An African Grey parrot. Budd, a parrot of the same species, may have witnessed his owner’s death.图为非洲灰鹦鹉Budd即为该品种的鹦鹉,它可能目睹了主人的死亡现场The ex-wife of a western Michigan man believes a parrot is repeating something said just bee his fatal shooting but a prosecutor is downplaying whether that could be used in court.一位西密歇根男子的前妻认为他家鹦鹉一直在重复致命杀发生前主人说过的话然而,检察官不确定该据是否能够在法庭上使用,因而进行了低调处理“I’m not aware of any legal precedent that,” Newaygo county prosecutor Robert Springstead told the Associated Press on Monday.“我以前从未见过类似的判例”纽威哥县检察官Robert Springstead周一告诉美联社“Certainly, as we work our way through the case, that may be something to look at, but I highly doubt there is any precedent that.”“当然了,随着我们对案件调查的进展,我们也许会注意这一点,但我十分怀疑之前是否有过类似的先例”Also, Springstead said, when a judge asks a witness to raise his or her right hand, “to a parrot, are you raising a wing, a foot?”而且,Springstead说,当法官要求目击者举起左手或右手时,“对一只鹦鹉,你难道要它举起一只翅膀或一只脚吗?”Martin Duram, 5, was shot five times in his home in Ensley Township in May . Then-wife Glenna Duram had a head wound but survived.Martin Duram5岁,于年5月在恩斯利镇的家里身中五他当时的妻子Glenna Duram头部受伤,但幸存下来Duram’s ex-wife, Christina Keller, now owns Bud, an African grey parrot that has repeated “don’t fucking shoot” in Martin Duram’s voice, she told WOOD-TV.Duram的前妻Christina Keller现在收养了Bud,她告诉WOOD电视台,这只非洲灰鹦鹉不停地用它主人Marting Duram的声音重复“他妈的不要开”But Springstead said he hasn’t heard it. “I tried to on my smartphone and online. I couldn’t get the audio feed to work,” he said.但Springstead说他从没听到过“我试着用智能手机和联网在线,但一直没有听到过”他说No charges have been filed in the case and Duram’s death remains under investigation. Springstead said his injuries appeared not to be self-inflicted.这起案件一直没有控告记录,Duram的死亡也一直在调查中Springstead说他的伤口不像是自己造成的“As soon as I receive the investigation, I will make a charging decision,” he said. “I expect that to happen in the next few weeks.”“一旦我接到调查令,我会做出控告的决定”他说“我希望能在接下来的几周内有所进展”

穿高跟鞋不伤脚的六个技巧 -- :: 来源:chinadaily Whether it's while giving a mal work presentation, meeting with clients, or attending a wedding, most women wear high-heeled shoes at one time or another. But wearing high heels can cause health problems ranging from bunions to plantar fasciitis to knee and lower back pain. Although it may be hard to avoid heels altogether, your choice of footwear doesn’t have to wreck your feet, legs, or overall health. Here are six ways to minimize the negative effects of high heels. 无论是在工作报告、会见客户、参加婚礼或其他正式场合,大多数女性都会穿高跟鞋出席但是,穿高跟鞋会导致一些健康问题,包括脚趾囊肿、足底筋膜炎、膝盖疼痛、腰部疼痛完全避免穿高跟鞋似乎是不可能的,但是通过选择更舒适的高跟鞋,也可以不伤害你的脚、腿部以及整体健康状况以下是六个技巧,可以减少高跟鞋对你的健康的负面影响1. CHOOSE YOUR HEEL HEIGHT WISELY. 1.理智地选择你的高跟鞋When you’re shopping fancy footwear, stilettos may catch your eye, but try to buy a heel with a gradual incline—like a platm or wedge—rather than a steep one. According to Dr. J. Scott Rosenthal of Airport Podiatry Group, the more walking you’re planning to do, the lower the heel and the wider the toe should be. “If you are going to dinner and a movie, example, the heel can be high and pointy [since you'll be sitting most of the time]. But an event where standing more than an hour is involved, a lower heel [less than 3 inches] and a less pointy toe is recommended to avoid overloading the efoot and toes,” Rosenthal tells mental_floss. 当你逛街买鞋时,细跟高跟鞋可能会更吸引你的眼球但你最好尽量选择坡跟高跟鞋,而不是细跟的美国航空足部医疗集团的Jbull;斯科特bull;罗森塔尔医生说,如果你接下来要步行的路程越长,你就越应该选择低跟或鞋尖较宽的高跟鞋罗森塔尔告诉mentalfloss杂志的记者说:“如果你只是出门吃饭看电影,你就可以选择鞋跟较高、鞋尖较窄的高跟鞋(因为大部分时间里你都可以坐着)但如果你参加的活动要站立超过一个小时,那么我建议你穿鞋跟低于3英寸(约7.6厘米)的高跟鞋,并选择鞋跟较粗的高跟鞋,避免前脚掌和脚趾承受过多压力”. CONSIDER A HEEL WITH A SHOCK ABSORBING CUSHION… .选择带有减震垫的高跟鞋Not all insoles are created equal: Seek out heels that have padding in the footbed. Podiatrist Dr. Phillip Vasyli told Shape that you should add an insert to your shoe or look high quality footwear that supports the ball of your foot with cushioning. Not sure where to start? Brands like Clarks and S?fft are known their padded insoles, and Dr. Scholl's makes cute, comtable heels now, too. 不是所有的鞋垫都是一样的:买那些在鞋内底有防震衬垫的高跟鞋足科医生菲利浦bull;瓦斯利告诉美国《Shape杂志的记者说,你应该在鞋子里贴一个脚垫或购买高质量的鞋子可以让你的脚掌接触地面时有所缓冲买鞋的时候觉得无从下手?Clarks和S?fft这两个品牌的鞋子的鞋垫就很软很舒适,爽健(Dr. Scholl)这个品牌也有既美观又舒适的高跟鞋3. …OR A DETACHABLE HEEL. 3. 或选择鞋跟可调整的高跟鞋Lugging your sandals or flats to every event you attend while wearing high heels gets old fast. Designer Tanya Heath makes high heels with detachable heels, so you can swap your low, sensible office heels the sky-high variety bee a dinner date. At the end of the evening, just clip the lower heels back into place a more comtable walk home. 随身携带你的凉鞋或平底鞋,因为穿高跟鞋让人老得更快设计师塔尼娅bull;海斯设计出鞋跟可调整的高跟鞋,所以你可以在晚餐出去约会之前,把在办公室穿的高度舒适的鞋跟调整为霸气的“恨天高”到了晚上回家的时候,又可以把鞋跟调低,以更舒的高度走路回家. SLIP THEM OFF WHEN YOU’RE SITTING DOWN. .只要坐下就解放你的双脚According to podiatrist Dr. Jason Bruse, slipping your heels off when you don’t need to wear them can considerably lessen the pain you might feel. “Wear them in a business meeting and take [them] off when you sit in your desk,” Bruse told Salt Lake City's Fox . Wearing your heels only when absolutely necessary can reduce the likelihood that you develop heel-related health problems such as ankle sprains, early onset osteoarthritis, and joint problems. 根据足科医生杰森bull;布鲁斯的建议,当你不需要穿着高跟鞋的时候就脱掉,这样可以大大减少疼痛布鲁斯告诉盐湖城的Fox 新闻网站的记者:“当女性朋友穿高跟鞋参加商务会议时,在坐下以后就可以把你的双脚从鞋子里解放出来”只在真正有必要的时候才穿高跟鞋可大大减小你患高跟鞋引起的健康问题的可能性,如踝关节扭伤,早期骨关节炎和其他关节问题5. STRETCH YOUR TOES AND FEET TO MINIMIZE PAIN. 5.足部伸展,减少疼痛Because chronic high heel wearing can shorten your Achilles tendon, podiatrists suggest doing simple stretches and exercises to combat any damage to your feet. Tap your toes while sitting at your desk, stretch your toes back towards your ankle, do heel raises, or stretch your calves. Women’s Health has helpful diagrams of stretches heel wearers should master. 由于长期穿高跟鞋会缩短你的跟腱,医师建议做简单的伸展运动来减少高跟鞋对你的脚造成损害当你坐下的时候,轻点你的脚趾,脚趾向膝部伸展,脚跟抬起,或伸展你的小腿《健康女性杂志上有相关的伸展简图可供你参考练习6. SOAK YOUR FEET. 6.泡脚When you get home after a night out, take your heels off, breathe a sigh of relief, and head to the tub. Soaking your feet in warm water minutes or so can feel relaxing, relieve pain, and bring down swelling. And add a cup of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) to the bath to further ease pain and inflammation. 晚间外出回家后,立刻脱掉你的高跟鞋,休息片刻之后,就去浴室泡脚双脚在温水中浸泡分钟左右,可以使你放松,也可以缓解疼痛,并减轻高跟鞋导致的肿胀在沐浴用的水中放一杯泻盐(硫酸镁)可以进一步减轻疼痛和炎症来源:雅虎新闻翻译:梁茜(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

最靓人猫CP!带着喵咪去舞会 -- ::31 来源:sohu 如果你参加前任婚礼,却找不到人相陪,想象一下这场景,会有多尴尬!而最近,美国高中生Sam Steingard也遇到了类似的难题不过,他可不是因为前任婚礼之类的,困扰他的是临近的高中毕业舞会为了解决女伴问题,他想破了头,最后一个奇妙的点子让他一展愁眉:带着他的猫Ruby去舞会 Finding a date Prom can be a stressful experience many. Just ask Sam Steingard. With the big date drawing ever nearer, the 18-year-old singleton from The States still hadn't found a girl to take. So instead of going alone or refusing to go at all, he did what any rational and sound-minded person would do in such a situation. He took Ruby, his cat. 当然Sam最后没有真的和猫咪跳舞(估计是可能考虑到猫咪跳舞会感到压力太大),但是,他确实把Ruby好好打扮了一番,并拍了一人一猫亮眼CP合照Sam的Caroline把这些合照放到网上,这对人猫CP迅速吸引很多人的关注,一夜之间成为了网络红人(猫)Ruby虽然最终没有成为Sam的舞会女伴,但两个在一起真的好搭! Ok, so he didn't take his cat to the actual dance (as it might have been too stressful her) but he did at least pose some prom photos with her. Sam's sister Caroline brought the picture to the world's attention by posting the snap of the happy couple on Imgur (I'm sure Sam appreciated that!) and Sam and Ruby have since become unlikely internet superstars. They might not have gone to prom together but they still make a pretty cute couple! 看眼神,一个深情,一个温柔,果然是宇宙人猫最红CP! Ruby特写,果真自带网红的忧郁高冷特质 恶搞后是这样子的 English Source: Boredpanda

美捕获巨型鳄鱼 短吻鳄重一千磅(图) -- 3:8:53 来源:   A family in Alabama are celebrating after catching the largest alligator ever recorded in the state over the weekend.The mammoth beast, which measured -feet long and weighed 1,0.5 pounds, was captured by five members of the Stokes family near Thomaston.It took the family ten hours to capture the monster.  阿拉巴马州的一个家庭正在庆祝周末捕到了州级历史上最大的一条短吻鳄它有英尺长,重.5磅,由居住在托马斯顿附近的斯托克一家五口耗时小时捕获  The hunt started on Friday night and lasted well into Saturday morning. Mandy Stokes said her crew went through the full range of emotions as they first staked the animal, bee battling it, then killing it and finally struggling to take it back to shore.  这场捕猎从周五晚上开始,持续到将近周六清晨曼迪·斯托克说,大家看到这只巨大的短吻鳄时都十分兴奋,在与它搏斗之前先是把它系在了桩上,然后才杀了它并拖回上岸  ‘He came up just as calm as he could,’ Mandy Stokes said, ‘When I pulled the trigger this time, water just exploded on all of us.’  “它尽可能地表现得非常冷静,”曼迪说,“当我松开扳手时,水花溅了我们一身”  When they finally got the beast back to dry land, he was so big that he crushed the winch system normally used by Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries biologists.In the end, a backhoe had to be brought in to lift the animal and officially weigh it.  当他们最终把鳄鱼拖上岸时,由于它体型过于庞大,直接压坏了阿拉巴马野生动物和淡水渔业生物学家专用的绞盘最后,他们不得不买来一个倒铲来抬起并为它正式称重  Alligators are the only dangerous-game species that can legally be hunted in the state. The mammoth gator has now been officially named as the largest ever legally harvested in Alabama and it could even be a new world record.  短吻鳄是阿拉巴马州唯一可以合法捕猎的危险动物现在,它已被官方承认是阿拉巴马州合法捕获的最大的短吻鳄,这也有可能是一项新的世界纪录  In June, Safari Club International declared a -foot, 8-inch, 880-pound alligator killed in Texas by Justin Wells of Bossier City, La., in as the new world record.  It isn't clear which metric-length, weight or a combination of both - SCI used to come to its decision.  六月,国际狩猎俱乐部宣布来自波西尔城的贾斯汀·威尔士年在德克萨斯州捕获的英尺长,8英寸高,880磅重的为新的世界纪录不过,目前并不清楚是身长、体重各自或者二者的综合才是俱乐部判定记录的标准  The Stokes' gator measured 70.5 inches around the stomach, 6 inches around the base of the tail and had a -inch snout measurement.Following his capture and being weighed, his next stop was scheduled to be Ken Owens' Autaugaville taxidermy shop.  斯托克一家捕获的鳄鱼胃部约70.5英寸高,尾部约高6英寸,鼻子则高英寸这条短吻鳄的下一站将是肯·欧文的奥塔贾维尔标本商店

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