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襄阳第一人民医院收费高吗襄阳医院治疗盆腔炎怎么样We tend to think of Edward the Confessor as the quintessential Anglo-saxon king.我们倾向于把忏悔者爱德华看作 一个典型的盎格鲁撒克逊国王In fact,he was almost as Norman as William the Conqueror.事实上 他几乎与征者威廉一样是个诺曼人After all, his mother Emma was a Norman and he#39;d lived here in Normandy for 30 years,他的母亲爱玛是诺曼人 在撒克逊与丹麦战争的硝烟中ever since she#39;d brought him as a child refugee from the wars between the Saxons and the Danes.把他扮作难民童带出 逃亡至诺曼底 自那以后 他便在此生活了三十年But Normandy was not just an asylum for Edward,但诺曼底不仅仅是爱德华的避难所it was the place which formed him politically and culturally.还培养了他在政治和文化方面的才能His mother tongue was Norman French.他的母语是诺曼法语His virtual godfathers were the formidable Dukes of Normandy.他真正的教父是那些令人敬畏的诺曼底公爵The Normans were descendants of Viking raiders,诺曼人是维京海盗的后裔but had long since traded in their longboats for powerful war-horses.但在很久以前就把战船换成了强大的战马The Duchy of Normandy was in no sense just a piece of France.诺曼底公国绝非仅为法国的一部分Though the Dukes did formal homage to the kings of France,尽管公爵在正式礼仪上效忠法国国王in every other way, they were fiercely independent,但在其它方面 他们是完全独立的possessed of castles, patrons of churches.拥有自己的城堡与自己资助的教堂These warlords were constantly in the saddle imposing their will on vassals,这些军阀常年马不解鞍地四处征战 将其意愿强加于诸侯fighting off revolts and forging shaky coalitions.平定叛乱 缔结摇摇欲倾的盟约But the duchy was also humming with energetic piety.公国也忙于各种虔诚的宗教活动In the 11th century,handsome stone monasteries and churches with Romanesque arches began to appear.在11世纪 拥有罗马式拱形结构的 漂亮的石砌修道院和教堂 开始出现And the first grandiose stone castles,as tough as the Norman lords who#39;d built them,became part of the landscape.最早的宏伟壮丽的石砌城堡 如建造它们的诺曼王族一般坚毅 成为了这风景一部分 /201607/456133保康县人民医院白带异常多少钱 One of the concepts that comes up over and over again with prolific creative minds that在我为《蒂姆秀》或者《巨人的工具》一书采访那些I#39;ve interviewed for the Tim Ferriss Show or for the book Tools of Titans is creating empty space.多产的创意人士时 有一个概念会不断出现 即创造空间And one of the guests Josh Waitzkin, who never does any media, can I curse on this?其中有位来宾是乔希 维茨金 他从不上任何节目 这真是简直了He always texts me with profanity laden SMSs because I#39;m the only one who can pull him out of his cave to do media.他总发满是脏话的短信给我 因为我是唯一能说他走出自己的世界来接受采访的人But he is best known perhaps as the chest prodigy, and I#39;ll explain why I put that in air es,他很出名 可以说是“棋坛王子” 我解释一下为什么我用了引号besides how funny it looks on camera,除了在镜头上看着好玩以外that formed the basis or who formed the basis for Searching for Bobby Fischer, both the book and the movie.他为《寻找鲍比 费舍尔》的书和电影奠定了基础He was a very well known chess player and continues to be an incredible chess player.他曾经是一名很优秀的象棋玩家 并且不可思议的是 他一直是一个很好的玩家But he has applied his learning framework to more than chess.但是他还把象棋的学习模式运用到了象棋意外的领域So he was a world champion in tai chi push hands, he was the first black belt in Brazilian他曾是太极推手的世界冠军 是取得巴西柔术黑带第一人jujitsu under the phenom probably the best of all time Marcelo Garcia, who trains in仅次于也许是史上最佳的运动员马塞洛·加西亚New York City and he#39;s a nine-time world champion something like that.加西亚是在纽约接受训练并九次获得世界冠军And he#39;s now tackling paddle surfing and he can apply it to just about anything.现在他正在学习划桨冲浪 并且他能将那种方法应用到任何地方He works with some of the top financial mines in the world, hedge fund managers and beyond,他为世界一流的金融组织务 作为对冲基金经理或者更the best of the best; top one percent.高级别人员 佼佼者中的佼佼者 前百分之一So, why? What are the principles that he shares?所以 为什么他会成功 他分享了哪些原则?One of them is creating empty space, cultivating empty space as a way of life, and these are all tied together so I#39;ll mention another one.其中有一条就是创造空间 并把它作为一种生活方式 这些原则融会贯通 所以我要提到另一条Learning the macro from the micro and then beginning with the end in mind.以小见大 以目的为导向And these all work together. So I#39;ll explain in fact the last two first.这些都相辅相成 接下来我会先解释最后两点Josh learned to play chess or I should say more accurately was coached by his first real coach in the opposite direction乔希刚开始学习下象棋的时 他的教练用逆向思维的方式教给他学象棋when compared to most training and most chess books.跟大多数的训练和象棋书上的方法都是相反的He was taught in reverse. What does that mean?他是以相反方式接受指导的 什么叫反向训练呢?He began with the end game and with very few pieces.他从一盘只有几个棋子的结束的棋局开始教起So they cleared all the pieces off the board, instead of starting with openings,他们不从头开始 而把残局上的子清光meaning what do you do first the first five to ten moves, he started with the ending game with king and pawn versus king.意味着别人都是首先从前面五子十子地下,他是从残局开始王和兵对阵王What does this do?这有什么用?Well this forces you to focus on principles like opposition, creating space, zugzwang,这强迫你专注于一些特殊原则 如对峙 创造空间 被动强制which is a principle of forcing your opponent to do anything that will destroy their position就是迫使对手走任何一步 都最终导致失败or anything they can possibly do will worsen their position.或者走任何他们能走的一步 都会使情况更不利And these types of principles that you learn when there#39;s an empty board with a few pieces accomplish a few things.从仅剩几颗子的棋盘上学习到的这些原则会达到几个效果Number one, you are learning the macro,第一你是从宏观上学习下棋原则the principles that you can apply throughout the game of chess in almost any scenario through the micro, this end game situation.这些原则能够适用于任何一个具体的小棋局 这些就是从残局学到的原则And these principles are adaptable.并且这些原则适用性很广You become a machine that can bob and weave with the circumstances very effectively.你变成了能根据情况高效地左挡右闪的机器Compared to that, as Josh would put it, if you#39;re memorizing the openings,就像那个机器一样 乔西说 如果你记住了棋开始的布局and this might be like memorizing recipes if you#39;re learning to cook,就好比 你在学习烹饪时只记住了菜单you#39;re effectively stealing the answers from the teacher#39;s guidebook to a test and you#39;ll be able to beat your friends for a while考试时从老师的指导书上偷到了 短期内你可能打败你的朋友and maybe even be considered a pretty decent chess player,甚至被人们认为是名很不错的棋手but on a deep level you don#39;t understand the game and you will hit a ceiling但是从深层意义上来讲 你并不了解这个游戏and you will never progress past that and you#39;ll get beaten by really good players.而且永远无法突破瓶颈 最终会被真正优秀的棋手打败So that can be applied to, for instance, Brazilian jujitsu.所以那个原则可以被应用在别的地方 比如巴西柔术Josh taught me basically all of the most important principles of jujitsu through one move,乔西告诉了我所有柔术中最重要的原则基本上可以归结为一个动作at the end the game, which is a choke called The Guillotine, which Marcello was famous for.就是比赛最后致胜的一个绞技 叫做断头台 马塞洛以此而闻名His version was called The Marcelotine, but it#39;s effectively like this you#39;re choking他的这招被称为马塞洛断头台 它就像这样 你用这里绞someone#39;s head in here and he has a weird way of doing it where he puts his forearm on top of your shoulder.住对手的头 他的方式很古怪 他把他的前臂放在对手的肩膀上It#39;s pretty wicked.滋味很不好受If you want to be put unconscious you can go to that gym and experience that yourself.如果你想体验一下被那一招打晕的感觉 你可以亲自去那家体育馆体验一下But that can also be applied to many, many other things.但是这一招也能被应用于很多其他的事情For instance, if you#39;re trying to build a startup, all right this is a common trendy thing to do these days比如 如果你想尝试着创业 这是当下一个普遍的趋势and I think everybody should start a business at some point.而且我认为每个人都应该或早或晚创个业But in the startup game in say Silicon Valley where I live if you#39;re going to go into the venture backed world,但在创业中 比如在我住的硅谷 如果你打算进入融资圈well you and your founder better think a lot about the end game那你和你的创始人最好对临门一脚想清楚and you should definitely have an agreement,而且你绝对应该达成协议at least a working agreement, tentative agreement on what type of exit, say acquisition offer is acceptable to you.至少是约定 初步商定 退出方式 比如你可以接受怎样的收购条件If those end goal components aren#39;t in place then it#39;s just a slow motion train wreck waiting to happen.如果这些最终的目标没设定好 那么等待你的就是火车最终会翻车And how might you do that?你该怎么做呢?Well, if you#39;re trying to learn the macro from the micro you can think about what the acquisition agreement might look like如果你想以小见大 那你可以考虑一下收购协议长什么样You can talk to lawyers, get a sample template agreement and look at the provisions,你可以和律师谈谈 做份协定的模本 阅读其中的条文look at the clauses and then reverse engineer it so that when you#39;re forming the company,看看条款 然后反方向推上来 看看当你成立公司时when you#39;re hiring employees your decisions at that point make it possible to have that contract at the end.当你请员工时 你的决定是不是最终会让这个协议有可能实现This is another example. Micro, maybe it#39;s a 10/20-page document.这就是另一个例子 小的 也许是个十页二十页的文件Macro, building a company that gets acquired by a much, much larger company.大的 是建立一家公司并被另一家大很多的公司收购So that is learning the macro from the micro.这就是以小见大Another example, just because I brought up cooking, would be say choosing a recipe that再比如 我刚提到了做菜 选择一个菜谱involves two or three primary techniques and perhaps three to five primary ingredients that apply in many, many, many different dishes.这菜谱需要两三项基础技巧 也许三五样基础材料这些技巧和材料在很多很多菜里都可以使用So you#39;re learning principles of say flavor combination, principles of using convection所以你就在学习不同的原则 像调料组合 用对流versus shallow frying or sautéing versus steaming that apply across the board.而不是浅炒 快炒而不是蒸 等可以广泛使用的东西And in doing so let#39;s say you do it without a recipe, without a timer这么做时 我们再限定一下 你没有菜谱 计时器或or I should say a meat thermometer or something like that, you#39;re going to learn also to test the food to know whether it is done or not.肉类温度计或别的什么 那你还要学习试试食物确定到底熟没熟That then applies to everything.那这些就有普适性了But you can do it just a learning how to make Harissa crab cakes with the steam broccoli你可以学到这些 仅仅通过学做辣蟹蛋糕 加上蒸花椰菜and I have no idea say candied yams something like that. So that#39;s that.还有 我乱说的 糖渍山芋之类的东西这个就讲完了And we#39;re also talking about the ending game. So we#39;ve covered that.我们讲的是残局已经讲完了Creating or cultivating empty space is a way of life.创造或者培育空间是一种生活方式This is very important to Josh Waitzkin who I mentioned,这对我提到过的乔希 维茨金很重要 对有些人也很重要it#39;s very important to people like Paul Graham, who#39;s cofounder of Y Combinator, which is like the Navy SEALs Harvard of startup accelerators, keeping it simple let#39;s just call it that for now.比如保罗 格雷厄姆 Y Combinator的共同创始人 这公司在创业孵化器中就像是海豹突击队和哈佛If you are a creator, if you are a maker and not a manager, this is important,creating three to five如果你是个创意人 是创造者 而不是经理 这点很重要If you are a creator, if you are a maker and not a manager, this is important,creating three to five如果你是个创意人 是创造者 而不是经理 这点很重要which by the way is a decision so a lot of really good entrepreneurs start as a technician or a tactician顺便提一下 所以很多好的企业家刚开始都是一名技术员或者策划they#39;re very, very good at one thing then they end up in a managerial role that they hate.他们在某件事上做得很好很好 最后陷入一个管理的角色而且他们不喜欢这个角色It doesn#39;t mean you have to stay there, and you see a lot of folks like Evan Williams这并不是说你必须忍受 你看很多人 比如埃文 威廉姆斯and others who then at some point realize this and return it to a more product focused role和其他一些人意识到之后就又回归到一个更基于产品的角色even if they are also the CEO of making some high-level 30,000-foot decisions. Okay.即使他们同时是做高层决定的CEO 好了But if you are a maker, if you#39;ve decided to be a maker, if you just happen to be a maker or creator如果你是个创造者 你决定做个创造者 或者你刚好是个创造者let#39;s call it three to five hour uninterrupted blocks of time are extremely critical三五个钟头不被打扰的整块时间极其重要if you want to connect the dots, if you want to have the space to allow yourself如果你想把点连好 如果你想有空间让自己to have original ideas or at least original combinations of ideas you really need to block out that time and protect it at least once a week.产生原创的想法或者至少一些想法的创意组合 你真的要至少每周隔出这段时间并保护它So in Tools of Titans there are many people who do this, Remet Set, for instance,在《巨人的工具》里 有很多人这么做 比如雷米特 赛特who has a very, very successful multi, multi million dollar business that he built out of a blog他有一家极其极其成功的值几千万美元的公司 他从早在he started long ago in college, which was very, very niche in its focus,大学时期的客做起 这个客关注点非常细分he blocks out I believe it#39;s every Wednesday for three to five hours of time he#39;ll block it out for learning.他隔出 我想是 每周三的三到五个小时来学习Noah Kagan another entrepreneur does the same thing.诺亚 卡根 另一位企业家 也是如此So on Wednesdays for me I have from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., this is pre-lunch, I have creation,每周三 从上午九点到下午一点 这段午饭前的时间我会that means writing, recording or some similar aspect of in my mind creating with my skillset and my assets.创作 包括写作 记录和其他一些我脑子中的类似的活动运用我的技能和才华And it is extremely important that I do that before I#39;m barraged by inputs.而且在我的输入变得太多之前 这么做是极其重要的In other words, and this is true of Josh as well, first thing in the morning he#39;s doing journaling.换句话说 而且乔希 维茨金也如此 早上他做的第一件事就是写日志Reid Hoffman, a billionaire, cofounder or founder of LinkedIn, same story.雷德 霍夫曼 一个亿万富翁 领英的共同创始人 也是这样做的He will plant a seed in his mind the night before a problem he wants to solve, a project他会在前一晚在脑中种下一棵种子 也许是想解决的问题he wants to think about improving perhaps and then waking up, tabula rasa complete blank也许是他想改进的项目 然后醒来时 完全空白slate immediately working on that problem with journaling before any text messages,立刻着手写日志来解决这一问题 而不是先去看短消息before any email, which is why, for instance, I don#39;t have email set up on my phone.和电子邮件 这也是为什么我不在手机上装邮箱I do not have mail set up on my iPhone. I do not get to notifications.我的苹果手机上没有电子邮箱我不允许推送消息I also put my phone on airplane mode for a lot of reasons,我会因为很多原因让手机处于飞行模式for our body to explain some other physical ones, but onto airplane mode when I go to bed and it stays in airplane别的原因 睡觉时开启飞行模式 创作时保持飞行模式mode until I#39;m done with my creation period and then it comes on.直到结束才恢复常规模式Because as soon as you go into bullet dodging or like Wonder Woman bullet blocking mode因为一旦你进入躲子弹或者神奇女侠挡子弹模式with everyone else#39;s agenda for your time, which is very often the inbox or text messages, you#39;re DOA, you#39;re done.别人要占用你的时间 通常是通过邮箱来件或短消息那么你就完了Your creativity is all for not in general.通常你的创造能力就废了So for me, for many people who are say programming, for musicians,所以对于我 对于很多人 比如程序员 音乐家for creative types slack in the system, you have to create slack.对于创意型的人 你必须创造宽松环境You have to create space.你必须为自己创造空间You have to create large uninterrupted blocks of time and the only way to do that is to put it on your calendar.你必须为自己留出一段完全不被别人打扰的时间 唯一能让它实现的方法是把它写进你的日程表里If it#39;s not on your calendar it#39;s not real, you need to put it in your calendar and defend it just like you would anything else.thank如果它不在你的日程里 它就不是真的 你必须把它放进日程并保它的实现 就如你做其他事情一样If it#39;s not on your calendar it#39;s not real, you need to put it in your calendar and defend it just like you would anything else.如果它不在你的日程里 它就不是真的 你必须把它放进日程并保它的实现 就如你做其他事情一样 Article/201706/513298Get back up into that loft.With bears in neighborhood,cooking in camp is risky.现在回阁楼 熊在附近出没时 做饭是很危险的Their sense of smell is seven times stronger than a bloodhound,熊的嗅觉比猎犬还敏感七倍and they can follow the scent of a rotting carcass for more than two miles.它们在2英里以外 就能嗅到腐烂尸体的气味Okay.I can hear a noise below.点着了 我听见下面有动静In a situation like this, you can#39;t afford to take any chances.在这种情况下 可疏忽不得I need to check it out.我要去查看一下Something just came through the window downstairs.有什么东西刚从楼下的窗户进来了All of those tin cans have gone. Below, below, in the corner!It#39;s only a raccoon.所有的烟囱 都倒了 看下面 在角落里 只是一只浣熊The noise and the torch drive him back out,but he#39;s triggered my warning system.火把和声音把它赶了出去 但它触发了我的警报系统I need to get down there to reset it.我需要下去重置警报系统Hang on, that#39;s on fire down there.等下 下面起火了With the fire extinguished, I reset the trip wire and get back up into the rafters.灭火后 我重置了绊索 重新回到横梁上Here, let me pass you that.You got it?You can hand me that.给 拿住这个 抓住了吗 可以给我了Fire and a raccoon.Get back to sleep again.Easier said than done.起火和一只浣熊 回去 继续睡觉 说着容易 做起来难啊 Article/201608/460343襄阳市中心医院北区割包皮费用

襄阳中西医结合医院尿科新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson39:DESCRIBING PEOPLE AND OBJECTS描绘人和物571. What does he look like? 他长得什么样?572. He’s kind of tall and thin. 他有点高,有点瘦。573. He has a long nose. 他的鼻子很长。574. He always wears funny#61557; ties. 他总是系着滑稽的领带。575. What does it look like? 它看起来什么样?576. It’s just a dark blue wool cap. 那只是一顶深蓝色的羊毛帽子。577. My brother is a thin man. 我弟弟是个瘦子。578 I live in a brick house. 我住在砖房里。579. The car is very fast. 这车很快。580. This bus is very old. 这辆公共汽车很旧了。581. Have you seen a yellow hat around here? 你在这附近看过一顶黄色帽子吗?582. I want the small kitten with the orange stripes#61558;. 我想要这只有桔黄色条纹的小猫。583. Can you give me a description#61559; of the person? 你能给我描述一下这个人吗?584. She has a round face and large eyes. 她有一张圆圆的脸蛋,大大的眼睛。585. The soup was full of many different#61560; vegetables#61561; 这汤中有许多不同的蔬菜。【生词解读】1. funny adj.有趣的;滑稽可笑的;爱开玩笑的 2. stripe n.条纹;斑纹;线条 3. description n.描写;叙述;形容4. different adj.不同的5. vegetable n.蔬菜;青菜 /200708/17052襄阳市第三人民医院正规的吗 Oh, that#39;s lovely... So graceful.哦,真是可爱啊。真优雅。The corkscrew spin, flawless...瞧那螺旋旋转,完美无缺。His signature move, the Flying Dutchman. Poetry in motion.瞧那套动作,飞翔的荷兰人。诗歌般的韵律。And there it is, the ;Baby Bird;. Breathtaking.而这个,新生的小鸟,令人惊叹。A sumo wrestler figure skating? Surprising.一位相扑选手在花样滑冰?令人吃惊啊。What#39;s not surprising?有什么是更惊喜的吗?How much money Heather saved by switching to GEICO.她换成了GEICO保险,一共节省了多少钱?Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.只需15分钟就可以节省15%以上的费用。 Article/201612/482528襄阳什么医院可以治疱疹

襄阳市治龟头敏感好的医院Areas of poor environmental quality are more likely to have higher cancer rates, according to new research published in the journal Cancer.根据发表在《癌症》杂志上的最新研究,环境质量差的地区更容易患癌症。The study looked at how air, water and land quality, as well as social factors, demographics and even the things we build around ourselves, can contribute to cancer development.这项研究着眼于空气、水和土地质量,以及社会因素、人口特征甚至是我们周围的事物如何促进癌症的发展。The scientists found the average county in the U.S. had about 451 cases per 100,000 people, while areas with the worst environmental factors had about 490 cases.科学家们发现,美国各县平均每100,000人有约451例,而环境因素最严重的地区约有490例。People were most likely to develop prostate and breast cancer when environmental quality decreased.当环境质量下降时,人们最容易患前列腺癌和乳腺癌。And while previous research has looked at the individual environmental factors that lead to an increased risk of cancer, this study is the first that considers all of those factors at once.虽然以前的研究已经考虑个人环境因素导致癌症风险的增加,这项研究首次同时考虑所有这些因素。译文属。 Article/201705/508654 洋话连篇视频教学[21]:Time Off《洋话连篇》MP3下载及全套文本 /200704/11816襄樊市红十字医院处女膜修复怎么样襄阳无痛割包皮中心医院在哪里



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