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Jasmine tea茉莉花茶Jasmine tea is made from jasmine flowers and is the most popular among scented tea.茉莉花茶由茉莉花制作而成,在有香气的茶中是最受欢迎的。The most well-known jasmine flower tea is produced in Fujian Province.最有名的茉莉花茶产于福建省。In making jasmine tea,first pick a lot of jasmine flower buds and put them in a clean place; then at midnight when the flowers have the strongest fragrance, add green tea to them for absorption;next,get rid of the withered jasmine flowers and get the tea leaves baked ; then put the baked tea leaves into newly picked jasmin flowers again. This is repeated several times before the tea leaves are y to be used.制作茉莉花茶时,首先挑选大量的茉莉花芽,并把它们放在一个干净的地方,当在午夜这些花香气最浓郁时,加入绿茶吸收香气;接下来,把枯萎的茉莉花去掉,对茶叶进行烘焙,然后把烘焙好的茶叶再次放入新挑选的茉莉花中。重复几次这个过程,茶叶就可以饮用了。 /201605/445294。

;The Art of Racing in the Rain; by Garth Stein加思·斯坦写的《我在雨中等你》Ever since 12 year-old Mimi Ausland gave me the book ;The Art of Racing in the Rain;, I haven#39;t been able to put it down. It#39;s about the life of a race car driver told from the perspective of his dog, Enzo! Trust me, you#39;re gonna love this story 一 even those who are skeptical about talking canines. Your family will love it. Your friends will love it. And call me a gambler, but I#39;d put money on the fact that even your cats will want you to it to them again and again.自从12岁的咪咪·奥斯兰给了我这本《我在雨中等你》,我就对它爱不释手。该书讲述的是一名赛车手的故事,却是以主人公的恩佐的视角切入!相信我,你会爱上这个故事,即使是那些对谈论没什么信心的朋友。你的家人会喜欢上这个故事,同理你的好友们也会。那么请叫我一名赌徒吧,不过我愿意赌,即使是你的猫咪也想要你给他们讲这个故事,百听不厌。;The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom; by Don Miguel Ruiz堂·米格尔·路易兹写的《让心自由:托尔特克智者的四个约定》Four practices are all you need for a better life, insists Ruiz, and millions of ers have agreed with him. Seven years of being on the New York Times bestseller book list is quite an achievement, for a book describing just a few lifelong changes that need to be made: verbal integrity, questions without assumptions, a refusal to personalize, and making the best happen. As a surgeon with spiritual roots in the deep heart of Mexico, Ruiz weaves both practices in and out of this work. It has been promoted by Spiritually Fit Yoga and by Oprah, at the top of her favorites self-help books list.路易兹坚定地认为四项行为便能让你的生活更美好,而数以百万的读者朋友们都已经认同了他的观点。这本书7年来一直位列《纽约时报》畅销榜的榜单上,确实有不小的成绩。它仅仅描述了一些人们需要做出的终生改变:说话公正客观、不作假设去提问、拒绝个人化、让事情以最好的方式呈现。路易兹作为一名精神信仰深扎于墨西哥的外科医生,无论是工作中,还是工作之余,都在执行这四项。这本书已经被Spiritually Fit Yoga网站推荐。而且奥普拉将其列在她最爱的拯救自我的书单首位。;The Goldfinch; by Donna Tartt唐娜·塔特写的《金翅雀》While critics didn#39;t think much of Tartt#39;s 860-page novel, she won a Pulitzer Prize and the admiration of Stephen King. The story is seen through the eyes of atraumatized teenage boy in charge of a priceless painting; Theo Decker escapes from an exploded gallery, and takes the advice of a dying man who gives him a contact for restoration and a signet ring. In the aftermath, ers are assured of the transcendence of art set against the fragility and brokenness of humans trying to piece their lives back together.当家认为塔特的这本860页的小说没什么大不了的时候,她赢得了普利策奖,还得到了史蒂芬·金的青睐。该书通过一名受过创伤、负责看管一幅无价画作的青年男孩来叙述。西奥·德克尔从一家爆炸的展馆逃出,在一位濒死男人的建议下,他获得了修复展馆的联系方式以及一个图章戒指。之后,读者定会感受到艺术的超然性,与之相对的则是试图把生活重新拼凑在一起的人们所表现出的脆弱和破碎。;Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao; by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer韦恩·W·戴尔士写的《改变思想,改变生活:老子智慧的现代启迪》As a motivational speaker, Dyer adds on #39;spiritual guru#39; to his list of accomplishments with his explanation of 81 verses by Lao-Tzu the Chinese philosopher. The balance of morality and goodness on The Way are meant to be digested slowly, day by day; some of the exercises, such as giving away unnecessary gadgets or avoiding gossip and slander, can be especially helpful in our modern lives. Readers may not want to this book in the spirit of strict accuracy to historical or Buddhist texts, because the value lies in the general application of overall principles.戴尔是一位特能煽动人的演说家,他又因解释了中国哲学家老子的81则而获得“精神大师”的美称,又给他的成就加了一项。在道中平衡美德与善良意味着每天慢慢地消化,诸如舍弃不需要的物件或避免谣言、诽谤等等这些行为能对我们的现代生活非常有帮助。读者朋友么也许并不希望这本书准确无误地呈现历史或佛家典籍,因为它的价值便在于整体性原则的普遍应用。;Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close; by Jonathan Safran Foer乔纳森·萨佛兰·福尔写的《特别响,非常近》It#39;s a beautiful book that#39;s both hilarious and incredibly moving. I hope you#39;ll it.这本书很美,它既幽默又相当感人。我希望你们能读读它。This Holocaust-era novel has ended up on New York Times book lists frequently, perhaps because of the pathos of the nine-year-old protagonist. Having lost his father in the World Trade Center bombing, Oskar becomes a street urchin playing a tambourine. Oprah made it an addition to her ing list, saying that the page breaks of blankness forces the senses awake. The book is truly explosive - Oskar#39;s life seems to center around violent actions such as bombings.这本背景设在灾难时代的小说最终成为《纽约时报》畅销书单的常客,这或许是因为书中那个九岁小男孩的伤痛。奥斯卡的父亲在世贸中心的爆炸事件中丧生,于是他成为沿街打铃鼓的顽童。奥普拉将这本书列入阅读名单中,称每页的空白迫使身上的感官苏醒。这本书真得很震撼人心,奥斯卡的生活似乎便围绕着爆炸之类的暴力事件展开。 /201607/454311。

What Would People Do in Qingming人们怎样过清明节In ancient China,Qingming was by no means the only time when sacrifices were made to ancestors. In fact such ceremonies were held very frequently,about every two weeks,in addition to other important holidays and festivals. The formalities of these ceremonies were in general very elaborate and expensive in terms of time and money.在中国古代,清明绝不是祭奠祖先的唯一一个节日。其实这样的仪式举行地非常频繁,大概每两个星期一次,除了其他重要的节假日。这些仪式的手续一般是非常复杂和需要昂贵的时间和金钱。Qingming is not just a day of remembrance, it is also a day to celebrate the coming of spring,often by going out for a picnic. With the coming of spring,nature wakes up, dressing the world in green. All is new,clean and fresh.清明不仅仅只是纪念,这也是庆祝春天来临的一天,在这一天往往外出野餐。随着春天的到来,大自然醒来,世界穿上绿衣。一切都是新的,干净和鲜活。 /201607/451615。

The latest go-to emoji is the #39;face with the rolling eyes#39;, which is used in 14 per cent of text messages, a study found.  一项研究发现,最流行的短信表情符号是“翻白眼的脸”,14%的短信息都会使用这一表情。  These findings come from the emoji keyboard app, EmojiXpress, which gathered a sample size of 30 million emojis sent from its keyboard.  这一研究数据来自一家名为EmojiXpress的网络公司,作为键盘表情包应用程序的开发商,该公司采集整理了3000万个键盘表情样板。  The second most common emoji was the long awaited #39;middle finger#39;, the #39;heavy heart exclamation mark ornament#39; came in seventh and the rainbow horned unicorn is the 10th most commonly used.  第二大最受欢迎的表情是网友们期待已久的“竖中指”表情,以感叹号装饰的爱心表情排名第七,还有七犄角的独角兽表情排名第十。  Although the #39;rolling eyes#39; emoji topped the charts in the EmojiXpress app, other platforms have their own popular ideographs.  虽然“翻白眼”在键盘表情包应用程序的排行中位列榜首,但其他社交平台也有着属于自己的热门表情。  For example, the most commonly used character on Instagram is the #39;red heart#39;, which is shared 79 percent more than any other emoji.  例如,Instagram上最受欢迎表情是“红心”,使用次数比其他任何表情高出79%。  And the #39;face with tears of joy#39; is number one among Twitter users, followed by the #39;smiling face with heart-shape eyes#39; and #39;loudly crying face#39;.  而在推特用户群中,最受欢迎的表情则是;笑cry;的表情,随后紧跟的是“含情脉脉的笑脸”和“大哭”的表情。  10大最受欢迎网络表情及使用率(顺便学学这些表情的英文都咋说吧!):   1. #39;Face with rolling eyes#39;- 14%  “翻白眼”——使用率14%  2. #39;Reversed hand with middle finger extended#39;- 9%  “竖中指”——使用率9%  3. #39;Thinking face#39;- 8%  “思考中”——使用率8%  4. #39;Upside-down face#39;- 7%  “倒立的脸”——使用率7%  5. #39;Nerd face#39;- 7%  “书呆子脸”——使用率7%  6. #39;Hugging face#39;- 6%  “拥抱”——使用率6%  7. #39;Heavy heart exclamation mark ornament#39;-5%  “以感叹号装饰的爱心”——使用率5%  8. #39;White frowning face#39;- 4%  “白色皱眉脸”——使用率4%  9. #39;Slightly frowning face#39;- 4%  微蹙眉脸”——使用率4%  10. #39;Unicorn face#39;- 3%  “独角兽脸”——使用率3% /201604/436672。