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平阴县人民医院好吗德州第一人民医院公立还是私立Love A Good Bargain? You May Change Your Mind After Reading This你还忍心购买打折商品吗?How often have you walked out from your favorite store with a great sense of accomplishment for snagging an incredible pair of jeans or a gorgeous dress for next to ;nothing?; However, would you feel as smug if you knew that the person who made it works in an unsafe environment and gets paid next to ;nothing?; This was what the folks at advocacy group Fashion Revolution recently decided to put to test in Berlin, Germany.你有过多少次从最爱的装店走出来,为自己低价抢到很棒的牛仔裤或者漂亮的裙子而感到异常满足呢?然而,如果你知道装厂工人在不安全的环境辛苦制作这些衣,换来的却是可怜的薪水,内心还会自鸣得意吗?On April 23rd, some luck city residents encountered a bright turquoise pop-up vending machine with a sign that we all love to see - beautiful t-shirts for a mere 2 Euros ( .40 USD)! Not surprisingly, many flocked over to claim the bargain before it was gone.4月23日,部分市民有幸看到一款青绿色的自动售货机,上面写着深受欢迎的标语——好看的T恤,只要2欧元(1.4美元)。果不其然,看到的市民开始一阵哄抢,生怕折扣结束。When customers inserted their money, they were asked to select the color and the size they wished to purchase. But as they waited for the awesome t-shirt to drop, they experienced something unusual - images of the women and children that spend up to 16 hours a day making the cheap clothing inside overcrowded derelict warehouses. What#39;s worse is that despite working this hard work they barely make enough money to live on.顾客把钱塞进去后,会提示他们挑选自己喜欢的颜色和尺码。但是,在等待T恤出来的时候,他们却看到了一些不同寻常的东西——妇女和儿童为了加工这些低价装在简陋拥挤的仓库每天工作近16小时。更糟的是,他们工作时长这么久,所得工资还不足以糊口。Once the buyers had been educated about who made their cheap clothing, they were given the choice to go ahead with their purchase or donate the money to a charity dedicated to improving the life of contract workers in developing countries. Not surprisingly, 90% of the shoppers chose to donate. This just proved what Fashion Revolution has always believed - if people are made aware of the true cost of cheap fast fashion, they will re-think their purchases. The group is of course not trying to dissuade consumers from buying. They just want them to be aware of the entire supply chain and support Fashion Revolution#39;s mission to hold manufacturers accountable for the poor working conditions and low wages.顾客了解是谁加工了这些低价装之后,机器会给他们一个选择,是继续购买还是把这些钱捐给这些发展中国家的合同工,用来改善他们的生活。不出所料,90%的顾客选择把钱捐出去。这种行为正实了Fashion Revolution所相信的,如果人们意识到廉价衣真实的价值,就会重新考虑自己的购买行为。该组织这样做并非为了劝阻客人购买衣,而是想让他们了解整个生产链,并持他们组织来促使生产商对这些在艰苦环境工作、低收入的工人们负责。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/382386山东济南妇儿妇科医院简介

山东省第五医院如何挂号济南治疗霉菌阴道炎妇科医院3.The Prisoner Of War Olympics3.战俘的奥林匹克运动会Because of the ongoing war, the Olympic Games of 1940 and 1944, slated for Tokyo and London, could not be held. However, several POW camps in Poland went ahead with their own Olympics, both in 1940 and 1944. While many of the events were held in secret, the 1944 Woldenberg Olympics, held at the camp in Woldenberg, and another held at the camp in Gross Born (both in Poland), were held on a much larger scale.因为不间断的战争,本该在1940年举办的东京奥运会和1944年举办的伦敦奥运会都没有如期举行。但是波兰的一些战俘营在这两个年份都举办了自己的奥运会。不过很多活动都是秘密进行的,1944年的奥运会在沃尔登堡(Woldenberg)的一个集中营举办。另外一场在波兰尔内苏利诺沃(Gross Born)的集中营举办,这一场规模更大。About 369 out of the 7,000 prisoners at the Woldenberg camp participated in several games, including handball, basketball, and boxing. Fencing, archery, pole vaulting, and javelin were not allowed. The flags for the games were made with excess bedsheets which even the German guards saluted. Winners of sporting events were given medals made out of cardboard. The 1944 Olympics was held because the Polish soldiers wanted to remain fit and, at the same time, honor Janusz Kusocinski, a Polish athlete who won the 10,000-meter race in the 1932 Olympics.在沃尔登堡集中营,7000个囚犯中有369个参加了运动会,包括手球、篮球和搏击。但是,击剑、射箭、撑杆跳高和标就没有获得批准进入奥运会项目。运动会旗帜是用多余的床单做的,就连德国卫军都向这些旗帜行注目礼,而比赛优胜者获得的奖牌则是用硬纸板做成的。1944年的奥运会之所以会举行,是因为波兰士兵想保持健康的体魄,同时也是为了纪念波兰运动员加努茨·库索辛斯基(Janusz Kusocinski),他在1932年奥运会上夺得万米长跑冠军。2.The Sinking Of HMAS Armidale2.澳大利亚皇家海军舰艇“阿米代尔”的沉没The HMAS Armidale was a corvette (although it was originally built to be a minesweeper) in service of the Australian navy during World War II. It was commissioned on June 11, 1942, only to be sunk in November that same year. While on a mission to evacuate soldiers and civilians from Betano Bay, Timor, the HMAS Armidale was spotted by Japanese airplanes, which proceeded to attack it along with its sister ship, HMAS Castlemaine. Armidale was soon destroyed by the attacking Japanese airplanes, forcing its crewmen to abandon ship. Twenty-one crewmen, including the captain, climbed onto a small, damaged motorboat, where they awaited rescue. When the rescue never came, they began rowing toward Australian waters.作为一艘巡洋舰,“阿米代尔”(Armidale)在二战期间为澳大利亚海军效力(尽管最初它被设计为一艘扫雷舰)。1942年6月11日,皇家海军对“阿米代尔”委以重任,遗憾的是,同年11月,这艘舰艇便沉入海底。当时,“阿米代尔”正在出任务,负责帮助伯塔诺海湾——帝汶岛(Betano Bay, Timor)上的士兵及居民撤退,不料被日本战机发现。随后,这艘战舰同它的艇“卡斯尔梅恩”(Castlemaine)一起遭遇空袭。在日军猛烈的攻势下,“阿米代尔”很快被摧毁,舰员们不得不弃舰逃生。当时包括舰长在内的21位舰员挤到一艘受损的小汽舰上等待救援。然而救援队迟迟没有到来,他们只能朝着澳大利亚海域划去。Two days later, another 29 survivors began a similar journey on a badly damaged whaler that wouldn’t stop taking water. The survivors clung to a floating raft (shown in the photograph above) while awaiting rescue. After several days out at sea, the men on the motorboat were rescued along with those on the whaler. But the men hanging on the raft were never found.The photograph shown above was taken by the pilot of a Hudson reconnaissance airplane, who even dropped a message for them saying that their rescuers were on the way.两天之后,其他29位幸存者也开始了相同的旅程,不同的是他们所在的捕鲸船已遭严重破坏以至于不断进水。在等待救援的过程中,一些幸存者爬到了漂筏上(可从以上照片看到)。终于,在海上漂浮几天之后,捕鲸船上的幸存者与汽艇上的舰员都得救了。但是,那些留在木筏上的人至今没有下落。这张照片由哈德森(Hudson)侦察机上的飞行员拍摄所得,“救援人员已经在路上了”,这位飞行员还给木筏上的人传递了这样一则消息。1.Yakov Dzhugashvili1.雅科夫·朱加什维利The man with his hands in his pocket in the photograph above is Yakov Dzhugashvili, the first son of Josef Stalin. The picture was taken after Yakov was captured by German troops during World War II. Yakov and Stalin were not on good terms long before the war began. Stalin often insulted him and even disowned him. He also barred Yakov from changing his surname to Stalin after he changed his.照片中手插口袋的这位男子名叫雅科夫·朱加什维利(Yakov Dzhugashvili),是约瑟夫·斯大林的大儿子。照片拍摄于二战期间,雅科夫被德军俘获之后。远在战争开始前,雅科夫和斯大林的关系就很僵硬。斯大林经常辱骂这个儿子,并与之断绝父子关系。甚至,在他将自己的姓氏改为“斯大林”之后,禁止雅科夫跟他更换一样的姓氏。When the Germans realized that Yakov was Stalin’s son, they took his photograph for propaganda purposes. On the back of the propaganda photographs was a short note urging Soviet soldiers to surrender just like Stalin’s son. When the Germans asked to swap Yakov with a captured German field marshal, Stalin told them off, saying that he did not swap lieutenants with field marshals. Even with his hatred and public lashing of his son, Stalin actually attempted to rescue him twice.当德军得知雅科夫是斯大林的儿子后,他们拿他的照片大肆宣传。照片背后写着简短的标语,鼓动苏军像斯大林的儿子一样向德军投降。之后,德军又试图用雅科夫换回他们被捕的陆军大元帅,但斯大林对这项买卖没有半点兴趣,并表示他是不会拿元帅去交换区区一个中尉的。尽管斯大林十分厌恶这个儿子,且经常公开责骂他,但后来还是两次尝试营救他。Yakov died at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in April 1943 under mysterious circumstances. While declassified archives reveal that he was shot for failing to follow orders, others say he committed suicide by walking into an electrified fence. Another report said that he was killed in action in 1945.1943年4月,雅科夫死于萨克森豪森(Sachsenhausen)集中营,死因成谜。经解密公开的档案宣称雅科夫是因不从命令而被射杀;也有消息认为他是扑向集中营的通电围栏,自杀身亡;还有报道称他是在1945年一次军事行动中遇难。审稿:Freya然 校对:CMX /201507/385506济南专业盆腔炎医院山东第一医院挂号预约

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