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j-Oeo]R3XJvrK2J)^VnuD#7v5ZH8;Better City, Better Life; representing the common wish of the whole humankind for a better living in future urban environments. Reviewing Expo 2010 Shanghai, those unique Expo architectures were the emblem of social development into the dawn of a new era. Many concepts are the integration of modern cities with nature. French Pavilion has chosen the theme of ;Sensual City;, so that visitors will see, smell, taste, hear and touch the glamour of France.Italian Pavilion represents a liveable place where people can move about about and rest.KB.Q32MYUk7eoNU,k;更好的城市,让生活更美好;代表了整个人类对未来城市生活环境的的共同愿望V]HUgG5qvXqCpedQ4C。回顾2010年上海世界览会,独特的展馆象征着社会发展进入一个崭新时代W#4i8dSu|UZ8i。许多概念都是现代城市与自然融为一体的完美结合2CHOG*N[MZ,a]mQ。法国馆的主题是;感官城;,使游客可以通过看,闻,尝,听来感受法国的魅力fvuB3CsY78Y45W)!7jUT。意大利馆展现了人们可以随时随地来休息的一种适于居住的地方]cAFSdrCK~vD1lJu。);(V9kwcWDHR2dv-词语解释:pSuE[wL863OWGk1. humankind n. 人类2. emblem n. 象征3. era n. 纪元,新时代4. integration n. 整合,完成%WkXoDU1JW*Ei|epIkp|.oP[#fHJmP*qhbF3h;O;qJ-map;PM201111/161770。

Kenichi Ebina的舞步某种程度上挑战了人类骨骼的极限。他将街舞和Hip-hop通过哑剧加以融合表现,表演行云流水,令人惊艳。201205/183510。

演讲简介:儿童的发展障碍可以通过观察他们的行为诊断出来,但是阿迪提 珊卡妲丝认为我们应该直接看一看他们的大脑。她解释了她实验室中非凡的脑电图设备怎样揭露以往的误诊,并从此改变了孩子们的生活。201209/200887。

Choose one of these healthy foods to help you shed those unwanted pounds.选择以下健康的食品,帮助你甩掉赘肉。You Will Need你需要Raw veggies生蔬菜Beans蚕豆Peas豌豆Raisins葡萄干Dried or frozen fruit干果或冰冻水果Green tea绿茶Cinnamon肉桂Wheat germ麦芽Steps步骤Step 1 Save calories1.减少热量摄入Save calories by adding raw veggies and dried fruit to salads instead of croutons, cheese, and bacon bits. Try fillers like beans, peas, raisins, and any other veggies youd like.向沙拉中加入生蔬菜或干果来代替油煎面包块,奶酪和咸肉,以减少热量摄入。可以尝试蚕豆,豌豆,葡萄干或者任何其他你喜欢的蔬菜。Use a low-fat or fat-free dressing to replace ones that are high in fat.使用低脂肪或不含脂肪的调味品来代替高脂肪的调味品。Step 2 Try eating dried fruit2.尝试食用干果Eat dried fruit, such as mango, papaya, or dates in place of a sweet piece of candy.食用干果,例如芒果,木瓜或大枣来代替香甜的糖果。Step 3 Sip on green tea3.喝绿茶Sip on green tea. The antioxidants in the tea help burn fat and speed up your metabolism.喝绿茶。茶中的抗氧化剂可以燃烧脂肪,加速新陈代谢。Green tea also lowers your cholesterol.绿茶还可以降低胆固醇含量。Step 4 Sprinkle cinnamon4.撒点肉桂Sprinkle a little cinnamon on your coffee, fruit, whole-grain toast, or oatmeal to help control your blood sugar. Studies show that 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon a day can lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglyceride levels in people with type 2 diabetes.在咖啡,水果,全麦吐司,或燕麦中撒一点肉桂,帮助控制血糖。研究显示,每天食用四分之一茶匙肉桂可以降低2型糖尿病人的胆固醇,血糖和三酸甘油酯水平。Step 5 Prepare a banana fruit smoothie5.准备香蕉水果奶昔Prepare a banana-fruit smoothie by blending blueberries, a banana, wheat germ, and water in a blender for 30 seconds. Full of antioxidants, this homemade treat has fewer calories than a canned or store-bought smoothie.将蓝莓,香蕉,麦芽和水放入搅拌器中搅拌30秒钟,制作香蕉鲜果奶昔。这种自制的饮品中含有丰富的抗氧化剂,比罐装和超市购买的奶昔含有更少的热量。Step 6 Satisfy your sweet tooth6.满足对甜食的喜爱Satisfy your sweet tooth by snacking on frozen blueberries, grapes, or bananas. Try this instead of ice cream or candy when you get a sweet craving. Train yourself to reach for something tasty and healthy, and itll soon be second nature.可以吃一点冰冻的蓝莓,葡萄或香蕉来满足对甜食的喜爱。当你渴望吃甜食的时候,吃这些水果来代替冰淇凌或糖果。训练自己吃一些美味而健康的食品,这很快将成为习性。In 2010, experts estimated that Americans spent approximately billion a year on slim-down products and programs.2010年,专家估计,美国人在瘦身产品和项目上花费大约300亿美元。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201305/240725。

How To Have A Long Distance Relationship异地恋怎么维系 VideoJug is here to help if geography is getting in the way of you and your loved one. Follow our guide on how to have a long distance relationship, and keep your relationship alive despite where you are in the world. Step 1: Talk it through好好You need to discuss your expectations of the relationship once you are apart, and set clear parameters. Are you going to be completely monogamous? Are you allowed to fool around? There is a painful break-up on the horizon if one of you is waiting loyally at home while the other thinks out of sight is out of mind.Step 2: Communicate沟通技巧 The key to any relationship, but particularly crucial to long distance ones, is communication. As well as phonecalls there are so many ways to let your partner know you're thinking about them: send emails, texts, e-cards, love letters, flowers, scented clothes, or even saucy photos.TOP TIP 1: Don't send saucy photos of yourself in digital form- if your relationship crashes and burns, then they might end up in the public domain.... TOP TIP 2: Instant messaging is free and convenient. But remember, if you're chatting online and you can't see your partner's facial expression, even your in-jokes can fall flat. "Big nose" can sound cutesy and sweet when you are cuddled up to together, but has a different feel when written down.Step 3: Keep busy让自己忙起来 Problems may arise if one of you is busier than the other, particularly if you parted because of a new college course or job. If you feel isolated and jealous of your partner's new life, you should do all you can to fill up the time you would have spent with your partner. Meet up with old friends, throw yourself into a new hobby, and keep up your mutual interests. The alternative is this again....Step 4: The bright side好的一面 If you're finding things difficult, take heart. You'll never have the dilemma of having to choose between seeing your partner and watching TV/ going to the football/ or washing your hair. You have freedom without the social stigma of being single, and the associated pressure of friends trying to set you up with someone. And if you're feeling frustrated in the bedroom, remember you've always got your phone.Step 5: The big reunion大团聚 The best thing about a long distance relationship is the dirty weekends you can have when you meet up again. Don't just wait for them to come home - go and visit them at their new place, or find romantic places to meet in the middle. If you've made the effort when you're apart, your time back together should go with a bang.201109/153201。

How do I handle questions about potential salary?被问到对薪水的期望时我应该怎样回答?Salary questions should always be deterred until an offer is on the table. So if a potential employer asks you how much money are you looking to make, what kind of salary are you looking for, the worst question and always a red flag for an applicant is, ;What is your bottom line?; or ,;What is the lowest salary you are willing to accept?; If you ever hear that question,that is the major clue to turn down this company and just leave because they are strictly bottom line oriented. And if youre not going to meet their minimum salary requirements, then they are going to hire somebody who will. So you want to make sure that any discussion of salary is talked about when theres an offer on the table because thats the only time you have to really leverage that situation. If youre asked, ;How much money are you looking for?; your response should be, ;I am very very interested in this position. Im sure we can come to a meeting of minds. Im negotiable and flexible on salary. Lets table that discussion until you determine that I am one of the top two candidates.;雇主考虑聘用你的时候肯定会提到关于薪水的问题。所以,当潜在雇主问你希望能有多少薪水的时候,最糟糕的问题,对应聘者最危险的问题就是,“你的底线是多少?”“你能接受的最低薪水是多少?”如果你听到过这个问题,这通常是拒绝这家公司,然后离开的最大理由。因为他们太倾向于底线。如果你提出的薪资超过他们的最低薪资,他们会雇佣能够接受最低薪资的人。所以,你想要确保有可能被聘用的时候再讨论薪资问题,因为只有这时候你才需要权衡形势。如果潜在雇主问你,“你的期望薪资是多少?”你应该回答,“我对这个职位非常感兴趣。我相信我们能够达成共识,在薪资方面可以协商,可以灵活处理。你们确定我很有希望被聘用的时候我们再来讨论这个问题。”Thanks for watching How To Handle Questions About Potential Salary In An Interview.感谢收看“求职面试中怎样灵活处理薪资问题”视频节目。201211/210770。

长久以来,印度的卡拉海尔人以捕捉幼熊,通过极为残忍的方式训练其;跳舞; 的方式而谋生。Kartick Satyanarayan终于找到了方法使人们停止了这有着上百年历史的陋习。更为意义深远的是,他发现了,要解决问题,必须要让制造问题的人成为解决方案的一部分。201203/174988。

Today in History: Wednesday, March 06, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月6日,周三On March 6, 1857, the Supreme Court in Dred Scott v. Sandford ruled against a slave suing for his freedom and said Congress had no right to limit the expansion of slavery.1857年3月6日,桑福德斯科特最高法院否决了一项奴隶伸张自由的起诉,称他们没有权利限制奴隶的扩张。1806 Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning was born in Durham, England.1806年,诗人伊丽莎白·巴雷特·勃朗宁在英格兰杜伦出生。1834 The city of Toronto was incorporated.1834年,多伦多城市建立。1836 The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, fell to Mexican forces after a 13-day siege.1836年,德克萨斯州圣安东尼奥阿拉莫在遭遇墨西哥军队13天的围攻后沦陷。1853 Verdis opera ;La Traviata; premiered in Venice, Italy.1853年,威尔第的歌剧《茶花女》在意大利首映。1912 Oreo sandwich cookies were first introduced by the National Biscuit Co., which later became Nabisco.1912年,全国饼干有限公司首次推出奥利奥夹心饼干,该公司就是后来的纳贝斯克公司。1933 A nationwide bank holiday declared by President Franklin D. Roosevelt went into effect.1933年,罗斯福总统宣布的全国性节假日生效。1935 Retired Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. died two days shy of his 94th birthday.1935年,退休的最高法院法官奥利弗·温德尔·霍姆在94岁生日的前两天去世。1944 Heavy bombers staged the first American raid on Berlin during World War II.1944年,二战期间,美国重型轰炸机第一次突袭柏林。1957 The former British African colonies of the Gold Coast and Togoland became the independent nation of Ghana.1957年,前英国非洲殖民地黄金海岸和多哥兰成为加纳独立国家。1970 A bomb being built inside a Greenwich Village townhouse by the radical Weathermen accidentally went off, destroying the house and killing three group members.1970年,激进派预报员在格林威治村镇公所埋下的炸弹意外爆炸,造成房屋被毁,三个群组成员被杀。1981 Walter Cronkite signed off for the last time as anchorman of ;The CBS Evening News.;1981年,沃尔特·克朗凯特签署担任最后一期“CBS晚间新闻”节目主持人。 /201303/228629。