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五常市儿童医院门诊怎么依兰县打孩子哪家医院最好的When people in Beijing put on their pollution masks, it makes international headlines. But the effort to clean up the air in northern China depends on steel-producing cities such as Chengde, whose 3m people are more worried about jobs than smog. 北京人戴上口罩抵御空气污染成了国际头条新闻。但治理中国北方空气的努力,要依靠承德这样的炼钢城市。而承德300万市民对就业的担心,超出他们对烟雾的担心。 The authorities have become so concerned at the state of the air in the Chinese capital that they want the industrial cities of Hebei province that encircle Beijing to cut coal use and steel and cement capacity to ease the problem. 官方对中国首都空气状况如此担忧,以至于他们要求环绕北京的多个河北省工业城市减少使用煤炭,并削减钢铁和水泥产能,以求缓解空气污染问题。 But for Chengde and other cities, where incomes are lower and steel mills with their belching smokestacks are valued employers, that translates into fewer jobs. The issue of keeping jobs in cities without other industries makes the whole shift much more complicated and politically dangerous for Beijing. 但对承德这样的城市来说,这就意味着就业岗位将会减少。这些城市的收入水平较低,排出浓烟的炼钢厂被视为可贵的雇主。在这些没有其他产业的城市,保住就业的问题使得整个经济转型课题对北京来说要复杂得多,在政治上也相当危险。 “Hebei has legitimate concerns that they are less developed and they are heavily reliant on heavy industry,” says Li Yan, head of Greenpeace’s climate and energy campaign for China. “But the public outcry and attention, especially international attention, to China’s ‘airpocalypse’ really triggered concerns at the top level and the centre decided it was time to make a move.” “河北有一些正当的关切,他们不那么发达,而且严重依赖重工业,”绿色和平(Greenpeace)在中国的气候与能源项目经理李雁表示,“但是公众对‘末日空气’的强烈不满和关注,尤其是国际方面的关注,真的引发了高层的关切,于是中央决定采取行动。” Yesterday, the Beijing city government unveiled a new round of measures, from traffic restrictions to keeping children out of school, for use on heavily polluted days. But blue skies in the wealthy capital are dependent on co-operation from the industrial cities that surround it. 昨日北京市政府出台新一轮措施,准备在空气污染严重的日子实行车辆限行和学校停课等对策。但是,如果富有的中国首都要看到蓝天,还是要靠其周围的工业城市配合。 Chengde is one such place. The steel mill makes up its own mini-city, complete with the Chengde Steel hospital, in a western suburb of a town better known for the summer palaces of the Manchu emperors. 承德就是这样一个城市。这里的炼钢厂构成了一个自成一体的小城,还包括承德钢铁集团有限公司总医院。承德本身以满清皇帝的避暑宫殿而闻名,钢厂的小城位于该市西郊。 It is home to most of the unsightly industry and power plants that were banished from Beijing before the 2008 Olympic Games. The province’s pledge to cut coal usage and dismantle some polluting steel and cement plants comes at a cost: the central government will transfer Rmb2bn (0m) to Hebei as part of the deal, Chinese media reported. But state-owned steel mills such as Chengde Steel are too important to Hebei’s cities to be simply shut down. 这里有一些最不雅观的工厂和发电厂,北京市在举行2008年奥运会之前关停了这些工业设施。河北省减少使用煤炭和关停一部分污染严重钢厂及水泥厂的承诺是有价码的:据中国媒体报道,作为协议的一部分,中央政府将向河北省转移付20亿元人民币(合3.3亿美元)。但对河北的城市来说,承德钢铁集团这样的国有钢厂实在太过重要,不可能对它们说关就关。 The hinterland accounts for at least one-quarter of Beijing’s pollution, estimates Fang Li, vice-director of the municipal environmental bureau. 北京环境保护局副局长方力估计,北京市至少四分之一的污染来自外地。 Even on a clear day, pollution from Chengde Steel is so thick it can be seen on satellite images of the city. Grey smog submerges the dusty villages on the main road to the mill. 即便是在晴朗的日子里,承德钢铁排放的污染也如此浓烈,以至于从该市的卫星照片也可看到。灰蒙蒙的烟雾遮盖了通往钢厂的主要公路两旁尘土飞扬的村子。 Chengde Steel’s emissions are so bad that it was one of three polluting plants showcased on state television the day China announced its new plan for reducing air pollution in three big population centres. The company and the city government did not respond to requests for interviews. 承德钢铁的排放如此严重,以至于在中国公布新计划治理三大人口中心空气污染的当天,官方电视台将其列为三个工业污染源实例之一。该公司和承德市政府没有回应记者的采访请求。 “We ordinary people, we watch the news. China Central TV discusses pollution endlessly. It’s serious but at the local level nobody does anything about it,” says Zhang, a villager whose tidy home is frequently covered with dust from Chengde Steel’s plants. Like most residents interviewed by Financial Times, he was reluctant to give his full name. “我们老百姓,我们看新闻。中央电视台不停地谈论污染问题。问题很严重,但在地方上,没有人拿出任何行动,”一名姓张的村民表示。他的家里很整洁,但经常被承德钢铁的钢厂飘来的灰尘覆盖。与英国《金融时报》走访的其他居民一样,他不愿透露自己的全名。 Cleaning up pollution at state-owned Chengde Steel is unlikely to be much of a priority for anyone. The mill commands the only large vanadium mine in northern China and so has strategic value as a producer of the metal used to make hard, rust-resistant steel for tools and nuclear plants. It is also the biggest employer around, accounting for one in eight of all state employees in Chengde. It employs about 16,000 people and another 7,000 or so worked there until they retired. 治理国有的承德钢铁的污染,似乎不太可能受到任何人的太大重视。该厂拥有中国北方唯一的大型钒矿,因而作为这种金属的生产企业而具有战略价值。钒用于生产硬度大、而且抗锈的钢材,核电厂以及工具制造会用到这类钢材。承德钢铁还是当地最大的雇主,占承德市全部国有单位雇员的八分之一。该集团约有1.6万名员工,另外还有7000来名退休职工。 “If this steel mill didn’t exist we wouldn’t even have anywhere to go to eat. Everything revolves around this steel factory; our children work here,” said Mrs Li, who moved to Chengde 40 years ago to work at the plant. “如果这家钢厂不存在,我们就找不到吃饭的地方。一切都围绕着这家钢厂;我们的孩子在那里工作,”40年前迁居承德、到该厂工作的李太太表示。 It remains to be seen whether Beijing’s new determination in the fight against pollution will succeed where previous campaigns against overcapacity in the steel sector have failed. Chengde Steel has aly survived a campaign to shut hundreds of smaller and older mills and create a handful of national champions. 在以往解决钢铁行业产能过剩的努力不了了之的地方,中国中央政府治理污染的新决心能否取得成功?这一点还有待观察。在此前一轮关闭数规模较小、设备较陈旧的钢厂、同时创建少量国家级冠军企业的重组努力中,承德钢铁得以幸存。 Hebei province, which collects taxes from Chengde Steel, gathered its big state-owned mills into one conglomerate but made no move to shut any of them. 从承德钢铁获得税收收入的河北省,将该省大型国有钢厂合并为一家企业集团,但没有采取任何行动关闭其中任何一家钢厂。 Average urban salaries in Chengde are only Rmb34,000 a year (,400), compared with Rmb56,000 a year in Beijing, so the province can ill-afford any move that threatens jobs. In Beijing, citizens check air pollution levels daily and wear masks on smoggy days. In Chengde, there was talk of moving the housing that stood nearest to the mill, but a compensation plan was never agreed and residents continue to live next to the plant. 承德市民的平均年薪只有3.4万元人民币(合5400美元),远低于北京市的5.6万元人民币,因此河北省无力承受任何危及就业的举措。在北京,市民们天天检查污染水平,并在有雾霾的日子戴上口罩。在承德,曾有过关于搬迁钢厂附近居民的讨论,但各方在补偿方案上谈不拢,因此仍有居民住在钢厂旁边。 In Gonghou village, about a mile from the mill’s main gate, the corn fields have gradually given way to divisions of Chengde Steel and an automotive plant. 在距钢厂大门大约1英里的宫后村,玉米地逐渐被承德钢铁的部门和一家汽车厂占据。 Villagers whose families had farmed here since at least the Qing dynasty now work as dispatch labourers at the steel mill. “You have to take care of the basic needs before you can tackle things like pollution,” says one noodle shop owner, wiping a thin film of grime off his tables before the lunch crowd arrives. 这个村子的人至少自清朝以来就在这里务农。现在,村民们在钢厂里打工。“你只能先照顾好基本需求,然后才能对付污染之类的事,”一名面条店老板表示。他正赶在吃午饭的人群出现之前把桌子上的一层薄薄尘垢擦掉。 /201310/261747哈市四院电话号码 Books and Artts; Book review;How the internet works文艺书评;互联网如何运作Contrary to expectations, the internet has a heart of cable and steel和预期不一样,互联网有一颗由电缆和钢铁组成的“心脏”;Goverments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind.; So begins John Perry Barlow, once a lyricist for the GratefulDead and now a cyber-libertarian, in a tract he penned in 1996, entitled, ;A Declaration of theIndependence of Cyberspace;. It is a poetic summation of the common image of the internet as an ethereal, non-physical thing—an immanent Cloud that is at once everywhere and for ever on the far side of a screen.此书开篇引用了约翰·佩里·巴洛于1996年写的一篇文章中的一段话:“工业世界的统治者们,你们是由实体和钢铁组成的乏味巨物,而我来自思想的新家园——网络空间。”他曾是死之华乐队的作词人,而今则是一位网络自由主义者。他还称此书为“网络空间的独立宣言”。这是对互联网的普遍印象饱含诗意的总结:飘逸、虚无的东西——如一朵浮云,可以即刻无处不在,而又永远在电脑屏幕遥远的另一端。For Andrew Blum, a writer for Wired, that illusion was shattered on the day a squirrelchewed through the wire connecting his house to the internet. That rude reminder of the net#39;s physicality sparked an interest in the infrastructure that makes the internet possible—the globe-spanning tangle of wires, cables, routers and data centres that most users take entirely for granted. His book is an engaging reminder that, cyber-Utopianism aside, the internet is as much a thing of flesh and steel as any industrial-age lumber mill or factory.对于《连线》杂志撰稿人安德鲁·布朗姆而言,在一只松鼠咬断他的网线的那天,这种幻想已被打破。这个对网络实体“无礼”的提醒激起了他对互联网基础设施的兴趣,因为这些满世界绕在一起的电线、电缆、路由器和数据中心使得互联网成为可能,而大多数用户认为这些完全是理所当然。他的书是一个引人入胜的提醒:抛开网络乌托邦主义不谈,互联网和任何工业时代的伐木场或工厂一样,都是由实体和钢铁组成的。It is also an excellent introduction to the nuts and bolts of how exactly it all works. The term “internet” is a collective noun for thousands of smaller networks, run by corporations, governments, universities and private business, all stitched together to form one (mostly) seamless, global, “internetworked” whole. In theory, the internet is meant to be widely distributed and heavily resilient, with many possible routes between any two destinations. In practice, acombination of economics and geography means that much of its infrastructure is concentratedin a comparatively small number of places.该书也是对互联网所有基本要素如何运作的一次精介绍。术语“互联网”是一个集合名词,包括数以千计由公司、政府、大学和私营企业运作的子网络,所有这些交织在一起形成一个(基本上)无缝对接、全球互联运作的网络整体。理论上说,互联网应该是分布广、承载量大、包含任意两点之间许多可能的路径。实际上,说它是经济学和地理学的结合,其意为它将众多的基础设施集中于相对少数的空间内。So when Mr Blum travels to the tiny Cornish village of Porthcurno, he is able to see the landing stations for many of the great transatlantic fibre-optic cables that carry traffic—in the form of beams of pulsating laser light—between Europe and the Americas. A couple of hundred miles up the road is the London Internet Exchange, a building in which individual networks can connect to each other and to the wider internet. London#39;s exchange is the world#39;s third-busiest, behind the ones in Frankfurt and Amsterdam. What happens in such places can affect millions of people: one veteran network engineer in an American exchange recalls “shut[ting] off Australia” when one of that country#39;s big networks was tardy with its bills.所以当布朗姆先生来到波斯科诺的小村康沃尔时,他看到了基站——站内许多横跨大西洋的粗大光纤电缆内部迅速地闪动着一道道激光,并以这种形式在欧洲和美洲之间传递信息。沿着道路方向的几百英里外就是伦敦网络交换中心,通过它,单个的局域网可以相互连通,也可以连接到广域的互联网;论繁忙程度,它只排在法兰克福和阿姆斯特丹之后。这里的所发生的一切可以影响上百万人:一位曾在美国交换中心工作资深的网络工程师回忆到,在澳大利亚的巨大局域网中,曾有某个局域网拖欠费用,该中心就发出了 “切断澳大利亚的网路”的指令。Network engineering is not a glamorous profession, and the physical structures of the greatest network ever built lack the grandeur of a hydroelectric dam or a continent-spanning railway. But they do have their own style: featureless, virtually deserted buildings, full of marching rows of high-tech servers and routers fed by thick bundles of cable, their cooling fans forming a roaring chorus in the chilly gloom. That style is modulated by the local culture of wherever the building happens to be. Thus one American firm goes for a super high-tech, “cyberrific” look in an attempt to impress clients. Frankfurt#39;s internet exchange is a model of cool rationality, whereas London#39;s is grotty and coming apart at the seams.网络工程并非一个光鲜的行业,而且最为庞大网络的实物构造缺乏水电大坝的宏伟壮观,也没有洲际铁路的绵延大气。但它确实有自己的特点:普普通通、几乎废弃的大楼里,整齐地排满了富含高科技的务器和路由器,由厚厚的几捆电缆连接起来,它们的散热风扇在冷清昏暗中组成了一正在高歌的合唱队。无论大楼在哪,这种特点都会受到本地文化的影响。因此,一个追求超高科技风格的美国公司,打造“网络交通”的外观是给客户留下深刻印象的一种尝试途径。法兰克福网络交换中心就是良好理性的一个模板,而伦敦的则是脏乱带着些破裂。And then there are the engineers themselves, a rootless but engaging brotherhood that travels the world from rack to rack, helping to keep the electronic show on the road, and whose interactions and dealmaking does a lot to shape the geography of the electronic spider#39;s web that now engulfs the planet.还有工程师他们自身是一个较为松散但相处融洽的组织,马不停蹄地在世界各地旅行,奔波于电子产品展览会,他们的交际和生意圈如一张电子蜘蛛网正在包围整个世界。Mr Blum#39;s book is an excellent guide for anyone interested in how the global modern electronic infrastructure works. And it is a timely antidote to oft-repeated abstractions about “cyberspace” or “cloud computing”. Such terms gloss over the fact that, just like the pipes that carry water, the tubes that carry bits are reliant on old-fashioned, low-tech spadework, humancontact and the geographical reality in which all that exists.对“世界上的现代电子设施是如何运作的”这一问题有兴趣的任何人,可以通过布朗姆先生这本书得到良好的入门指引。该书也是对被热议的“网络空间”或“云计算”这类抽象概念的及时说明。这些术语掩盖了一个事实:正如水管输送自来水,网路传递着信息。它有赖于老式、低技术含量的基础工作,人们的交往;这些都存在于现实的地理状况之中。 /201209/199937黑龙江省哈尔滨市妇女儿童医院做血常规检查

黑龙江哈市医大四院是那里人开的First lady Michelle Obama beat out heads of state, chief executives and celebrities to rank as the world's most powerful woman in Forbes magazine's annual listing on Wednesday。  Kraft Foods Chief Executive Irene Rosenfeld, who led a hostile billion takeover of Britain's Cadbury, came in second, followed by talk show host and media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who is ending "The Oprah Winfrey Show" next year after 25 years to launch her cable network OWN。  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, elected for a second term last year, was the fourth most powerful woman, while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rounded out the top five。  Moira Forbes, vice president and publisher of ForbesWoman, said the women on the business magazine's list were "shaping many of the agenda-setting conversations of the day."  "They have built companies and brands, sometimes by non-traditional means and they have broken through gender barriers in areas of commerce, politics, sports and media and cultural zeitgeist, and thereby affecting the lives of millions, sometimes billions of people," she said。  This year Forbes changed the way it ranked women, basing the list less on wealth and power and more on creative influence and entrepreneurship。  Last year's winner was Merkel, followed by Sheila Bair, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Obama ranked No. 40.  Forbes said Obama topped the list this year because "she has made the office of first lady her own" while remaining popular。  PepsiCo Inc Chief Executive Indra Nooyi, who was last week named the most powerful woman in U.S. business for the fifth year in a row by Fortune, was in sixth place, while singer Lady Gaga came in at No. 7.  Gail Kelly, chief executive of Australia's Westpac Banking Corp, was in eighth place, followed by singer Beyonce Knowles. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres rounded out the top 10.  The complete Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women can be seen at www.forbes.com/powerwomen /201010/115232黑龙江省医院南岗分院在线咨询 Austria becomes a republicNovember 12,1918, Austria becomes a republic. 奥地利成共和制1918年的11月12日,奥地利转为共和制。 Loch Ness MonsterNovember 12,1933, Hugh Gray takes the first known photos of the Loch Ness Monster. 尼斯湖水怪 1933年的11月12日,休·格雷拍摄了已知的唯一一张“尼斯湖水怪”的照片。The Loch Ness Monster, sometimes called Nessie or Ness (Scottish Gaelic: Niseag), is a mysterious and unidentified animal or group of animals claimed by some to inhabit Loch Ness, a large deep freshwater loch near the city of Inverness in northern Scotland. Nessie is usually categorized as a type of lake monster. Its disputed "scientific" name, as chosen by the late Sir Peter Scott, is Nessiteras rhombopteryx. Although no evidence exists to suggest the alleged creature's sex, the nickname "Nessie" sounds feminine, so the creature is often referred to as female.尼斯湖水怪是由尼斯湖边的原住民声称发现的一种或一组神秘的动物,尼斯湖位于爱尔兰以北,一片深水淡水湖。尼斯湖水怪通常被认为是一种湖中的怪物。对于其“科学”的称呼一直也存在着争论。虽无据明其性别,“尼斯”这一昵称听上去还是有些偏女性,因此这个生物经常作为雌性引用。International war crimes tribunal in TokyoNovember 12,1948,In Tokyo, an international war crimes tribunal sentences seven Japanese military and government officials to death, including General Hideki Tojo, for their roles in World War II. 东京大审判 1948年的11月12日,在东京举行的国际战犯审判宣判在第二次世界大战中犯战争罪的七名日本军人和政府官员行死刑,其中包括东条英机。Formal proposal for the WWWNovember 12,1990,Tim Berners-Lee publishes a formal proposal for the World Wide Web. 万维网的正式建议书 1990年的11月12日,蒂姆·伯纳斯-李发表了万维网的正式建议书。 /201011/118040哈尔滨师范大学医院做输卵管通液多少钱

哈尔滨第六医院医生在线咨询Alfred Bernhard Nobel (Stockholm, Sweden, 21 October 1833 – Sanremo, Italy, 10 December 1896) was a Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, armaments manufacturer and the inventor of dynamite. He owned Bofors, a major armaments manufacturer, which he had redirected from its previous role as an iron and steel mill. In his last will, he used his enormous fortune to institute the Nobel Prizes. The synthetic element nobelium was named after him.阿尔弗雷德·贝恩哈德·诺贝尔(1833年10月21日出生于瑞典斯德哥尔- 1896年12月10日死于意大利圣雷莫)是瑞典化学家,工程师,革新者,军工制造者和炸药的发明者。他拥有的福斯是一个重型武器制造商,福斯使他由钢铁厂商转行成为武器制造商。他最后的愿望是用他自己的巨大财富创立诺贝尔奖。人造元素锘是他的名字命名的。 /200910/87207 Michael Roemer had never lived abroad before he took a one-year leave of absence from his job as an attorney, rented out his family#39;s Orinda, Calif., house, and moved to Chengdu, a city in western China, in 2010 with his wife and two children.迈克尔#8226;罗默(Michael Roemer)是一位律师,2010年他请了一年的假,把加利福尼亚州奥林达(Orinda)的房子租出去,然后带着妻子和孩子来到了中国西部城市成都。之前他从来没有在国外生活过。Mr. Roemer#39;s goal: to give his kids, Erin and Conor, an up-close look at China and an edge in what is fast becoming a must-learn language. ;Speaking Mandarin is important,; says the 57-year-old Mr. Roemer.罗默的目的是让他的一双儿女埃林(Erin)和康纳(Conor)近距离了解中国,并为他们学习正在迅速成为一门必学语言的汉语创造更好的条件。现年57岁的罗默说,会讲普通话是很重要的。The Roemers are among a growing group of Westerners going to great lengths to give their kids a leg up in Mandarin. With China#39;s rising global influence, these parents want their children to be able to communicate fluently with the country#39;s 1.3 billion people. The phenomenon is similar to what happened in the 80s, when Japan#39;s economy boomed and there was a rush to learn Japanese.不仅是罗默夫妇,越来越多的西方人正不辞辛苦帮助孩子学说普通话。随着中国在全球的影响力越来越大,这些父母希望孩子能够与这个国家的13亿人顺畅沟通。这种现象与上世纪80年代日本经济繁荣时期人们争先恐后学习日语的情形非常相似。But this time, after-school classes aren#39;t enough for some people. Families are enrolling their children in Mandarin-immersion programs that are springing up from California to Maine. They are hiring tutors, Skyping with teachers in Beijing and recruiting Chinese-speaking nannies. Some are stocking their playrooms with Disney s in Mandarin岸not to mention the iPhone apps aimed at making kids into Mandarin speakers.不过这次,上补习班对一些人来说已经不够了。家长们把孩子送进了从加州到缅因州不断冒出的纯普通话课堂。他们聘请家庭教师,通过Skype与北京的老师交谈,还雇用讲中文的保姆。一些人在室里放满了普通话版的迪士尼影碟──更不用提那些旨在教孩子学普通话的iPhone应用程序。Of learning Mandarin, Mr. Roemer says,;mastering that challenge gives [the kids] a great deal of confidence.; Learning Chinese, he adds, is ;good for the brain.; Still, he says it was stressful watching his children struggle in a place where at first they didn#39;t understand much of what was happening at school.罗默说,克学说普通话的挑战会让孩子变得非常自信。他还说,学习中文对大脑有好处。不过他也说,孩子们一开始上学时对所处环境一片茫然,自己看着也很有压力。Now back in the U.S., the Roemer kids say they value that year in China learning Mandarin, even if they can#39;t quite keep it up now. ;It was cool living in a foreign country; for a year, though achieving command of Mandarin#39;s tones remains difficult, says Erin, age 9. Her 11-year-old brother Conor says he likes being able to switch into a different language when he doesn#39;t want other people岸like his father岸to understand. ;Sometimes my dad doesn#39;t know as much as we do, so if we#39;re talking about his birthday present we can keep it from him,; Conor says.已经回到美国的两个孩子说,即使现在无法完全坚持学习普通话,他们也很看重在中国学习的那一年。九岁的埃林说,虽然掌握普通话的声调还是很困难,但在另外一个国度生活一年还是非常棒的。11岁的哥哥康纳说,在不想让其他人──比如父亲──听懂自己的话时,他能改说另外一种语言,这让他感觉很好。康纳说,有时候爸爸知道的东西没有我们多,所以在商量送他什么生日礼物的时候,我们可以不让他知道。Recruiters say Mandarin gives candidates an edge in the job market. ;When it comes to Mandarin speakers, we don#39;t have them [in the U.S.], so does it give you a competitive advantage to have it? The answer is yes,; says Michael Distefano, a Los Angeles-based senior vice president at executive recruiting firm Korn/Ferry International. Mr. Distefano#39;s own son is studying Mandarin in high school, with an eye towards possibly working in Asia.据招聘机构说,会讲普通话可以让求职者在就业市场获得加分。高管猎头公司光辉国际(Korn/Ferry International)驻洛杉矶高级副总裁迪斯泰法诺(Michael Distefano)说,美国没有多少讲普通话的人,所以会讲普通话是不是一个竞争优势呢?是肯定的。迪斯泰法诺正在上高中的儿子也在学习普通话,并希望有机会在亚洲找一份工作。Jim Rogers, 69, and his wife, Paige Parker, 43, sold their New York City home and moved to Singapore in 2007, specifically so their children could grow up speaking Chinese. The couple now rent a house across from Singapore#39;s Botanic Gardens. The address positioned them to get their 9-year-old daughter, Happy, into a top local school called Nanyang Primary, where core subjects are taught in Mandarin. Her sister, Bee, 4, attends Nanyang Kindergarten, where instruction is completely in Mandarin for two years.69岁的罗杰斯(Jim Rogers)和他43岁的妻子佩奇(Paige Parker) 2007年将他们在纽约城的居所卖掉并搬到新加坡。两人这么做的目的是希望他们的孩子长大后会说中文。这对夫妻在新加坡植物园(Botanic Gardens)对面租了一套房子。之所以选择这个地点,是因为这样他们九岁的女儿Happy就能够进入当地顶尖的南洋小学(Nanyang Primary)学习了。在南洋小学,核心课程都是用中文授课的。Happy四岁的Bee上的是南洋幼小(Nanyang Kindergarten)。南洋幼小两年的课程完全用中文讲授。Mr. Rogers, who started Quantum Fund with financier George Soros, doesn#39;t know Mandarin and had never lived in Asia. But he says it#39;s crucial for his kids to learn Chinese naturally from the start. ;This is going to be the century of China, so we#39;re preparing them,; he says.和金融大鳄索罗斯(George Soros)一同创立了量子基金(Quantum Fund)的罗杰斯并不会说普通话,也从未在亚洲生活过,但他说,让孩子从小自然地学习中文至关重要。罗杰斯说,这个世纪将成为中国的世纪,我们要为孩子做好准备。Mandarin is notoriously difficult to learn. The language is tonal, and fluency requires mastering thousands of characters. Mandarin competence takes 2,200 class hours, with half of that time spent in a country where it#39;s spoken, according to the U.S. State Department#39;s Foreign Service Institute, whereas Spanish can be learned in 600 to 750 class hours.中文的难学是出了名的。普通话有四声,想要说的流利必须掌握数千个汉字。美国国务院下设的外交学院(Foreign Service Institute)说,想要掌握普通话需要2,200个课时的学习,其中一半课时要在说普通话的国家学习。而掌握西班牙语则只要600课时到750课时即可。Educators say there#39;s no one right way to learn Mandarin. Jeff Bissell, head of the Chinese American International School in San Francisco, says teaching is ;evolving; as metrics and standards are established. He applauds efforts to get students to China to learn Mandarin, which he calls ;a major strategic priority.;教育工作者说,学习普通话并没有所谓;唯一正确;的方法。旧金山中美国际学校(Chinese American International School)的负责人比塞尔(Jeff Bissell)说,随着指标和标准的确立,教学方法也在不断演进。他赞成让学生到中国学习普通话的方法。比塞尔将这种方法称作一个主要的战略重点。What happens after moving back from China is another matter. Jim Cashel and his wife, Anne Ching, a fourth-generation Chinese-American who never learned Mandarin growing up, moved from Sonoma, Calif., to Chengdu in 2009 with their two daughters. Their goal: to learn Chinese and experience China.从中国搬回至美国以后发生的情况则是另外一回事。卡舍尔(Jim Cashel)和他的妻子Anne Ching在2009年带着两个女儿从加州索诺玛(Sonoma)搬到中国成都。他们的目标是学习中文、体验中国。Anne Ching是第四代华裔美国人,在成长过程中从未学习过中文。 /201206/188479哈尔滨公立三甲医院人流价格哈尔滨阳光医院打胎有风险么?



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