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Hi, everybody. It is the most wonderful time of the year – and not just because its the holiday season, but because its also open enrollment season over at HealthCare.gov. I know that was a dad joke. But this weekend, I hope seriously youll take a moment to do something really important for yourself and your family: make sure youll have health insurance for 2017. If youre not covered yet, now is the time to sign up. Go to HealthCare.gov and shop for the plan thats right for you. Like most Americans who get coverage through HealthCare.gov, theres a good chance youll find a plan that costs less than a month. And while the enrollment period lasts until the end of January, as long as you sign up by this Thursday, December 15, youll be covered starting January 1. Now, this doesnt apply to the roughly 250 million Americans who aly get insurance through the workplace, or thanks to Medicare or Medicaid. But heres what does. Every American with insurance is now covered by the strongest set of consumer protections in history – a true Patients Bill of Rights. You now have free preventive care, like mammograms and contraception. There are no more annual or lifetime limits on the essential care you receive. Women cant get charged more just for being a woman. Young people can stay on a parents plan until they turn 26, and seniors get discounts on their prescriptions. Every American can rest free from the fear that one illness or accident will derail your dreams – because discrimination against preexisting conditions is now illegal. And since 2010, weve seen the slowest health care price growth in 50 years. Whether or not you get insurance through the Affordable Care Act, thats the health care system as we now know it now. Because our goal wasnt just to make sure more people have coverage – it was to make sure more people have better coverage. Thats why we want to build on the progress weve made – and Ive put forth a number of ideas for how to improve the Affordable Care Act. Now, Republicans in Congress want to repeal the whole thing and start from scratch – but trying to undo some of it could undo all of it. All those consumer protections – whether you get your health insurance from Obamacare, or Medicare, or Medicaid, or on the job – could go right out the window. So any partisan talk you hear about repealing or replacing, the Affordable Care Act should be judged by whether they keep all those improvements that benefit you and your family right now. For example, one new study shows that if Congress repeals Obamacare as theyve proposed, nearly 30 million Americans would lose their coverage – 30 million. Four in five of them would come from working families. More than 9 million Americans who would receive tax credits to keep insurance affordable would no longer receive that help. That is unacceptable. We can work together to make the system even better – and one of the best ways to do that is make sure that youre in it. So, remember: Sign up on HealthCare.gov by this Thursday, and your health insurance will be there for you when you wake up on January 1. Thanks, everybody, and have a good weekend.201612/484518

3_07 We’re y to order We’re y to order. 我们要点菜了. We know what we want. 我们决定好了. Can you take our order now? 你现在可以帮我们点菜吗? I’ll have the special. 我要点特餐. She’ll try the combo. 她要总汇. We both want salads with that.我们俩都要附沙拉. Ice water for her. 她要冰开水. Hot water for me. 我要热开水. That’s it for now. 现在先点这些. /200706/14140

英语会话800句 63 /200609/9327According to the B and the Chinese governments press release,根据B和中国政府的官方消息January 2015 saw a peak of Cesarean sections. Why?2015年1月迎来了剖腹产的高潮。为什么?That was the last month for the Year of the Horse.因为这是马年的最后一个月。Its not because they like horses so much,并不是大家喜欢生肖马its because they try to avoid having unlucky Goat babies.而是大家尽量避免不祥的属羊的孩子。If you are a Goat, please dont feel bad.如果你属羊,也不要伤心Those are Goat babies. They dont look like losers to me.这些都是属羊的人。我可不觉得他们是失败者。Tiger is another undesirable animal, due to its volatile temperament.还有一个不受欢迎的生肖是虎,也许和它的喜怒无常有关。Many Chinese regions saw a sharp decline of birthrate during those years.在不受欢迎生肖的年份,中国很多地区的婴儿出生率都有明显下降。Perhaps one should consider zodiac in reverse,也许对于生肖我们应该逆向思维as those Tiger and Goat babies will face much less competition.因为虎宝宝和羊宝宝将会面临最少的竞争Maybe they are the lucky ones.也许他们才是最幸运的。I went through the Forbes top 300 richest people in the world,我调查了世界福布斯财富榜前300位的生肖and its interesting to see the most undesirable two animals, the Goat and Tiger,有趣的是,属最不受欢迎的羊和虎的人数are at the top of the chart, even higher than the Dragon.反而排在前两位,甚至高于龙。So maybe we should consider, maybe its much better to have less competition.也许我们应该考虑减轻竞争压力才是更好的选择。One last but interesting point:最后一个有趣的事情是many Chinese people make their investment decisions based on the zodiac sign index.很多中国人依据生肖图作为索引进行投资。Although the belief and tradition of the zodiac sign has been over thousands of years,尽管生肖的信仰和传统由来已久,the trend of using it in making major decisions did not really happen until the past few decades.使用生肖作重大决定的风潮近几十年才开始出现。Our ancestors were very busy surviving poverty, drought, famine, riot, disease and civil war.我们的祖先忙于战胜贫穷,干旱,饥荒,动乱,疾病甚至国内战争。And finally, Chinese people have the time, wealth and technology终于中国人有时间,有财富和科技to create an ideal life theyve always wanted.可以过上他们梦想中的生活。The collective decision made by 1.3 billion people13亿人做出的集体决定has caused the fluctuation in economics and demand on everything,足以在经济上掀起巨大的波澜,足以改变很多事情的走向from health care and education to property and consumer goods.无论是医疗还是教育领域,无论是财产还是消费品方面。As China plays such an important role in the global economy and geopolitics,随着中国在全球经济和地域政治中,扮演越来越重要的角色,the decisions made based on the zodiac and other Chinese traditions基于生肖和其他中国传统而作出的决定end up impacting everyone around the world.将会最终影响世界上的每一个人。Are there any Monkeys here?在座的有属猴的吗?2016 is the Year of the Monkey.2016年是猴年Monkeys are clever, curious, creative and mischievous.猴意味着聪明,好奇,创造力和顽皮。Thank you.谢谢。201607/455006And after the show, another counselor came up to me and asked Have you ever thought of acting? Youre good at that. 演出结束后 另一位指导来问我你有没有想过演戏?你有这方面的天分哦So, when I got back to Fordham that fall, i got there I changed my major once again, for the last time. 当我秋天回到佛罕大学时再一次更改了我的专业 最后一次换专业And in the years that followed, just as that woman prophesied I have traveled the world. 在后来的岁月中 就像那位老妇人预见的那样我周游了世界And I have spoken to millions of people through my movies Millions who... Up till this day, couldnt see me... 通过电影 和上百万人进行了沟通当然 直到今天 他们都没有真正见过我本人Who up till this day, I couldnt see while I was talking to them. 直到今天他们都没有真正看到我本人我虽然和他们;沟通;了And they couldnt see me theyre gonna see the movie. 他们也没真正看过我因为他们只是看到了电影里的我They couldnt see the real me But I see you today. 而不是真正的我但今天我亲眼看到你们And Im encouraged by what I see And Im strengthened by what I see. 而且我为我看到的感到鼓舞我从我看到的里面感到了力量And I love what I see one more page, then ill shut up. 我对我看到的很是喜欢还差完最后一页 我就可以闭嘴了Let me conclude with this one final point actually the president kinda brought it up. 让我用这最后一点来结束其实校长前面也已经提到Has to do with the movie Philadelphia here She stole my material. 这跟电影《费城往事》有关她一定偷看了我的稿子Many years ago I did this movie called Philadelphia We filmed some of the scenes right here on campus. 很多年前 我出演了《费城往事》这部电影有些场景就是在这个校园拍摄的201611/473730

Our species can make stuff,人类这一物种可以创造事物therefore we prospered in a way that no other species has.所以我们比任何其他物种都要繁荣先进In fact, we can even make the ;stuff of life; --事实上我们甚至可以创造“生命本身的东西”--as I just said, all the stuff around us.如我所说,我们周围的一切But in fact, it turns out实际上that some time around 200,000 years ago,大约二十万年前when our species first arose当我们的祖先开始直立行走and acquired social learning,并获得社会学习的能力that this was really the beginning of our story,这的确是故事的开始,not the end of our story.但不是结尾Because our acquisition of social learning因为社会学习能力的获得would create a social and evolutionary dilemma,会令社会和进化陷入一个进退两难的地步the resolution of which, its fair to say,其解决方法would determine not only the future course of our psychology,不但决定了未来人类心理的轨迹but the future course of the entire world.也决定了整个世界的未来走向And most importantly for this, itll tell us why we have language.最重要的是,它告诉我们为什么我们有语言And the reason that dilemma arose is, it turns out, that social learning is visual theft.两难局面的出现是因为社会学习实际是一种观察性窃取If I can learn by watching you, I can steal your best ideas,如果我可以通过观察你而学习,我就可以窃取你最好的想法and I can benefit from your efforts,从你的努力中坐收渔利without having to put in the time and energy that you did into developing them.而不用像你一样投入时间和精力去开发想法If I can watch which lure you use to catch a fish,如果我可以观察你用什么饵钓鱼or I can watch how you flake your hand axe to make it better,如何削薄手斧改进它or if I follow you secretly to your mushroom patch,或者偷偷跟踪你去你的蘑菇地I can benefit from your knowledge and wisdom and skills,我就可以从你的知识,智慧和技能中获益and maybe even catch that fish before you do.甚至在你之前就抓走鱼Social learning really is visual theft.社会学习确实是种观察性窃取And in any species that acquired it,任何具备该能力的物种it would behoove you to hide your best ideas, lest somebody steal them from you.必然都会隐藏自己最好的点子,以防别人偷走。201701/489267

高级英语口语纯外教视频教学[51]【注意:如果视频不清晰,有白色模糊部分,刷新页面重新播放即可】 /200704/11968

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