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While pandas are often the main attractionat zoos, the adorable animals do not usually attempt to entertain visitors byplaying a musical instrument.虽然在动物园中熊猫总是最吸引人的,但是这种可爱的动物通常不会通过玩弄乐器来人们But as this comical picture shows, thisbear appeared to be doing just that as she held a bamboo stick up to her faceas if she was playing the flute.但是正如图中所示,这只熊猫把一根竹子放在自己的脸上,看起来就像是在吹笛子Crowds gathered around the panda enclosureat Taihu LakeNational WetlandPark in Suzhou,in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu, as one of thefemale bears put on the adorable show.观众们围绕在苏州的太湖国家湿地公园的这个熊猫笼子周围Holding the bamboo in her paws in the same fashion a musician would do with aflute, she paused to lick the branch, apparently unaware of visitors to the zoocrowding around her pen.他拿竹子的姿势就好像一名音乐家拿笛子一样,它停了下来舔了舔这根竹子,显然没有意识到周围游客正聚集在它的笼子周围The black and white giant panda thenstarted gnawing on the bamboo branch - a staple in the bears diet.然后这种黑白熊猫开始啃咬这根竹子,竹子是熊猫的主食Giant pandas, which are native to centralChina but are often kept in captivity to encourage the endangered species tobreed, eat between one and five stone of bamboo branches, stems and shootsevery day.熊猫原产于中国中部,通常被圈养以保这种濒危动物得以繁衍,每天要吃1到5英石的竹枝,竹干和竹笋Female giant pandas can reach up to 19 stone, but those in the wild often weighless as deestation has led to bamboo being harder to find.雌性大熊猫体重最多可达到19英石,但是野生大熊猫通常没这么重,因为滥砍滥伐导致竹子更加的难以寻觅了There are thought to be slightly less than,000 pandas left in the wild, a number which has gradually increased since the1960s after international efts to save the species were increased.据说野生大熊猫不到00只,自1960年代国际社会开始增加对这种物种的拯救后,野生大熊猫的数量正在慢慢增加As well as this, there are about 0 giantpandas in captivity in China,while 9 live in zoos around the world, including two at Edinburgh Zoo.此外,中国还有0只圈养的大熊猫,9只生活在全世界的动物园里,包括爱丁堡动物园的只 33

December 6 is Tiffany Tang birthday, but fans are the ones who received a big birthday surprise.月6日是演员唐嫣的生日,然而粉丝们却在当天收到了一份大的生日惊喜The actor Luo Jin, her prince from The Princess Weiyoung, has publicly posted their romantic relationship on Weibo.在电视剧《锦绣未央中扮演李未央的白马王子的男演员罗晋,在微上公开了他与唐嫣两人的恋情Chinese and international viewers have been fascinated by the love between a revenging princess and her enemy royal prince in The Princess Weiyoung.最近,中外观众们都被《锦绣未央中复仇公主和敌国王子之间的爱情所吸引The historical romance drama currently leads the Top list at DramaFever.这部古装浪漫大戏目前在DramaFever网站上的电视剧收视率前十名榜单中领跑The pairing of Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin is actually the fourth time they have co-starred together.事实上,《锦绣未央已经是唐嫣和罗晋合作的第四部电视剧了Fans have long adored them as a couple on screen, and entertainment news is full of speculation about their possible real-life romance.很多粉丝早已将他们认作心目中的;荧幕情侣;,各大新闻更是充满了关于两人在现实生活中相爱的猜测However, the two stars have never officially confirmed any dating relationship, and Tiffany even once told reporters to ignore rumors.然而,两人却从未公开宣称过他们是情侣关系唐嫣甚至曾经在接受记者采访时否认过二人的绯闻However, every once in a while, rumors and best wishes come true.只是未曾想到,流传的绯闻和粉丝的祝愿终究还是成真了On exactly : am, December 6, Luo Jin posted to her Weibo with this message: My shoulders are always you to lean on! My Dear, happy birthday.罗晋于月6日点分发表了一则微:;我的肩膀永远是你的依靠!亲爱的你,生日快乐;Tiffany immediately responded. It a double play on a Chinese phrase ;Yuan Lai Shi Ni;, which means ;So it you.; But she substituted the first character with a homophone, which means ;destiny; or ;fate;.随后,唐嫣也进行了回复回复的四个字;缘来是你;一语双关,既表达了;原来是你;的意思,同时将;原;替换为;缘;也表示了两人的命运和缘分Many netizens wrote that ;A birthday simply cant get anymore romantic than what has just happened.;许多网友们纷纷写道:“没有什么能比这样的生日更浪漫了”Congratulations to Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin finding each other to love and cherish.在这里我们也恭喜唐嫣和罗晋找到彼此,并希望他们珍惜彼此,永远幸福 878

Miss Philippines Karla Henry reacts after she won the Miss Earth beauty pageant in Angeles City of Pampanga, north of Manila, the Philippines, November 9, . Eight-five beauties from all over the world attended the contest and Miss Philippines Karla Henry won the title of Miss Earth. [Xinhua](From L to R) Miss Brazil Tatiane Kelen Alves, Miss Mexico Abigail Elizalde Romo, Miss Philippines Karla Henry, and Miss Tanzania Miriam Odemba, pose a photo during the Miss Earth beauty pageant in Angeles City of Pampanga, north of Manila, Philippines, November 9, . Eight-five beauties from all over the world attended the contest and Miss Philippines Karla Paula Henry won the title of Miss Earth. [Xinhua]Miss China Zhou Yingkun and Miss Macao Qian Wei Na attend the Miss Earth beauty pageant in Angeles City of Pampanga, north of Manila, Philippines, November 9, . Eight-five beauties from all over the world attended the contest and Miss Philippines Karla Paula Henry won the title of Miss Earth. [Xinhua] 15798When the actress Robin Wright was negotiating a pay raise that would make her earnings “House of Cards” equal to those of her co-star Kevin Spacey, she used a tactic that would’ve made her alter ego, Claire Underwood, proud: She leveraged her power by threatening to go public about pay inequality.女演员罗宾·怀特(Robin Wright)在要求把自己主演《纸牌屋(House of Cards)的片酬提高到和联合主演凯文·斯佩西(Kevin Spacey)一样多时,她采取了一个会令自己饰演的克莱尔·安德伍德(Claire Underwood)骄傲的策略:她威胁说要公开报酬不平等问题,从而增加了自己的筹码Ms. Wright, who plays a calculating first lady to Mr. Spacey’s equally ruthless President Frank Underwood on the Netflix drama, told the audience at a Rockefeller Foundation event in New York on Tuesday that she’d learned the two characters were equally popular with viewers.怀特在Netflix的这部电视剧中饰演工于心计的第一夫人,斯佩西饰演同样残酷无情的总统弗兰克·安德伍德(Frank Underwood)周二,怀特在洛克菲勒基金会(Rockefeller Foundation)在纽约举办的一场活动上对观众们说,她已经得知这两个角色在观众中同样受欢迎“So I capitalized on it,” Ms. Wright told the room, according to The Huffington Post. “I was like, ‘You better pay me or I’m going to go public.’ ”“所以我利用了这一点,”据《赫芬顿邮报(The Huffington Post)说,当时怀特对活动现场的所有人说,“我说,‘你们最好给我加薪,否则我要曝光’”“And they did.”“他们就加薪了”Mr. Spacey was making 0,000 per episode in , according to reports, making him one of the highest-paid actors on TV. That year, Ms. Wright won a Golden Globe Award best actress her work on the show. In , Mr. Spacey won best actor. That year, bes reported that Ms. Wright’s earnings — .5 million — were beginning to catch up to Mr. Spacey’s.据报道称,年,斯佩西每集获得50万美元的报酬,成为片酬最高的电视演员之一当年,怀特凭借在该剧中的表演获得了金球奖(Golden Globe Award)最佳女演员奖年,斯佩西获得了最佳男演员奖《福布斯(bes)报道称,当年怀特的收入开始赶上斯佩西,达到550万美元Ms. Wright joined a growing group of actresses who have spoken out recently on pay inequality in Hollywood, spurred in part by a rousing speech made onstage at the Oscars by Patricia Arquette. (Ms. Arquette later said she had lost roles the comments about equal pay.)最近,越来越多的女演员开始公开谈论好莱坞的报酬不平等问题,怀特是新加入的一员她们的动力部分来自于帕特丽夏·阿凯特(Patricia Arquette)在年奥斯卡颁奖台上发表的激动人心的演讲(后来,阿凯特说,关于报酬不平等的言论让她失去了很多角色)Months later, the issue was raised again by Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-winning star of “Winter’s Bone,” “Joy” and the “Hunger Games” franchise. Data exposed by the Sony Pictures hack in showed that she had been paid less than her male colleagues the film “American Hustle.”数月后,詹妮弗·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)再次提到这个问题劳伦斯是奥斯卡获奖明星,曾主演《冬天的骨头(Winter’s Bone)、《奋斗的乔伊(Joy)和《饥饿游戏(Hunger Games)系列电影年索尼影业(Sony Pictures)遭黑客攻击后泄露的数据显示,她出演《美国骗局(American Hustle)获得的报酬少于一同出演该片的多位男演员In October, Ms. Lawrence wrote in Lena Dunham’s newsletter, Lenny: “Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper all fought and succeeded in negotiating powerful deals themselves. If anything, I’m sure they were commended being fierce and tactical, while I was busy worrying about coming across as a brat and not getting my fair share.”去年月,劳伦斯在莉娜·杜汉姆(Lena Dunham)的新闻通讯《Lenny上写道:“杰里米·伦纳(Jeremy Renner)、克里斯蒂安·贝尔(Christian Bale)和布拉德利·库珀(Bradley Cooper)都为自己成功争取到了有力的待遇实际上,我确信他们因强悍和策略而得到称赞,而我却忙于担心自己看起来像个小毛孩,所以没有得到合理的报酬”Not all high-profile actresses believe that discussing personal pay issues in Hollywood is appropriate. In an interview with Cosmopolitan in April, Scarlett Johansson said that it would be “icky” her to discuss her experience with Hollywood’s pay gap.并非所有知名女演员都认为,在好莱坞谈论个人报酬问题是妥当的今年月,斯嘉丽·约翰逊(Scarlett Johansson)在接受《Cosmopolitan采访时说,谈论自己在好莱坞薪酬差距方面的经历会显得“矫情”“There’s something icky about me having that conversation unless it applies to a greater whole,” she said. “I am very tunate; I make a really good living, and I’m proud to be an actress who’s making as much as many of my male peers at this stage.”“让我谈论这个话题会显得有点矫情,除非它是个普遍问题,”她说,“我很幸运我过得挺宽裕的作为一名女演员,我挣的钱跟这个舞台上的很多男演员一样多,这让我感到骄傲”But social media users had much applause Ms. Wright.不过,社交媒体用户对怀特非常赞赏 59A heart that loves is always young.有爱的心永远年轻 79

The Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has been appointed visiting professor at the London School of Economics (LSE), where she will teach a Masters in gender and human rights.好莱坞明星安吉丽娜#86;朱莉近日被伦敦经济学院任命为客座教授,教授性别与人权硕士课程The Oscar-winning actress will join mer eign secretary William Hague as a lecturer at the university Centre Women, Peace and Security where she will help to teach students studying a Master degree.这位奥斯卡获奖女演员将和英国前外交大臣威廉#86;黑格一起在伦敦经济学院的女性、和平与安全研究中心做讲师,朱莉将会在那里给研究生上课Jolie Pitt, who has been a goodwill ambassador the UN Refugee Agency and is currently one of its special envoys, has been a vocal campaigner on refugee rights, and against the female genital mutilation and the use of rape as a weapon of war.朱莉#86;皮特一直是联合国难民署的亲善大使,现任高级专员特使她积极为难民争取权益,反对女性生殖器切割和将强奸作为战争武器She said: ;I am very encouraged by the creation of this master programme. I hope other academic institutions will follow this example, as it is vital that we broaden the discussion on how to advance women rights and end impy crimes that disproportionately affect women, such as sexual violence in conflict.朱莉说:“创办这一硕士课程令我倍受鼓舞我希望其他学术机构也能效仿,因为在如何提高妇女权利方面,以及终结冲突中的性暴力等对妇女的暴力行为有罪不罚现象,都亟待广泛的讨论;I am looking ward to teaching and to learning from the students as well as to sharing my own experiences of working alongside governments and the ed Nations;.“我期待在课堂上分享自己同政府及联合国一起工作的经历,同时我也期待在教学过程中能从学生那里学到东西”Lord Hague, who worked with Jolie-Pitt on hosting a four-day summit on ending sexual violence in war in London two years ago, said he was ;delighted; to be appointed.黑格勋爵两年前曾同朱莉一起在伦敦主持过一个为期四天的终止性暴力峰会,他表示获得委任很高兴 5765Anantara Resorts, one of the world most expensive resort chains, has debuted some of the world costliest coffee at its Maldives properties. Just one thing though: The coffee beans are harvested from elephant dung.安纳塔拉度假村是世界上最昂贵的连锁酒店之一,它旗下位于马尔代夫的度假村现在推出世上最贵的咖啡但最关键的是:这个咖啡豆产自大象的粪便The coffee is also offered at Anantara Golden Triangle property in Thailand.这款咖啡也在泰国的安纳塔拉金三角度假村销售The coffee beans, called Black Ivory and priced at ,0 per kilogram, are digested by an elephant bee you drink it. There are only 50 kilograms, or about 1 pounds, currently sale.这种名为“黑色象牙”的咖啡豆每公斤售价10美元,在你喝进肚子里之前曾经过大象消化现在可供出售的咖啡豆仅50公斤(大约1磅)According to the resort, Black Ivory coffee beans are ;naturally refined; by Thai elephants. Research indicates that during digestion, the enzymes of the elephant break down coffee protein, according to the resort. Protein is one of the factors responsible bitterness in coffee: less protein, less bitterness.据度假村介绍,“黑色象牙”咖啡豆是经泰国大象“自然提炼”出来的他们说已经过研究明,经过消化,大象体内的酶可以分解咖啡蛋白而这种蛋白则是造成咖啡苦涩的一个因素:蛋白质越少,苦味越淡The coffee is ground by hand and brewed table side in a four-minute process. The fragrance is said to be floral and chocolate and the taste ;milk chocolate, nutty, earthy with hints of spice and red berries.;咖啡由手工研磨,再在桌边经过分钟的煮咖啡过程就完成了据了解,这款咖啡具有花香与巧克力的混合香气,还有丰富口感:“牛奶巧克力、坚果、以及红浆果和少许香料的芳香”Thai Arabica beans are picked from an altitude of 00 meters (about 5000 feet) and fed to the elephants. ;Once deposited by the elephants, the individual beans are handpicked by mahouts (elephant trainer and care giver) and their wives and sun dried.;这种咖啡豆采自生长在海拔00米处(约5000英尺)的阿拉比卡咖啡树,然后喂给大象“一经大象消化,由象夫(训练并照顾大象的人)精心挑选每一颗咖啡豆,然后再由他们的妻子晒干咖啡豆Refinement of the coffee takes place at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, an elephant conservation program. According to the resort, 8 percent of sales will fund an elephant veterinarian specialist to provide free care to the animals. Additional funds will be used to provide medicine and a new laboratory.咖啡豆的提纯由金三角州象基金会负责,这是大象保育计划的一部分据度假村介绍,8%的销售额会用于持大象兽医专家为大象提供免费医疗额外资金也会用于药品研发和建立新实验室Black Ivory isnt the first coffee in the world to come out of animal dung. Civet coffee, priced at several hundred dollars per pound, is harvested from the civet cats of Southeast Asia excrement.“黑色象牙”并非世界上最早的一款动物粪便咖啡果子狸咖啡(俗称“猫屎咖啡”)每磅售价几百美元,也是产自东南亚果子狸的粪便 1865

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