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Uber has agreed to sell its Chinese operations to rival Didi Chuxing, throwing in the towel on its costly battle for the Chinese ride-hailing market.优步(Uber)已同意将旗下中国业务出售给竞争对手滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing),在争夺中国叫车应用市场的成本高昂的战斗中低头输。Under the terms of the deal, set to be announced in coming days, Didi will acquire all of Uber China’s operations and investors in Uber China will get a 20 per cent stake in Didi, according to two people close to the transaction..据两名知情人透露,该交易将于几天后公布,根据协议条款,滴滴将收购优步中国全部业务,优步中国的投资者将得到滴滴20%的股份。Didi, which is China’s largest ride-hailing company, will also invest bn in an equity stake in Uber’s global business, in a deal that brokers a truce between the two of the most fiercely competitive car-hailing companies in the world.作为中国最大的打车应用企业,滴滴将投入10亿美元入股优步全球业务,该交易将让这两家全球竞争最激烈的打车应用企业停止争夺。The new alliance will draw an end to a fight that had seen the companies pour billions of dollars into subsidies for passengers and drivers as each sought to gain market share. China legalised ride-hailing just last week, clearing the way for the market to expand further.为夺取市场份额,两家公司已投入数十亿美元补贴乘客和司机,新的合并协议将结束这场补贴大战。就在上周,中国将网约车合法化,为该市场进一步扩大扫清了道路。The idea of a tie-up was first aired by Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick more than two years ago when he met Cheng Wei, the founder of Didi, in Beijing. Both Uber and Didi have been on a fundraising spree in recent months, with Didi raising more than bn in debt and equity in June. Uber raised .5bn from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund around the same time. Even as both companies prepared to spend their war chests to fight for market share in China, the unprecedented scale of the fundraising also made clear to both sides how costly it would be to continue the battle.优步首席执行官特拉维斯#8226;卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)于两年前在北京与滴滴创始人程维会面时,首次提出了合并的想法。近几个月来,优步和滴滴都经历了融资狂欢,滴滴通过债券融资和股权融资筹款超过70亿美元,同一时间优步从沙特主权财富基金筹得35亿美元。虽然两家公司都准备好将它们的弹药箱投入到这场中国市场份额争夺战里,但此轮筹资的空前规模也令双方明白,继续战斗将造成怎样的损失。Discussions about a deal only got serious during the past few weeks, after the fundraisings were complete, according to a person close to the transaction.据这笔交易的一位知情人介绍,合并谈判在过去几周才严肃起来,就在此轮融资结束后。However Didi’s new alliance with Uber could prove awkward for Lyft, Uber’s main rival in the US. Didi is an investor in Lyft, and the two companies have linked their apps so that Didi’s Chinese can summon a Lyft car while travelling in the US.不过滴滴与优步的合并可能令Lyft——优步在美国的主要竞争对手——陷入尴尬境地。滴滴是Lyft的投资者之一,两家公司的应用已进行关联,中国用户在美国旅行时可使用滴滴应用叫来Lyft汽车。News of the deal was first reported by Bloomberg News. Rumours of a transaction were widesp on Chinese social media over the weekend, as an alleged draft blog post by Mr Kalanick about the deal circulated online.该交易的消息最早由彭新闻(Bloomberg News)报道。上周末中国社交媒体上充斥这关于这笔交易的传闻,一篇所谓卡兰尼克撰写的关于交易的客在网络上流传开来。Uber declined to comment. Didi did not respond to multiple requests for comment.优步方面不予置评,滴滴也没有回应多个置评请求。 /201608/457905。

  • Shang Dynasty商朝General概况Thousands of archaeological finds in the Huang He, Henan Valley, the apparent cradle of Chinese civilization----provide evidence about the Shang dynasty, which endured roughly from 1700 to 1027 B.C.上千起在中国文明的摇篮——黄河河南流域的考古发现为商朝(大约从公元前1700年持续到公元前1027年)提供了据。The Shang dynasty (also called the Yin dynasty in its later stages) is believed to have been founded by a rebel leader who overthrew the last Xia ruler.据信,商朝(在其后期也被称为商殷)是由一个造反的领袖推翻了夏朝的最后一任统治者而建立的。Its civilization was based on agriculture, augmented by hunting and animal husbandry.它的文明以农业为基础,以打猎和动物饲养而扩大。Two important events of the period were the development of a writing system, as revealed in archaic Chinese inscriptions found on tortoise shells and flat cattle bones (commonly called oracle bones or ),这段时期有两大重要事件,一个是文字系统的发展,表现为在乌龟壳和凭的牛骨上发现的古老的中国文字(一般称为甲骨文),and the use of bronze metallurgy.另一个是青铜冶金的使用。A number of ceremonial bronze vessels with inscriptions date from the Shang period;很多在庆典上使用的刻有铭文的青铜器皿都源于商朝。The workmanship on the bronzes attests to a high level of civilization.对于青铜器的技艺实了其文明水平之高。 /201509/393967。
  • 吻面还是握手?这是个问题Handshake 'safer' than kissing, flustered Britons advised Kiss or shake hands with a client or colleague? That is the big dilemma which faces workers around the country every day.Workers in Britain are "safer" to greet colleagues of the opposite sex with a handshake than a kiss, a common greeting in other parts of Europe, a study released Friday said.A survey of 1,200 workers by recruitment firm Office Angels said some became so anxious while deciding whether to kiss or shake hands that one in eight forgot the name of the person they were greeting.One fifth had an embarrassing clash of faces as they tried to kiss, and one in 10 became so flustered they resorted to waving instead.A similar number had actually allowed a colleague to sit through a meeting with lipstick on their cheek.And an over-enthusiastic few said they had ended up accidentally groping a colleague or client after opting for a kiss while the other one tried to shake hands.Londoners were most likely to be concerned about the issue, compared with workers in Northern Ireland, where most always went for a handshake, according to the research by the recruitment firm."My advice would always be, if in any doubt, go for a handshake. A handshake is always considered professional and courteous, and being on the safe side of formal is never a bad thing in a work place situation." David Clubb, the managing director of Office Angels said. 问候客户或同事时,是吻面还是握手?这是英国上班族每天都要面临的一大难题。上周五公布的一项调查显示,问候异性同事时握手比吻面“更安全”。吻面在欧洲其它地区是一种很常见的问候方式。“办公室天使”招聘公司对1200名公司职员开展的调查显示,有些人遇到这一两难问题时慌张失措,竟有八分之一的人忘了对方的名字。五分之一的受访者曾在行吻面礼时与对方尴尬“撞面”;十分之一的受访者由于慌乱失措,最后还是以握手了事。另有十分之一的受访者曾让同事面带着红唇印一直在会场坐到会议结束。还有一些“过于热情”的受访者称,他们在问候同事或客户时曾遇到自己准备行吻面礼,而对方则打算握手的情况,在这种情形下,他们则不小心摸了对方。此外,调查显示,与北爱尔兰人相比,伦敦人更在意吻面还是握手这个问题。在北爱尔兰,上班族们最常用的是握手礼。“办公室天使”公司的总经理大卫#8226;克拉伯说:“我一直主张在有任何疑问时选择握手。握手历来被认为是一种职业、礼貌的问候方式,而在工作场合,选择安全的礼节总没错。” /200804/34094。
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