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江苏盐城市割包皮手术建湖县治疗宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的江苏盐城市男科医院 不是所有人都能家缠万贯.一项调查发现, 富翁之所以拥有令人羡慕的财产和他们的严格自律密不可分。According to the USA Today, millionaires are more optimistic about the economy but unlike the rest of us, they don't blow their whole paycheck on games and Little Debbie snack cakes. Instead, they keep their eye on the prize: Keeping their money and making more. A recent survey of wealthy Americans revealed what millionaires plan to do with their money this year.blow it on: 把(钱等)挥霍在Little Debbie:美国一个主流点心蛋糕品牌如今,美国的百万富翁对经济更持有乐观精神,但并不像我们一样把钱挥霍在游戏和点心蛋糕上,而是专注于存着钱,然后赚更多的钱。最近的一项调查揭示了这些百万富翁们打算在今年用他们的钱做什么。 The survey conducted by Spectrem Group shows that millionaires' priorities are still to pay down debt and save money. The average millionaire household saved over 39,000 dollars last year, and plans to save the same or more this year.Spectrem Group:芝加哥顾问公司这项调查是由芝加哥顾问公司史派克坦集团发起,表明百万富翁优先考虑的仍然是偿还贷款,节约钱。去年,每个百万富翁节省了39,000美元,而且打算今年要节省更多。They may be poising themselves to cash in as the economy grows but they maintain the discipline of monks. They don't believe the recession is over and just two percent consider themselves "aggressive" investors. That discipline not only applies to how they spend their money but how they live their life and how they navigate business.cash in:乘机获利这些富翁们在经济复苏时会投资去赚钱,但是依然会很谨慎。他们不认为经济衰退已经结束,而他们只有的2%才会去冒险投资。富翁们谨慎节俭并不是说不舍得花钱,而是指他们的生活以及经营生意的方式。 Millionaires only have 24 hours in a day, just like the rest of us. What separates them from us is time management. While the rest of us go home and flop on the couch in front of the TV, the wealthy are ing and doing things that contribute to their success.flop:笨重地摔, 猛落百万富翁跟我们一样,一天只有24小时,但是与我们不同的是他们懂得如果配时间。或许我们到家就是舒地依靠在沙发上看电视,但是富人却在读书和做一些有助于他们成功的事。 /201103/128455盐城哪家人流手术医院好

盐城/月经不来的原因盐城/市哪家医院上环最好选择 It usually takes us much longer to change our moods than we’d like it to take. Here are ten things you can do in ten minutes or less that will have a positive emotional effect on you and those you love.我们通常需要很长时间来调整情绪,这时间远远超出我们希望花费的。以下是在十分钟内你可以做的十件事,这十件事将会对你和你爱的人产生积极的情感效应.1. Watch "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. See it online at www.Oprah.com. This is a deeply moving segment that may be the best ten minutes you've ever invested in front of a computer.观看兰迪.波许的《人生的最后一堂课》。网址是t www.Oprah.com。这或许是你坐在电脑前迄今为止所投资的最值的十分钟——一个感人至深的片段。2. Spend a little while watching the sunset with your mate. Nothing extra is necessary. Just sit and take in the natural beauty of the sky and appreciate being able to share it with the one you love.和你的伴侣一起看日落。静静地坐下,沉浸于自然美的天空,因为能够和你爱的人一起分享这份美丽而感激,除此之外,其他一切都不需要。3. Sit quietly by yourself. It doesn't really matter where or when. Just let your feelings bubble up and then experience the thoughts flowing out of your mind. Clearing your head and heart will give you extra energy to get through the rest of the day.独自一人静静地坐着,何时何地并不重要。尽情释放自己的感情,细细感受你脑海中浮现的每一个念头。净化你的灵魂和大脑,在这一天中接下来的日子你会充满活力。 /201011/118185阜宁县中医院治疗附件炎多少钱

建湖县中医院引产多少钱 More signs have emerged during the weekend that a mysterious woman recently seen with North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun in several events might be his wife. 上周末,有更多的迹象表明,近期陪同朝鲜领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Eun)公开露面的神秘女子可能是他的妻子。 On Sunday, Korean Central News Agency showed the woman accompanying Mr. Kim on a visit to a kindergarten in Pyongyang. In a dotted yellow one-piece and a Chanel-style white tweed jacket, matching with ivory toe-open high heels, the woman gave the image of a confident — and fashionable - First Lady. 上周日,朝中社(Korean Central News Agency)的报道显示,一名女子陪同金正恩视察了平壤的一家幼儿园。这名女子身穿黄底带圆点的连身裙,外面罩了一件香奈儿式的白色粗花呢夹克,同时搭配了一双露脚趾的象牙色高跟鞋。这名女子俨然展现出了一名自信而且时尚的第一夫人的形象。 She looked at ease and natural with Mr. Kim. In some photos, she was standing right next to him when he was talking to a group of children. Other officials, including Mr. Kim#39;s uncle Jang Song Thaek, were several steps behind. She also appeared to send Mr. Kim affectionate looks. 她在金正恩身边时显得放松而自然。从一些照片来看,金正恩与孩子们交谈时,她就站在金正恩的身边,而包括金正恩的姑父张成泽(Jang Song Thaek)在内的其他官员都站在距金正恩几步远的位置。她似乎也多次向金正恩送去含情脉脉的眼神。 On July 7, she made her public debut by accompanying Mr. Kim to a musical extravaganza that featured a western-style band and rip-off Disney characters. Unlike other senior officials who were sitting stiffly with their hands on their thighs, she seemed more comfortable, with her arms on armrests and a slightly lean toward Mr. Kim. 7月7日,这名女子在陪同金正恩参加一场以西式乐队和山寨迪士尼人物为特色的大型音乐会时第一次公开亮相。与其他双手放在大腿上、坐姿拘谨的朝鲜高官不同,她看起来更加放松。她把双手放在扶手上,身体稍微向金正恩的方向倾斜。 The next day, she was shown again with Mr. Kim on a visit to Kumsusan Memorial Palace where the bodies of his grandfather and father, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, are displayed. The event marked the 18th anniversary of Kim Il Sung#39;s death. Kim Jong Eun and the woman bowed in front of two photos of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il while other officials standing behind them saluted. 第二天,这名女子再次露面,这一次是陪同金正恩到锦绣山纪念宫(Kumsusan Memorial Palace)参加纪念金日成(Kim Il Sung)去世18周年的活动。金正恩的祖父金日成和父亲金正日(Kim Jong Il)的遗体都被保存在锦绣山纪念宫供人瞻仰。金正恩和这名女子在金日成和金正日的画像前鞠躬,而其他官员则站在二人身后行礼。 With no way to confirm the identity of the woman, outsiders#39; guesses can go only so far. 由于没有办法确认这名女子的身份,外界的猜测也就只能到这个程度了。 But her repeated appearance with the leader and confident air suggests that there is a high possibility that she is actually his wife. 但是,从这名女子多次出现在金正恩身边,以及她自信的神态可以看出,她很有可能就是金正恩的妻子。 Cheong Seong-chang, a senior fellow at Sejong Institute, wrote in a recent report that #39;Kim Jong Eun might have decided that now is the time to reveal his wife since the succession process completed and his mother Ko Yong Hee was introduced to North Koreans via a propaganda film.#39; 韩国世宗研究院(Sejong Institute)资深研究员郑相昌(Cheong Seong-chang)最近在一份报告中写道,金正恩可能已经做出决定,现在是让他的妻子在公众面前露面的时候了,因为政权过渡已经完成,而且他的母亲高英姬(Ko Yong Hee)也已经通过一部宣传片被朝鲜民众所认识。 Also by introducing the leader#39;s wife, the regime is aiming to nurture Mr. Kim#39;s image as a stable and mature man since Mr. Kim#39;s young age and inexperience have been perceived as his weak point, he wrote. 郑相昌写道,通过对金正恩的妻子进行介绍,朝鲜政府还意在打造金正恩成熟稳重男人的形象,因为太过年轻和缺乏经验被认为是金正恩的弱点。 Speculation about Kim Jong Eun#39;s wife once surfaced in December last year when KCNA aired Kim Jong Il#39;s funeral live. At that time, a mysterious young woman was spotted wearing a black hanbok, traditional Korean mourning clothing. But she remained low-key and didn#39;t come forward to pay tribute. 去年12月有关金正恩妻子的猜测曾一度浮出水面,当时,朝中社直播了金正日的葬礼,人们在画面中发现了一名神秘的、身穿黑色朝鲜传统丧的年轻女子。但这名女子一直非常低调,也没有上前致敬。 Some North Korean analysts believe that Kim Jong Eun got married in 2009 and the couple had a daughter in 2010. 一些朝鲜的分析人士认为,金正恩已于2009年结婚,并且这对夫妇在2010年生下了一个女儿。 /201207/190979盐城/精液异常医院看不孕不育盐城/协和



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