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20.互联网的使用常用应急场景范例一:Slow network connectionHow come it is slow as a snail today?You mean the network connection?Yes, I wanted to look for some information on the company page just now. It took me almost one minute to open it. Then there is no response to any click.I have the same question. I can’t send out mails. We’d better call the IT department and ask them to check it immediately.Ok.范例二:Personal use of internetLook at this survey conducted by a website. A quarter of the employees will spend an average of 10 minutes everyday online doing personal things. Hi, Francis, what about you?Well, I just spend 15 minutes as so checking my stock bonds and booking an air ticket for my mother. Anyway, I have done all my work and it is about the time to leave.Though our company doesn’t have a return policy, limiting the personal use of internet, I don’t think the boss will like us to do that.Certainly, work always comes first.But it is lucky for us. The company computers don’t have software keeping tracks of websites we visit. I have shopped too often online these days.Well, keep a low profile. /11/90459What is your biggest challenge?你最大的挑战是什么? Anything unclear?还有什么问題吗?What is your biggest challenge?你最大的挑战是什么? That is the greatest challenge of all.这是最大的挑战。This constitutes the biggest challenge.这是最大的挑战。The move signals perhaps the biggest challenge yet to A.此参表明,A公或许面临迄今最大的挑战。What can we do to boost sales a bit? 我们该怎么做才能增加销售額?What can we do to boost sales a bit?找们该怎么做才能增加销售額?Please lake a look at our research report.请看下我们的调查报告? Can you suggest how we should do it?能給些建议我们应该怎么做吗?We wunt to be in the Chinese market, how do we get there?我们想进入中国市场,我们该怎么做? /201506/379910Business Travel 商务旅行 5.航班取消 Flight Cancelled Mr. Lee: Hi. I’m here for flight 513 to New York but I thought I heard the paging system announce that it is canceled. Is that true? 你好。我是要乘坐去纽约的513次航班的乘客。我听见广播说航班条取消。是吗? Clerk: I’m terribly sorry, sir, but I’m afraid it is true. That flight has been canceled. Would you like to try to book tomorrow’s flight? 十分抱歉,先生,航班是取消了。您想预定明天的票吗? Mr. Lee: No way! I worked very hard so that I could leave on today’s flight. Are there seats on another airline? 不行!我费了很大才可以今天走。其它航班还有座位吗? Clerk: It’s possible. If you would like to book with another airline the line is right over there. 可能有。如果您想预定其他航班的就在那里排队。 Mr. Lee: You mean the line over there of about 200 people?! 你是说那条二百多人的队吗? Clerk: That’s the one. It seems that everyone is anxious to get to New York tonight. 是的。好像人人都急着今晚去纽约。 Mr. Lee: This is a rotten way to start a vacation. I HATE lines! Can you book me on tomorrow’s flight? 这个假期一开始就不顺。我讨厌排队!你能给我预定明天的票吗? Clerk: Certainly. You will also be receiving a 50% discount as our way of apologizing for the inconvenience. 可以。为了给您带来的不便表示道歉,您可以享受五折优惠。 /200701/9868

Schedule aheadA: Well, Mr. Brooks. I’m sorry, again, for the delay, but we should have everything completed by the time you get back.B: I certainly hop so. Can we arrange to meet on the 27th? That should give you enough time.A: Yes, sir. That’s more than enough time. I do appreciate your understanding. Why don’t we say 10:00 o’clock on the 27th?B: Fine, Mr. Tan. I’ll see you then.提前安排A:那么,布鲁克斯先生,我再次对耽搁表示道歉,但您下次回来时我们会把所有的事情都办妥的。B:我当然希望如此了。我们可以安排在27号见面?这样你们会有足够的时间。A:是的,先生。还有富余。谢谢您的理解。我们是不是可以定在27号上午10点?B:好,谭女士。到时候见。 /200704/12557

to drop the subject 打断话题英文释义To cease discussion of a particular topic, usually because it is unpleasant.例句My friend got so angry when I started talking about the job he lost last month that I knew I should drop the subject immediately.当我开始谈到我的朋友上月丢掉的工作时,我的朋友变得特别生气,我明白,我得赶紧打住。 /201302/224308

商务英语必备1000字 47暂无文本 /200708/16528

Getting To Know Your Coworkers:Welcome PartySTEVE: Would you like some more of this punch?SUSAN: No, I don't think so. STEVE: Why not?SUSAN: I'm afraid of it. It's sweet, but I think it's pretty strong.STEVE: No, not at all. I've had five glasses aly.SUSAN: Yes, I can tell.STEVE: What? Do you think I'm drunk?SUSAN: No, I'm just kidding. But you do look like you're having a good time.STEVE: So, c'mon. Have another glass of punch. It's just fruit juice.SUSAN: It's not just fruit juice. But alright. I'll have one more glass.KEVIN: Steve, are you trying to push that punch on poor Susan here?You shouldn't trust this guy, you know. He likes to see people get drunk.STEVE: Oh, Kevin! How can you accuse me?You are the one who made this punch. It's your party!I didn't pour the three bottles of vodka in it, did I?KEVIN: There aren't three bottles of vodka in there, Steve.STEVE: No, you're right. There are two bottles of vodka.SUSAN: But you said it wasn't strong, Steve.And now you're saying there are two bottles of vodka in it.STEVE: Yes, I guess you caught me there.SUSAN: So how long have you been with the company?STEVE: Two years. I was hired by Kevin here.KEVIN: Yes, that was my mistake.STEVE: Kevin likes to tease me now, but it's true that he hired me.KEVIN: He was really well-qualified for the job.You can see, Susan, that I didn't hire him for his good looks.STEVE: You are very funny tonight, Kevin.SUSAN: No, he seems good-looking enough to me.It's just maybe that his manners aren't too good.STEVE: I am in a room full of comedians here.Are you both going to be making such good jokes at the office too?KEVIN: No, we will have work to do at the office. We will let you make the jokes.But excuse me for a moment, I have to check on something in the kitchen.You behave here, alright, Steve?STEVE: Yes, Ma'am. I'll be good. Would you like some more punch?SUSAN: No, I don't think so. /200811/56760

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