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A Terrific ClassThe first day of school began on a bright note a teacher who was glancing over the class roll.After each student‘s name was a number,such as 8,0, and so on.“Look at these IQs ,”she thought to herself.“They’ve given me a terrific class.”As a result,the elated teacher worked harder with this class than with her others.She tried new innovations that she thought would challenge them and hold their interest.And it worked.The class did much better than any of her other classes,which s he had taught in the usual way.Only later did she find out that the figures after each pupil’s name stood their locker numbers. 30。

  • Relax. He is the same little boy you loved yesterday. I smiled trying to hold back the tears. ;No he isnrsquo;t. Yesterday I dreamed he would be an astronaut. Today I am hoping he will learn to talk.;放松他仍是你昨天爱着的那个小男孩我笑着,试图抑制住眼里的泪水;不,他不是昨天我还梦想着他长大后会成为一名宇航员,今天我只希望他能学会说话;It was like some sort of cosmic joke. I could still recall the day that determined my fate. It was October in Ottawa and the summer breezes had given way to the autumn rainfall of leaves. The snow would begin soon. The crispness of coming frost was in the air. My casually mentioning Wyattrsquo;s behavior to Dr. Martin aroused his worries. He started asking me questions about Wyattrsquo;s activitie speech pattern and emotions. I still see clearly in my mind the sterility of the room and all its belongings when the doctor turned to me and said, ;He almost sounds autistic.;那就像个宇宙般巨大的玩笑我仍能忆起决定我命运的那个日子那是在渥太华十月里的一天秋日的纷飞黄叶取代了夏日的阵阵微风,很快就要开始下雪了,空气里弥漫着霜雪将至的那份清爽我不经意地向马丁医生提及怀亚特的一些行为,却引起了他的担忧他开始询问我有关怀亚特的行为、说话方式以及情绪方面的问题我仍清晰地记得,当他转向我说;他应该是患有自闭症;时,一尘不染的诊室和内里的一切在我眼中是那么的冷酷苍白I couldnrsquo;t cope with that picture in my mind. I had to run to get away from this all too painful place that was reminding me of what was to be my childrsquo;s life-being strange.我无法面对脑中的那个画面我不得不逃离那个让我感到如此痛苦的地 方;;它提醒着我自己的孩子一生将有别于常人I could not remember how many times I told myself, ;This is normal. He is a little boy who is not talking yet,; when my asking questions met with his blank-eyed response in a restaurant; how many times I would brag, ;He loves to play on his own hours at a time and he never gets into trouble,; when Wyatt was playing games that no one else could conceive of, let alone join in while other boys in the park were playing together or in small groups huddled around a sand pail or toy truck. My life was changing direction. So was Wyattrsquo;s.我都记不起来,多少次,在餐馆里孩子对我的提问以空洞的眼神作答时,我告诉自己;这很正常,他是个还不会说话的小孩;;多少次,当公园里的其他孩子正一起玩耍,或是小群小群围着一个沙桶或玩具火车玩时,怀亚特却玩着别人无法想象的游戏,更别说加入其他孩子中时,我会吹嘘道;他每次都喜欢独自玩上几个小时,而且从不惹麻烦;我的人生方向在改变,怀亚特的也如此I started to hide Wyatt from my friends and neighbor especially from a good friend. eight months a friend and I had been pregnant together. Our boys were six days apart. We used to have long phone talks about our babies to share some fun and loss. It was too painful to let others know about my boy acting strange. It was like a blot in my life that was supposed to be happy and wonderful.我开始不让怀亚特在我的朋友和邻居面前露面,特别是我的一个好友我和她同在那八个月里怀着宝宝我们儿子的出生日期只相隔六天我们过去常常在电话里长谈我们的宝宝,分享乐与失让他人知道我的儿子行为异常,这对我来说太痛苦了,那就像是我本该幸福美好的人生中的一个污点It was a Thursday afternoon and I found one half of a great pair of kitchen scissors was missing. They were unbelievably sharp and could be taken apart so they could be washed or the blades sharpened. I knew Wyatt had taken the missing blade.那是一个周四的下午我发现厨房里的一把大剪刀少了半边剪刀很锋利,两边可以拆开来清洗或是磨刀口我知道那不见了的半边剪刀是怀亚特给拿走了;Wyatt,; I began as patiently as I could, ;Do you see this; I held up the blade. ;Do you know what this is?;;怀亚特,;我尽可能耐心地开始问话,;你看见这个了吗;我拿起那半边剪刀,;你知道这是什么吗;  Wyatt stuffed a bunch of Fruit Loops in his mouth. No response.怀亚特往嘴里塞了一把;水果圈圈;糖,并没回答;Wyatt!; I ced eye contact with him. ;Where are the other scissors See these; I showed him the half pair. ;These are in this drawer. Where are the other ones?;;怀亚特!;我强迫他和我对视;另外半边剪刀在哪看见这个了吗;我给他看那半边剪刀;这半边剪刀放在这个抽屉里另外半边呢;He grinned big. Ate Fruit Loops. Turned the TV on and off. Still no response.他咧开嘴大笑,吃着;水果圈圈;糖,把电视开了又关,还是没回答I didnrsquo;t know what to do. It was really hard. ;Wyatt,; I tried once more, ;Mommy wants these scissors. Can you go get them Mommy It will make Mommy so happy if you bring me the scissors.;我不知道该怎么办这真的太困难了;怀亚特,;我又试了一次,;妈咪需要用剪刀你能拿给妈咪吗如果你把剪刀的那边拿给妈咪,我会很开心的;;Watch Spongebob; Wyatt asked as he slid down from his kitchen )stool and ran off, leaving me shaking my head and wondering in exactly which way this situation was going to end badly.;看动画片《海绵宝宝吗;怀亚特边问边从厨房里的那张板凳上滑下来跑开,只留我一个人摇着头,不知道这种状况将会以何种糟糕的方式才能结束Five minutes later, I turned my head to see Wyatt coming downstair his favorite doll in one hand, the missing half pair of kitchen scissors in the other. I immediately ran over and took it from him.五分钟后,我转过头看见怀亚特走下楼梯,一手拿着他最喜欢的娃娃,一手拿着厨房那剪刀缺了的那半边我立刻跑过去,从他手上把半边剪刀夺了过来;Wyatt!; I hugged him. ;Thank you bringing me the scissors! Good job! You did it! These scissors need to stay in the kitchen. These are Mommyrsquo;s scissors!;;怀亚特!;我抱着他;谢谢你把剪刀拿给我!干得好!你做到了!这些剪刀要放在厨房里这些是妈咪的剪刀啊!;Wyatt laughed, looked me straight in the eye and said, ;Mommy so happy!;怀亚特笑了他直直地盯着我看,说道;妈咪好开心!;I was on the verge of tears. A realization dawned on me that he was the best gift I had ever gotten even though he was not as normal as other children. And why did I hide him from others as if he were some dark and terrible secret No! He was my pride. It was a long, hard battle to get him to this point, expressing his wants and needs without resorting to violence in frustration. In fact, each new day brings out a new set of challenges and we have learned a lot about fighting this thing called autism. With love and patience I have found the beautiful, happy boy who would teach me more about life.我的泪水快掉下来了我忽然意识到,他是我得到的最棒的礼物,尽管他不像其他孩子那般正常而我为什么要把他藏起来不让别人看见,仿佛他是个见不得人的可怕的秘密不!他是我的骄傲他走到今天,能表达出自己所需而非沮丧地诉诸暴力,这是经过了一场漫长而艰辛的战役的事实上,每一个崭新的日子都给我们带来了一连串新挑战,而在与这被称为;自闭症;的事物抗争的过程中,我们学到了很多带着爱和耐心,我发现这个漂亮而快乐的男孩将教会我更多生活的东西And that is the solution to my cosmic riddle.而这就是我这宇宙之谜的谜底。
  • 英语打招呼的方式大全 -- 01:5:39 来源: 英语打招呼的方式大全   通常我们都认为英语打招呼的方式就是“Hello.” “How do you do?” “How are you?” “I’m fine, thank you. And you?”之类的话而已;没错,你这样打招呼也没有什么问题,但老外日常生活中用于英语打招呼是不是也这样呢?  今天,让我们一起来学会用地道、纯正的美国英语去与人打招呼吧!Lisa’s Note: In America, nobody uses the expression_r_r “How do you do?” I don’t know how to answer it. I never heard it until I came to China, but Chinese people say it all the time. I wonder why? “Nice to meet you” is much better.(在美国,很少有人使用“How do you do?”,因为我不知道该如何回答我从没听过这句话直到我来到中国,而且中国人一直在使用这个说法,我一直很不解如果用“Nice to meet you”会好很多(翻译:CRIOnline Kiele)1. A: How are you doing? 你好吗? (注:are的发音常略去,发成How ya doin'?)B1: I’m doing great. 我很好B: I’m doing OK. 我还行B3: Pretty good. 还好B: Not too bad. 还不错B5: I get by. 过得去. A: How’s life treating you? 日子过得还算惬意吗?B1: Not bad.不算坏B: It could be worse.还行 “How’s life treating you?”用于朋友之间对好久没见的人就说:How’s life been treating you?3. A: What’s up? 有什么新鲜事儿?B: Not much. 没什么. A: I haven’t seen you in ages! 久违!这一阵子躲到哪儿去了?B: Yeah, long time no see.是啊,很久没见了in ages in such a long time 5. A: What’s new? 近来如何?B1: Nothing much. I’m still the same. 还是老样子,我一点儿也没变B: Not much. How about you? 没什么你呢?B3: Same shit, different day. 不同的日子,同样的调子这样的回答虽然很常见,但却让你自己感到更沮丧,别人向你问好的时候还是多点说:Terrific! Wonderful! Fabulous! Never better! 这样的话吧,这会让你一天的精神都很振奋,别人听起来感觉也很好其他常见英语打招呼的方式  1.只要是朋友都能用的:How''s everything?一切都好?What''s up?近况如何?What''s new?有什么新鲜事?What''s happening?在忙什么?.任何时后都可以用,但比较见外:How are you?你好吗?  3.适用于第一次见面:Nice to meet you.很高兴见到你  .适用于曾经见过,但不太熟的人:Nice to see you again.很高兴再见到你  5.适用于有一阵子没见面的朋友:How have you been?你过得怎么样?  6.适用于很久没见的朋友:Long time no see.好久不见  Re:九种英语打招呼的方式addition:Tenth: Hi! (:lovely girl)Eleventh: Hey! (ld friends)Twelveth: Hello! (:Americans)Thirteenth: How do you do! (:strangers)Fourteenth: You bad boy! (:naughty boy)Fifteenth: How are you going? (:business man)Sixteenth: Have got a meal yet? (:Chinese people) 英语打招呼。
  • 365天交际口语详解(6):后悔Part3--360°文化洗礼 -- :9:5 来源: “regret”的用法在这一课中大家学习了“后悔”的表达方法,可你真的掌握了“regret”的用法了吗?先来看两个错误的例句吧× In any case I didn’t regret to stay at home.× I now regret not to have worked harder at school.上面两个句子的正确形式应该是:√ In any case I didn't regret staying at home. 无论如何我都不后悔留在了家里√ I now regret not having worked harder at school. 我现在后悔在学校时没有努力学习了“regret doing something”表示“对已经做过的事情感到后悔或遗憾”而“regret to do”则表示“对即将要做的事情感到遗憾或抱歉”例如:I regret to inm you that your contract will not be renewed. 我很遗憾地通知你,我们将不会与你续约另外,“regre”t后也可接“that从句”,具体含义要视具体情况而定例如:He was beginning to regret that he’d come along. 他开始后悔跟着来了I regret that I will be unable to attend. 很抱歉我没法出席 文化 后悔 口语 详解。
  • 英语口语易错的30句口语 -01-7 00::1 来源: 注意:以下每组的第一句的句子是错误的,或者是不为Native Speaker采用的说法   1. I very like it   I like it very much.   . 这个价格对我挺合适的   The price is very suitable me.   The price is right.   Note:suitable(合适的、相配的)最常见的用法是以否定的形式出现在告示或通知上,如:下列节目儿童不宜The following programme is not suitable children在这组句子中用后面的说法会更合适   3. 你是做什么工作的呢?What’s your job?   Are you working at the moment?   Note:what’s your job这种说法难道也有毛病吗?是的因为如果您的谈话对象刚刚失业,如此直接的问法会让对方有失面子,所以您要问:目前您是在上班吗?Are you working at the moment?接下来您才问:目前您在哪儿工作呢?Where are you working these days?或者您从事哪个行业呢?What line of work are you in?顺带说一下,回答这类问题时不妨说得具体一点,不要只是说经理或者秘书   . 用英语怎么说?How to say?   How do you say this in English?   Note:How to say是在中国最为泛滥成灾的中国式英语之一,这决不是地道的英语说法同样的句子有:请问这个词如何拼写?How do you spell that please?请问这个单词怎么读?How do you pronounce this word?   5. 明天我有事情要做I have something to do tomorrow?   Sorry but I am tied up all day tomorrow.   用I have something to do来表示您很忙,这也完全是中国式的说法因为每时每刻我们都有事情要做,躺在那里睡大觉也是事情所以您可以说我很忙,脱不开身:I’m tied up.还有其他的说法:I’m afraid I can’t make it at that time. I’d love to, but I can’t, I have to stay at home  6. 我没有英文名I haven’t English name.   I don’t have an English name.   Note:许多人讲英语犯这样的错误,从语法角度来分析,可能是语法功底欠缺,因为have在这里是实义动词,而并不是在现在完成时里面那个没有意义的助动词所以,这句话由肯定句变成否定句要加助动词   明白道理是一回事,习惯是另一回事,请您再说几话:我没有钱;I don’t have any money.我没有兄弟;I don’t have any brothers or sisters.我没有车I don’t have a car.   7. 我想我不行I think I can’t.   I don’t think I can.   Note:这一组然是个习惯问题,在语法上称为否定前置,这就是汉语里面说“我想我不会”的时候,英语里面总是说“我不认为我会”以后您在说类似的英语句子的时候,只要您留心,也会习惯英语的说法的,   8. 我的舞也跳得不好I don’t dance well too.   I am not a very good dancer either.   Note:当我们说不擅长做什么事情的时候,英语里面通常用not good at something,英语的思维甚至直接踊跃到:我不是一个好的舞者   9. 现在几点钟了?What time is it now?   What time is it, please?   Note:What time is it now这是一个直接从汉语翻译过的句子,讲英语的时候没有必要说now,因为您不可能问what time was it yesterday, 或者what time is it tommorow?所以符合英语习惯的说法是:请问现在几点了?还有一种说法是:How are we doing time?这句话在有时间限制的时候特别合适   . 我的英语很糟糕My English is poor.   I am not 0% fluent, but at least I am improving.   Note:有人开玩笑说,全中国人最擅长的一句英文是:My English is poor.实话说,我从来没有遇到一个美国人对我说:My Chinese is poor. 无论他们的汉语是好是坏,他们会说: I am still having a few problems, but I am getting better.   当您告诉外国人,您的英语很poor,so what(那又怎么样呢),是要让别人当场施舍给我们一些英语呢,还是说我的英语不好,咱们不谈了吧   另外一个更大的弊端是,一边不停的学英语,一边不停地说自己的英语很poor,这正像有个人一边给车胎充气,又一边在车胎上扎孔放气   . 你愿意参加我们的晚会吗?Would you like to join our party on Friday?   Would you like to come to our party on Friday night?   Note:join往往是指参加俱乐部或者协会,如:join a health club; join the Communist Party.事实上,常常与party搭配的动词的come 或者go如go a wild party,或者come to a Christmas Party   . 我没有经验I have no experience.   I am afraid I don’t know much about that.   Note:I have no experience这句话听起来古里古怪,因为您只需要说:那方面我懂得不多,或者这方面我不在行,就行了I am not really an expert in this area.   . 我没有男朋友I have no boyfriend.   I don’t have a boyfriend.   . 他的身体很健康His body is healthy.   He is in good health. You can also say: He’s healthy.   . 价钱很昂贵便宜The price is too expensivecheap.   The price is too high rather low.   . 我们下了车We got off the car.   We got out of the car.   . 车速快了The speed of the car is fast.   The car is speeding. Or “The car is going too fast.”   18. 这个春节你回家吗?   Will you be going back home the Spring Festival?   是的,我回去Of course! (这一句是错的)   当然Sure. Certainly.(这种说法是正确的)   以英语为母语的人使用of course的频率要比中国的学生低得多,只有在回答一些众所周知的问题时才说of course因为of course后面隐含的一句话是“当然我知道啦!难道我是一个傻瓜吗?”,of course带有挑衅的意味在交谈时,用sure或certainly效果会好得多同时,of course not也具挑衅的意味正常情况下语气温和的说法是certainly not.   19. 我觉得右手很疼I feel very painful in my right hand.   My right hand is very painful. Or “ My right hand hurts(aches).”   . 他看到她很惊讶He looked at her and felt surprised.   He looked at her in surprise.   1. 我读过你的小说但是没料到你这么年轻I have your novels but I didn't think you could be so young.   After having your novel, I expected that you would be older.   . 她脸红了,让我看穿了她的心思   Her red face made me see through her mind.   Correct: Her red face told me what she was thinking.   3. 看到这幅画让我想到了我的童年时代   The sight of these pictures made me remember my own childhood.   Correct: Seeing these pictures reminded me of my own childhood.   . 别理她Don't pay attention to her.   Leave her alone.   5. 我在大学里学到了许多知识   I get a lot of knowledge in the university.   I learned a lot in university.   6. 黄山正在读书   Samuel is ing a book.   Samuel is ing.   7. exciting excited   . 我遇到了很多困难   I am having many difficulties.   I am having a few problems lots of problems.   9. 请快点走,否则我们会迟到的   Please hurry to walk or we'll be late.   Please hurry up or we'll be late.   30. 她由嫉妒转向失望   She was so jealous that she became desperate.   Jealousy drove her to despair. 口语 英语口语 英语 have。
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