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静安激光脱毛多少钱九院去除狐臭多少钱 Osteoporosis骨质疏松症Today’s word is: osteoporosis!今天的词是:骨质疏松症!Yep, osteoporosis. Now, you’ve heard this word before, and you know it has something to do with bones. But can you actually explain what it is?是的,骨质疏松症。你以前听说过这个词,也知道它与骨头有关,但是你能解释它到底是什么吗?The answer is straight-forward. It comes down to the fact that we human beings need calcium in our blood–it allows us to do all sorts of neat things, from contracting muscles to conducting nerve impulses. Where to get some calcium? Food is a good idea. But what if there isn’t always calcium-rich food to be had, as was probably the case for most of our long evolutionary history?很简单。它可以归结为一个事实,人类的血液里必须有钙,那样我们才能做各种事情,从收缩肌肉到神经冲动。钙从哪儿来呢?食物是不错的主意,但如果以后没有含钙丰富的食物,我们的后代应该怎么办?Best to store some for a rainy day. Store it where? The skeleton works! Then, when the blood runs low on calcium, a signaling device called the parathyroid gland can activate a process by which calcium is taken from the skeleton and put back into the blood.我们要未雨绸缪,但是要储存在哪儿呢?骨骼上。那么,当流动的血液中钙含量过低,一个叫做甲状旁腺的发信号装置就会激活一个流程,致使骨骼中的钙流失到血液里。Which is just what happens. This is a great short-term fix, but what about the poor skeleton? Eventually it will suffer from the loss of its own calcium–bones will become brittle.那就是会发生的。这只是一种短期的修复,但是可怜骨骼怎么办呢?最后就会因缺钙,骨头会变得脆弱。What can we do? Two things. Help your body get more calcium by eating fatty fish and vitamin-D rich dairy products. Why vitamin D? Because that causes the small intestine to increase its calciumuptake, bypassing the need to grab extra from the bones. Under a doctor’s supervision, calcium tablets might also be helpful, along with the old standard–more exercise. Weight-bearing exercise helps keep bones strong and less likely to fall prey to the body’s own mechanisms in later age.我们能做些什么?两件事。多吃富含脂肪的鱼和含有丰富维生素D的乳制品,帮助身体得到更多的钙。为什么是维生素D呢?因为它会使小肠增加它的钙摄取量,就不需要从骨骼中获取。在医生的监督下,钙片也可能是有用的,同时要多做运动。负重运动能够使骨骼强壮,在老年时期就不会为人体自身机制所折磨。 /201303/228021上海九院整形美容科激光去斑多少钱

上海玫瑰做假体隆鼻手术价格Book Review;Entrepreneurs书评;企业家Headbanging离奇的企业家World Changers: 25 Entrepreneurs Who Changed Business As We Knew It. By John Byrne.世界改变者:25位改变传统商业的企业家 作者:约翰·拜恩。Hero-worship is out. Most serious writers are more interested in “forces” and “factors” than in heroes and heroines. And even biographers specialise in exposing feet of clay. Lord Actons dictum that “great men are almost always bad men” has become a commonplace. Yet one group has escaped from this general cynicism: entrepreneurs. Company executives may be boring Gradgrinds, bankers the spawn of the devil and politicians crooks and liars. But all agree that entrepreneurs are a cut above the rest of mankind. 英雄崇拜的时代已经不再。大多严肃的作家对“影响力”和“影响因素”比对英雄本身更加感兴趣。即使是传记作者,也开始专门曝光英雄的缺陷。艾克顿公爵的格言“伟人几乎总是坏人”已经成为名句。但是有一类人免受这种普遍的怀疑:企业家。企业的高管们也许像令人厌的葛擂梗(Gradgrinds,译者注:狄更斯小说《艰难时世》中的人物),是万恶之源的家和瞒天过海的政治家。但是所有人都同意企业家要高出其他人一筹。The obvious reason for this is that entrepreneurs represent the creative side of “creative destruction”: it is not hard to see how Richard Branson and Steve Jobs have made the world a better place, or even Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks. A less obvious reason is that entrepreneurs appeal to our anti-establishment instincts: some of the very emotions that lead us to dislike chief executives and bankers also lead us to admire entrepreneurs. They are impatient with stuffy conventions. They turn the world upside-down. And they get fabulously rewarded for their efforts.一个显而易见的原因是,企业家们代表着“创造性破坏”中创造性那一面:不难看到理查德·布兰森(Richard Branson,译者注:维珍(Virgin)品牌的创始人)和史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs),抑或是星巴克的创始人霍华德·舒尔茨(Howard Schultz)是如何使世界变得更好。另一个不那么明显的原因是,企业家唤起了我们反体制的本能:某种情绪让我们讨厌高管和家,却崇拜企业家。他们无法忍受古板的条条框框。他们将世界反转。他们也因其努力获得了惊人回报。John Byrnes “World Changers” is a classic exercise in hero-worship. The author provides some interesting insight into what makes entrepreneurs tick. They come in a dizzying variety of shapes. John Mackey, the co-founder of Whole Foods, was a hippie. Fred Smith, the founder of Federal Express, served in the marines during the Vietnam war. Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys, was a former leftist who found himself on the wrong side of the Bulgarian police.约翰·拜恩(John Byrne)的《改变世界者》是英雄崇拜的经典之作。作者对什么使得企业家发挥作用提供了一些有趣的洞见。他们的出身形形色色。全食食品公司(Whole Foods)的联合创始人约翰·马克(John Mackey)是一个嬉皮士。联邦快递(Federal Express)的创始人弗里德·史密斯(Fred Smith)曾在越战时期参军。印孚瑟斯(Infosys)的联合创始人纳拉亚纳·穆尔萨(Narayana Murthy)曾经是站在保加利亚警方反方的左派。But three things seem to unite them. The first is that entrepreneurs routinely see opportunities where everyone else sees problems. A surprising number of great companies were born out of fury and frustration. Reed Hastings got the idea for Netflix when a -rental agency presented him with a late fee for “Apollo 13”. This opportunism melds with determination to produce a powerful cocktail of self-belief. Jeff Bezos continued to work away at his idea for an online bookshop even after his company, which remained in the red for its first six years, had been widely dismissed as Amazon.toast.但是三件东西是他们同时具备的。第一,众人眼里的问题,企业家们通常却看到机会。从挫折中诞生的伟大的公司数不胜数。里德·哈斯廷斯(Reed Hastings)是在一家影碟租赁公司向他索取《阿波罗13号》40美元的滞纳金时,冒出了Netflix的灵感。这种机会主义和决心的融合通常炮制出了自我信念。杰夫·贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)在他的公司前六年持续亏损,被广泛否认为“Amazon.toast”的时候,仍然坚持他网上书店的想法。The second is an ability to live with risk and failure. Entrepreneurs do not go out of their way to court risk for its own sake. Many of them are far more conscious of risk than more conventional business people. Mr Hastings started working on the next iteration of Netflix almost as soon as he established his company because he knew that the internet would destroy his business model. But they accept that risk comes with success. Again and again entrepreneurs have been willing to bet their futures on what sensible people might dismiss as a crazy idea. The entrepreneurs hall of fame is full of teenage flakes and college dropouts.第二是在风险和失败中存活的能力。企业家因从未因自身的原因放弃过多风险的追逐。许多企业家远比传统的商人更有风险意识。哈斯廷斯先生在Netflix成立之初就开始着手下一代Netflix的建设,因为他知道互联网将会破坏他的商业模式。但是他接受成功总是伴着风险。企业家总是愿意将他们的未来投在敏感的人看来疯狂的想法上。企业家们的名声里总不乏青年期叛逆和大学辍学等字眼。The third feature uniting them is a determination to run their own lives. Most entrepreneurs have a problem with authority. They would rather fail as their own boss than succeed as second-in- command. A striking number of them come from difficult backgrounds. Ted Turners father, whom the boy worshipped, sent him to boarding school at the age of four and beat him with a coat hanger, for example. A disproportionate number suffer from dyslexia (Richard Branson and Charles Schwab are prominent examples).第三个他们共有的特征是按照自己意愿生活的决心。多数企业家都有权利情结。他们宁愿像自己的老板一样失败,也不愿做个成功的二把手。他们中背景曲折的人奇多。比如,泰德· 特纳(Ted Turner,译者注:CNN的创办者)的父亲,深受特纳崇拜,在特纳四岁时就将他送入了寄宿学校,还用衣架打他。还有一部分人受到阅读障碍的困扰(理查德·布兰森和查尔斯·施瓦布(Charles Schwab,译者注:嘉信理财的创始人)就是典型的例子)。Had “World Changers” continued in this vein it might have been a fascinating book. Mr Byrne is one of the most knowledgeable business writers around—a long-term writer for Business Week and the editor-in-chief of Fast Company. And he has been interviewing entrepreneurs for most of his professional life. But here he soon runs out of steam. He contents himself with printing his own interviews with his 25 world changers (or sometimes clipping together bits of other peoples interviews) rather than writing interpretative essays. And he confronts them with soft questions. The likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg deserve to be admired. But 276 pages of hero-worship, particularly when so much of it comes in the form of the heroes blowing their own trumpets, can wear a little thin.如果《改变世界者》延续这个脉络,可能会是一本非常令人着迷的书。拜恩先生是最见多识广的商业作家之一,担任商业周刊的长期撰稿人和快速公司(Fast Company)的主编。在他多数的职业生活中他都是在访问企业家。但是他很快就失去了活力。他满足于书写他和25位改变世界者的访谈(或者有时候将其他人的访谈也拼凑一点),而并不写些有解释力的文章。他也总问他们一些温和的问题。比尔·盖茨和马克·扎克伯格之辈确实值得被崇拜。但是276页满篇的英雄崇拜,尤其很多都以英雄们自吹自擂的方式呈现,难免乏味。 /201208/195796 Books and Arts; Book Review;Americans in Nazi Germany;Without hindsight;文艺;书评;在纳粹德国的美国人;没有事后诸葛亮;Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power. By Andrew Nagorski.《希特勒的国土:纳粹崛起执政的美国目击者》;安德鲁·纳戈尔斯基;Some books about Nazi Germany prompt the question, “What would I have done?” Readers of “Hitlerland” may instead ask, “What would I have thought?” Andrew Nagorski has written an entertaining chronicle of the views of Americans in Germany during the interwar years until Japan attacked Pearl Harbour in 1941. What did they make of the country as it moved from the messiness of Weimar to the madness of Hitlerism?一些关于纳粹德国的书让人发问,“我会怎么做?”《希特勒的国土》一书的读者可能会改问,“我会怎么看?”安德鲁·纳戈尔斯基写了一部有趣的编年史,内容是两次世界大战之间直到1941年日本袭击珍珠港期间在德的美国人的看法。随着德国由魏玛王朝的杂乱无章变为希特勒主义的疯狂,这些美国人如何解读这个国家呢?Germany was a popular place at the time, giving Mr Nagorski a rich cast of characters. “The world was being created here,” wrote Philip Johnson, an American architect, of pre-Nazi Berlin. Hitler’s rise brought yet more fascination. Charles Lindbergh, an American aviator, was clueless enough to be used by both the Nazis and the Americans. John F. Kennedy makes a rambunctious appearance as a university student.当时的德国是一个受欢迎的地方,纳戈尔斯基的人物阵容庞大,角色多样。“世界正在这里被创造”,美国建筑师菲利普·约翰逊这样写纳粹前的柏林。希特勒的崛起益发给德国带来了更多的魅力。美国飞行员查尔斯·林德伯格太过愚笨,纳粹党人和美国人都利用了他。约翰·肯尼迪作为一名大学生外表粗犷放纵。This book reintroduces us to Ernst “Putzi” Hanfstaengl, a backslapping German-American graduate of Harvard, who positioned himself between Hitler and the foreign press and who fancied himself the Führer’s bridge to America itself. Hitler in turn fancied Hanfstaengl’s wife, who grabbed his gun before he could shoot himself after the failed beer hall putsch of 1923. Hanfstaengl eventually fell out of favour, and narrowly escaped being tossed out of a plane (with a parachute) over Republican-held territory in Spain. His infatuation with Hitler remained.本书让我们重新认识了恩斯特·普希·汉夫施滕格尔,他是德裔美国人,哈佛大学的毕业生,喜好相互吹捧,置身于希特勒和外国记者之间,自诩为元首与美国本身的桥梁。反过来,希特勒喜欢汉夫施滕格尔的妻子,1923年啤酒店暴动失败后他开自杀,这位女士在他开前抓住了他的。汉夫施滕格尔最终不再受青睐,在西班牙,当飞机飞过共和党控制的领土上空时险遭被逼跳机(背着降落伞)的命运。他对希特勒的迷恋依然存在。Little wiser was Martha Dodd, the boy-crazy daughter of the American ambassador. She flirted with Nazism (by way of handsome Nazis), but later took a Soviet lover and became a spy.玛莎·多德小有聪明,她是美国大使的女儿,象男孩一样疯。她与纳粹主义有染,方式就是跟英俊的纳粹分子调情,但后来找了个苏联情人,并成了一名间谍。A veteran journalist, formerly with Newsweek, Mr Nagorski seems most interested in the stories of diplomats and fellow hacks. They come off a bit better than their sightseeing countrymen, even if their early views were wide of the mark. Dorothy Thompson, celebrity journalist and wife of the novelist Sinclair Lewis, published a 1932 book called “I Saw Hitler!”. She found him to be a “Little Man” with an “actor’s face…capable of being pushed out or in”, whereas President Hindenburg appeared “cut out of rock.” Hitler’s “tragedy” she wrote, “is that he has risen too high.” He seized power a year later.作为《新闻周刊》的前资深记者,纳戈尔斯基似乎对外交官和雇佣文人的故事最感兴趣。即使他们早期的观点有些离谱,也比来观光的同胞稍好一点。知名记者桃乐茜·汤普森是小说家辛克莱·刘易斯的妻子,她1932年出版了一本书,名为《我看到了希特勒!》。她发现希特勒是个“小个子”,有张“演员的脸……能屈能伸”,而总统兴登堡却看似“切削出的岩石”。她写道,希特勒的“悲剧在于他爬得太高”。一年后,希特勒夺取了政权。By 1934 Thompson’s tone had changed, and her reports made her the first journalist to be expelled by the Nazis. On her return to America she said: “Germany has gone to war aly and the rest of the world does not believe it.”到了1934年,汤普森的论调变了,她的报导让她成为第一个被纳粹驱逐出境的记者。在她返回美国时,她说:“德国已经开始备战,而其它国家的人不予相信。”George Messersmith, a prescient American Consul General in Berlin, “made a habit of not allowing himself to be fooled by the Nazis,” writes Mr Nagorski. “A little man has taken the measure of still smaller men,” observed Edgar Mowrer, who won the Pulitzer prize for the Chicago Daily News. By the time Hitler became Führer in 1933, his thuggery was harder to dismiss.乔治·梅瑟史密斯是美国在柏林的总领事,颇有先见之明。纳戈尔斯基写道,乔治·梅瑟史密斯“习惯不让自己被纳粹愚弄”。为《芝加哥每日新闻报》赢得过普利策奖的埃德加·莫勒说,“一个小个子采取了更小人的手段。”1933年希特勒成为元首时,他的谋财害命已难遏止。On the whole, Americans in pre-war Berlin had the wit to sense what was coming, and thus helped prepare their countrymen for “the years of bloodshed and struggle ahead”. Yet “Hitlerland” brings back to life some early delusions about Hitler’s rise that now seem unthinkable. Any er trying to puzzle out today’s world will be unsettled by the reminder of how easy it is to get things wrong.基本上,战前柏林的美国人警觉到了即将发生什么,从而帮着他们的同胞为“多年的流血抗争”提前做好准备。但是,《希特勒的国土》一书让我们回到了生活在希特勒崛起的一些早期错觉之中,如今看来希特勒的崛起似乎不可思议。把事情搞错非常容易,看到作者的这一提醒,任何试图解读当今世界的读者都会不安。 /201211/208641奉贤区奉城医院疤痕价格费用上海市第一人民医院割双眼皮多少钱



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