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We have created a miniature star.我们创造了一个微型恒星Of course if this was a real experiment,当然,如果这是真正的实验you wouldnt want to go anywhere near it.你绝不会想靠近它The energy given off even from a star this small would be devastating.如此小的恒星也足以释放出毁灭性的能量Back in the early universe,追溯到宇宙初期the same process happened for the first time同样的过程第一次发生了on a much, much bigger scale.只不过规模远大于此Gravity compressed the hydrogen gas clouds over millions of years数百万年来,万有引力压缩氢气云团until deep in the center,以至中心深处the hydrogen became hot enough for fusion to occur.氢气达到足够使聚变发生的高温The first star burst into light,伴着耀眼的光芒,第一颗恒星诞生了pouring its energy into the vast universe,其能量倾入广袤的宇宙a product of the laws of nature这正是自然法则and the raw materials left over from the big bang.和宇宙大爆炸残留物的产物It was almost 1,000 times bigger than our own sun它比太阳大了近一千倍and burned a deep blue.灼烧呈深蓝色Whats more, this star soon had company.此外,这个恒星不久就有了同伴The stars were turning on.恒星如雨后春笋般涌现出来This same process still happens in our sun which is太阳如今正在进行同样的过程where we get the energy we need to live.它提供着我们赖以生存的能量But there was still a long way to但我们今天的一切go to get from this to where we are today.是历史长河中久经锤炼而来You cant build a world like ours仅用氢气和氦气这样的气体from simple gasses such as hydrogen and helium.无法构建出我们这样丰富多的世界You need all sorts of other elements.其他各种元素必不可少You need elements like oxygen and carbon and iron and many more.比如氧,碳,铁等元素But, we got lucky yet again,幸运又一次降临beacuse the very same process that causes the stars to shine因为导致恒星发光的过程also just happens to make materials like oxygen and carbon and iron.正巧产生了氧气,碳,铁等物质Stars simply by accident are giant factories.意外形成恒星相当于大型化学工厂201509/397383Almost everyone suffers from acid ingestion, also known as heartburn, at some point – a painful burning feeling in the chest or throat. Inmost cases, you can relieve symptoms with some simple remedies.几乎每个人都遇到过胃酸过多性消化不良的情况,也叫作烧心——胸部或喉咙出现痛苦的灼烧感。大部分情况下,你可以用一些简单的方法来缓解症状。You Will Need你需要Avoidance of triggers避免触发因素Antacid tablets抗酸片剂Licorice tablets甘草片Aloe vera juice芦荟汁Acid-blocking tablets阻酸药剂Pillows枕头A medical evaluation医学评估Steps步骤STEP 1 Examine your triggers1.检查原因If you regularly suffer from mild indigestion, start taking note of which foods cause your problems, and eliminate them from your diet. Common culprits include coffee, citrus fruits, soft drinks, spicy food, and fried and other high-fat foods. Overeating in general, or eating too fast can also trigger indigestion.如果你经常出现轻微的消化不良,那就要开始注意哪些食物会导致这种情况,饮食中避免这些食物。通常导致消化不良的罪魁祸首包括咖啡,柑橘类的水果,软饮料,辛辣,油炸食品和其他高脂肪食物。通常来说,暴饮暴食或者进食过快都会引发消化不良。Vigorous exercise before bed – especially exercises that crunch the abdomen – can sometimes trigger heartburn.睡前剧烈运动,尤其是收缩腹部的运动有时会导致烧心。STEP 2 Try antacid tablets2.尝试抗酸药剂If you sometimes suffer from acid indigestion after eating, take two over-the-counter antacid tablets with a glass of water. Repeat this step after each meal for the next two days.如果有时进食后感到酸性消化不良,用两片非处方类抗酸药片,用一杯温水送。接下来两天每餐后重复这一过程。STEP 3 Try natural remedies3.尝试天然方法Some foods naturally relieve acid indigestion, especially licorice. This root, available in chewable tablet form, stimulates the stomachs natural defenses against excessive acid production. A quarter-cup of aloe vera juice before a meal also helps combat indigestion.一些食物会天然缓解酸性消化不良,尤其是欧亚甘草。在药店购买这种甘草咀嚼片,可以刺激胃部天然预防过量酸的生成。饭前用四分之一杯芦荟汁也可以预防消化不良。Licorice can cause side effects. Buy DGL licorice, which is considered safer.欧亚甘草会带来副作用。购买更加安全的甘草素。STEP 4 Try an acid blocker4.尝试阻酸剂If over-the-counter and natural antacids dont soothe your indigestion, try acid-blocking tablets. This over-the-counter medication blocks the stomach from producing excess acid. Take two tablets each morning for the next three days.如果非处方药物或天然抗酸剂不能缓解消化不良症状,尝试阻酸剂。这种非处方药物可以阻止胃部产生过多的酸。接下来三天每天早上用两片。Acid blockers can take a day or two to provide relief. If your symptoms dont improve by the third day, seek medical attention.阻酸剂需要一两天的时间才能起到缓解作用。如果第三天症状未得到缓解,寻求专业的医疗救助。STEP 5 Treat nighttime indigestion5.治疗夜间消化不良If you feel a burning sensation in your throat or chest while sleeping, youre suffering from a condition known as heartburn. Before going to sleep, take three pillows and use them to prop up your head and neck.如果睡眠期间感到喉咙或胸部出现灼烧感,那你的症状就是烧心。睡觉之前,拿三个枕头,用来撑头部和颈部。STEP 6 See a doctor6.看医生Chronic acid indigestion or heartburn can indicate more serious conditions such as coronary disease, hernias, ulcers, stomach cancer, or cancer of the esophagus. If you suffer from frequent, repeated bouts of acid indigestion, make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.长期酸性消化不良或烧心可能预示着更严重的问题,比如冠心病,疝气,溃疡,胃癌,或者食道癌。如果经常反复出现酸性消化不良,尽快预约看医生。In Ancient Greece, China, and Egypt, licorice was used to treat gastritis, a painful irritation of the stomach.在古代希腊,中国和埃及,欧亚甘草用来治疗胃炎,胃部出现的疼痛性刺激。 /201502/360598


New dietary guidelines will be issued for 2010.新的膳食指南将在2010年发布It is suggested that有人建议the guideline for the entire population新的膳食指南应建议将推荐值改为1500毫克will be 1500 mg.且这一推荐值应面对全部人群The picture shown depicts这张图片描述的是where sodium comes from in the average diet.日常食品中的钠的来源Theres growing concern美国食品中钠含量过高这一现象that intake of sodium is too high in the US diet.已经引起了越来越多的关注This shows several examples of high sodium foods这里显示了几个美国食品中常见的that are common in American diets.高钠食品Again the main function of sodium in food食品中钠的作用仍然是is used as a preservative and flavor enhancer.被当作防腐剂和口味增强剂This is the reason such foods as frozen meals,这就是比如冷冻食品,罐装食品canned items and prepared mixes are high in sodium.以及混合食品中钠含量高的原因How will you know if the food you are eating你怎么才能知道你正在吃的东西is high in sodium?钠含量是否过高?Reading the nutrition facts label of products阅读食品包装标签上的营养成分说明is the best way to understand this.是最好的了解方式Lets take a look at how to this label.让我们一起看看如何阅读这个标签The foods sodium content is always shown食品的钠含量一般都会在on the food label.食品标签中写明The amount listed will be in milligrams.数量单位一般是毫克This aspect of the label is important to如果你被要求吃低钠食品pay attention to if you are required注意阅读这个标签to be on a low sodium diet.是非常重要的Something to remember在阅读食品包装标签的时候when ing food labels is that需要记住的一点是what is shown is only one serving size标明的数值只是一份中的含量which could make these numbers very deceiving.这个数字可能非常具有误导性This particular label is for Kraft Macaroni这个标签属于豪华装and Cheese Deluxe Edition.卡夫浓郁芝士通心粉Notice that there are 4 servings in this package请注意这一包装里面有四份and only one serving consists of而其中只有一份中含有over a third of the dietary guideline for sodium膳食指南的钠推荐摄入量which is 2300 mg.2300毫克的三分之一When looking at the percent daily value当看到日常数值的百分比时,应该意识到it is important to remember that这些百分比是基于2000卡路里的食品的these percentages are based on a 2000 calorie diet.这一点非常重要The percentages are also based on这些百分比也基于全天的totals for the whole day.食品摄入For example, for this particular label比如说,在这张标签上the sodium content of one serving is 35%一份的钠含量是of the total amount of sodium recommended per day.每日推荐钠摄入量的35%As stated before the quantities on a food label前面我们已经提到过,标签上的数值are given in milligrams.都以毫克为单位Here are some sodium equivalents in household这里有一些日常生活中的钠当量measures to help you compare these values.可以帮助你对比这些数值It may be surprising to find that人们也许会感到惊讶的是the recommended dietary allowance膳食指南中的钠推荐摄入量for sodium is only 1 teaspoon.仅仅是一茶匙那么多Specific words on food packages食品包装上的某些字眼can be very confusing.也可能让人感到迷惑Here are some examples of common terms这里有一些含钠物品的包装标签中used on labels related to sodium content在解释钠含量的时候and their explanations.常用的词语It is helpful to know that these words这些词语均由粮食及药物are legally defined by the FDA进行了法律上的规范解释and therefore you can be sure about their meaning因此你在食品包装上看到这些词语的时候each time you see them on a package.可以非常确定它们的含义Some things to note are that reduced sodium有一些事项值得注意is a relative term and compares the amount of sodium;限钠;是与目前普通食品中的钠含量in the current food to the usual product.相比较而言的This does not always mean它并不总是意味着the reduced sodium product is actually low in sodium.限钠产品的钠含量确实很低201505/374267There is nothing complicated about it.这一点也不复杂Move a magnet near a wire...and you will cause electricity to flow through the wire.拿一块磁铁在一段铁线附近移动 铁线上就会产生电流Put electricity through a wire,and it would act like a magnet and deflect the compass.而在铁线上通电后 铁线就具备磁铁的作用 能让指北针偏移So what connected them?那两者间究竟有何关联Maxwells big idea was that magnetism and electricity 麦克斯韦的高见是 磁力和电力are actually two facets of the same thing:其实是一体两面a wave of energy that was part electrical part magnetical.是一种能量波 且同时具有电与磁的性质He called them: electromagnetic waves.But then came a surprise.他将这种波命名为电磁波 但后来又有意外发现The mathematics told him this electromagnetic waves 数学推导结果显示这种电磁波travel at extraordinary speed: 186,000 miles per second.速度极其之快 每秒达30万公里The exact same speed that had aly been determined to be the speed of light.这和已确定的光速完全相同This led to astounding conclusion:Light is an electromagnetic wave,too.这导出一个惊人的结论 光也是电磁波201601/420896

Only stable, rich and powerful states can commission great art and architecture, which unlike text or language, can be instantly understood by anyone-very valuable in multi-lingual empires.只有强盛稳定的国家能出现伟大的艺术与建筑,它们比语言文字直观得多,只要一眼便可以了解,这在多语言的大帝国中是极大的优势只有。But, whereas in Rome Christianity was soon imposed as the exclusive religion of the Empire, for the Gupta kings worship of the Hindu gods was always only one of the ways in which the divine could be apprehended and embraced. This is a world that seems to be at ease with complexity, happy to live with many truths, and indeed to proclaim them all as an official part of the state, and we can glimpse something of the richness of this Gupta religious landscape through two gold coins.在罗马,基督教迅速成为唯一的国教,但在印度,印度教对笈多王来说只是接近神祇的方式之一。看起来,这个世界能轻松地面对复杂状况,让不同的真理和谐共存,并宣布它们都得到国家承认。我们通过两枚金币可以看到笈多王宗一些丰富的教景观。Im in the study room of our Coins and Medals Department, and in front of me Ive got two coins of the Indian king Kumaragupta I, who ruled from AD 414 to 455.我正身处大英物馆的钱币与勋章馆,我手里的就是这里藏有的2枚印度国王鸠罗笈多一世的金币,他于公元414年至455年在位。And theyre two coins that show very different aspects of this kings religious life. Theyre each almost exactly the size of a one penny coin, but theyre made of solid gold and, like all small gold objects, they sit quite heavily in the hand.这两枚硬币表现了国王的宗教信仰中极为不同的几个方面。它们由黄金制成,大小与英国的一便士相当,拿在手里颇有分量。On the first coin, where youd normally expect to see the king, theres a horse-a magnificent standing stallion. Hes decorated with ribbons, and a great pennant flutters over his head, and around the coin, in Sanskrit, is the inscription that translates: ;King Kumaragupta, the supreme lord, who has conquered his enemies;.在第一枚硬币上,别国通常用来雕刻国王头像的位置,刻着一匹神骏的牡马,身上装饰着带,头顶上飘着一面三角旗幡。金币边缘有一句梵语,意为“鸠罗笈多一世,至尊王者,克敌制胜”。201504/370968

栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201510/398993We dream of freedom strive for progress.我们向往自由 锐意进取Old worlds swept away.Now, our potential unbound.陈旧的世界消失殆尽 我们的潜能尽情释放New horizons and new dangers .that propel us towards the lives we live today.新的视野 新的危险 让我们迈向了如今的生活Amidst the chaos of an unforgiving planet,Most species will fail.这颗星球残酷无情 在无数混乱中 大多数物种将在劫难逃But for one, all the pieces will fall into place,但有一个物种 却有条不紊地进化着And a set of keys will unlock a path for mankind to triumph.一串钥匙即将开启人类通往胜利的道路This is our story. The story of all of us.这就是我们的故事 我们所有人的故事October, 1781.The backwoods of Pennsylvania.1781年十月 在宾夕法尼亚州远郊的树林中A lone rider With a document that will change the world.有个人独自骑着马 携带着一份足以改变世界的文件The day before, Yorktown, Virginia.前一天 在弗吉尼亚州的约克镇Rebel troops rout the British army, taking 7,000 prisoners.起义军击溃了英军 俘虏了七千人The end of a six-year struggle.结束了长达六年的抗争Rag-tag revolutionary forces Defeat the greatest military power on the planet.下层社会的革命力量 击败了世界上最强大的军队201604/435092英语非常道 第7期:非诚勿扰2(国际版)在线观看(上)201508/385182

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