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Hot tea. Cheese and pickle. Keep away from those mince pies热茶。奶酪和黄瓜。可不要吃那些肉饼。Any last minute requests?又是小孩子的愿望?Oh no, just bills.不,就是一些账单。Fly Safe. Dont forget Australia!安全飞行。不要忘了澳大利亚!I wont! Easily done. Rudolph, harrr!我不要会的!简单。鲁道夫,我们走!Dear Mrs Claus. My name is Jake and I am 6 years old.亲爱的圣诞奶奶,我的名字是杰克,我今年6岁了。Jake! Stop taking my things!杰克!不要拿我的东西!Ive a big sister called Anna who is tall and sometimes angry.我有个叫安娜,很高也很容易生气。Get out! Dad! Jake!出去!爸爸!杰克!I also have a dog called Tiger who loves eating things.我也有只,名字叫泰格,爱吃东西。Kill Tiger kill! Jake stop! Stop! Im sorry.快,泰格。杰克,停下来!抱歉。This Christmas, I need your help.今年的圣诞节,我需要你的帮助。Because I want something. And I know you can get it for me因为我知道有些东西你可以给我。Tiger, shhh!泰格,嘘。Dad! Did you? Dont look at me! Alright come on!爸爸!是你吗?不要看我!来吧!To Anna, Jake wanted you to have this. With Love, Mrs Claus.送给安娜,杰克想把这个给你。爱你,来自圣诞奶奶。Oh! Jake! Oh thank you so much Jake!哦,杰克。谢谢你,杰克!You might think I dont like my sister very much. But I do. I love her a lot.你可能会觉得我不爱我的。但是我爱她。我非常爱她。And I want her to be happy at Christmas. Love Jake. Age 6, but 7 in 2 weeks.我想她有一个快乐的圣诞节。爱你的杰克。还有两个月就7岁了。Merry Christmas. How was your night?圣诞快乐。昨晚怎么样?Oh you know, quiet.你知道的,安静。How did that get there?你是怎么拿到这个的?Well it wouldnt be fun if you knew all my secrets如果你知道我的所有秘密,就不好玩了。201612/481037TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201606/447657Morning.大家早上好What are you doing in 2017 environment thats actually在2017年的大环境中你做些什么才能真正gonna help you sell more homes, bring more awareness,帮你卖更多的房子 提升你的认知build your business, build your brand?成就你的的事业 提升你的名气What are those strategies, what are those implications?做这些事需要什么策略 又有什么含义?Jab, jab, jab, right hook, and the thank you economy are both出击!出击!出击!不断前进, 同时也要庆幸你和经济still very underutilized by the market.在市场环境下坚挺,没被完全占用People continue to put out content that is in high人们仍然把大部分精力放在percentage in their best interest and not in the value of the end user.自己最感兴趣的事情上而不是终端用户的价值上The number one shift that everybody has to do in this room在座的各位 首先要做得最重要的改变就是理解is understand the following statements and understand it我接下来所要陈述的观点cold, not just shake your head when you hear the words coming out of my mouth.先冷静的分析 而不是听到我的话就摇头否定The quicker you understand in this room that you are a media你理解地越快 你越有可能是一个多媒体company-comma-real estate agent, real estate software provider, whatever you may be.或房地产经纪人或是一个房地产软件供应商或者任何什么身份I know that I am a media company-comma-an agency CEO, a wine retailer我是一个多媒体中介首席执行官,一个红酒推销员Once you make that shift everything changes.一旦你做出改变 一切都变了Not Netflix, not YouTube, not smartphones, not Facebook. Zero.没有网飞公司(在线影片租赁网站)没有YouTube(最大的视频网站)没有智能手机 也没有脸书(最大的社交网站),这些都没有If you are not digitally native you will die.如果你不是数码达人 你将会被淘汰And what I mean by that is not the will die that youll go我的意思是你不会真的死,而是directly out of business its just the people that are going to take your business.你将会破产 其他人会来取代你的位置The world changes and the biggest part that Im worried世界在变化 我最担心的是about is that the world is changing in a much bigger way that you and or I realize.世界变化的速度比你我想象中的快得多This is about a binary decision of are you understanding how important digital is or are you not?这取决于你是否理解数码的重要性And more importantly making your actions map your words. Thank you.最重要的是 用你的行动来明你说的话 谢谢大家Thank you so much. Thank you.非常感谢你们的到来 谢谢各位Gary, you ruined my life. How so?加里 你打破了我原本的生活 说来听听Because I didnt do until a year ago. Yes, and now?一年以前 我没有做视频 是么 那现在呢Putting out 35 a month—And its your whole world.一个月做出来35个 现在这是你生活的全部and I look at you and Im like this mother fucker better not然后我看着你 我就想像这家伙一样put another out and I go online and you do, so I do.不再出任何视频 可当我上网看到你做的时候,我也跟你一起又起视频来了I love it.我喜欢这个Can I get a picture with you? Yeah, lets do it.我能和你合个影么 当然可以 来吧Awesome. Youre the man. Thanks for the inspiration. Take care.好极了 你很鼓舞人 请多保重If I wanted to hire an army of people,要是我想雇一个军队的人Yes. where would you, how would you start to do that?然后呢 你会怎么做 你会怎么开始做这件事First, you need to be educated so the first thing.首先你要训练你自己 这是第一点I got that. Five hours a day.我一天训练五小时Do that because then when you list it or you put it这么做是因为当你列出清单或者你out on LinkedIn wherever you put it youll know what youre looking for.把它放到商务化人际关系网上或随便什么上面 你就会知道你到底需要什么The problem that people make is they go Im not going to hire这个问题是因为我没有雇24岁的孩子来做这个 但是他们却没有其他办法If you dont have any idea you dont know what to look for.如果你没有任何想法 也不知道自己要什么You dont know if youre getting ripped off, if its effective or not.你不知道你是否喝的烂醉 你的方法是否有效Educate yourself and then very simply theres unlimited places to get people.提升自己 然后很简单 你就有很多方法来雇佣别人Theres job listings for social media everywhere in the world.世界上到处都是社会媒体的招聘信息Is that a Craigslist thing?这是克雷格网站上的东西么Yeah, I would literally put in social media job listings like对 我将直接从社交媒体招聘信息中找事情做on Google and you would find 400 things.比如谷歌 你将找到很多个事情做Okay. Alright? Thank you so much. Youre welcome.好的 很好 非常感谢你 不客气Morning, hi.早上好 你好You have changed my life. Thank you.你改变了我的人生 谢谢Your content Ive more than quadrupled my income.你让我获得了超过四倍的收入My perspective on things, the way that I teach agents it all comes from you.我看事物的观点 我教代理的方法 全部都是你教的Thank you so much. Im gonna cry. Its literally changed my life.非常感谢你 我禁不住要哭了 你简直是改变了我的人生Im so grateful for this opportunity.我非常感激这次机会Thank you so much. That means the world to me.真的非常谢谢你 这对我来说就是我的整个世界One, two, three. Here you go.一 二 三 好了Congratulations. Thank you so much. Thanks for all you do.祝贺你 非常感谢你 谢谢你所做的一切Can we do an excited face? Yes. Awesome. Awesome.我们能做一个兴奋的表情么 当然 这是极好的 非常棒Thanks so much. Nice meeting you.非常感谢你 很高兴见到你Yes, take care of yourself. Nice to meet you.好的 好好照顾自己 很高兴见到你Are you losing belief or are you just wish it was happening faster?你是否失去信仰或者你只是希望尽快度过难关Just wish it was that happening faster.只是希望尽快度过难关Well, you need to buck up and be more patient. Yeah?那么你要先振作起来 要有点儿耐心 就这样?Yeah, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not a tactic.对 职业精神是一种生活方式 而不是一种口号Its forever. Theres ups, theres downs.世事如此 人生起起落落Theres a e I always say that entrepreneurship is like UFC, everybody loses.我经常跟别人说一句话 职业精神就像格斗比赛 总会有人输Youre a young woman. Youre gonna have many more at-bats.你还年轻 你还会遇见更多更好的事情Being hungry and wanting to win is very important but all that渴望胜利非常重要 但是ambition needs to be equally balanced with patience.所有的抱负都需要有同等的耐心And patience is hard. More patience. More patience.做事有耐心是一件困难的事 更多的耐心 对 更多的耐心Im so fucking excited right now. Thank you, man.我今天真是太激动了 谢谢你 伙计I cant even tell you. Thank you, brother.我几乎说不出话来 谢谢你 兄弟Im getting married in a month.我一个月之内就要结婚了You are? Congrats.是么 恭喜恭喜My fiancé is like youre probably more excited to meet GaryVee today than get married.我未婚妻觉得我今天来看你会比结婚更加开心Im like Im not answering.我当时都不知该如何回答她Youre like, ;I cant hear you honey.;你当时说 亲爱的你说什么?Yeah, yeah, yeah. ;I cant hear you.;对对对 我听不清你说什么Whats that? Whats that?你说什么? 喂?Go ahead, Im listening to your question.我们继续吧,我在听你的问题So, how do you leave ego at the door?所以说 你是怎样摒弃自负的?I dont, I just—我并没有 我只是I know you had that Australian guy, right who gave you shit for undercutting his wine sales. Yes.我知道你遇到了一个澳大利亚人 他让你降价出售他的红酒 对的And he asked you to be on his show and then you went on his show.他让你参加他的演出 然后你就去参加他的演出No, no. He asked to be on my show and I put him—不 不是 他想参加我的演出我同意了Oh, he asked to be on your show? Oh shit.哇 他说去参加你的演出? 天呐I put him on my show. Even bigger. Right.我让他参加我的演出 甚至更大的演出 对Dude, negativity has no value. Absolutely.小伙子 消极下去没有任何价值 当然Ego is different than a grudge. Okay. Okay. Got it?自负和妒忌不一样 好吧 真的明白了?To me, a grudge is negative. To me, an ego is positive.对我来说 嫉妒是一种消极心态 而自负是一种积极心态Well fuck, look at Fat Joe now, right?好了 看看现在的胖乔伊Yeah. Hes positive now.是的 他现在很积极向上Hes on the show, right? I know. That was fun.他即将参加演出对么 我知道 会很有意思I said, you know what, Im gonna eliminate all obstacles.我就说 你会知道的 我将克一切困难Put all ego and pride aside and let me just try the non-ego route.把所有的自负和骄傲放在一边 走一条没有自负的路And see how this works and so far were platinum on the看看会怎么样 很快我们发行了一张白金唱片single, going to double platinum. Yeah, yeah然后翻倍 不错不错Go with positivity, imagine that.更加的积极向上 想象一下Its a magical miracle pill that seems to be working. Yeah, it happens.这是一种有魔力的奇药 好像还挺有效的嘛 对 很有效My man. Gary. Thank you. Much love man.哥们 加里 谢谢你 非常爱你Thank you so much for everything.谢谢你所做的一切Stay well, take care of yourself. Good luck to you.要好好的 好好照顾自己 祝你好运Cue the fire alarm. Lets do it.火警报警 我们去看看Lets do it. Oh, were going ?去看看 我们要录像么Here we go, here we go. Everyone in?我们走 还有人吗Blowing up. Set the house on fire.让火烧的更旺吧 把整个房子都点着Its a weird life. Isnt it weird?真是怪事 是不是很奇怪Its weird but its so flattering. Yeah.是很奇怪 但是也很顺其自然了 是的People are always like, ;Oh, do you hate it?;人们经常像说 哦 你讨厌这个么Im like, ;Hate it? Its like the nicest thing ever.;我就会说 “讨厌它?它是我目前遇到过最美好的事了!”People like you enough to be excited to take a picture with you.人们非常的喜欢你 和你合影的时候都非常激动Its the greatest.这很棒呀All those grown men were like little girls.这些大人都喜欢小女孩They were, they were fawning all over you.的确是 他们会一直围在你身边Im never seen something like that.我从没见过这样的事And Im huge with 40-year-old dudes.对于我来说 40岁的哥们太老了Center markers there.讲台在这Just waiting for the fucking alarm.等一下报警May I have your attention please,各单位注意may I have your attention please?各单位注意The San Francisco Fire Department has investigated the alarm and has declared its a false.旧金山火警未调查到火源 这次警报没有发生火灾Please proceed with business as usual. Sure.请各位继续正常的工作 就知道Count to 10 for me.报十个数Thats the level youre gonna be speaking?这样的音量合适么Yes. Okay. Probably around this level.是的 差不多就这个音量吧Right on this level. One more time.就这个音量 请再试一次Okay, great, thank you.好的 很好 谢谢I never say eight. Right, here we go.我从没说过8 好了 我们开始吧What advice do you have for a real estate agent who is just你对于一个曾做房产中介now starting on social media?转行做社交媒体的新人有什么好的建议么What platforms, techniques or general approach would you recommend?有什么平台 技术或者更大众化的途径 可以推荐的吗My biggest advice right now for real estate agents jumping我最大的建议就是现在做房产中介的人into social media whether theyre in the 101 phase or the不论做了101期还是201期 请认真对待社交平台This is a binary game, this is not about a tactic.这是一个二次元游戏 没有什么策略This is not about me saying use hashtags on Instagram or我的意思不是说在照片分享上制造话题Facebook Live matters or pay attention to Snapchat this is或者在脸书直播或者关注色拉布you either understand that your customers attention is in these spaces or you dont.而是你是否了解你的客户在这个平台上的需求You either believe in the digital revolution or you dont.你是否相信这是一场数字革命Its a one and zero game and so I think my biggest advice would be get into it deep.这是1和0的时代(二进制算法只有1和0) 所以我最大的建议就是好好研究它Thanks so much Gary. That was awesome. Of course.非常谢谢你 加里 这非常的棒 不客气Hey, how are you?嗨 你好么Big day, obviously the Apple announcement. Been sitting on that for a little while.繁忙的一天呀 显然是苹果发布会 上去坐一会儿Here it is. wyneth GPaltrow and Will.i.am join Apple Reality Series ;Planet of the Apps;.这就是了 格温妮丝·帕特洛和威廉参加了苹果实体系列“星球应用”I love this. I love the whole way it is being positioned.我喜欢这个 我喜欢它的全部Why did they get linked and I dont.为什么他们连上了而我不能呢Oh, wait a minute, be careful, theres a picture of me.哦 等一下 这有我的一张照片After season one its going to be, ;Hey do you watch GaryVees show?; Yeah.第一季完结以后 将会出现“你看加里的直播么?” 看呀Super excited.很令人激动呀Obviously, spent the last six or seven years, eight years,当然 通过最近六七八九年nine years passing on opportunities to do的各种机会television shows and other shows so finally found the one来做电视节目或其他的演出 最终发现一个道理that I thought made sense for me.这就是对我的意义Couple speeches, couple business opportunity meetings, an investor meeting.合作演讲 商业合作会议和投资会议You know, VaynerMedia, GaryVee, VaynerCapital just living my life.你知道的 VaynerMedia GaryVee,VaynerCapital就是我的生活201705/512014This new breed of businessman is doing things a different way.这些新型商人的做法不一样的地方Theyre creating products for the masses, while paying their employees a livable wage.他们为广大人民群众生产商品 同时向员工付过得去的工资With safe working conditions and a standard forty-hour work week.提供安全的工作条件以及每周四十小时的工作时长The era of Rockefeller, Carnegie and Morgan looks like it may have come to an end.洛克菲勒 卡内基和根的时代看来已经走到了尽头But Americas three most powerful men are just as relevant as ever before.但这三位美国最有权势的人依然和以往任何时候一样重要Standard Oil gasoline stations appear across the country fueling Henry Fords cars, cars that are built using Carnegies steel in factories powered by J.P. Morgans electricity.标准石油公司加油站遍布全国各地为亨利·福特的汽车加油 这些汽车又是用的卡内基的钢铁 生产厂房的供电又是由根提供的The new breed of businessman may be doing things different from their predecessors but their innovations wouldnt be possible without the groundwork laid by men like Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller.新型商人与前辈的做法可能不一样 但他们的创新离不开科尼利尔斯·范德比尔特 安德鲁·卡内基 J·P·根 约翰·D·洛克菲勒等前辈奠定的基础The result is broad prosperity shared throughout the country and perhaps Americas greatest innovation yet, a thriving and prosperous middle class.其结果就是全国范围内的广泛繁荣 一个繁荣昌盛的中产阶级随之诞生 这或许才是美国最伟大的发明201608/455065Im in the middle of a jungle in southern China.我现在身处于中国南部的丛林之中Mountain rivers like this lead to the coast,which could provide you with an escape route.这样的山间激流一直流向海岸 提供了一条撤退路线These rivers are just like the highways through the jungle.这些激流就像是 丛林中的交通干道Really, the best thing I can do is keep following it.而我最好的选择 就是沿着它走Im gonna to move fast on these dry rocks.And with proper technique and balance,我选择在岸边的干岩石上迅速前进 掌握好技巧和平衡you can cover much more ground than fighting through the jungle.这样走会比在丛林中摸索要快很多But following the river has its dangers.但沿着河走也会有危险Steady here. Its a long, long way down.Quite slippery, all this stuff.这里小心 是一个很长的陡坡 这些东西很滑I reckon out of all the places I go,of all the different terrains,我觉得在我去过的所有地方 所有地形中the biggest surprises are often in the jungle.丛林常常最让人出乎意料Thats why even though I move quickly,I actually move quite cautiously.This is exactly why.所以尽管我跑得很快 还是会非常小心 就是因为这样的情况The way down now is blocked by this sheer rock face.我们眼前的峭壁阻断了下山的路The best plan for me is to go back into the jungle.我的最佳方案 还是回到森林中Its a chinese cobra.Steady, steady, steady, steady.这是条中华眼镜蛇 小心 小心点I got him, I got him there.Pretty deadly snake, this.Dont get any close than that.让我来 把它弄远点 这条蛇毒性很大 千万别再靠近了Thats his hood right out as a sign to stay clear.它那头巾状的颈部是在警告你不要靠近Dont go into its killing zone.千万别走进它的地盘中201607/455799

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/455548

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