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A new report has revealed that Apple plans to launch three handsets this year - two will be updates of the iPhone 7 family and the third is the 10th-anniversary handset -- iPhone 8.一份最新报告显示,苹果公司计划今年推出3部手机--其中两部将是iPhone 7系列最新版本,而另外一部则是iPhone 10周年纪念手机--iPhone 8。It is believed that the iPhone 8 will boast a massive 5.8-inch OLED display, but with smaller top and bottom bezels in order to shrink the size of the device.据悉,iPhone 8会配备一个巨大的、5.8英寸的OLED屏幕,但是为了缩小手机尺寸,iPhone 8顶部和底部的边框会变窄。Although the smartphone will have the largest display of any iPhone, rumors have suggested that it will also be the most expensive.iPhone 8不但会成为有史以来屏幕最大的iPhone,有小道消息称,这款手机的价格也将会是最贵的。The new report comes from Nikkei Asian Review, which has revealed the upcoming iPhone will launch in three variants.据《日经亚洲》发布的这份报告显示,即将发售的iPhone 8将有3种版本。Two are set to have liquid crystal displays and the other will be designed with a 5.8-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen.其中两款为液晶显示屏,另外一款搭载的是5.8英寸的OLED屏。Earlier reports have suggested that the two other smartphones, known as the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will be designed with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays.此前曾有报道称,其他两款手机--iPhone 7s和iPhone 7s Plus将分别搭载4.7英寸和5.5英寸的屏幕。#39;By adding more large-screen options to the lineup to meet grousing demand for BIG, Apple intends to raise the average iPhone price, which has aly gone up by about 10% in the past three years to nearly 0,#39; Nikkei reported.据《日经亚洲》表示称:“为了满足消费者们对大手机的需求,苹果增加了更多大屏选择,同时苹果公司也打算提高iPhone的平均价格--而这一价格已经在过去三年里涨到了700美元,涨幅达到了10%。”Earlier this month it was revealed by Fast Company that the so-called iPhone 8 will costs more than ,000 (800 pounds) – making it the most expensive handset the firm has ever produced.据知名商业杂志《快速公司》本月初发布的消息显示,所谓的iPhone 8的售价可能会超过1000美元(约合800英镑)--这会使其成为苹果公司有史以来最贵的手机。However, it is said that users will receive more cutting-edge technology and a sleeker design – a handset that is sure to impress.但是,消费者会因此得到更多尖端科技和时尚的设计--这是一款肯定会给你留下深刻印象的手机。 /201703/498323

21世纪让你变得更健康些If you are the parent of a young child, you need to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet not only for your child but also for you. Towards this end, one step that you will want to consider taking is the eating of smaller meals and the eating of smaller portions when you do eat.Nutritionists have long held that it is better to eat smaller meals more often than it is to eat 2-3 large meals every day. However, most people have ignored this advice because it is often easier to eat fewer times a day and they are used to breakfast, lunch and dinner. In today’s world, many people are so busy throughout the day that they feel they don’t have time to eat 5-6 times per day, as experts often recommend. This is understandable, especially since there are certain social aspects built around the three main meals, especially lunch and dinner. Restaurants and other eating establishments also design their s around three square meals.But if you care about your health, there are many reasons to consider switching to eating small. Most people who eat fewer times a day tend to really stuff themselves at mealtime. This is due in part because they know that it will be awhile before their next meal, and also because they are used to the humongous servings that most eateries now offer. People get so used to eating large meals that they feel unfulfilled if they shrink their portions. If they knew that they would be able to have another snack before their next meal, though, it might change their approach to eating.Some nutritionists believe that eating smaller meals more often can lower your cholesterol. A study published in the British Medical Journal determined that people who eat six small meals a day lowered their cholesterol by 5% compared to those who ate 2-3 big meals every day. Of course, most of these people were probably not eating fast food six times a day. No matter how often and how much you eat, healthy choices must still be made in regards to the type of food you eat. But it does appear that eating more frequently can help lower cholesterol.Another health advantage to eating small is that it is easier on your digestive system. When you eat large meals, your stomach and intestines are forced to process more material at once, which can lead to indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn and occasionally ulcers. More food goes to waste when a lot of food is eaten at once, since the body can’t digest and use it all at once. Eating smaller is easier on the digestive system because your body is able to slowly process the food and properly distribute the nutrients. Eating smaller also makes it easier to be active between meals, since it doesn’t take your stomach so long to rid itself of all the food. 如果你的孩子还小,你一定得知道保持饮食健康对你的孩子和你自身都十分重要.为此,可供你考虑的一种方法就是实行少食多餐制.营养学家早就提出与其每天吃2-3顿正餐,不如增加餐次同时减少每餐的食物摄入量.然而大多数人都对此不屑,因为少量的餐次对大多数人来说比较可行,而且人们也习惯了早餐,午餐,晚餐这种形式.如今,许多人太繁忙以至于他们认为没有时间像专家所推荐的那样,一天中吃5-6顿饭.这是可以理解的,因为现在的人们在三顿正餐间都需要进行一定的社会活动,尤其在午餐和晚餐之间.饭店和其他享用饮食的地方所提供的菜单也都是针对这三顿正餐而制订的.但是如果你关心自己的健康,那就有太多理由让你少食多餐啦.大多数每天就吃几顿饭的人会每顿都吃得饱饱的.一部分原因是他们知道在下顿饭之前还有一段时间,另外,他们也已经习惯了如今这种食物的大供应量.一旦人们习惯了每餐都吃得很多,那么一旦要让他们减少食物量,他们就会觉得没吃饱.但如果让他们知道在下一顿饭之前还有一顿点心,那么也许他们会改变一下现在进食的方式了.一些营养学家认为每顿吃少点可以降低你的胆固醇.刊登于英国医学杂志上的一篇研究显示,与那些每天吃2-3顿大餐的人相比,每天吃6顿饭,但每顿量都很少的人们体内的胆固醇含量低了5%.当然,这些人可不能一天6顿都吃快餐.无论你吃几顿,每次吃多少,选择健康的食物也是很重要的.但少食多餐确实被明可以降低你的胆固醇含量.每顿吃少点同样也对你的消化系统有好处.当你吃得多时,你的胃和内脏同时被迫接受太多的东西,就会出现消化不良,胃痛, 胃灼热等状况,偶尔还会出现胃溃疡. 由于你的身体无法一下子消化你吃的所有食物,如果你一次进食很多,许多食物其实是被浪费的.如果吃得少一点就能减轻消化系统的负担,因为你的身体可以慢慢消化食物并且合理分配营养成分. 吃得少点也可以使你的胃在两餐之间变得更活跃点,因为你的胃不必再用很多时间去消化所有的食物了. /200803/30959

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