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2019年11月13日 17:41:25 | 作者:当当信息 | 来源:新华社
David Bowie’s death prompted an outpouring of grief among Chinese rock stars and fans as they remembered a cultural icon who strongly influenced their idiosyncratic musical genre.大卫·鲍伊的去世在中国社交媒体上引发了摇滚明星和歌迷们的哀悼。他们纪念这个文化偶像。鲍伊曾深深影响了他们独特的音乐基因。Zheng Jun, a singer-songwriter from Xi’an, in central China, who gained prominence in the 1990s with yearning rock lyrics typical of the era, said on Weibo, a social media platform, that his digital accounts had been flooded with expressions of sadness.“Bowie was the father of glam rock and the ancestor of those who have astounded the world,” he wrote.歌手及音乐人郑钧在90年代以那个时代特有的宣泄渴望的摇滚歌词一举成名。他写道,“朋友圈一片老泪纵横。Bowie是华丽摇滚之父,惊世骇俗之祖。 ”Wang Feng, a rock star and the husband of the actress Zhang Ziyi, also mourned Mr. Bowie’s passing with remarks on Weibo.“We not only lose an immortal master, but also an excellent soul that has made us gaze forever at the beauty of life,” he wrote.摇滚明星、演员章子怡的丈夫汪峰也发表微表达了哀悼:“我们失去的不止是一位不朽的大师,更是一个让我们能永恒凝视生命之美的卓越灵魂……”“Time is cruel,” wrote Gao Xiaosong, a singer who is now a television celebrity. “One after the other, the heroes of my youth disappear.”“时光残忍,”高晓松,曾经的民谣旗手,如今的电视主持红人感叹道,“我年少时的偶像一个个去了……”Steve Wong Ka Keung, the bassist for the seminal Hong Kong rock band Beyond, wrote that he was grieving for Mr. Bowie. “I will always remember you,” he wrote.同样将鲍伊视为偶像的香港乐队Beyond的吉他手黄家强写下了“永远怀念您”的句子。Wu Hongjin, the Chinese rock music fixture better known as Zuoxiao Zuzhou, expressed his sadness, but on a lighter note. “Maybe God wanted to listen to rock again,” he wrote.摇滚歌手左小祖咒则用了不那么悲伤的句子来表达悲伤:“上帝可能又想听摇滚了。” /201601/420954

A professional street beggar in Wolverhampton, Britain, is earning up to 500 pounds a day, according to a local councillor.根据当地的议员透露,英国伍尔弗汉普顿一位职业街头乞丐一天的收入最高可达500英磅。The astonishing figure - which is the equivalent of a 130,000 pounds a year - puts the unnamed man#39;s earnings at just 12,000 pounds than Prime Minister David Cameron#39;s 142,000 pounds earnings.这是一个令人吃惊的数字,相当于他每年的收入约为13万英镑。这一数字使得这个无名之辈的收入只比首相卡梅伦的年薪少1.2万英镑。英国首相的年薪也仅为14万2千英镑。What makes the numbers even more incredible is that the beggar is not homeless and simply targets kind-hearted shoppers in the city.比起这一数字,更不可思议的是,这名乞丐并不是无家可归,他只是单纯地将目标定位在那些城市中善良的消费者身上。Labour councillor Steve Evans claimed that most beggars in the area were not homeless and just wanted free money so they could buy alcohol.工党议员史蒂夫·埃文斯声称,该地区大多数乞丐都不是无家可归的,只是想要一些钱来买酒。He said: ;We have got some information that one man was making between 300 to 500 pounds a day and wasn#39;t homeless at all. I don#39;t think it#39;s acceptable.;埃文斯说道:“我们已经获悉到,那个每天乞讨到300到500英镑的乞丐,根本不是无家可归。我认为这简直令人难以接受。”He added that the council are looking into ways to prove that beggars are simply conning the public so that they can be taken to court and excluded from the city.他还补充说道,有关当局正在采取措施来明这些乞丐只是在欺骗群众,这样就能将他们带上法庭,并从城市中遣送回去。Genuine homeless people in Wolverhampton have said they are ;worried; that bad publicity will stop people being so generous in future.但是,伍尔弗汉普顿真正无家可归的人表示,他们很担心这一负面影响将会使得以后人们不再慷慨。Then there#39;s the claim that a man who was caught on film clambering back into his 50,000 pounds Audi sportscar, after a day begging in Cornwall.此外,听说在康沃尔郡,一名男子被拍到在乞讨一天之后,钻进了一辆价值5万英镑的奥迪跑车扬尘而去。It was reported that only one in five beggars in the UK is genuinely homeless, while many are doing it to top up their benefits or even incomes from work.据报道,英国的乞丐中5人中只有一人是真的无家可归,其他许多人则是把乞讨当成捞好处、甚至是工作之余增加收入的方式。 /201603/430636

Poor Barbie. She had plastic surgery to become more socially acceptable. But a lot of her critics still don#39;t like her.可怜的芭比,通过整容来满足世俗审美,但批评者们仍然不买账。Barbie#39;s manufacturer, Mattel, announced Thursday that the doll has three new body types—curvy, tall and petite. Barbie will also now come in seven skin tones, 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles. Mattel spokeswoman Michelle Chidoni said the product is evolving to ;offer more choices; to make ;the line more reflective of the world girls see around them.;芭比玩偶生产商“美泰公司”当地时间28日宣布,芭比系列将增加三款新体型:丰满芭比、高个芭比和娇小芭比。芭比也将有7种肤色、22种眼球色以及24款不同发型。美泰女发言人马歇尔·辛多妮称,公司愿为消费者“提供更多选择”,让芭比能“反映出全世界各种类型的女孩”。Kris Macomber, who teaches sociology at Meredith College in Raleigh, N.C., says she#39;s ;reluctant to celebrate Barbie#39;s new strategy because it doesn#39;t change the fact that Barbie dolls and other kinds of fashion dolls still over-emphasize female beauty. Why must we keep sending girls the message that being beautiful is so important?;克里斯·麦康伯在北卡罗来纳州首府罗利的梅瑞迪斯学院教授社会学课程。她表示,自己“无法认同芭比生产商的新策略,因为它改变不了一个事实,那就是芭比等各种时尚玩偶过分强调了女性外表的重要性。为什么我们总在给女孩们灌输‘美丽最重要#39;这种观点呢?”Josh Golin, the executive director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, said the changes are a testament to activists who for years have challenged Barbie#39;s ;unrealistic and harmful body type.; But body type ;was only one of the criticisms,; he said. “The other was the brand#39;s relentless focus on appearance and fashion.;“让儿童远离商业”活动的执行总裁乔希·戈林表示,多年来,社会活动家们一直在说芭比的样子“不符合现实、体型不健康”,而现在这种改变对这些活动家是个考验。他表示,体型其实只是芭比此前“频遭指责的一个方面”。“遭批的另一方面则是芭比过于强调外表和时尚。”Kumea Shorter-Gooden, a co-author of Shifting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America, has said in the past that Barbie has a bigger impact on black girls struggling with messages about skin color and hair. She applauded Mattel ;for diversifying the size and look of Barbie,; but noted that ;European-American hair still prevails,; and that the dolls#39; outfits still ;convey a traditional and constraining gender norm about how girls and women should look.;《转变:美国黑人女性的双重生活》一书的联合作者古米·肖特-戈登曾表示,对于介意自己肤色和发型的黑人女孩,芭比对她们的影响更大。她很赞赏美泰公司“将芭比体型和面貌进一步多样化”的做法,不过她也指出,“欧美发式仍然占主流”,芭比的饰也仍然传达出对女性外貌的性别定位,这种定位过于传统,过于束缚人。Barbie sales fell 14 percent in the most recently reported quarter, with worldwide sales falling every year since 2012.自2012年起,芭比玩偶在全世界的销量就年年下降。在最近的季报中,芭比销量下降了14%。Mattel said it will still sell the original 11.5-inch Barbie. The new versions will begin arriving on U.S. shelves in March.美泰称,公司还会继续销售11.5英寸的芭比。新款芭比将于今年3月登陆美国市场。Some saluted the new Barbie. Tri-na Finton, a Hispanic mom from Simi Valley, Calif., who works in tech and once bought herself an engineer Barbie, was ;thrilled; to hear about the new looks, especially the curly hair. In the past, when she#39;s taken her 3-year-old daughter to Target, ;I avoid the Barbie aisle. I just don#39;t want her to feel bad that she can#39;t see a doll that looks like her.;也有人很喜欢新款芭比。加州西米谷市的西班牙裔母亲特里娜·芬顿表示,自己听到这个消息“高兴极了”,尤其喜欢新加入的卷发造型。在科技行业工作的她曾给自己买过一个工程师芭比。她表示,自己过去带3岁的女儿逛塔吉特百货时,“总会绕开芭比货架,因为担心女儿看到芭比都跟自己长得不一样时会伤心。” /201601/424725

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