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Open Doors versus Closed Doors 开门还是关门陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他的同事Amy在陈豪新换的办公室门口敲门。(knock on door)C: Come in.A: Hi Chen Hao, am I interrupting you?C: 没事,我就是处理一下邮件。A: I was afraid I might disturb you when I saw your door was shut.C: 不会打扰的!我现在总算有办公室了,所以喜欢把门关上。A: It is good to have some privacy every now and then, especially when you need to concentrate on something, but I think you should reconsider keeping it shut all the time.C: 我不应该关门吗?A: It can give a bad impression to your colleagues, some of whom dont have the luxury of an office with a door.C: 我不懂。办公室有门,不就是为了关的吗?A: When people see your door shut, they assume that you are not to be disturbed. I was reluctant to knock, but I needed to deliver a report to you so I decided to take a chance.C: 噢,我明白了,办公室的门关着,别人就会觉得我不愿意被打扰。A: A closed door implies that you might have someone in your office or that you are working on an important project and dont want to be disturbed. You might also be having a confidential phone conversation and dont want to be overheard.C: 我怎么没想到呢!别人会以为我是在会客、赶着完成工作,或是在讲电话,不愿意被外人听到。当天晚些时候,Amy又来到陈豪的办公室,门开着,陈豪正在跟同事Todd讲话。C: (To the co-worker) Todd, I am really disappointed in your work on this project. Please take it back and rework it using the correct data. Hi Amy, come in. Todd was just leaving.A: Bye Todd, see you later. (Amy hesitates a minute)Gee, that was embarrassing.C: 觉得尴尬,为什么?A: Well, walking up while you were criticizing Todd was embarrassing, because I am sure that made him feel uncomfortable to have you reject his report and especially when other people walking by could hear your conversation with him.C: 怕别人听见?可他的报告实在让我无法接受,我只能把报告打回去,让他重写。你觉得我应该怎么做呢?A: You should have shut your door while you were talking to him so no one else would overhear you.C: 你不是说办公室应该开着门的吗?A: I did, but I didnt say that you should have it open all the time.C: 刚才Todd 进来的时候门就是开着的,所以我就没关。A: You needed to get up from your desk and shut the door. Or you could have asked Todd to close the door. Then you could have had your talk in private.C: 我明白了,谢谢你,Amy。 /201209/197725

终止合同Andrew: We aren’t going to renew our contract this year.今年我们不再和你们续签合同了.Elizabeth: How come? I thought you were happy with our service.为什么?我一直以为你对我们的务是很满意的.Andrew: I was until this year. We have had several issues with on time product delivery. In our line of work, we can’t afford unreliable delivery.原来是满意的.但是你们今年不能准时送货.我们这个行业不能承担不稳定送货的危险.Elizabeth: I wish you had brought this issue to my attention earlier. We would have addressed it immediately.如果你早一点告诉我这个问题就好了.那么我们就可以即使处理这个问题了.Andrew: As our account manager, I assumed you were aware of these delivery problems, which we have complained about repeatedly.作为我们的客户经理,我人为你们该早知道送货问题了,因为我们多次抱怨.Elizabeth: Please give us the opportunity to redeem ourselves.请给我们弥补自己过失的机会. /05/72008

  (一):Thank you for coming here tonight to see me off.谢谢你们今晚来为我送行。 Thank you for coming here tonight to see me off.谢谢你们今晚来为我送行。Thats all right.那没什么。Thank you for seeing me off.感谢您为我送行。Thanks for seeing me off at the airport.感谢您到机场来为我送行。 (二):Its a great honor to have you here. 您的来访是我的荣幸。 Its a great honor to have you here.您的来访是我的荣幸。Its also my honor.这也是我的荣幸。Its a pleasure to have you here.欢迎您来访。We are glad to meet you in Shanghai.我们很高兴在上海见到你。 /201411/339803


  Smith: Where do you see yourself three years from now?Miss Wang: Working for your company, as the top administrative assistant in your firm!Smith: Good answer, Miss Wang—good answer! Seriously, though, are you interested in staying in a staff-level position, or would you hope to move into management someday?Miss Wang: Well, I haven't thought much about this. I think it's too early to tell. What is most important for me now is to do the best possible job for the company and learn and develop my skills as much as possible. 求职锦句:1. If you enter this company, which department would you like to work in? 如果你加入本公司,你想在哪个部门工作?2. If possible, I'd like to work in the Export Department. 如果可能的话,我希望在出口部工作。部门链接:the Planning Department 计划部the Accounting Section 会计部the Business Section 业务部the Publicity Department 宣传部the Import Department 进口部3. No problem for me, I believe I have the capability to take this job. 对我来说没问题,我相信我有能力承担这项工作。 /201108/148385

  A:I'm really fed up with Larry! He's the biggest airhead I've ever met.He always makes careless mistakes,and he's a pain to work with.B:You shouldn't be so negative.You'll always have some co-workers that are harder to work with than others.But if you are negative and start name-calling in the office,it will make a bad working environment for everybody.A:You only say that because you don't have to work with him.The people in your department seem so capable and nice to be around.Take Mary for example.She's smart and enthusiastic.I've never met anyone as cheery as she is.B:Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses.Even Larry.He might be a pain to be around,but he's also very good at staying in budget on projects.Mary, on the other hand,spends our project money like there's no tomorrow.Also,she's never willing to stay a little later at the office.She always leaves at 5:00 pm sharp.A:Isn't there anyone in the office that is a perfect co-worker? What about Bob? Everybody loves Bob.Even though he's flesh out of college and still a bit green, he is a great co-worker.B:You're right.He's a hard worker,easy to get along with,honest,and he never steals the credit on projects.The only thing he's lacking in is experience.A:Maybe that's why he's so nice! /08/82576Dan偷偷喜欢女同事Julie. King给他打气,鼓励他约Julie出去。Dan问:So what should I say?King: Tell the truth! Say, ;Hi Julie, I was wondering if youd be interested in going out this Saturday? I know a great sushi place.;D: Just like that? Dont you think Ill scare her?K: Both you and Julie are adults, and thats the way adults communicate with each other. If youre worried about being too direct, you should make it a group event and invite her along.D: The whole process just seems so scary.K: You know whats really scary? The idea that two people might be perfect for each other, but theyre too afraid to talk to each other...now thats a frightening thought. What a waste!D: Thats a good point.King建议Dan直截了当,约Julie出去吃饭,但如果Dan不想过于直接的话,可以 make it a group event and invite her along 组织一次集体活动,邀请Julie一起去。King 还鼓励Dan说,如果两个人原本珠联璧合 perfect for each other, 但却因为彼此不敢主动去跟对方搭讪而擦肩而过,那才是最可怕的。What a waste! 太可惜了。King 接着说,K: Whats the worst thing that could happen?D: She rejects me.K: And is that so bad?D: No, I guess not. How do you meet your wife anyway?K: I walked up to her on a subway car and said, ;Hi, Im King. Whats your name?; Three years later we were married.D: Wow! All right...Im going to do it. Im going to ask her out.K: Well, heres your chance. Shes started walking this way. Go for it!如果Dan约Julie出去,最糟糕的结果也不过是遭到拒绝。King现身说法,说当年他就是在地铁上遇到自己太太的,他走上前去自我介绍,三年后两人就结婚了。Dan终于鼓起勇气,决定要约Julie出去,正说着,Julie走了过来,Here is his chance. 他的机会来了。我们一起听Dan是怎么说的。D: Hey, Julie.J: Hi Dan. How are you doing?D: Im good, thanks! Say, a couple of us are thinking about having dinner and maybe going to a Karaoke bar this Saturday night. Are you free to join us?J: Sure! Id love to. What time should I meet you?D: How about 7:30?J: Great! Ill see you then. Have a nice day, Dan! Bye!D: You too! See you on Saturday!K: See? That wasnt so hard, was it?D: That was amazing! Im totally on cloud nine right now! Thanks, dude!K: No problem, and I hope it woks out for the two of you.D: Its really true: ;Nothing ventured, nothing gained!;K: You got it!Dan跟Julie说,办公室几个人星期六晚上打算一起出去吃饭,吃完饭去唱卡拉OK,问Julie想不想一起去,Julie欣然接受。Dan说,Im totally on cloud nine. 我实在是太高兴了。King说,I hope it works out for the two of you. 意思是祝 Dan和Julie好运,能交往愉快。 /201303/229162

  Mary is in a good temper today.玛丽今天心情不错。 Mary is in a good temper today.玛丽今天心情不错。Yes. She smiles all day.是啊,她一整天都面带笑容呢。 Sally was in good spirits.萨莉看起来心情不饼。A merry heart goes all the way!快乐相随!He seems to be having a ball today.他今天心情很好。in a good temper心情好in good spirits情绪高涨have a ball狂欢Mr. Geller delights himself with the big project. 盖勒先生正为这个大项目欣軎不已呢。 Mr. Geller delights himself with the big project.盖勒先生正为这个大项目欣喜不已呢。Of course. He has become a big wheel in the company.当然了,他现在可是公司的大人物了。They rejoiced at the news.听到消息,他们欣喜不已。He thrilled with delight.他欣喜得浑身发抖。 /201502/358792Jim和Emily是一家跨国公司从中国聘用的新雇员,公司人事部的Paul对他们进行文化差异的培训。Paul: Hello and good morning. Im Paul Higgins and Ive been asked to help prep all of you for your new positions.Jamp;E: Good morning.P: Well, lets get right down to business, shall we? Each of you will be traveling to business meetings, attending fairs and exhibitions as well as receiving clients from abroad. Its therefore very important that you make a good impression. Lets start with how to greet people.Paul自我介绍后,马上展开培训get right down to business. Paul说的,to prep someone for his or her new position,指就职前的培训。做为跨国公司雇员,要经常出去开会,参展,接待外国客户,因此给别人的第一印象很重要:Its important to make a good impression.P: Yes, Emily?E: Why do some Europeans kiss each other when they say hello? Ive even seen men kiss each other!P: Yes, in some places in Europe such as France, people do give each other a light kiss on the cheek. Its considered friendly and is not sexual in any way.J: But Americans wouldnt do that, would they?P: No, its highly unlikely that an American would offer a kiss.欧洲人见面喜欢在脸颊上蜻蜓点水地亲一下,a light kiss on the cheek. 那美国人呢? Paul说,Its highly unlikely that an American would offer a kiss. 就是说美国人几乎绝对不可能这样做。J: But Americans seem to like to hug each other frequently.P: Thats true. In recent years it has become more popular to hug. But usually its people who have met before and perhaps havent seen each other in a while that might hug. At a first meeting, a hug would be very unlikely.E: Hugs kind of creep me out! I dont really like to be touched by strangers.美国人似乎很喜欢拥抱。Paul解释说,其实,只有很久不见的熟人才会彼此拥抱,初次见面一般不会。Emily说自己不喜欢陌生人碰她。Hugs kind of creep me out! 拥抱让她浑身不自在。P: Fair enough. Id say hugging is not usually appropriate in a business situation. Some people are a bit overly friendly.But if the person initiates it, Id recommend you grit your teeth and go along with it, otherwise people might think you are rude.J: So the same rule would apply to getting a kiss from a European: if they initiate it, just go along and be friendly, right?P: Yes. As the saying goes: ;When in Rome, do as the Romans do.; In other words: follow the local customs.Paul也承认,拥抱并不适合商业场合,但有些人确实会overly friendly,过份友好。在这种情况下,她建议员工to grit your teeth and go along with it. 咬咬牙,硬着头皮去应和。 Grit is spelled g-r-i-t. 常言说,When in Rome, do as the Romans do. 入乡随俗。 /201212/213931


  2. 你好吗?商务口语三个句型任你选How are you?你好吗?How are you doing?你好吗?Hows it going?你过得怎么样?半个句型要记牢How ~(be +主+谓)(……怎么样?)Tip: How are you?也是一种问候方式,相当于 Hello.(你好!)它既可以用于正式场合,也可以用于非正式场合,在初次见面时使用较多,也可以用 How do you do? (现在已较少使用)。而 How are you doing?是更随意的一种口语说法。回答时一般说Fine, thank you.(很好,谢谢。) /201501/354203。



  A Long March-5 carrier rocket has arrived in Wenchang, Hainan, for the launch of the Shijian-18 communication satellite thats scheduled for June, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said last Saturday.中国航天科技集团公司上周六表示,一枚长征五号运载火箭已运抵海南文昌,为计划月进行的实践十八号通信卫星发射任务做准备。It will be the second mission of the Long March-5 which made its maiden flight from Wenchang in November.这将是长征五号继去年十一月的文昌首飞后的第二项任务。During the mission, the rocket will further test its core technology, accumulate data and provide support ahead of the launch of the Change-5 lunar probe in the second part of this year.执行此次任务过程中,长征五号将进一步测试其关键技术,积累数据,为今年下半年执行嫦娥五号月球探测器发射任务提供持。Fuelled by liquid hydrogen, kerosene and liquid oxygen, the Long March-5 can carry a payload of 25 tons into low Earth orbit and 14 tons in geostationary transfer orbit, over 2.5 times the capacity of other models of Long March carrier rockets.长征五号以液氢、煤油、液氧为燃料,近地轨道运载能力达5吨级,地球同步转移轨道运载能力达4吨级,是其他型号长征系列运载火箭的运载能力的2.5倍以上。来 /201705/508876

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