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芝加哥男子直播中被杀 -- :3: 来源: 近日芝加哥一名男子在Facebook直播过程中被杀,这是芝加哥在不到三个月的时间里第二次有人在直播中被杀 A Chicago man was shot dead while live-streaming a of himself on Facebook, police said on Friday.据美国警方在周五表示,芝加哥一男子在Facebook上直播自己的视频时被杀Antonio Perkins, , was shot in the head and neck on the city’s west side.在芝加哥城西边,岁的安东尼奥·帕金斯头部和颈部中The is still available on Facebook and has been watched nearly 700,000 times.在Facbook上这部视频仍然可以播放,目前已经被观看了大约70万次It is the second time in less than three months in Chicago that a shooting has been streamed live on Facebook. In March an unidentified man was shot times while broadcasting live.这是芝加哥在不到三个月的时间里第二次有人在Facebook的直播上被杀今年3月份,一名身份不明的男子在直播中被击次No arrests have been made in either case.两起案件的犯罪嫌疑人都未被抓获Facebook’s live-streaming feature allows anyone to broadcast online in real time. It was launched in but has become more central to the social network’s strategy in recent months.Facebook的流媒体直播功能允许任何人在线实时直播这项功能在年的时候就登陆了Facebook,但是在近几个月才成为Facebook策略的重点The of Mr Perkins shows him and a group of people talking bee gunshots are heard. The phone then appears to tumble through bloody grass bee going black.据这份视频显示,在声响起前,帕金斯曾和另一群人发生过交谈在画面消失之前,直播用的手机滚过了地上鲜血淋漓的草丛Bystanders can be heard screaming and crying.可以听到旁观者的尖叫和哭喊The remains on Facebook with a warning message about its graphic nature.这份视频仍然在Facebook上面,有图解内容作为警告信息A spokeswoman Facebook said the does not violate company policy. The social media site would remove a if it celebrated or glorified violence, she said.据Facebook一位发言人表示,这份视频并没有违背公司的政策她说道,如果一份视频赞扬或者美化了暴力的话,Facebook就会把它删掉Earlier this month, the killer of a French police commander and the commander’s partner broadcast on Facebook Live shortly after the killings, urging followers to kill prison staff, police officials, journalists and lawmakers.本月早些时候,法国警方一名指挥官和其妻子被杀,凶手在行凶后不久就在Facebook上直播,敦促持者们杀掉监狱工作人员、警官、记者和立法者Chicago has one of the worst gun crime rates of any US city. There were nearly 500 homicides last year, and gun violence is up in , police say.芝加哥的犯罪率要比美国任何城市都要严重据警方表示,去年芝加哥发生了近500起杀人案件,而年的暴力事件又有所上升维多利亚.贝克汉姆亲女儿嘴引争议 -- :: 来源: 维多利亚.贝克汉姆晒出亲吻5岁女儿哈珀嘴唇的照片,由此引火上身 Beckham posted the photo her daughter’s birthday, writing “Happy Birthday baby girl. We all love you so much.”贝克汉姆晒出女儿过生日的照片,并写道:“宝贝女儿生日快乐我们都很爱你”Commenters attacked the fashion designer the innocent photo, writing things like, “Eww sorry I’m old fashioned it looks like they [are] making out,” “totally wrong” and “That’s one passionate kiss right there ... Hope she gets so passionate with @davidbeckham.” Social etiquette expert Liz Brewer told the B that she found the photo “uncomtable.”因为这张天真无邪的照片,时尚设计师维多利亚.贝克汉姆饱受者的攻击,比如说“哦,不好意思,我真是跟不上潮流了,看着照片感觉她俩在搞同性恋,”“完全的错误”以及“这真是之吻啊……希望她也能和大卫.贝克汉姆有如此”社会礼仪专家丽兹.布鲁尔告诉B,她觉得这张照片“让人不舒”“Normally with a member of your family you don’t kiss on the lips unless it’s your husband,” Brewer said. “With children, I wouldn’t have thought it’s a particularly good habit to get into but it’s her child and she’s at liberty to do what she thinks is best.”“通常来说,除了你的丈夫,你不会亲吻其他家庭成员的嘴唇,”布鲁尔说道“我认为亲吻孩子的嘴唇不是一个好习惯,但那是她自己的孩子,她有权做自己认为是最好的事情”After the photo was picked up by the media, Beckham’s page became flooded with comments supporting her and her daughter.在媒体曝光这张照片后,人们纷纷在维多利亚.贝克汉姆的主页下,表示持她和她女儿“Shame on whoever who thinks they can’t do that without it being some sort of sexual thing,” said one user, while others slammed people who thought the photo was controversial. One commenter wrote, “How is this even a fucking topic of discussion!? This is a mother showing affection to her daughter, you freaks!”“有人认为她们母女俩不该亲吻,并将此举动与性联系在一起,真为这些人感到羞耻,”一位用户说道,还有人抨击了认为这张照片具有争议性的人们一位网友道,“这有什么好讨论的!这不过就是母亲表达对女儿的喜爱,你们真是一群怪胎!”Parents have also shown their support the Spice Girl by posting their own photos kissing their children on the lips.一些家长为了表示对辣的持,纷纷晒出了自己亲吻孩子嘴唇的照片And, in a poll conducted by “Today,” an overwhelming 75 percent of people responded yes to the question, “Do you think it’s okay to kiss your children on the lips?”《今日杂志发起了一项民意调查,主题是“你认为可以亲吻孩子的嘴唇吗?”,75%的人对此问题作出了肯定的答复联合国请各国领袖吃“厨余垃圾” --30 ::58 来源: World leaders accustomed to fine dining had a surprise on their plates Sunday at the ed Nations - trash.吃惯了美味佳肴的世界各国领导人7日在联合国就餐时大吃一惊,因为他们的盘子里装的居然是厨余垃圾Chefs cooked up a lunch made entirely of food that would have ended up in garbage bins, hoping to highlight the extraordinary waste in modern diets and its role in worsening climate change. It included such delicacies as the "landfill salad", consisting of vegetable scraps and rejected fruit.厨师烹制了一顿全部由本该扔进垃圾桶的食材制作的午餐,以凸显现代饮食惊人的浪费现象及其对气候变化加剧的影响其中包括“垃圾堆沙拉”,由蔬菜废料和被丢弃的水果做成Also on the the lunch at the UN headquarters was a vegetable burger made of pulp left over from juicing, which typically wastes most of the produce.联合国总部的午餐菜单上还有一款蔬菜汉堡,它的原材料是榨取蔬菜汁后所剩的残渣榨汁通常会浪费掉大部分蔬果The burger came with fries created from starchy corn that would typically go to animal feed - which along with biofuels is the end product of the overwhelming majority of the 36 million hectares of corn grown in the ed States.与汉堡搭配的是玉米粉制成的薯条,而这种玉米粉通常被用作动物饲料美国种植了3600万公顷玉米地,绝大多数玉米的最终产物就是这种玉米粉饲料和生物燃料“It’s the prototypical American meal but turned on its head. Instead of the beef, we’re going to eat the corn that feeds the beef,” said Dan Barber, a prominent New York chef who co-owns the Blue Hill restaurant.蓝山餐厅老板之一、纽约著名大厨丹?巴伯说:“这是典型的美国菜,不过食材来了个大反转我们吃的不是牛肉,而是喂牛的玉米”“The challenge is to create something truly delicious out of what we would otherwise throw away,” he said.他说:“对我们而言,挑战是要把原本会丢弃的东西做成真正的佳肴”Barber crafted the with Sam Kass, the mer White House chef who drove the anti-obesity “Let’s Move” campaign of First Lady Michelle Obama.这份菜单的设计者是巴伯和前白宫大厨、美国第一夫人米歇尔?奥巴马反肥胖运动“我们动起来”的组织者山姆?卡斯Kass thought of the waste-lunch concept as he learned about year-end UN climate negotiations in Paris, which aim to reach a far-reaching global agreement to tackle the planet’s worsening climate change.在了解到年末将在巴黎举行的联合国气候谈判大会后,卡斯想出了垃圾变午餐这个点子气候谈判旨在达成一项影响深远的全球性协议,以解决地球日益严重的气候变化问题Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, speaking to reporters afterward, said the lunch demonstrated how food waste was “an often overlooked aspect of climate change.”联合国秘书长潘基文在午餐会后告诉记者,这一餐提醒大家,食物制作过程中产生的废弃物“经常是气候变化问题中被忽视的一个方面”“That is shameful when so many people suffer from hunger,” Ban said.他说,“世界上还有那么多人忍受着饥饿,我们却在浪费食物,这是可耻的”According to UN figures, percent of agricultural lands around the world go to produce food that is lost or wasted. The loss each year is the equivalent of 3.3 billion tonnes of carbon responsible climate change.联合国的数据显示,全球%的农业用地上产出的食物会被丢弃或浪费,而在这些食物生产过程中产生的二氧化碳可达33亿吨Vocabularylandfill: 垃圾堆pulp: 浆;(植物的)肉质部分脸书网直播视频显示3人在车里听音乐时被击 -- 3::53 来源: 3人在直播中被击!脸书网称在该平台上保留视频是为了“谴责暴力” A Facebook Live on Tuesday showed three men in Norfolk, Virginia, get shot by unknown assailants as they sat in a car and listened to music.一段脸书网上的直播视频周二显示,在弗吉尼亚州的诺福克,3名男子坐在车里听音乐时遭到了不知名行凶者的击The men, two aged 7 and one 9, remained hospitalized Wednesday. One was in critical condition and two were “doing better,” according to a Norfolk Police statement. Police are investigating but have made no arrests so far.这三名男子中有两人7岁,另一名9岁,周三时仍在医院里接受治疗诺福克警方的声明称,其中一人伤势严重,另外两人“有所好转”警方正在进行调查,但是目前为止没有逮捕任何人The shows the men smoking and reciting song lyrics more than 5 minutes. Suddenly, more than two dozen gunshots ring out; the camera then falls to the ground but continues recording more than an hour.画面显示,这几个人正在抽烟,背了超过五分钟的歌词突然,响起了多声声;摄像机随即掉到了地上,但是继续录了一个多小时Facebook said it left the graphic on its site because it meets company standards.脸书网方面称,他们会把视频留在页面上,因为这符合公司规定The Norfolk shooting is the latest example in which Facebook Live has documented a violent altercation in real time. Last week in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, the girlfriend of Philando Castile recorded the aftermath of his fatal shooting by police officers. In the Virginia case, however, it appears no one intentionally left the camera running to capture the incident.诺福克击案是脸书网直播实时记录下的最新一起暴力事件上周在明尼苏达州的法尔肯高地费尔兰多·卡斯蒂尔的女朋友记录下了他被警察杀的后续但是,在弗吉尼亚州的案件中,似乎并没有人故意让摄像机继续运行来捕捉事件现场After the burst of gunfire, the picks up the sounds of worried neighbors, including one man who offers encouraging words to the victims. “Stay calm,” he says repeatedly. “Stay relaxed.”开事件发生之后,视频记录下了担心此事的邻居们的声音,有一个男人一直在鼓励受害者“冷静点”他一遍又一遍地说,“放松点”About minutes later in the , paramedics arrive to administer treatment..视频里过去大约十分钟之后,医护人员赶到现场进行治疗“Sorry about this. Your buddy is more shot up than you are. He’s going second. You’re going to be third,” an emergency responder says to one of the men as they wait another ambulance to arrive.“对不起你兄弟的伤比你严重他上第二辆车你上第三辆”一名急救人员在等待下一辆救护车的时候对一名伤者说Police did not identify the Norfolk victims, but the live-streamed from the of T.J. Williams.警方没有确定诺福克案件中受害者的身份,但是视频直播是在T·J·威廉姆斯的账号名下的When asked about the Norfolk , a Facebook spokeswoman referred The Huffington Post to the company’s recent explanation of its live standards.被问及诺福克视频事件的时候,一名脸书网发言人给《赫芬顿邮报提供了该公司对视频直播标准的现行解释“One of the most sensitive situations involves people sharing violent or graphic images of events taking place in the real world. In those situations, context and degree are everything,” the company said in a statement on July 8. “ instance, if a person witnessed a shooting, and used Facebook Live to raise awareness or find the shooter, we would allow it. However, if someone shared the same to mock the victim or celebrate the shooting, we would remove the .”“最敏感的情况之一就是人们分享在真实世界发生的暴力事件的图像在这些情况下,要以情境和程度为先”该公司在7月8日的一份声明中说,“比如,如果某人目击了击案,并利用脸书网直播认出或者找到了凶手,我们是允许的但是,如果某人分享了嘲弄受害者或者庆祝击案的视频,我们就会予以移除”A company official told the Washington Post that the remained on the site to “condemn violence.”一名该公司官员在接受《华盛顿邮报采访时说,在页面上保留那段视频是为了“谴责暴力行为”Facebook has recently faced scrutiny over how it handles sensitive events recorded on its feature. A technical glitch caused the temporary removal of the Castile about an hour, according to Facebook.脸书网现在面临着审查其视频分区中有关敏感画面的问题脸书网称,技术障碍导致卡斯蒂尔事件的视频被删除了约一小时After Castile’s death, Facebook explained what standards it would apply when confronted with “the unique challenges of live .”卡斯蒂尔死后,脸书网解释了当遇上“不寻常的直播事件”时,他们所秉持的标准大学教你如何谈恋爱 -- :56: 来源: 日前,天津大学开授;恋爱课;的消息在网络上引起热议,不少网友慨叹,;单身三十年,蓦然回首,才发现,都怪大学时代没上lsquo;恋爱课rsquo;;Students at Tianjin University can now enroll in courses in what is possibly the most difficult subject of all - love.天津大学的学生现在可以选修一门可能称之为世界上最难的课程;;;恋爱课;Around 0 students crowded into a lecture hall at the prestigious university on March 30 as the first class of a new course on romance, ;Basic Theory and Experience of Love,; got underway.新学期该校就推出了一门名为《恋爱理论与实践的选修课,3月30日的第一堂课,就吸引了约0名学生的到来;Hopefully the lecture will give students a higher sense of responsibility toward dating,; said Liu Xiaochun, an associate professor of law at Tianjin University and course lecturer.;希望这门课程的开设能让学生们对于男女交往更具责任心,;刘晓纯说,他目前是天津大学的副教授,也是本门课程的主讲老师During the 90-minute talk Liu explained legal issues related to dating, including such topics as mistresses, domestic violence, divorce and abortion. ;It is the first time I have talked about dating in public,; he said.在90分钟的课堂中,刘教授解释了恋爱中的法律问题,包括的话题有情妇、家暴、离婚以及流产等等;这也是我第一次在公众前谈论恋爱问题,;他说 many, often away from home the first time, college is their first chance to explore romance after dedicating much of their high school years to study.对于许多首次离家出远门的大学生来说,大学是他们探索恋爱的第一次机会,毕竟他们的高中生活主要是围绕着学习One male student who asked not to be named, said he hoped the course would help him get along with his girlfriend better.一个不愿透露姓名的男生说,他希望通过学习此门课程可以帮助他更好地和女朋友相处Organized by a student dating club, the course covers a wide range of topics from dating tips and etiquette to counseling. The classes are taught by teachers from the university and external experts.这门课程是由一个学生恋爱社团组织的,话题覆盖面广,从恋爱技巧、恋爱礼仪一直到恋爱咨询,主要由本校的老师以及外聘专家讲授The course was inundated with more than 800 applications, far beyond initial expectations, Wang Rui, head of the student dating club, said.社团负责人王蕊说,这门课程选课人数超过了800人,远远超出预期;Students can gain two credits by attending no less than five lectures and submitting a ,000-character report at the end of the semester,; Wang said.;学生只要能上五次课以上,并在学期末上交一篇00字左右的报告就可以修得两个学分,;王说College relationships have been openly discussed across Chinese campuses, resulting in several programs to help students make their way through what could be a minefield. Such august institutions as China Youth University of Political Studies, Wuhan University and Renmin University of China all have similar courses.大学恋爱关系已经在中国各大校园里公开讨论着,这使得很多学校开始开设一些课程来帮助学生们跨过所谓的;雷区;一些令人敬畏的院校,如中国青年政治学院、武汉大学以及中国人民大学,都开设了类似的课程;The purpose of these courses is not to encourage students to fall in love, but to help them develop a proper attitude toward love and cope with problems they might meet when dating,; Xiong Bingqi, deputy director of 1st Century Education Research Institute, said.1世纪教育研究中心副主任熊炳奇表示:;开设这些课程的目的不是要鼓励学生恋爱,而是帮助他们对恋爱建立起正确的态度,并很好地处理恋爱中遇到的问题;Yang Li from the mental health education center at Tianjin University said many students lack the capacity to deal with failures involved in love, which can be traumatic and result in rash or even violent behavior.天津大学心理健康教育中心主任杨丽说,很多学生在面对失恋时缺乏处理能力,可能会导致心理创伤,行为鲁莽甚至造成伤害行为The courses will give students the skills they need to maintain better romantic relationships, Yang said.;恋爱课;将帮助学生们掌握一些处理两性关系的技巧,杨说The Tianjin course was applauded by social media users, who acknowledged the value of such lessons often clueless students.天津大学这门课程的开设也受到了社交媒体用户的好评,他们认为这对于不成熟的学生们来说很有价值;It is rare college lovers to end up married,; user ;Yindaxiaxia; posted on microblog Sina Weibo. ;It is crucial they understand love and relationships to avoid conflict and pain.;;大学里的爱情终成眷属的并不多;,一名叫;尹大虾虾;的网友在新浪微上说:;lsquo;恋爱课rsquo;可以让在校学生对此有深刻的认识,避免冲突和伤害;

三天三夜搭建价值万乐高雕塑,一朝被熊孩子毁坏 -- :1:3 来源: 在一场展览上,艺术家用乐高积木搭建了一个巨大的《疯狂动物城里尼克的雕塑但是展出不到数小时,就被一名岁大的熊孩子推到,变成了碎片 The statue is said to have cost more than 0,000 yuan (,38 pounds) and taken creator Mr Zhao three days and nights to build.据悉,该座雕塑耗资高达万元(约合18英镑),并且耗费了其创作者赵先生三天三夜的时间来制作He posted bee and after photos of Nick on the Sina Weibo social network.赵先生在新浪微上贴出了尼克毁坏前后的照片A "no touching" sign in place at the Chinese Lego expo seems to have been of little help.在中国乐高世会上有一个“禁止触摸”的标识,但似乎没有太大的作用Following the incident, the hashtag ManSpends3DaysAndNightsBuildingBlocks has been used over ,000 times on Chinese social media.在这一事件过后,在中国社交媒体上“男子花三天三夜搭积木”的标签被使用了1万3千次以上’The child did not intend to break it’“小孩本无意毁坏它”According to some reports, the parents of the boy apologised and offered to pay the damage. Mr Zhao said he would not be accepting any compensation as the young boy had not done it on purpose. "The child did not intend to break it," he insisted.据一些媒体报道,“肇事”小孩父母进行了道歉,并且愿意赔偿损失赵先生表示自己不会接受任何赔偿,因为小男孩并不是故意毁坏这件雕塑的赵先生坚持道:“小孩本无意毁坏它”Clearly there are risks involved with art installations and paintings that are within touching distance of little (and big) hands.显而易见的,艺术品和绘画作品都有被小孩(和成人)触碰的风险Last month CCTV caught two young boys who were seen touching and pulling the delicate angel wings of a piece in the Shanghai Museum of Glass in China. The two adults accompanying them were seen filming the boys on their phones then walking away after the wings were smashed.上个月CCTV报道了两个熊孩子的事迹当时在上海玻璃物馆里展出了一件纤细的天使之翼,监控器拍下了俩孩子触摸并且扯动这件作品的场景陪同的两位成人只是站在一旁给俩孩子摄像,而当这件作品被扯下来摔碎时,他们就走开了The artist, Shelly Xue, called her work Angel in Waiting. It took 7 months to build as a dedication to her newborn daughter.创作者雪莉·薛将这件作品称为“天使在等待”这件作品花费了她7个月的时间,以此来献给她刚出生的女儿Shelly decided not to fix the damaged piece and instead renamed it Broken.雪莉决定不修复这件作品,并将其重名为“折”In , a boy visiting a museum in Ipswich accidently smashed an 18th Century jug.年,一名男孩在参观伊普斯维奇一家物馆时,不慎打碎了一个18世纪的壶The Delftware puzzle was broken into about 65 pieces. Each of the pieces of the jug was then logged and photographed. The jug was eventually repaired and moved to Ipswich Museum and Art Gallery in the High Street.这件代尔夫特陶器被摔成了65块,就像拼图一样后来每一件壶体碎片都被记录下来,并且拍了照这个壶最终得以被修复,并被转移到了伊普斯维奇物馆和位于高街的艺术画廊It is not just children who are to blame the accidental destruction of museum pieces.然而,并不是只有孩子才会不小心毁坏物馆里的艺术品In , an adult visitor tripped over his shoelace and destroyed three 300-year-old Chinese Qing Dynasty vases in Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge in the UK.年,英国剑桥菲兹威廉物馆,一名成年参观者因被鞋带绊倒而损毁了3件拥有300年历史的中国清代花瓶Casino Tycoon and art collector Steve Wynn accidently elbowed a painting by Pablo Picasso while trying to sell it in . However, after restoration he was able to sell the painting $ million more than its pre-accident price.年,大亨、艺术品收集者史蒂夫·温曾试图出售一幅毕加索的画,但是他却不慎将其毁坏了但是在这件作品被修复后,它的售价却要比未损毁前还要贵00万美元In , cleaners at the Museion museum in Bolzano, Italy decided to clean up what they mistook the aftermath of a good time had by museum staff.年,意大利尔扎诺Museion物馆,一群清洁工把一件展出作品无任务是物馆工作人员消遣过后的垃圾,并把它给清理走了The installation called, "Where shall we go dancing tonight?" consisted of empty bottles, confetti, cigarette butts and paper streamers. Cleaners threw objects into bin bags assuming the mess was left over from an actual party.这件艺术品名为“今晚我们去哪里跳舞”,作品由空酒瓶、纸屑、烟头和纸带组成清洁工们把这些东西装进垃圾袋里,认为这些东西是一个聚会过后留下的In , an elderly parishioner stunned Spanish cultural officials with an alarming and unauthorised attempt to restore a prized Jesus Christ fresco.年,一位教区老居民被西班牙文化局的所作所为震惊了,他们擅自对珍贵的耶稣壁画进行粗劣的修复Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) by Elias Garcia Martinez had held pride of place in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church near Zaragoza more than 0 years.“Ecce Homo”(“你们看这个人”)是埃利亚什·加西亚·马丁内兹的作品在过去的0多年时间里,这件作品一直是萨拉戈拉附近慈悲教会避难所的荣誉Cecilia Gimenez took her brush to it after years of deterioration due to moisture - but her "restoration" rather failed to impress.由于水分的缘故,这幅壁画有了一些破损塞西莉亚·吉梅内斯对这幅壁画展开的修复工作,但是她的“修复”却似乎将情况变得更糟糕了

00英尺高空的透明玻璃滑梯,玩的就是心跳 --5 :8:37 来源: 人人都坐过滑梯,但你尝试过在00英尺高空,乘坐透明玻璃滑梯的刺激感受吗?在美国洛杉矶市联邦大厦的建筑,有一个特殊的滑梯,全封闭全透明,是不是很惊险呀! A new tourist attraction will be part of the aly amazing Los Angeles offering, allowing visitors to slide between the 70th and 69th floors of the U.S. bank tower. Suspended 1,000 feet (300 meters) above downtown LA, the Skyslide is 6 feet in length ( meters) and four feet wide (1. meters).纽约又推出了一项吸引眼球的新旅游景点:能让游客从美国洛杉矶市联邦大厦的第70层滑到第69层位于洛杉矶市中心00英尺(约300米)的高空,这个“天空滑梯”长6英尺(约米),宽英尺(约1.米)Attached to the building’s facade, this thing was made entirely from glass, which only adds to the excitement. The Skyslide is part of a major overhaul of the building, done by Singapore-based developers OUE and US architecture firm Gensler.这个全玻璃打造的滑梯能连接到建筑的外部,增加了惊险刺激“天空滑梯”项目是该大楼翻修工程的一部分,由新加坡开发商OUE和美国建筑公司Gensler.联合承办The million USD project also includes two observation decks, offering additional info on local landmarks, neighborhoods, and various other points of interest in Los Angeles.这项耗资5000万美元的工程还包括两个观景平台,可以俯瞰洛杉矶的地标性建筑,周边的风光以及其他迷人的景色But that sounds like a bit much to us; million? The U.S. bank tower is the tallest building in Calinia, and the th tallest in the US, which should explain why this building was preferred to others.不过,对我们来说,5000万美元可不是一笔小数目呀!然而,联邦大厦可是加州最高大楼,美国第高楼,这就可以解释为何选择在这栋大厦了Supposedly, it will cost only to entry the observation decks, with guests having to pay an additional ticket a thrilling ride on the Skyslide; not that much, really. Scheduled opening on June 5, , with reservations possible via the skyscraper’s website, the million project will probably get a lot of attention. Who’s first?据说,观景台的门票仅需5美元,不过,想要玩透明滑梯则要再加8美元,不算太多该景点预计于年6月5日正式投入使用,人们可以在这座天大楼的网站进行预订,造价5000万美元的工程自然是万众瞩目,那么,谁会是第一个?

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