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听力文本如下:That day is fine.那天我可以 /201510/403572Today is Friday the thirteenth.今天是第十三个星期五。That#39;s a bad day.那是糟糕的一天。It#39;s supposed to be unlucky.那本应是厄运的一天。You#39;re supposed to stay home all day.你应该整天待在家里。That#39;s what I do.那正是我在做的。My friend stayed in a hotel on Friday the thirteenth.我朋友在第十三个星期五待在宾馆里。That was a mistake.那是个错误。He stayed on the thirteenth floor.他住在十三层。What happened?发生了什么?Someone stole his laptop.有人偷了他的电脑。He was asking for it.他正在找它。He learned his lesson. He#39;s home today.他吸取教训了。今天待在家里。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/412253

释义:do this (that,it) 做某事在说话的过程中,如果提到对话双方都知道的事情,就可以用 this, that 和 it 来代替。在这里,具有代表动词性质的 do 与这些代词相组合,形成了各种表达。例句:I can#39;t do this.我不能下手。I can do that (it, this).我可以做。I can do it better.我可以做得更好。Let#39;s do it.我们开始吧。Please do it all over again.请重新做一遍。You can#39;t do that!你不能那么做!I#39;ll do that我来做。You#39;ll do that就那么办吧。You do that请便。How could you do this (that)?你怎么能这么做?Let#39;s do it again.重新做一遍。 /201608/457288

二、美剧学习(欲望都市26集)(1:08)1.Well, I thought everything was going fine. That’s when they tiptoe up and clobber you. 1) 台词:Well, I thought everything was going fine. That’s when they tiptoe up and clobber you.2) Go 用法小节 go all in to put all of your resources or money into some kind of effort.例句:We#39;ve got to go all in on this project in order to be successful. If we dont go all in, we#39;re in trouble. go all out to work very hard at something to achieve success.例句:Our company went all out to improve its sales record this year, but we came up short. go bad spoil; become rotten (usually for fruit, vegetables, and meat.例句:The chicken smelled like it was going bad, so I threw it out. go for cost例句:How much does it go for ? go over to review; to something important and discuss.例句:The teacher went over the homework assignment with his students.美剧学习(欲望都市26集)(2:05)2.I#39;ve just reached a point in my life where I need to focus on my career. 1) 台词:I’ve just reached a point in my life where I need to focus on my career.1) 逐一慢速发音(见语音)2) 重读:(见语音)2) reach a point in one’s life where在人生中达了这样一个阶段例句:My goal is to be able to reach a point in my life where I can feel beautiful without having to wear makeup to make me feel that way.3) On point 完美(正点)例句:I’m so proud of Peter. His vocal is on point. 我觉得皮特超赞的,他的声音简直完美。例句:Laura’s style is soooo on point. I love her so much! 劳拉的风格太美了,我好爱她!美剧学习(欲望都市26集)(1:55)3.He should be here any minute, really. 1) 台词:He should be here any minute, really.1) 慢读(见语音)2) 断句(见语音)2) any minute 任何时候例句:The key is to stay grounded and work. Your career can go tits up any minute. 重点是要脚踏实地,努力工作。因为职业生涯说毁就毁。备注:stay grounded It means to not let success get to your head or get caught up in your dreams. Keep your feet on the ground while looking to the sky, and don#39;t get caught up in fantasy. 不要让成功冲昏了你的头脑,然后一直活在梦里。要脚踏实地,仰望天空,然后不要活在梦幻中。备注:go tits up = broken, dead 坏了例:My cell phone battery is almost titsup, and I left my charger at home. 我的手机马上没电了,我把充电器落家里了。 /201706/515029

  听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Who does not believe in the death penalty?a) Resseb) Tlotlo2) According to Tlotlo who can decide to take someone#39;s life?a) The courtsb) God3) What is Resse#39;s opinion of prison?a) You can have an eay lifeb) It is punishment enough for murder本期话题Topic:Do you believe in the death penalty?Tlotlo: Hi, my name is Tlotlo and I am from Botswana.Reese: Me, I#39;m Reese from Botswana as well.Tlotlo: And our question is do you believe in death penalty?Reese: I think I do believe in death penalty.Tlotlo: Why?Reese: Because I feel that before you take the life of someone, you should know that your life could be taken as well.Tlotlo: But don#39;t you think it is the Will of God to give and take, not the decision of another person to take someone else#39;s life?Reese: But I feel that if the death penalty is not in place then people will not consider the real reality of their actions. They will always be like if they just get life sentence then people can live in prison, you can live a good life in prison.Tlotlo: How is that?Reese: In prison you can do so much in prison nowadays. You can workout, you can study in prison if you want to.Tlotlo: What are you saying? Are you saying being in prison is actually like a leisure because you#39;re putting it that way.Reese: What I#39;m saying is it#39;s not as bad as losing your life so people won#39;t think of it, if we go to the extent of killing someone then your life must not be that good anyway.Tlotlo: No-one should ever have to pass judgement and no-one should ever have to make such a decision, especially one that involves taking the life of someone else. It is not our will and it should never be. God can only decide that thing for us but we cannot. I totally disagree with you.Reese: I feel that if you#39;re going to take it as written by God, do unto others as you want to be done unto yourself.Tlotlo: I think you are using God#39;s words in vain. That is not what he meant. What about the words that he says. What about forgiving? What about that?Reese: Forgiving?Tlotlo: Yes, forgiving.Reese: There#39;s forgiveness but such a harsh crime. What about the person?Tlotlo: I believe that going to prison is enough punishment for a person who committed murder.Reese: I don#39;t.Tlotlo: Not to die.Reese: I feel that if it#39;s only prison then people don#39;t see really how serious what they are doing is because losing your life and going to prison are two completely different things.Tlotlo: Let#39;s agree to disagree then.听力b b a /201602/427103

  台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:Because here is the important thing I want you to remember: the future of business is about being more connected to your humanity, not less. And that includes your positivity, kindness, your enthusiasm, your vulnerability, and, most importantly, your heart.因为有一件事我希望你能记住:企业的未来是要更贴近人性,而非远离。这也包含了你的积极度、亲切度、你的热忱、你脆弱的一面。以及最重要的:你的心。学习重点:1.connected 有关连的,有联络的connected (adj.) 有关连的,有联络的connect (v.) 连接,连结connection (n.) 连接,联络,衔接2.humanity 人性humanity (n.) 人性human (n.) 人类humane (adj.) 有人情味的,人道的,仁慈的3.positivity 积极positivity (n.) 积极positive (adj.) 积极的,建设性的4.kindness 亲切,仁慈,和蔼,好意kindness (n.) 亲切,仁慈,和蔼,好意kind (adj.) 亲切的,和蔼的kindly (adv.) 亲切的,和蔼的,善良的,体贴的5.enthusiasm 热心,热情,热忱enthusiasm (n.) 热心,热情,热忱enthusiastic (adj.) 热情的,热烈的,热心的enthusiastically (adv.) 热心地,满腔热情地6.vulnerability 易受伤vulnerability (adv.) 易受伤vulnerable (adj.) 易受伤的 /201608/459082。

  This is karma.报应呀,这就是报应!karma 命运;因果报应 /201707/512107

  Traveling salesmen make their living visiting as many customers as possible. So speeding to get from one appointment to the next is not unheard-of. Which is how I got pulled over by a highway patrolman. "Don't you ever look at the speedometer?" the officer scolded. Before I knew it, the truth spilled from my mouth. "As fast as I was going," I admitted, "I was afraid to take my eyes off the road." 因为旅行推销员为了谋生需要拜访尽量多的客户,所以超速飞车赶场对于他们来说也不是没有过的事情。有一次我就因为超速度行驶被一个公路巡警拦了下来。“你有没有看过你的时速表?”那名警官责问。当我的回答一出口,我立刻后悔了,但已经太晚了。“车开得越来越快”,我如实地说,“我的眼睛得一直盯着前面,没敢看别的”。 Article/200802/26508每日一句口语:A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures, in the doctor#39;s book.医书里说有两样东西,是最好的灵丹妙药:一个是开心的笑容,一个是睡个饱觉。【知识点讲解】cure vt.治愈; 矫正; 解决; 消除例句:He needed surgery to cure a troublesome back injury. 他需要做手术来治好烦人的背伤。 /201702/493076

  大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语来聊“为什么美国人喜欢南瓜”?decorative gourd season 金瓜季节carve pumpkins 雕南瓜jack o#39;lantern 大南瓜灯 /201511/408794台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:She was this feisty young woman who spoke her mind, had all of these ambitions, was incredibly independent, and wants to see the world, and was so smart. And I loved how she had this relationship with Beast which is toe to toe. That to me just seems like such a dynamic and interesting kind of relationship that I had never seen before in a fairytale.她是一位很积极有主见的年轻女性,有话直说、充满抱负、非常地独立,而且想要看遍这个世界,又那么地聪明。我也很喜欢她和野兽之间的关系,正面直接。这对我来说是一段有张力又有趣的关系,这样的关系是我在其他童话中从来都没见过的。学习重点:1.feisty 活跃的feisty (adj.) 活跃的2.ambition 雄心、抱负ambition (n.) 雄心、抱负ambitious (adj.) 富有野心的3.independent 独立的independent (adj.) 独立的dependent (adj.) 依靠的depend (v.) 相信、信赖4.dynamic 生气勃勃的dynamic (adj.) 生气勃勃的5.fairytale 童话故事fairytale (n.) 童话故事 /201703/500270


  每日一句口语:Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don#39;t matter, and those who matter don#39;t mind. - Bernard M. Baruch 做你自己,说你想说,介意的人不重要,重要的人不介意。【知识点讲解】mind 介意例句:Jim Coulters will mind the store while I#39;m away.我不在的时候吉姆·库尔特斯会照看店铺的。 /201705/509911。

  每日一句口语:All problems, and ultimately is a matter of time. All the worry, in fact is a bother. 一切问题,最终都是时间问题。一切烦恼,其实都是自寻烦恼。【知识点讲解】in fact 事实上例句:There is only a formal resemblance between the two systems; they are in fact radically different.这两种体系只是在表面上有某种相似之处,其实根本不同。 /201602/427475

  台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:You came along with confidence -not just in yourself, but in our potential. I felt emotions stirring but I kept them down; I told myself not to get attached, convincing myself I wasn#39;t that interested. But instead of getting discouraged, you could tell that I was just afraid. So you sent messages to make me smile.你带着自信出现在我面前,你不仅仅是对你自己有自信,还对我们俩关系的进展很有自信。我感觉到我内心被动摇了,但是我却不断地压抑着。我告诉自己不要陷下去,说自己其实对你并没有那么感兴趣,但你却没有因此气馁,因为你能看出我只是害怕而已,于是你传了一些讯息,逗我开心。学习重点:1.confidence 自信confidence (n.) 自信confident (adj.) 确信的2.potential 潜在的potential (adj.) 潜在的3.stir 搅拌stir (v.) 搅拌4.attach 依附attach (v.) 依附5.convince 说convince (v.) 说convincing (adj.) 有说力的persuade (v.) 说persuasive (adj.) 有说利的6.discourage 使沮丧discourage (v.) 使沮丧courage (n.) 勇气courageous (adj.) 英勇的 /201704/501922


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