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惠州友好医院有做男性结扎惠州友好医院有治疗前列腺炎吗The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), also sometimes known as the American War of Independence, began as a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen united former British colonies in North America, and concluded in a global war between several European great powers. The war was the culmination of the political American Revolution, whereby the colonists rejected the right of the Parliament of Great Britain to govern them without representation, claiming that this violated the Rights of Englishmen. In 1775, revolutionaries gained control of each of the thirteen colonial governments, set up the Second Continental Congress, and formed a Continental Army. Petitions to the king to intervene with the parliament for them resulted in Congress being declared traitors and the states in rebellion the following year. The Americans responded by formally declaring in 1776 their independence as a new nation, the ed States of America, claiming sovereignty and rejecting any allegiance to the British monarchy. Although France had been providing supplies, ammunition and weapons to the rebels beginning in 1776, the Continentals' capture of a British army in 1777 led France to formally enter the war on the side of the ed States in early 1778, which evened the military strength with Britain. Spain and the Dutch Republic – French allies – also went to war with Britain over the next two years.Throughout the war, the British were able to use their naval superiority to capture and occupy coastal cities, but control of the countryside (where 90% of the population lived) largely eluded them because of the relatively small size of their land army. French involvement proved decisive, with a French naval victory in the Chesapeake leading at Yorktown in 1781 to the surrender of a second British army. In 1783, the Treaty of Paris ended the war and recognized the sovereignty of the ed States over the territory bounded by what is now Canada to the north, Florida to the south, and the Mississippi River to the west.1781年美国独立战争结束(10.19)美国革命战争(1775至1783年),有时也成为美国独立战争,最初只是大不列颠王国和13个位于北美的英属殖民地之间的战争地,而后发展成欧洲几大国之间的全球战争。战争是美国政治革命的顶峰,即殖民者拒绝了英国议会对他们的统治权,称这违反了英国人的权利。在1775年,革命者最终获得了13个殖民地政府的控制权,建立了第二大陆议会,并形成了大陆军。向国王请愿对英国国会的统治干预,导致大陆国会被视为叛国者。美国人的反应是在1776年正式宣布作为成立一个新国家——美利坚合众国,要求拥有自己的主权并拒绝效忠于英国的君主制。尽管法国自1776年开始一直提供物资,弹药和武器给叛乱分子,而英国军队在1777年在大陆的掠夺导致法国1778年年初正式宣战,帮助美国拉平了与英国的军事实力。而后两年历,西班牙和荷兰共和国-——法国的盟友——也到陆续参与到战争中。整个战争期间,英国利用他们的海军优势,占领了沿海城市,但对农村的控制权(其中90%的人口居住)一直未能掌控,因为他们的陆军规模较小。法国的参与对战争起了决定性的作用,1781年法国海军在切萨皮克的胜利致使约克镇的第二英国军投降。在1783年,巴黎条约结束了战争,并承认了美国的独立主权和领土,北至现在的加拿大,南至现在的佛罗里达州,西至现在的密西西比河。 /200910/87025惠州惠城区妇幼保健人民中医院泌尿科咨询 The National Population and Family Planning Commission (NPFPC) said Wednesday that China#39;s male-to-female birth ratio fell for the third consecutive year in 2011, but it remains 10 percentage points above the critical level, the People#39;s Daily reported.据《人民日报》报道,国家人口和计划生育委员会周三表示,2011年我国男女出生性别比例连续第三年有所下降,但还是高出警戒线10个百分点。The statistics show that the ratio stood at 117.78 in 2011, compared with 117.94 in 2010 and 119.45 in 2009. The NPFPC attributed the fall to the tough measures implemented by the government.数据显示,2011年出生性别比为117.78,而2010年为117.94,2009年为119.45。计生委将此结果归功于我国政府采取的严格措施。Discussing the measures, NPFPC official Zhang Jian said: ;This fall reflects the effectiveness of the comprehensive measures that China has taken in recent years, such as crackdowns on non-medical sex determinations and sex-selective abortions, and care-for-girls campaigns.;计生委官员张建谈到这些措施时表示:;这说明近年来开展的综合治理措施取得一定成效,如打击lsquo;两非rsquo;行为、关爱女孩行动等。;Despite the fall, China#39;s sex ratio imbalance still poses a serious social threat to the country. By 2020, there will be an estimated 24 million more marriage-age men than women.虽然出生性别比例有所下降,但男女比例失衡仍对中国社会构成严重威胁。预计到2020年,适婚年龄男子将比女子多出2400万。;The perennial birth sex ratio imbalance is both a serious demographical issue and a pressing social issue,; Zhang said.张建说:;出生人口性别比长期持续偏高,不仅是严峻的人口问题,更是重大的社会问题。;To tackle the problem at source, China has to create a healthy political environment for women, promote gender equality and boost women#39;s social status, he added.他补充道,要从根本上解决这个问题,我国必须为妇女创造一个健康的政治环境,推动两性平等,提高妇女的社会地位。 /201203/175942惠州包皮手术治疗费用

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博罗医院是私立的吗Chinese officials ratcheted up recovery efforts, which included a high-profile visit from Premier Wen Jiabao, after earthquakes in southwestern China killed at least 81 people and injured 800. 中国西南部地区发生地震,至少81人死亡,800人受伤。中国官员加大力度推进灾后救援重建工作,中国国务院总理温家宝对灾区的高调访问即是一例。 In addition to the casualties, more than 200,000 people were displaced by earthquakes and aftershocks that have rattled the region since Friday, according to local authorities and state media. 据中国当地政府和国家媒体报道,除造成人员伤亡外,发生在上周五的地震以及之后接连不断的余震还导致20余万人无家可归。 The state-run Xinhua news agency said Mr. Wen reached Yunnan province#39;s hardest-hit Yiliang county early Saturday morning, where he was shown on state television directing rescue efforts and comforting the injured. 中国官方通讯社新华社(Xinhua news agency)说,温家宝周六凌晨抵达云南省受灾最严重的彝良县。从中国国家电视台播放的新闻画面上可以看到,温家宝在彝良县指挥救灾,安慰伤员。 In Yiliang county#39;s main square, state television showed columns of blue relief tents, where families huddled together inside. Authorities said 21,000 tents and 31,000 quilts had been sent to the area as of Saturday. 中国国家电视台播放的画面显示,在彝良县的大广场上,有一排排的蓝色救灾帐篷,人们以家庭为单位挤在帐篷里。有关部门说,截至周六已向该地区运送了2.1万顶帐篷和3.1万条棉被。 Mr. Wen, dressed in gray sneakers and a short-sleeved dress shirt, was shown on state broadcaster China Central Television sitting together with injured children on their cots and rallying rescue workers. 温家宝穿着灰色运动鞋和短袖衬衫出现在中国国有电视台中央电视台(China Central Television)的转播画面中。他与受伤儿童一起坐在简易床上,并为救援人员鼓舞打气。 #39;Your challenges are the challenges of the party and the government,#39; he was ed by the state broadcaster as saying. #39;Your suffering is the suffering of the party and the government.#39; 中央电视台援引温家宝的话说:你们的困难就是党和政府的困难,你们的痛苦就是党和政府的痛苦。 The earthquakes rekindled memories of the 2008 earthquake in Yunnan#39;s neighboring Sichuan province, which left more than 80,000 people dead. Mr. Wen, 69 years old, is widely known in China as Grandpa Wen, where he has cultivated an everyman image during his decade as premier. 这次地震让人们想起了云南邻省四川2008年发生的那场地震,逾八万人在那次地震中遇难。69岁的温家宝在中国被普遍称为“温爷爷”。任国家总理这10年期间,他塑造了一个平民总理的形象。 According to authorities, 517 schools were damaged in the earthquakes, and at least 86 school buildings collapsed as a result. Local authorities said three students were killed at Yunluo Primary School in the township of Jiaokui following the first earthquake. 据有关部门统计,此次地震中有517所学校受损,至少86栋校舍坍塌。当地政府说,发生第一次地震后,彝良县角奎镇云洛小学至少三名学生遇难。 In 2008, thousands of students were killed in Sichuan when their shoddily built schools collapsed, sparking nationwide outrage toward the government over lax building standards. 2008年四川大地震时,由于校舍建筑质量不达标,数千名学生遇难。此事在全国范围内引发了针对建筑标准过低的愤怒情绪。 The quake was widely discussed on China#39;s popular online forums over the weekend, where many questioned how a moderate-strength earthquake appeared to have caused extensive damage to homes and infrastructure. The earthquake measured at a relatively shallow depth of 14 kilometers, authorities said. 上周末,中国多个人气很旺的网络论坛都在广泛讨论此次地震,很多人质疑一次中等强度的地震为何能给房屋和基础设施造成如此大规模的破坏。有关部门说,此次地震属浅源地震,震源深度仅有14公里。 Yiliang county, a poor and mountainous area, is near Yunnan province#39;s border with neighboring Guizhou. The region is populated by many non-Han Chinese ethnic minority groups, such as the Yi and Hui people, many of whom remain reliant on farming of rice, corn and other staples. 彝良地区靠近云南和邻近省份贵州的交界,属贫困山区。这一地区大量居住着汉族以外的少数民族,比如彝族和回族居民。他们中的很多人仍然依靠种植水稻、玉米和其它主食生活。 Officials in Guizhou province said nearly 28,000 people there were affected by the quakes, with more than 10,000 houses damaged. 贵州省官员说,该省有近2.8万人受地震影响,超过1万间房屋受损。 Authorities estimated direct economic losses of at least 3.69 billion yuan (1.5 million) in Yunnan and Guizhou as a result of the earthquakes. 有关部门估计,此次地震给云南和贵州带来的直接经济损失至少达人民币36.9亿元(约合5.815亿美元)。 Xinhua said the first earthquake, which reached magnitude 5.7, struck at 11:19 a.m. Friday. More than 15 aftershocks quickly followed, the strongest of which measured magnitude 5.6. Xinhua said a 3.7-magnitude aftershock Saturday evening resulted in the death of a two-year-old child. 新华社说,第一次地震发生在上周五上午11点19分,震级达到里氏5.7级。此后不久又发生超过15次余震,其中强度最大的一次余震有5.6级。新华社说,上周六晚上发生的一次3.7级余震导致一名两岁儿童死亡。 Police, firefighters and volunteers rushed during the weekend to repair damaged roads leading to the areas hardest hit villages and towns. Mr. Wen ordered rescue workers to reach every affected village on Saturday. Landslides and rock fall across the hilly terrain caused significant damage to some roads threatening to slow rescue workers#39; efforts. 上周末,警察、消防员和志愿者在抓紧修复通向受灾最严重村镇的道路。上周六温家宝下令救援人员必须到达每一个受灾村镇。这一多山地带发生的山体滑坡和岩崩给某些道路造成严重损毁,可能拖累救援人员的工作。 The Chinese government is under heightened pressure to respond quickly to potential sources of social unrest ahead of its sensitive, once-a-decade leadership change, which is expected to begin in the coming weeks or months. 在敏感的、10年一次的领导层换届开始前,中国政府承受着巨大压力,必须对可能引发社会动乱的事件迅速做出反应。领导层换届预计将在未来数周或数月开始。 High casualties among children in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake sowed widesp public discontent in China. The government since promised to improve building safety, particularly in China#39;s earthquake-prone southwest. 2008年四川大地震中,大量儿童的伤亡在中国引发公众的普遍不满。政府此后承诺提高建筑安全,尤其是在地震频发的中国西南地区。 /201209/198888 惠州市医院在线咨询惠州治疗尿道炎专业医院



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