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As it might say back in her hometown in Louisiana that Britney sure has changed. She walked into an L.A. hair salon on Friday and asked to have her head shaved."And I said, well, I am not shaving your hair off and I tried to talk her out of it. I said, are you sure you're not having a bad day and tomorrow you will feel differently about it. Why don't we wait a little bit? She said, no, I absolutely want it shaved off now. Next thing I know is she grabbed the buzzer and she went to the back of my salon and she was shaving off her own hair and she actually enjoyed shaving off her own hair."Next stop was a tattoo parlor where she pulled her low-rise jeans a little lower and also explained the hairstyle, sort of."She basically just said that she was tired of having things plugged into it and she didn't want anybody to touch her, um, tired of people touching her, that sort of things. It seems like she's a kind of sick of it all, whatever it all is."People Magazine reports that Spears checked herself into a rehab facility this week, but checked out a day later. A spokesman Spears has not answered CNN's request comment. The 5-year-old has two young children and filed divorce last November. Lately she has been turning weird behavior into an art m."She hosted New Year's Eve at Pure Nightclub ( Las Vegas) and you know, there were reports that she collapsed. So, she's sort of starting out on that note and she really just continued. She's been out along with every night, a lot of partying somebody with two small children.""The only emotion she showed was when she said my Mom is gonna be really upset and she got teary-eyed. And I think her Mom should maybe get a hold of her little girl. I think she needs her family."Spears hasn't had a hit record in three years, but she doesn't necessarily need the money. bes has estimated her net worth at 0 million dollars.Peter Viles, CNN, Los Angeles. 5

China's first spacewalk China's sends its first astronaut on a spacewalk. CNN's Kyung Lah reports. China's first astronaut to walk in space, wave to its countrymen and then utter these words: Greetings to all the people in China and the world. Back on earth, they responded with pride. “I love China.” “I'm proud to be Chinese,” says this man and many in the crowd....as they watched Chai Zhi Gang wave the flag in man’s final frontier. It was just a month ago that crowds had gathered around this big street to cheer on another major international event--the Olympics. This coming so close on the heels of that event, China's government hopes to send this message that its rising power is not just on earth, but also in space. A successful space walk is a major step ward China's plans to build a space station by . In the words of China's Men Space Programme ? "This is a breakthrough!"The ultimate purpose exploring space is to pursue peace. China should definitely mark its footprint on this part of history. But with details of its space programme still cloaked in secrecy and under the control of China's military. Concerns linger that this will only expedite a space race. Though analysts who tracked China’s military and technology, called the race small of a crawl and one that may spur more space exploration from the U.S..I think that the U.S. generally responds , better when (there) is competition and when there isn't .So, in so far as a China's mission is to spur, reminding American decision-makers that there are other countries out there, that are intent upon a main presence, long-term presence. Yes, I think that's probably a good thing. At the big screen, only big dreams being met in this moment--the days of the milk scandals and the earthquake gotten momentarily. This historic moment seems a natural step to visitors. Like U.S. , like Russia, they had to do it. To prove that they are big nations.A big and growing nation, continuing to stretch the boundaries of its power. 187

At the grillRich: Now the coals are just right. I can start grilling.Yi-jun: Here you go. I made up the burger patties you.Rich: Thanks. Smell the hickory chips? They give the meat a nice, smoky flavor.Yi-jun: Ill take over a while to give you a break.Rich: Sorry. This is a one-man job. Ive got the grill just how I like it, and Ive made up my own special sauce.Yi-jun: Then Ill tell folks the food y. Come and get it!Ive always wanted to say that!参考译文:在烤肉炉旁李奇:现在木炭差不多好了我要开始烤了怡君:你拿去吧我已经帮你准备好汉堡肉饼了李奇:谢了闻到胡桃木屑的味道没?这会给肉一种芳香的烟熏味怡君:我来接手一下,让你休息李奇:抱歉这是一人才做得来的工作我已经把火候调成我心目中的样子了,而且我也调了特制的酱汁怡君:那我要跟大家说食物好啰来吃喔我想说那句话已经很久了重点词汇:coal (n.)木炭,煤A: Should I bring anything to the barbecue?我应该带什么东西去烤肉会吗?B: Actually, I need some extra coal.实际上,我需要多一些煤炭Here you go!拿去吧!Food y--here you go!食物好了--给你!burger patty汉堡肉饼Let make the burger-patties first.让我们先准备汉堡肉hickory (n.)山胡桃chip在这里是指「木屑」The grocery store is out of hickory chips till next week.那家杂货店的山胡桃屑到下周前都会缺货take over接管When you die, I hope to take over your business.我希望在你死后接管你的事业one-man (a.)只有一个人能操作(表演、使用、保有)的The presidency is not just a one-man show; there are lots of people making decisions him.当总裁不只是唱独脚戏;得要有许多人为他下决策 36553

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