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There was God himself, we young people believed all of that.他本人就是上帝,我们年轻人都深信不疑Young people werent just being taught to all but worship Adolf Hitler.在年轻人受的教育当中,除了崇拜希特勒,别无其他。They learnt his racist, hate-filled values as well-that they were better than everyone else,and that they should despise the weak.他们也学到仇恨的种族主义价值观,认为自己比其他人更优等,应该蔑视弱势群体。What mattered in life was to be strong.生命的意义在于强壮。Hitler made big decisions in isolation.希特勒总是喜欢独自做出决定。And when he had the biggest decisions of all to make,he liked to come here-to the mountains of Southern Bavaria near the border with Austria.当需作出最重要决定时,他喜欢来到巴伐利亚南部的山中,此处与奥地利接壤。 译文属201602/426117

The attack on Charlie Hebdo查理周刊袭击案Terror in Paris恐怖下的巴黎Islamists are assailing freedom of speech; but vilifying all Islam is the wrong way to counter bloody medievalism伊斯兰教极端者正在攻击言论自由;但是丑化全体伊斯兰教不是一个反抗血腥中世纪主义的好办法THE latest issue of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical French magazine, spotlights Michel Houellebecq, author of a new novel that imagines the Islamisation of France and then the European Union. Critics had denounced Mr Houellebecqs book, which depicts a near future in which Islamists win Frances presidency and compromise its freedoms, as Islamophobic scaremongering. Then, on the day of its publication, masked gunmen attacked Charlie Hebdos offices in Paris. They yelled “Allahu Akbar” as they murdered 12 people and wounded others, in Frances worst terrorist attack for half a century. The gunmen fled; police have named two brothers as suspects. As anti-immigrant sentiment—especially the anti-Muslim kind—seeps across Europe, from street protests in Dresden to English ballot boxes, the atrocity in Paris seemed ghoulishly to realise the continents darkest nightmare; almost, in fact, to caricature it.最新一期的法国讽刺杂志查理周刊聚焦在了Michel Houellebecq身上—一位创作了一本关于法国乃至整个欧盟都被伊斯兰化的新小说的作者。书中伊斯兰教徒赢得了法国总统选举并削弱了国家自由,批评者们谴责他的书是在危言耸听、散布伊斯兰恐慌。 然后,就在这本书出版的那天,蒙面的持者袭击了查理周刊的巴黎总部。他们一边叫喊着“真主至上”一边杀害了12人,打伤多人,这是法国半个世纪以来最为严重的恐怖主义袭击。持者逃走了,警察将两兄弟列为嫌犯。随着反对移民—尤其是反对穆斯林族群的浪潮横扫欧洲大陆,从德累斯顿的街头抗议到英国的投票结果,再到如今的巴黎暴行,都似乎残忍地实了这片土地最为黑暗的噩梦;事实上,这几乎是讽刺漫画的现实翻版。For all the grim, incessant warnings of terrorist threats, naturally the first reaction to this massacre, in France and elsewhere, was outrage. Yet the murders also demand a fuller response. The magazine was targeted because it cherished and promoted its right to offend: specifically to offend Muslims. That motive invokes two big themes. One is free speech, and whether it should have limits, self-imposed or otherwise. The answer to that is an emphatic no. The second is Muslim Europe—and whether episodes such as this are part of a civilisational struggle between Western democracies and extreme Islam, on a battlefield stretching continuously from Peshawar to Raqqa to the centre of Paris. Again, the answer is no.对于所有冷酷的、接连不断的关于恐怖主义威胁的警告,不管是法国还是世界其他地方,面对这场屠杀的第一反应都会是自然而然地怒火中烧。凶手也期待能产生更大的反响。这本杂志之所以被列为攻击目标是因为它珍视并提倡“冒犯别人”的权利:尤其是冒犯穆斯林。这样的动机让人想起两个话题。其一是言论自由是否应该有边界限制,不管这是自我约束还是来自外部的要求。是毋庸置疑的“不”。其二是欧洲的穆斯林—不管像本次事件这样的插曲是否是西方民主与伊斯兰极端主义两大文明之间的挣扎,其战场都绵延不断地从巴基斯坦的白沙瓦延伸到了叙利亚的拉卡再到巴黎市区。而这个,也同样是“不”。Cartoons versus Kalashnikovs卡通漫画对战卡拉什尼科夫冲锋Charlie Hebdo has been hit before. In 2006 its decision to reprint inflammatory cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, first published in Denmark, was described by Jacques Chirac, then Frances president, as a “manifest provocation”. In 2011 the magazines offices were firebombed after it published an issue purporting to be guest-edited by the Prophet. That did not deter it: despite pleas from some French politicians, it insisted on its right to free speech. This week, when the gunmen came, they reportedly called for the offending cartoonists by name.查理周刊以前就曾遭到袭击。2006年,杂志决定重印曾在丹麦发表过的一篇关于先知穆罕穆德的煽动性漫画,这个决定被法国前总统希拉克描述为“明目张胆的挑衅”。2011年,该杂志发表了一期自称由先知作为客座编辑的刊物,其后就遭到火焰弹的攻击。这些都没能吓倒查理周刊:尽管一些法国政客多次请求,它仍坚持其言论自由的权利。本周,持者在闯入时点名要找那些漫画家。The magazine had the right to publish everything it did, and French law is right to allow it to. There can be no “but” in that sentence. Even when a picture or opinion is imprudent or tasteless, unless it directly incites violence it should not be banned. Charlie Hebdo lampoons all religions, not just Islam—but it would have the right to single out that faith if it wanted to, just as Islamists in Europe are entitled to denounce Western decadence if they so choose. In any case, there is a world of difference, and several centuries of liberal political thought, between giving and taking offence and killing people over it. Nothing can be done with a pencil or a keyboard that warrants a reprisal with a Kalashnikov.杂志有权发表任何东西,法国法律也理所当然地允许这样做,没有例外。即使所发表的图片或者观点是轻率的、没有品位的,只要它没有直接煽动暴力就不应该被禁止。查理周刊讥讽所有的宗教,不只是伊斯兰——如果它想的话,它也有权利只针对某一个宗教,同样的,欧洲的伊斯兰教徒也可以谴责西方的堕落。无论如何,这是一个存异的世界,有着几个世纪的政治自由思想,在激怒与被激怒之间无数人失去了生命。一笔或者一个键盘无论写了什么都不能成为让伊斯兰极端主义者持袭击的合理借口。This attack was more insidious than a random fusillade on a street or train. Part of the aim, probably, was to cow the Western media in their treatment of Islam. It must not. If the proper first response to the slaughter was outrage, after considering the argument that Charlie Hebdo made about free speech, the second response should be outrage, too.这次袭击比在大街上或者火车里随意开扫射更加阴险。他们的目的之一大概就是恐吓并抗议西方媒体对待伊斯兰的方式。这绝对行不通。如果对于这场屠杀的第一个合理的反应是愤慨,那么在考虑到查理周刊所做的关于言论自由的表述之后,第二反应应该还是愤慨。Many observers will connect this fresh footage of gun-wielding men not to cartoons but to another kind of image: chaos in northern Nigeria, the snuff s of Islamic State (IS) and Taliban-inflicted carnage in Afghanistan and Pakistan. All can seem part of a long, ongoing conflict between the values of the Enlightenment and obscurantist barbarism. For those who see things that way, the only solution is to fight back, by cracking down at home and engaging the enemy abroad.很多局外人看到这种持攻击的场面,会想起北尼日利亚的动乱、以及伊斯兰国(IS)和塔利班在阿富汗和巴基斯坦肆意屠杀的炮火连天的影像,而不仅仅是单纯的讽刺漫画。所有的这一切,都可以被看作是一场长期持续的、启蒙价值观与反启蒙野蛮行径之间的矛盾。如果这样来看这个问题,那么唯一的解决办法就是通过国内镇压和海外干预的方式对敌人进行反击。Criminals, not clashing civilisations犯罪不会冲击文明They have a point: there may well be a connection between Paris and foreign jihad. Part of it is ideological: in their minds, at least, terrorists in the West are often waging a worldwide battle for their faith, powered by ideas they pick up on the internet. There is a practical link, too. Some of those involved in recent European plots—and one of the suspects in the Charlie Hebdo attack—have been radicalised and trained in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nearby and accessible, Syria is the main destination. This reflux is a worry for security services in France (home of the European Unions largest Muslim population) and across the continent, precisely because, newly expert and inflamed, the returnees can perpetrate commando-style attacks like that on Charlie Hebdo. Involving small numbers of assailants and “soft” targets, these are much harder to detect and prevent than elaborate plans to blow up airliners.他们有个观点:巴黎可能与伊斯兰圣战有联系,其中一部分是意识形态的原因。至少西方的恐怖主义者经常为了他们在网络上接受的信仰而在世界各地开辟恐怖活动战场,这相互之间也是有联系的。这些人中有一部分近期就在欧洲策划活动—查理周刊袭击案的嫌犯之一在中东、阿富汗和巴基斯坦接受训练并被极端思想影响。叙利亚由于地理位置临近、出入便捷,也是主要的目的地。恐怖组织者回国已经成为法国(欧盟中穆斯林人口最多的国家)和欧洲大陆其他国家的安全部门最为担心的问题, 因为这些人受过最新的专业训练,他们可能会带着满腔怒火发动像这次查理周刊袭击一样的突袭。由于只涉及少数行动者,且目标容易得手,这种突袭比计划周密的炸飞机更难以发现和预防。But preventing them is not impossible—indeed European security services frequently do. Slow though some were to spot the danger, the French and other governments have introduced measures to stop their citizens travelling abroad to fight, and to intercept them if they come back. Still, more pressure could be applied to Turkey, notionally an ally, to help stop the flow into Syria. “Deradicalisation” programmes for returnees, which might turn some of them into reverse missionaries for the awful truth about IS, are still in their infancy.但是预防也不是没有可能的——这也正是欧洲安全机构一直在做的。尽管进展缓慢,也发现了一些潜在危险。法国和其他政府已经采取措施阻止国民出国加入战斗,如果出去的人想回来也会被阻拦。我们会对土耳其这个理论上的盟友施压,让其协助阻止人们进入叙利亚。对于那些从中东回来的人要实施“去极端化”计划,尽管此项计划仍在酝酿中,仍然有可能令回国者成为宣传IS恐怖行径的亲历见人。For all that, thinking of Islamist terrorism as a single, coherent adversary is misleading and dangerous. The various groups have different backgrounds and goals, just as Muslim diasporas in the West originate in different countries and cultures. Many French Muslims, for example, have roots in north Africa; some are angered by the ban on wearing burqas in public places. Neither factor applies in, say, Britain. Thinking of Muslims overall as a homogenous group is still more foolhardy—however much some of the Wests demagogues encourage voters to. Most are not extremists; fewer still support violence, as mainstream French imams swiftly pointed out.尽管如此,把伊斯兰恐怖主义当作一个单一的、一目了然的对手是危险的误解。就如同西方散居的穆斯林源自不同的国家和文化,不同的恐怖组织也有着各自的背景和目的。比如,很多法国穆斯林来自北非;很多人都因为在公共场所被禁止戴面纱而感到愤怒。英国受到同样的影响。把全体穆斯林看作一个毫无差别的同质群体是莽撞的——然而很多西方的政治家正煽动选民们这么做。正如法国的主流派穆斯林阿訇很快指出的那样,大部分人都不是极端主义者,只有少数人持暴力。The terrorists themselves, of course, are often keen to prove that the West does indeed anathematise all Muslims. To see such killers as representatives of a religion, and to reduce a complex picture to their preferred caricature, would be to reward their crimes—just as circumscribing the principle of free speech would be to bow to their medieval fantasies.当然,恐怖主义者通常都会急切地明西方社会确实打算排挤所有穆斯林。将这种凶手视为宗教的代表,将如此复杂的形势简化为符合其要求的讽刺漫画,将会是对他们所做暴行的奖励—正如同为言论自由划出界限是对他们幻想将世界带回到黑暗的中世纪所做出的妥协一样。译者:邓小雪 译文属译生译世 /201501/355359

  Ill start with you, Nicole.In the fairy tale,Jack and the Beanstalk,妮可 我从你开始问咯 在童话故事 杰克和魔豆中what does Jack plant that makes the bean start to grow?杰克种了什么豆子才开始生长的呢A bean? A bean, right?Is it a bean? Is it a bean豆子 是一颗豆子对吧 是种了一颗豆子对吗Yes, magic beans but all...Magic bean! Magic beans!Yeah, thats good. Yeah.Alrigt.没错 有魔力的豆子 但是都 有魔力的豆子 对了 答对了 好了Melanie, Platinum blonde is a hard hair color to have because it grows out fast.梅拉妮 浅银灰色是很难维持的发色 因为新头发很快会显现出来Name a celebrity that just dye their hair Platinum Okay. I am thinking. Er...Lets see here.请举出一个最近刚把头发染成浅银灰色的名人 好的 我想想 让我想想Okay. Just dye their hair Platinum. Um.Oh, no. Okay. Im trying to think a.刚把头发染成浅银灰色 哦 不 好了 我想是.I was thinking Rapunzel from Tangled.But, thats not it.Okay, um.我本来想的是;长发公主;里的拉庞泽尔 但那不是 那么.No, Rapunzel was but its not someone current.长发公主的确算 但她不是最近的Yeah, thats not someone current.Youre right. Youre right.对啊 不是最近的 你说的对 你说的对Thats all I get to watch, so this is um.... - Yeah.Let me see. Er.我只能想到这么多 所以这. -嗯 让我想想Okay. What if the initials, the first initial was K,好的 名字的首字母 第一个首字母是Kand then the last initial maybe was a K.Ah...Keira Knigh...Keira Knightley.第二个首字母也许也是K 哦 凯拉奈 凯拉·奈特莉Thats right, isnt it?Am I right?They have K.答对了吗 我对了吗 她的名字首字母都是KYou know what? I just love that answer.Its Kim... thats... its Kim Kardashian.我也很喜欢这个 但其实是金·卡戴珊But... Okay.Wow, she goes with the silent K. Thats a wonderful thing.但 好吧 哇哦 她想到了哑音K 真不错 /201601/420631


  Britain Scotlands independence referendum英国 苏格兰独立公投Och aye the No还是投反对票吧Scotland ponders whether independence and separation are the same thing苏格兰思考独立和分离是不是一回事Should Scotland be an independent country or not?苏格兰应不应该独立?In negotiations concluded on October 15th, David Cameron secured the single in-or-out question that he wanted. But the choice facing Scottish voters in 2014, and the campaigns to influence them, will not be nearly as simple as the words on the ballot suggest.在10月15日结束的谈判中,大卫·卡梅伦如愿确保了公投只涉及简单的是或否的问题。但是,苏格兰选民到2014年面临的选择,以及之后会对他们造成影响的各种竞选活动,将远不如选票上的那几个字那样简单。John Curtice, a psephologist at Strathclyde University, says that Scots divide into three roughly equally-sized camps. The first lot want independence. The second prefer the status quo. A final group, accounting for about 30% of those polled, would like to stay in the union but also want more powers for Scotland. In effect, they are the swing voters. With two years to go until the referendum, the campaigns are aly converging on them.斯特拉斯克莱德大学的选举学家约翰·柯蒂斯表示,苏格兰选民分为三个规模大致相同的阵营。一个阵营希望苏格兰独立。一个希望保持现状。最后一个阵营占参与民调的人数的30%,他们仍想留在联合王国里,但也想中央下放给苏格兰更多权力。事实上,他们属于摇摆选民。尽管距公投还有两年时间,各类竞选活动已经在向他们靠拢了。The separatist Scottish National Party (SNP) will try to woo them by making independence seem trivial. The party has aly underlined its enthusiasm for the queen, the B, the pound, the Bank of England’s interest rates and British opt-outs from irksome European Union rules. Its leader, Alex Salmond, talks of a “social union” between England and a newly-independent Scotland. But he will have a hard time convincing Scots he can deliver these things. Independent Scottish participation in sterling, EU opt-outs and the B are not, and will never be, in his gift.独立派的苏格兰民族党(SNP)将通过弱化独立的重要性尝试争取这类选民的持。该党已经强调其爱戴女王、关注英镑和英格兰利率并持英国选择不受欧盟那些讨人厌的规矩的约束。党领袖阿历克斯·萨尔蒙德也谈论英格兰和新独立的苏格兰之间的 “社会联合”。但他想要让苏格兰选民相信他可以做到这些事情,还需要费一番功夫。苏格兰独立后是否继续使用英镑,是否在对待欧盟问题上与英格兰保持一致,是否会让B覆盖苏格兰,都不是、而且也永远不会是由他随意决定的。Unionists, meanwhile, are trying to convince Scots that voting “no” would result in a hefty dose of new powers. On signing the referendum agreement, Mr Cameron called on Scots in favour of more devolution to vote to stay in the ed Kingdom. Labour has launched a commission to draw up a new devolution package, which will report next year and advance a final set of proposals in 2014. The Liberal Democrats have aly proposed far-reaching changes, including a new federal structure for the entire union. Under their plan, Scotland would raise about two thirds of the money it spends.与此同时,统一派则试图说苏格兰人,投否定票会使苏格兰获得大量新的权力。在签署公投协议时,卡梅伦呼吁持权力下放的苏格兰人投票留在联合王国里。工党已经成立了一个委员会来设计一整套新的权力下放议案,该委员会将于明年提出报告,并在2014年拿出最终方案。自由民主党已提议进行影响深远的改革,其中包括在整个王国建立一个新的联邦架构。根据他们的计划,苏格兰获得的中央拨款将增加三分之二。Jeremy Purvis, of the pressure group Devo Plus, hopes that the unionist parties’ schemes will coalesce in the run-up to the referendum. He claims this will present voters with a clear set of commitments, to feature in all three main parties’ manifestos for the 2015 election, showing that a vote against separation is not a vote for the status quo.压力集团Devo Plus的杰里米·珀维斯希望,统一派各党在公投的预备阶段就能将各方方案合而为一。他声称这将使选民看到一整套明确的承诺,并要求使其成为三个主要政党2015年大选宣言的重头戏,从而告诉选民,投票反对分裂并不等于投票持维持现状。If that happens, much of the wind will be taken out of Mr Salmond’s sails. He may be a romantic Caledonian nationalist but many SNP voters (and even some party members) would be perfectly satisfied with the advanced devolution proposed by the unionist parties. Nationalist hopes that a busy Scottish cultural calendar in 2014 and participation by 16- and 17-year-old voters will significantly boost the separatist turnout are optimistic at best.如果珀维斯所言成真,萨尔蒙德就会受到出其不意的打击。他也许是一位浪漫的苏格兰民族主义者,但许多苏格兰民族党的选民(甚至包括民族党党员)将会心满意足地接受统一派各党提出的权利下放方案。但是,民族党希望2014年的各类苏格兰文化节及16至17岁的选民的加入能提高独立投票率,这也算得上乐观。So the referendum is forcing the SNP to make concessions to the union, while pushing unionists towards further devolution. The gap between the visions set forth by the two sides, while roomy, is shrinking. It now concerns questions of identity—citizenship, flags, titles, membership of international organisations—more than retail politics. Can Scotland be sufficiently independent within the UK? Unless Mr Salmond can persuade the average voter that it cannot, the union is safe.因此,公投正迫使苏格兰民族党对联合王国作出让步,同时敦促统一派政党进一步下放权力。双方愿景之间的差距尽管很大,却也正在缩小。现在双方关注的不仅仅是零售政治,还有身份方面的问题,即公民身份、旗帜、名号及在国际组织中的资格。苏格兰能否在联合王国中获得充分的独立?除非萨尔蒙德可以让普通选民相信不能,否则联合王国还是联合王国。翻译:陈莎莎译文属译生译世 /201608/458872

  听力参考文本:World War II ended 70 years ago in September. Here are three stories from veterans who live in Michigan.Well start with a love story.Bill Berkley, U.S. Navy, PacificBill Berkley was just a kid without a care in Paducah, Kentucky until December 7, 1941.;I was 14 years old, but I can remember that day just like it was yesterday. We had been playing football and I got home and mom was crying,; Berkley says, recalling when he first learned of the attack and the death of so many sailors.All his life, Bill Berkley wanted to join the Navy. It was a family tradition.At the beginning of the war, he wasnt old enough. He had to be 17. Even then he would need his parents permission. Berkley would have to wait.He eventually went to work as a railroad brakeman on a steam locomotive. In peace time, theres no way a 16-year-old would get that kind of job, but there was a shortage of workers because of the war.Every day Berkley would take the bus to and from the rail yards. Coming home, hed be covered in grime, wearing a sweaty red bandana around his neck, and his face would be covered in coal soot. There was a pretty girl on the bus and every once in a while theyd exchange glances. One day he decided he needed to make a better impression. He dressed up and walked to the bus stop.;And there I was, looking like a Philadelphia lawyer in my Sunday best. She had never seen me cleaned up. And I said, Hi, there. I said, Are you wondering if Im the railroad guy? She said, Yeah. I never saw you looking like this.;Bill Berkley and Clara Odelle Gilbert started dating. He always just called her Odie.Berkley kept working with the railroad, even after being scalded badly during an accident in the locomotive. But, he knew he would not be on the rails too much longer.;I joined the Navy on my 17th birthday, still with bandages on my leg from being scalded,; Berkley says.By that time in the war, the military was taking just about anyone, injured or not.After brief training in Williamsburg, Virginia, he got a short leave before shipping out for the war.;I went home for seven days. Thats when I proposed ... to my Odie,; Berkley recalls, his voice cracking. ;And, she promised to wait for me. And looking back, that was a terrible thing to do to a young woman, leaving her. But, she was true,; he added.Leave was quickly over and Berkley had to catch a troop transport headed for Hawaii. Just two and a half years after hearing about the terrible attack on Pearl Harbor as a kid, Berkley was actually there.;And I saw firsthand. We went right down Battleship Row. I remember these big battleships laying over on their sides. I remember very distinctly the Arizona sitting down in that water, twisted guns and metal. That was a terrible sight to a 17-year-old.;2,400 people were killed in that attack. Half of them were on the U.S.S. Arizona.The young Navy man was assigned to the U.S.S. Zeus, a battle damage repair ship. It anchored at a small atoll named Enewetak (spelled ;Eniwetok; at the time) in the Marshall Islands that the U.S. had invaded a short time before.Berkley says the crew spent the days repairing ships, and nights trying to shoot down Japanese bombers who flew just above the reach of the anti-aircraft guns. Suddenly, the battle ships and carriers started coming in with damage from a new Japanese tactic.;The Kamikaze planes,; Berkley explains. ;You take a perfectly good-looking Japanese young man, they had brain-washed him into killing himself in a plane full of dynamite.;He lost a boot camp buddy named Jim Gorman to a Kamikaze attack.But throughout his time overseas, Berkley says he had an advantage over his shipmates. He had Odie.;She wrote me every other day. Wed have the mail call and that mail clerk said, Damn, Berkley,; he recalls. ;That woman really loves you, dont she? I said, Yes, she does. Every other day Id get a letter.;After the war in Europe ended in May, some resources were shifted to the Pacific. No one was sure how much longer the war would continue, how many more soldiers, sailors, and marines would be killed.Then everything changed when the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.That was in August. The Japanese formally surrendered in September. Berkleys ship didnt leave the Marshall Islands until December. He called Odie as soon as he reached the west coast.Keep in mind, Bill and Odie dated for less than a year before he left for the war. Her father barely knew Bill. So, Odie, who was 18, concocted a little story about a trip she planned.;She told him she was going down to Arkansas to see his brother. She had no such intention. That train didnt even slow down in Arkansas. Headed for San Diego,; Berkley chuckled.Her mom knew what was going on. She even signed permission for the 18-year-old to get married. But first Odie would have to find Bill in the overcrowded train station.;I saw her before she saw me. It had been over two years since she saw me. And, she walked down the steps of the train, looking around. Nothing but soldiers and sailors and Marines. And when she turned around right in front of me, I put my arms around her. She turned around and I said, Lady, are you looking for me? And she just jumped up and down, yelling. Ill never forget it. Prettiest sight you ever saw. My darling. Sixty-nine years. Sixty-nine years,; Berkley says.;Shes in the nursing home now. Shes doing pretty good. We got married in San Diego April the ninth, 1946,; he added.He says when he visits his Odie in the nursing home, she does remember him, despite the struggle with dementia.As for Bill, these days he gets around in a motorized chair. He gardens a little.He doesnt spend a lot of time talking about the war. He talks about his kids, his grandkids, his great-grandkids, and about a lifetime with the teenage girl he met, who waited for him, and who married him. He talks about the things that matter in life for those who survived WWII.Arno Whitb, U.S. Army, EuropeDrafted in 1942, Arno Whitb ended up as part of the D-Day invasion. Instead of storming a beach, Whitb was put in a glider with other infantrymen and a jeep, landing behind enemy lines. They worked to find paratroopers who were also dropped behind lines to put together a fighting force. Their job was to protect bridges that the Allies would need to push the invasion into Germany.Whitbs experience closely follows the path of another company in the 101st Airborne Division, which was featured in the celebrated TV series Band of Brothers.Whitb says the most vivid memory he has about fighting in WWII was near the Belgian town of Bastogne during a famous offense by the German forces in the winter of 1944.Mabarak signed up for the Army Air Corps, but the Army needed infantrymen. He was trained in amphibious assaults in the Pacific. But troops were needed in Europe. The 97th Infantry Division became part of General Pattons 3rd Army. Mabarak was among the very few soldiers who served in Europe and then Japan. Toward the end of the war in Europe, Mabarak said a German soldier on a motorcycle arrived, carrying a white surrender flag. The U.S. forces were not sure whether they were walking into a trap.201507/384162I love singing.I always kind of sang around the house,I grew up listening to a lot of music我喜欢唱歌 我总是喜欢在家里唱歌 我听着很多音乐长大So thats how it got into my life,My part of dancing has never been,My parent,acutally Im an example of a child所以唱歌就是这样融入我的生活 跳舞方面我却从来没有 我的父母 实际上我只这样一个孩子Who actually loves it when his parents dance.My parents are both incredible dancers.Really?yeah,yeah真的很喜欢看父母跳舞 我父母跳舞跳得都很好 真的吗 是的And now is your girlfriend a great dancer?Well shes better than me.Absolutely,thats me,yeah那现在你女朋友也很会跳舞 她跳得比我好 真的是 这就是我 是啊There was some dancing involved on the set we first got together.It was the right party,we sort of have your first kiss我们第一次在一起时就有跳舞 就在那次聚会上 我们第一次接吻Because you never,shes a production assistant,right?Yes,shes a production assistant因为你从来没有 她是一个制片助理 是的 她是一个制片助理So she has been on al the film?No,cause that would mean she would be eleven.她参与了所有电影的工作 没有 因为那样就意味着她11岁就工作了Yeah,we start to yelling the truth as well.well,I wouldnt say that she started with one.I mean,no.But she我们现在开始讲出一些事实了 我不会说她第一部就开始参与了 我是说 但是她Yes,so she started on the sixth movie and we were both seeing other people at the time她在第六部开始参与的 我们两个当时都在和不同的人恋爱And it wasnt until after the end of the seventh I kind of had the guts to直到第七部结束后 我才有勇气去Oh,towards the end of the seventh,I picked her up at the clup and asked her out哦 是在第七部快结束时 我才开始去俱乐部接她 约她出去Yeah,but did you have the feeling she felt the same way?You must do但你能感到她有同样的感觉吗 你必须要确定吧I wasnt,I really wasnt sure.Because you konw,shes working all the time.Im not just a lazy actor like wondering around,and checking out a production assistant我那时不能 我那时真的不能确定 因为你知道 她在不停地工作 我也不是一个懒惰的演员 到处转 去查一个制片助理的行踪Yeah,you know,Im not sure she.I didnt know if she feel the same way at all是的 我不确定她 我那时一点也不知道她是否和我有同样的感觉But you get a point when you got to challenge your heart,and see what comes out.It works out,it works out但是你到了一个时刻 你必须挑战你的心 去看看会发生什么 一切进行的很顺利Congratulations.Thank you very much.Cause last time you were here you said that its really hard to meet people恭喜你 非常感谢 因为上次你来 你曾说很难碰到什么人Cause you are always working,so you got to meet somebody working.I was alway working因为你总在工作 所以你要去认识也在工作的 我那时是不停地工作Yeah,I think its possibly works like that.Forget going to the bathroom.Become a production assistant,you start dating.是的 我想可能是这样 忘了去卫生间 变成了一名制片助理 你就开始约会了 Thats how you do it,thats how you meet people那就是你的做法 那就是你遇见人的途径 /201609/468152

  Finance and economics金融商业Banking for immigrants-Far-sighted移民金融—未来福地Catering to foreign-born customers is a growing niche in finance迎合外来国民的金融需求,正逐渐成为金融中的利基市场MOST banks wouldnt lend to Roberta. She arrived in New York from Mexico with papers but no credit history. But Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union, which specialises in lending to immigrants, gave her advice and a ,000 loan. She started out selling Mexican food from a cart. She now runs a food truck, employs five people and has plans to expand.大多数不愿意贷款给罗贝塔。她从墨西哥来到纽约的时候,虽然有身份件,但是却无信用记录。只有专做移民贷款的社区信托联邦信用合作社向她提供了咨询,并贷款2000美元。她最初在推车上贩卖墨西哥菜,如今,她有一辆快餐车,还雇了五名员工,并打算扩大她的生意。Many immigrants, like Roberta, want to save or start a business. But they struggle to get finance. In America 23% of households headed by a non-citizen, and 35% of households where only Spanish is spoken, have no bank accounts—compared with 8% for the population as a whole. There are multiple barriers: not just low incomes, which make it hard to meet minimum-balance requirements, but also trouble with language, identification and trust.许许多多的移民希望能经营点生意,或者让自己的生意不致破产,但是融资是摆在它们面前的一道难关,罗贝塔只是他们中的一个。在美国8%的家庭没有账户。其中,由非美籍公民撑的家庭占比23%,只会说西班牙语的家庭占比35%。对于他们来说,生活的困难重重:不仅仅是入不敷出的微薄收入,还有语言、身份和信用上的问题。Neighborhood Trust is trying to change that. More than half its members are Latino, largely from the Dominican Republic, and many are undocumented. Most of the staff are themselves immigrants, and know their members well: they visit borrowersbusinesses often and offer workshops on financial literacy. The hands-on approach keeps default rates low.社区信托正在尝试改变这种现状。他们的一半客户都是拉丁美洲人,大部分来自多米尼加,很多人还没有件。社区信托内绝大多数员工本身就是移民,也对其客户非常了解:员工们会经常走访贷款人的生意,并提供金融素质的培训课程。得益于这种手把手的方式,违约(还款)率一直很低。Other financial firms, in both America and Europe, are also finding new ways to serve immigrants. Some are like Neighborhood Trust—small and community-minded. Others are startups hoping for big profits. Oportun is a good example: the American lender has made loans of .9 billion since 2006, mostly to Latinos, using big data and clever algorithms to lend to those without a credit history.美国和欧洲的其他金融公司也正在为移民探索新的业务方式。有的机构像社区信托一样—规模小而专务于社区,另外也有指望靠此发财的初创公司。Oportun就是一个好例子:2006年以来,这个美国的贷款公司已经出贷19亿美元,主要客户来自拉美。他们运用大数据和智能算法向没有信用记录的客户借贷。These firms have several tactics in common. The first is to make it easy to open an account—a process that is often unnecessarily slow and intimidating. Monese, a startup based in London, allows European migrants to open an account by phone with just a photo of a passport and a selfie.这些公司所用策略有共通之处。第一是便捷开户—通常来讲,开户过程过度拖沓,手续复杂。Monese是一家伦敦的初创公司,他们向欧洲移民提供电话开户务,只需要提供护照上的相片和一张自拍即可。A second shared tactic is to make life easier for those, such as illegal immigrants, who may struggle to prove their identity. Banks can be fussy: in one survey half of unbanked Mexican immigrants in New York said a lack of documentation prevented them opening an account. But many American banks will accept taxpayer identification numbers and consular ID cards, which can be obtained irrespective of immigration status. In New York 12 financial firms, including Neighborhood Trust, accept a new card launched by the city government to help undocumented migrants access services—though no big banks do.第二是给非法移民的生活提供便利,叫他们不必再费尽周折明自己的身份。有时很是小题大做:在某调查中,纽约半数的无账户墨西哥移民称没有身份明让他们无法在开户。但是很多美国也接受纳税识别号码和领事身份。这两项明不管什么身份的移民都可获得。在纽约包括社区信托在内的12家金融公司接受市政府颁发的新卡,这种卡帮助无件移民获得务——不过大不会接受它。Third, instead of waiting for immigrants to come knocking, these firms seek them out. Oportun, for instance, has branches inside shops in Latino neighbourhoods. Mission Asset Fund, a Californian non-profit group, assists informal savings groups in immigrant communities. As members make small, regular payments into a common pot from which they take turns to borrow, they are also able to develop a formal credit history.第三,与其坐等移民上门,不如出门去找。比如Oportun,在拉美人社区中的商店里设分机构。加利福尼亚的非营利组织Mission Asset Fund则在移民社区里协助非正式储蓄小组。小组成员定期向共有的总账户存入小笔金额,他们再轮流向总账户借钱。通过这种方式,他们便有了正式的信贷记录。A final tactic is to tailor services to meet the particular needs of migrants. Extrabanca, in Italy, explicitly markets itself as a bank for immigrants. Many of its customers are from China, the Philippines and eastern Europe. It helps them deal with the red tape involved in renting a house or starting a business. Many American credit unions offer “citizenship loans” to cover the costs of naturalisation. Some offer illegal immigrants loans to pay the fees for amnesty schemes.最后一点是为移民客户量身打造所需业务。 意大利的Extrabanca公开以移民的身份推销自己。他们的很多客户来自中国、菲律宾和东欧。Extrabanca帮助这些客户处理租房和创业时要经历的繁文缛节。不少美国信贷联合机构还提供”公民贷款“,付移民归化过程中的花费。有的还借贷给非法移民使其免于牢狱之灾。Larger banks can be put off, at least in part, by regulation. Many have stopped offering international transfers in response to tighter rules on money-laundering and terrorist financing. In Britain, new laws bar banks from opening accounts for illegal immigrants. But some big banks are catching on. Scotiabank, in Canada, allows Chinese migrants to start opening an account before leaving home, through a partnership with three banks in China. Deutsche Bank woos Turkish customers in Germany with a service called Bankamiz (“Our Bank”), which offers bilingual tellers, free withdrawals at ATMs in Turkey and five free transfers to Turkey each year.大型至少会在某种程度上受规则的局限。因对洗钱和恐怖分子集资的规定变严,许多(大型)已经停止境外转款业务。在英国,新颁布的法律禁止为非法移民开户。但是有的大却还在继续。加拿大的Scotiabank与中国的三家建立合作关系,允许来自中国的移民在离国之前开户。 Deutsche Bank则向在德国的土耳其客户提供名为”我们的(Bankamiz)“的务,包括双语出纳、在土耳其的ATM上免费提款以及每年五笔免手续费的向土汇款。Catering to immigrants can be profitable in the long run, suggests Sherief Meleis of Novantas, a consultancy. Banks can win customers who will be loyal for years to come. As Rafael Monge-Portaro, the boss of Neighborhood Trust, says of Roberta: “We trust her and she trusts us.”长期来看,迎合移民的需求是有利可图的,咨询公司Novantas的Sherief Meleis如是说。这样做,可以赢得几年内都保持忠诚的客户。正如社区信托的老板Rafael Monge-Portaro所说:“我们与罗贝塔互相信任。”翻译:张露丹校对:朱宇晴 译文属译生译世 /201602/425670Alibaba阿里巴巴Under scrutiny一审再审American regulators are investigating Chinas e-commerce giant美国监管机构正调查中国电商巨头“WE HAVE from time to time been subject to PRC and foreign government inquiries and investigations.” So declared form 20-F, a regulatory filing submitted by Alibaba, Chinas biggest e-commerce firm, to Americas Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on May 24th. It is tempting to dismiss this as boilerplate language. All foreign firms listed in America (Alibaba trades on the New York Stock Exchange) are required to file this document regularly. In fact, it is not inconsequential. The filing revealed that Alibaba is the target of an ongoing SEC investigation into its accounting practices. The companys shares fell sharply after the news became public.中国最大的电商—阿里巴巴在5月24日上交给美国券交易委员会(SEC)的20-F年报(译者注:监管文件,20-F是对那些注册地不在美国的上市公司所要求的年报,美国本土的上市公司用10-K格式的年报)称:“我们时常受到国内和外国政府的调查和问讯。”这样的说法很难不被当成是打官腔。所有在美上市的外国企业(阿里巴巴在纽约券交易所公开交易)需要定期填写相关文件。然而事实上这并非无关紧要。监管文件显示阿里巴巴已经成为美国券交易委员会调查会计实务的目标。消息曝光后,该公司的股票急剧下跌。The SEC appears to have three areas of concern. It wants to know more about the Cainiao Network, a logistics joint venture worth .7 billion in which Alibaba has a 47% stake. The agency also wants data on “Singles Day”, an annual marketing promotion that last year apparently generated .3 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) on one day. As GMV is not a recognised term in GAAP, the accounting standard used in America, the SEC may be digging into this claim.美国券交易委员会要考虑的主要是三个方面。菜鸟网络科技公司便是其中之一,这个公司是市值77亿美元的合资的物流公司,阿里巴巴持有47%的股份。除此以外委员会还想了解“光棍节”(一年一度的营销推广日)的数据,去年这个节日仅一天的总交易额(GMV)达到了143亿美元。但GMV并不是美国使用的会计准则GAAP(Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)认可的条款,美国监会(SEC)可能会对此深入调查。 译文属译生译世 /201606/449163


  Britain Politicians salaries英国 议员们的薪酬Bargain basement地下廉价部The MPs expenses scandal cast a long shadow over British politics. It also led to the creation of an Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) tasked with cleaning up the system. Last year IPSA received new powers to set salaries and pensions. Its initial consultation paper makes for intriguing ing. Despite their public reputation for Caligulan excess, Westminster legislators are rather modestly remunerated by international standards. And for the past century their pay has stagnated relative to that of their constituents. IPSA suggests indexing it to national average earnings at a ratio of between 1.5 and 4. Currently the ratio hovers between 2.5 and 2.9, so—controversially—a rise could be on the cards. MPs may need the cash. It has been made harder to file creative expenses claims. And politicians will probably be asked to contribute more to their extremely generous pension schemes in future.年议员报销丑闻给英国政治蒙上了一层深深阴影。其另一影响,就是独立议会标准局(IPSA)的成立,该部门负责监督治理内部体制。去年独立议会标准局获得了设置薪酬和养老金的权力。其最初的咨询文件是份有趣的阅读。尽管在公众言里,他们的日子荒淫无度,以国际标准来看,威斯敏斯特议员们的收入相当微薄。所以在过去的一个世纪里,相对于他们的选民来说,这些政客们的工资增长缓慢。IPSA建议将政府工作者的工资收入以1.5至4的比例与国际平均收入水准挂钩。而今,该比例上升至2.5和2.9之间,因此虽有争议,但工资水准有望上升。毕竟议员们需要薪酬养家糊口。申报各式各样创意性的开销单越来越难了。而政客们也可能在未来被要求做出更多的贡献,例如在今后的养老金提案中,议员们需要更加慷慨。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201608/459517。

  A new study from Brazil is helping to strengthen the suspected link between the flu-like virus Zika, and the strong upswing in birth defects. 巴西的一项新的研究有助于加强类流感寨卡病毒与出生缺陷上升的可疑关联。In a study of 88 women in Rio de Janeiro, the study found that the 42 women who had contracted Zika virus, 12 had the birth defect microcephaly present at birth. 在里约热内卢对88名妇女进行研究,发现42名感染寨卡病毒的妇女,12名初生儿患小头畸形缺陷。The birth defect kills a type of brain cell that is critical to developing infant brains. 出生缺陷消灭一种脑细胞,对发育婴儿的大脑至关重要。And the long-term effects of this particular birth defect are still being studied. 特殊出生缺陷的长期影响仍在研究中。So, even though actually contracting the virus had very few severe symptoms, pregnant women have dangerous outcomes from the Zika virus.所以,即使感染病毒有极少严重症状,寨卡病毒会给妇带来危险的结果。译文属。201603/429514

  Imagine choreographing thousands of people into formations to look like famous things like the Liberty Bell, or the Statue of Liberty.Sound like a stunt? Maybe a little nutty?Well, thats exactly what Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas did in the early 20th century.Their project photographed in Michigan at Camp Custer near Battle Creek was their most ambitious. Mole and Thomas arranged 30,000 military troops into the U.S. Shield.Intended to rally public morale during World War One, these pictures had a big impact on the American political landscape.Louis Kaplan, a Professor of History and Theory of Photography and New Media at the University of Toronto, describes how Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas were the first to use propaganda in the form of mass photography.Doing extra service that served to rally the country, troops would sometimes have to stand for many hours to get angling and perspective just right.Kaplan describes Mole climbing atop an 80-foot tower. He used a microphone, body language, and a long pole with a white flag attached at the end to conduct and align the troops into formation.201505/375684

  Its well known that if youre going to eat chocolate, dark chocolate is the way to go.众所周知,如果要吃巧克力,黑巧克力是上佳之选。Theres lots of evidence that dark chocolate is good for you, but until pretty recently, scientists didnt know exactly why.许多据表明黑巧克力对健康有益,但直到最近科学家们才揭开此中玄机。Now there may be an answer.现在我们也许找到了。According to researchers at the Louisiana State College ofAgriculture, dark chocolate is healthful because it feeds specific bacteria in the gut that turn it into anti inflammatory compounds, which help keep the heart healthy.根据路易斯安那州立大学农学院研究人员的研究,黑巧克力之所以有益健康是因为它为肠道提供一种特别的细菌,使得黑巧克力转变成有助于心脏健康的消炎化合物。The scientists used a simulated digestive tract to test three cocoa powders.科学家使用模拟消化道来检验三种可可粉。Cocoa powder is an ingredient in chocolate, and contains antioxidant compounds and some fiber that are hard todigest in the stomach.可可粉是巧克力的配料之一,含有抗氧化剂化合物和纤维,很难在胃里消化。But when they reach the colon, the bacteria feast and turn them intoanti inflammatory substances.但是当它们到达结肠,细菌将其分解转变成消炎物质。More research is needed to confirm the findings, but the scientists think that eating darkchocolate, especially in combination with prebiotic carbohydrates found in foods such as raw garlic and cooked whole wheat, can drastically improve human health.该发现还需更多的研究来持,但是科学家们认为,食用黑巧克力,特别是同生蒜和熟全麦中的益生元碳水化合物结合起来,可以大大改善人体健康。And combining dark chocolate with pomegranates,berries, and other foods high in antioxidants could prove even more healthful.同时,有据表明如果能将黑巧克力和富含抗氧化剂的石榴,浆果等食物结合起来,效果更佳。Dark chocolate still has plenty of fat, sugar and calories, so its healthful properties do not mean you should over indulge.黑巧克力中含有大量脂肪,糖分和能量,因此它虽有益健康却不宜食用过量。But if you love chocolate and also love being healthy, dark chocolate is the way to go. And now scientists know why.但是如果你既爱巧克力又注意保持健康,那么黑巧克力是不二之选。而且现在又得到了科学家的明。 201411/344755

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