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抚顺市包皮手术多钱抚顺市妇幼保健医院电话号码1. 你好商务口语三个句型任你选Hi!你好!Hello!你好!Good morning/afternoon/evening. 早上好/下午好/晚上好。商务口语半个句型要记牢Good~(morning/afternoon/evening) (... ... 好!)Tip:此处Good可以省略,直接说Morning.(早上好) afternoon(下午好) Evening.(晚上好),Good evening./Evening. 一般在下午5点以后使用。另外,Good night. 或者Night.表示晚安。 /201501/354050抚顺早泄医院那家最好 A shaded promenade traces the river in this southern Chinese city that when the smog blows away fills with couples dancing to the sunrise. Nearly 900 miles east, leafy boulevards and mountainside parks cover the former imperial capital of Nanjing.在这座南方城市的晨雾散开后,很多夫妻将迎着日出跳起舞来。而在距离这座城市以东00英里处,林荫大道和山腰公园覆盖着这座前帝国首都南京。The first two stops on Gov. Jerry Brown’s China tour are places that envision themselves as California sees itself progressive and green.加州州长布朗首访的这两座中国城市对未来的愿景和加州的很像——进步和绿色。Brown’s meetings began Sunday in the Sichuan provincial capital of Chengdu, part of a weeklong trip hinged on his mantra of climate change collaboration. Sichuan’s rivers and steep terrain have helped make it a hub for hydropower. Nanjing’s Jiangsu province, which he will visit on Monday, aims to position itself as a leader on renewable energy.布朗的会面始于周日,在四川省首府成都市。他以气候合作之名对中国进行长达一周的访问。四川的河流和陡峭的地形让其成为水力发电的枢纀?而他将于周一访问的南京所在的江苏省将自己定位为可再生能源的领导者。These local stops take on greater significance amid President Trump’s decision Thursday to pull the U.S. from a historic Paris climate accord led by China and the Obama administration. Officials are reinforcing regional partnerships with the economic links they provide in a quiet effort to ensure continued ties.总统川普周四决定退出中国和奥巴马政府领导的历史性的巴黎气候协议,这使得布朗的中国城市之行具有了更深的意义。官员们加强了地区间的合作,在经济联系的带动下,静悄悄的保双边关系继续维持下去。“As I see many problems in the world, many tensions and disruptions, I see a growing importance of partnerships such as the one we are building,Brown told Sichuan Communist Party Secretary Wang Dongming, as the two regions prepared to sign a sister agreement.“虽然现在世界上存在很多问题,紧张的关系和分裂,但是我能看到我们现在正在建立的合作关系的重要性,”布朗对四川省委书记王东明如是说,加州和四川在这次会面上签署了协议。来 /201706/515365A:How is market research carried out? B:That's a very wide question. But to put it in a very simple term, one of the objects of market research is to find out whether there's a market for that product and whether we can sell that product in the market. A:Who does this kind of job then? B:Sometimes we carry out our own research, but for major products where development costs are likely to be high, we employ specialists.A:Do your own salesmen take part in? B:In the early stages, only the regional managers do. If we decide to have some test marketing, some of the senior sales men are brought in. A:It seems to me that the salesmen receive some special training. B:Yes, they all have initial training course when they first join the company,and this includes product training.A:What is that? B:As a salesman he or she must fully understand the various applications, design features, special advantages and almost everything of the products we produce. A:I see. /201004/101478抚顺哪家男科医院治疗早泄最好

抚顺那家医院看皮肤科比较好抚顺市职业病防治院收费标准 whipping boy 代人受罪者,代罪羔羊英文释义someone punished for the errors of others例句Germany is becoming no longer Europes model but rather its whipping boy.德国已经不再是欧洲效仿的榜样,而是欧洲问题的代罪羔羊。清原县治疗早泄哪家医院最好

东洲区妇幼保健院治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好公司老板Jerry召集手下Lisa和Ken开会,商量公司上市的问题。Lisa问Jerry,是不是真的下定决心了。L: But Jerry, have you really thought this through? You would essentially be giving up the company that your great-grandfather built.J: I intend to keep key family members on the Board of Directors and I intend to remain as CEO. This company is important to me. But if we really want to become the largest frozen food company in the country, its time to move beyond mom-and-pop operations and play hardball.针对Lisa提出的疑问,Jerry回答说,他并没打算将祖辈开办并经营至今的家族企业就这么拱手送给别人,他打算让重要家庭成员进董事会,然后亲自担任 CEO, Chief Executive officer, 首席执行官。Jerry 说,公司对他十分重要,但要想扩大规模,成为全国最大的冷冻食品公司,就要 move beyond mom-and-pop operations and play hardball. 这里所说的 mom-and-pop operations 是指家庭规模的小买卖,play hardball 意思是采取果断大胆的行动。L: Well, its an exciting idea...and also a bit terrifying. But....you know that old saying: ;Nothing ventured, nothing gained.;K: At least the markets have been getting better recently; the Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 10,000 points the other day. This could be the beginning of an economic recovery.Lisa说,公司上市的想法既令人兴奋,又让人害怕。但是英语里老话说,nothing ventured, nothing gained. 意思是不承担风险,就不会取得成就。Ken 说,好在现在市场正在走高,道琼斯工业指数前几天突破了万点大关,topped 10,000 points. 这可能意味着经济复苏的开始,the beginning of an economic recovery. Lisa接着说,L: I think the smart thing is to use this down time to retool and reconfigure our operations. That way, if things do turn upwards well be in a stronger place than our competitors.J: Exactly! So, I want you all to consider this idea... do the research and figure out if this is truly in our best interests. Lets meet again on Thursday to make a final decision.Lisa说,她认为明智之举是用现在市场不是特别活跃的时期调整公司的经营运作。这样的话,一旦市场开始上扬,Well be in a stronger place than our competitors. 跟竞争对手相比,我们就会居于更加有利的地位。Jerry 表示赞成,让大家回去都好好想想,星期四再开会最后决定。 /201205/183580 to test the waters 试水,试行英文释义To experiment cautiously before proceeding (reference to touching hot water cautiously before bathing).例句No one was certain about the success of the clever new product, so it was introduced in a few stores just to test the waters before national distribution began.对于这款灵巧的新产品能否成功,没人有把握,所以在开始全国分销之前,它先被送到几个商店里试卖。 /201212/214602抚顺市抚顺县龟头炎症抚顺曙光前列腺炎哪家医院最好



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