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China biggest ice cave is located in the northern province of Shanxi. At an altitude of ,300 meters, the cave is more than 0 meters deep. It was med around three million years ago.中国最大的冰洞位于北方的山西省该冰洞海拔300米,洞深0多米,是约三百万年前形成的The cave, in the Luya mountain in Ningwu County, Xinzhou City, is connected with Fenhe River, which is believed to provide water the cave.这座位于忻州市宁武县芦芽山的冰洞与汾河相连,人们认为是汾河为冰洞提供了水源The cave is less that half an hour drive away from the headstream of Fenhe River. Once, as an experiment, a haystack was placed at the bottom of the cave and it disappeared, only to be found the next day in the river.该冰洞距汾河的发源地不到半小时的车程有一次,作为一个实验,一个被放置在冰洞的底部的草垛消失了,第二天却在汾河发现了它Scientists are still researching how the cave med. Such caves are normally found in extremely cold areas such as Antarctica or Siberia, but Luya mountain is at a similar latitude to Lisbon in Portugal.科学家们仍在研究该洞穴是如何形成的这样的洞穴通常在极寒地区发现,如南极洲或西伯利亚,但芦芽山和葡萄牙里斯本的纬度相近During World War II, war horses that were killed during fighting were stored in the cave, as the sub-zero temperature ensured the meat would keep and it could be eaten at a later time.二战期间,在战斗中被打死的战马就存放在冰洞里,因为零度以下的温度确保肉类保存完好,并且以后也可以使用The wooden ladders in the cave are cleaned twice a day, otherwise they would collect layers up layers of ice. Because the ice continues to m, the ice cave changes all the time.洞里的木梯需每天清扫两次,否则将积起层层冰层因为冰是持续形成的,所以冰洞时刻都在变化The cave is open visitors from April to October each year, when a maximum of 3,000 people are allowed to enter daily.冰洞每年四月至十月对游客开放,每天最多允许3000人进入In the past, villagers used the ice from the cave medicinal purposes. However, to protect the cave, such behavior is now banned.过去,村民使用冰洞里的冰作药用但是为了保护洞穴,这样的行为已被禁止了。

  • If arbitration is to take place in China, which substantive law will apply? 如果仲裁在中国进行,主要依据哪些法律规定?Arbitration will be carried out in compliance with the commerical law of China. 仲裁将根据中国商法进行What documents must we furnish to arbitration? 进行仲裁时我们必须提供哪些文件?All the relevant documents. 所有的相关材料Just a second. Ill check out you. 稍等,我帮你查一下Do we have to settle the dispute by arbitration? 我们必须通过仲裁解决分歧吗?It is not necessary to submit a case to arbitration as long as our two parties can discuss the matter in a friendly manner. 只要双方能有好协商,就没有必要进行仲裁We wish to sellte this dispute fairly and suggest that we submit is to arbitration. 我们希望能够公平解决争议,建议对争议进行仲裁Arbitration is generally the last resort if there is no alternative. 仲裁通常是在别无选择的情况下的最后手段Does the arbitration have to be done in China? 只能在中国进行仲裁吗?No, we can have arbitration in other countries. 不,可以在其他国家进行仲裁You dont have to. But since we do business in China, having arbitration here is convenient. 不用,但既然我们在中国经商,在这里仲裁方便些Arbitration can be concluded either in China or in other countries. 仲裁可以在中国进行,也可以在他国进行We dont oppose the matter be submitted to arbitration. Then in which country? 我们不反对将此问题交仲裁解决,那么在哪个国家仲裁呢?We insist that arbitration be carried out in the country of the defendant. 我们坚持仲裁应在被告所在的国家进行We hope that the arbitration be conducted in China. 我们希望仲裁在中国进行What kinds of dispute do you usually handle? 你们通常处理哪些类型的纠纷?We handle many kinds of commercial disputes. 我们处理很多种商业纠纷Well, there are many kinds, such as disputes arising m eign trade and transport of goods, cargo insurance, transfers of technology, leasing and so on. 嗯,很多例如,由对外贸易,货物运输,货物保险,技术转让,租赁等引起的纠纷 00。
  • 导购口语:Please take your time.慢慢看参观Go right ahead, please.随便参观Come along and judge yourself.请参观,随意挑选语句:作为导购,您的热情不是每位顾客都能感受得到,这时不可以不失时机地说一句 Please take your time.,这会让比较爱自己逛的顾客感到舒和贴心情景再现:A:Walk right in, youll not be pressed to buy.A:随意购买B: Please feel free to walk around.B:请随便逛逛 183。
  • Reschedule the appointment更改时间A: Mr. Burton called, while you were not, concerning you meeting with him on Tuesday.在您出去的时候,布顿先生来过电话,关于和您周二见面的事B: Yes, at nine oclock.是的,在9点A: It isnt at nine oclock anymore. He wants to reschedule the appointment. He said he was extremely sorry but something urgent has come up.不是9点了他想改个时间他说非常抱歉因为发生紧急的事B: Oh, that something unexpected. What time did he suggest?哦,这可是出乎意料的事情他建议在什么时候见面?A: He said he booked up the whole week except tomorrow afternoon.他说除了明天上午他这一周都安排满了B: But Ive got a very tight schedule tomorrow. I might not be able to make it.可是我明天的日程安排得很紧我很难再重新安排A: If it is inconvenient both parties, Im afraid we have to cancel it.如果双方都不方便的话,那就只好取消了B: I think the appointment will have to be canceled. Please inm Mr.Burton about it.我看这次约会不得不取消了请告知布顿先生 1976。
  • 5. KV5. KVWhy do so many astronomical objects have annoying names? Luckily, this comet was nicknamed ;Drac,; after Dracula—due to his ability to walk on walls—which is much easier to say. What does walking on walls have to do with a comet? Well, Drac was the first trans-Neptunian object discovered to orbit the Sun backward—albeit slowly, taking 3 years. (We still dont quite see the link to walking on walls, either.) While there were aly a few objects known to orbit the Sun backward—you may have heard of Halley Comet—they get very close to the Sun in their orbit. Drac, however, never gets any closer than roughly times the distance from the Sun to Earth—equal to the orbit of Uranus. This means that the comet could be the missing link between objects like Halley Comet and other debris in the far-out Oort Cloud of comets past Pluto, helping to explain their mation, which is currently a mystery to science.看到这一名字您是不是在想为什么天体就不能好好取名字呢?还好这颗彗星有个更简单的别名——德拉库彗星这个名字来源于德拉库拉星体这是第一个被发现的围绕太阳逆转的外海王星天体,尽管它速度很慢——3年才能转一圈(但我们还是不知道这和能在墙上行走有什么关系)其实现在已经发现有好几个天体围着太阳逆行——比如哈雷彗星——它们的运转轨道和太阳都离得非常近但德拉库到太阳的距离却非常远——甚至超过地球到太阳的距离的倍,和天王星的运行轨道相近这意味着这颗彗星可能是类似哈雷彗星这样的天体与冥王星附近的欧特星云中天体碎片的失联环节,这对研究那些天体碎片的形成过程具有重要意义可这至今还是科学上的一个未解之谜There are many ideas out there attempting to explain why the orbit of Drac is so unlike almost all others. One of the most interesting prospects is that it might not have med together with our solar system at all—otherwise it would orbit in the same direction as everything else. It is entirely possible that the comet could have gotten trapped in our solar system from interstellar space, providing us with an unprecedented amount of inmation about the cosmos.有许多学说都尝试解释为什么德库拉的公转方式如此与众不同其中最有趣的一个设想是德库拉可能根本就不是随着太阳系而形成的,否则它的运行方向应该和其他卫星一样这颗彗星完全有可能是突然;闯进来;的,这能给我们带来大量关于宇宙的信息.Triton.特里同While it isnt a household name, some of you have probably heard of Triton bee. But hear us out—there is more than meets the eye with this fantastic specimen. Comprising more than 99 percent of all the mass known to orbit Neptune, it as if all the gas giant awe was condensed into one moon. As shown by the Voyager probe in 1989, Triton is rare among known moons in that it is geologically active: Volcanoes pepper the surface, but they do not spew ash and lava when they erupt, like those on Earth. Instead, they spew water and ammonia.虽然特里同并不是个家喻户晓的名字,但还是有人听过它的您请稍安勿躁,听我们说完,这个梦幻般的星球绝不仅仅是只能满足视觉感受这样简单特里同一个星体的质量就占据了海王星所有卫星质量总和的99%以上,仿佛所有能在气体巨星上看到的壮观景象都聚集在一颗卫星上1989年;航行者号;发回的探测数据显示,特里同和其他已知卫星不一样,虽然它也是遍地火山 ,但喷发的是水和氨而不是火山灰和熔岩Being just a bit smaller than our own Moon, Triton is the only large moon in the solar system to orbit backward. Also, being one of the largest known moons in our solar system—larger than Pluto—it has just enough gravity to support a thin atmosphere. Seriously thin. With surface air pressure 50,000 times lower than that of Earth, you couldnt fly a kite on Triton surface. Yet, incredibly, Voyager photographed clouds flying just a few kilometers above the surface.Finally, Triton is one of the most reflective objects known to science, reflecting 60–95 percent of all light that hits it. To put that into perspective, the Moon—which is able to cast shadows on Earth at night—reflects only percent.特里同仅比我们的卫星(月亮)小一点,是太阳系中唯一一颗与主星旋转方向相反的大卫星此外,作为太阳系中已知的大卫星(大于冥王星),它有足够的重力来撑稀薄的大气层——真的非常薄特里同的表面气压是地球气压的0000,你根本无法在那里放风筝但不可思议的是,旅行者号还是拍摄到了在它地表几千米之上的云层最后,特里同是科学界公认的反射能力最强的天体之一,反射率约为60%~95%为了正确理解这一概念,我们以月球为例说明,月球的反射率只有%3.Saturn Extra Ring3.土星巨型外环Weve mentioned Saturn a few times so far, but it is certainly an incredibly interesting place. While the planet is known its staggering ring system, only recently did we find out just how far it extended out into space. In , we discovered an enormous ring around Saturn, the farthest and largest band around the ringed world. The ring is tilted 7 degrees from the main rings and starts roughly 8 times the planet radius from its surface, extending to times its radius into space. It is so diffuse that it can only be detected in infrared, but it may be the reason behind the two-toned moon, Iapetus.我们已多次提到土星,因为它真的是一个非常有趣的地方虽然我们早已对这个星球惊人的外环系统有所了解,可最近才发现这个环向太空延伸得有多远年,我们发现了土星的巨大外环,它是宇宙中已知最大的、延伸得最远的环,该环与主环成7度,分布在距土星表面8倍半径到倍半径之间虽然它如此弥散,只能被红外线检测到,但它很可能是双色卫星——伊阿珀托斯形成的原因Saturn moon Phoebe orbits within the ring and at the same inclination, so it is very likely that it is the culprit. Dust disperses from Phoebe and falls onto the larger Iapetus, which orbits on the edge of this colossal new ring. Every time Iapetus passes through it, matter collects on its equator. After hundreds of thousands of years, this matter seems to have built up, creating the moon striking appearance. Now it is just a question of whether it is black with white stripes or white with black stripes.土星的菲比卫星的运行轨道也在该环内,并且倾斜角度也相同,所以它很可能也是伊阿珀托斯呈现双色的另一个原因宇宙尘埃从菲比卫星散射出来并落到更大的伊阿珀托斯星周围而伊阿珀托斯在这巨大新环的边缘运转,每次伊阿珀托斯经过菲比卫星,这些物质就在伊阿珀托斯的赤道上不断积累经过成千上万年,这些堆积的物质创造了壮观的外环现在的问题是,它到底是黑色参杂白色条纹还是白色参杂黑色条纹呢?.Siamese Moons.暹罗双星The moons Janus and Epimetheus are known as the ;Siamese moons,; because they share the same orbit and are separated by only 50 kilometers (31 mi)—that less than the radius of the moons themselves. Because of this, they are locked in a gravitational tango that causes them to literally swap places every four years. Due to their complex relationship, they will never crash into each other.雅努斯和厄庇墨透斯是人们熟知的;暹罗双星;,它们在同一轨道上运行而且仅仅相隔50千米(31英里)——这距离比它们本身的半径还要短它们复杂的关系使它们永远不可能互撞,也正因为如此,它们才能在重力影响下每四年跳一次探戈,交换一次位置Originally, scientists were puzzled as to why data did not match their expectations of the moon they had named ;Janus.; In 1978, years after the discovery of their common orbit, we realized that what we had called Janus was actually two separate moons. This was confirmed by the Voyager flyby in 1980. Interestingly, a faint ring of dust is present in the region of their orbits. This suggests that the two moons were once a single larger one that has since broken up, leaving behind trace amounts of rubble.起初,科学家们很困惑为何他们所测出的数据和它们所取的名字并不契合,;Janus;在古罗马语里是双面神的意思而在1978年,也就是发现两星共行同一轨道的年后,我们发现这并不是;双面;,而是;双星;,这也在1980年被;航行者号;近地探测所实有趣的是,该轨道上有一层淡淡的灰尘,这意味着这两个卫星原本是合体的一个大卫星,分裂后留下了大量的碎片1.Cruithne1.克鲁坦After taking a look at stuff way out there in our solar system, let head home to Earth and discuss the largely disputed matter of our planet second moon. Since 186, astronomers have been searching a second moon of Earth. Frederic Petit was the first to claim he had found one. He proposed that it orbited Earth in less than three hours at just kilometers (7 mi) above our planet surface. Ever since, many other astronomers have claimed to find a second moon—but to no avail. However, there is one weird exception.让我们把目光从太阳系别的天体上稍稍收回来,重返地球家园来讨论一下我们饱受争议的第二卫星(第一卫星是月亮)从186年以来,天文学家就着力寻找地球的第二个卫星弗雷德里克是第一个声称自己找到第二卫星的人他认为这颗卫星围绕地球运行,运行周期不足三小时,距离地球表面最近距离为千米(7英里)从那以后,很多天文学家也都声称自己发现了第二卫星——但都是徒劳的不过,也有一个例外Cruithne is an alien asteroid that orbits the Sun in 36 days, with perfect resonance to that of Earth. This means that, a short time every year, the 5-kilometer (3 mi) asteroid is part of the Earth system. It reaches its closest point to Earth every November. Technically, it does not count as a moon, since it leaves Earth. But it still nice to think that every year, an alien object comes to visit.克鲁坦是一颗外来小行星,绕太阳公转周期为36天,与地球有着完美的共振这意味着,在每年的一段短暂的时间里,这颗5千米(3英里)的小行星是地球系统的一部分每年月它和地球距离最近确切来说,既然它能离开地球,那么它就不能被看作是地球的卫星但是想想每年都有一个外来物体光临地球这也是一件很美好的事情审校:哈利 来源:前十网 1877。
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