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Sony headless chicken ad mocks French World Cup teamSony took a cheeky swipe at France's disastrous World Cup team Wednesday with a full-page newspaper ad for Playstation showing a cock with its head blown off above the words "Game Over."The game console ad did not make specific reference to the team, but the cock is a clear reference to an unofficial symbol of France which features on French footballers' jerseys.The headless bird was a photo-montage and "no animal was killed," noted the small print at the bottom of the ad on the back page of Liberation newspaper. Sony was not immediately available for comment on the ad.L'Equipe sports newspaper said last week that for failing to dump the national squad's coach Raymond Domenech, the French football badge should "no longer be the cock but the headless chicken."The players were due to fly back to a humiliated country that has largely written them off as spoiled millionaires led by an incompetent coach and unworthy of the blue jersey worn by the 1998 world champions.Vocabulary:cheeky:无耻的photo-montage: 集成照片(制作法);蒙太奇照片write off: to regard as worthless, lost, obsolete, etc.(认定…失败,或没有价值、不可救药等)背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/107136

Boy Scout badges LI boy scout wins all merit badges possible Life saving first aid. . Shawn Goldsmith is the most highly decorated an eagle scout can be. The 18-year- old has earned every single merit badge there is , all 121 of them. The everyday with something different, and these are skills that I would remember for the rest of my life. It took Shawn 5 years to get the first half of their merit badges, the rest less than 5 months. He did it for his zealing grandmother. She's like, "Shaw, why don t we both follow with this? You really, you aly half way there, and I really think you can do it. Everyone thought I couldn’t do it. So, That most time. . . she always believed me. Sadly, his grandmother passed away when Shawn was just 18 badges shy of reaching the extraordinary. His grandfather then made of his mission to see shawn succeed, with / help from scoutmaster Joe Acquafreddaat a troop 240 in the Bronx, who at first was skeptical. I said Mr. A , you said if you can see it, you can be it . so then he was , he couldn't say no. Shawn reached his goal last month, while a freshman in Binghamton University where he's a business major with a love for politics. In high school he interned for Senato Charles Sehumer and a couple of days ago met one of his icons, Mary Michael Bloomberg, a businessman and fellow Eagle scout. And it’s no surprise that Shawn one day wants to go into politics and take with him the public office the skills and expertise he learnt in scouts, mainly honesty and integrity. I see how great politicians , how they fall so easily. These, one lie and they get caught doing it. So not only is morally correct, which is one of the parts of scout law and oaths , to be morally shame. It s worth it in the long run. you have my vote, Shawn. Rob Royer, Picks News at ten.01/60735

Why Honda Pulled Out Of F1 Honda Racing CEO Nick Fry Tells Sky's Enda Brady why the car company has decided not to compete in next year's Formula One championship unless it can find a buyer by the end of the month. Well ,we told the staff that Honda were pulling out of Formula One last night. Obviously that was a huge shock to them. But this morning let’s give them a huge silly determination to succeed. The staff will be paid for at least in(/) next three months. We have the money to ? to Melbourne. And the staff I’ve just been speaking to are determined we all are gonna get there. And so we had a couple of expressions of interest aly in the team, and hopefully, this could be a holy future for us.We spoke to your team principal Ross brown earlier this morning, and he said this is a top-level F1 business with some extremely talented people, very good drivers and marvelous facilities. It’s just a matter of finding the right person. Who out there has 300 million pounds a year to invest and put into cars on the grid? Oh, firstly, I should emphasize this is a completely different situation from the other Formula One teams, sort of gone bust in the past. This is a top line facility, possibly the best in Formula One in terms of the facilities, the people are outstanding, and in Ross ? has. He is the best in the world. So, the car, those guys have designed next year is a huge attractive to outside buyers. Formula One is still a great spectacle It’s up there 600 million fans a year watch Formula One. It’s up there with the Olympics. If you have a global product that you want to advertise, it’s still the best, and we gotta remember that. as I said ,we had 2 or 3 global players contact us aly, who are interested in a top-level team in Asia. You know, it's gonna be tough, but I think there’s a good reason for hope of the future.Just looking at the F1 market place right now, will others be looking in ? here at Honda and worrying about themselves now when their backers may be pulling out too?Clearly, that’s a big worry. And you know, many of the Formula One teams are owned by car manufacturers. As everyone knows, here in the UK, 40 percent reduction in the car buying in the last month. That(/) has huge impacts on, not just Honda, but the other car companies then, and everyone’s gotta cut that close to face. I said with all the other teams owners yesterday, and we reduced the budgets for next year, potentially by, about 50 million Euroes by cutting back testing, thinking about that, cutting back developments. So we are trying to respond very quickly to the economic situation. And hopefully all the Formula One teams are gonna have a secure future. We’ve got to find a way of seeing so through the next couple of years, which, undoubtedly, for everyone, all are gonna be a bit tough.参考中文翻译:本田车队CEONick Fry向Sky新闻的Enda Brady透漏,他们将推出明年的F1冠军赛,除非月底之前能找到买主。昨天晚上,我们向员工宣布本田将退出F1冠军赛,很明显,这对他们震撼很大。但是今天早上我们给了他们一个继续下去的巨大的愚蠢的决心。接下去的至少三个月,公司都会向员工付工资。我们有钱去墨尔本吗?我刚刚谈话的那些员工坚持我们一定内去。所以我们队伍里也有一些有趣的表现。这对我们来说将是一个神圣的未来。今天早上稍早时候,我们找你们的车队负责人谈话,他说这是一个一流的F1团队,人们非常有智慧,司机技术非常好,设施也非常好。问题仅仅是要找到一个合适的人。谁能每年拿出3亿英镑来投资到汽车上呢?首先,我要强调的是,这队伍的情况和其他F1车队都不同,不可同日而语。这队伍有着一流的装备,可能是所有F1车队中配备最好的,人员也非常优秀,Ross ? has是世界上最棒的队员。F1仍然是很值得看的比赛,每年有6亿名F1迷观看比赛,几乎可以与奥运会相匹敌。如果你的产品想在全球范围内宣传,F1比赛仍然是最好的选择,我们一定能够记住的。就像我说的,全世界已经有两三个赛车手联系我们,他们对亚洲一流的团队感兴趣。你知道,未来的路是艰难的,但是我想,未来也是充满希望的。看看现在的F1市场,在他们观看本田的同时,是否也在为自己担忧,他们的持者会不会也退出呢?很明显,他们非常担心。你知道,很多F1车队都是由汽车制造商拥有的。大家都知道,现在在美国,上个月汽车销售量减少40%,这不仅对丰田,对其他汽车公司都造成巨大的影响,每个公司都面临着缩减。昨天我对其他车队所有者说,明年将要缩减预算,通过减少测试,减缓发展速度来缩减大约5千万欧元。我们试图尽快对目前的经济形势作出反应。希望所有的F1车队都有一个安全稳定的问来。毫无疑问,接下来的几年,对每个人来说,形势都会比较艰难。200812/58131

A tough immigration enforcement law scheduled to take effect in Arizona at the end of July is touching off debate and controversy far beyond the southwestern state. As a consequence, immigration reform is moving higher on the list of issues Americans say they want their politicians to address.The Arizona law requires immigrants to carry their registration documents at all times. It also directs local police to question people they suspect are in the country illegally… a job usually done by federal law enforcement. A Washington Post/A News poll found a majority of Americans – 58 percent – support the controversial course of action Arizona is taking. And roughly half the respondents in another national poll said they want their state to copy its get tough approach. A proposal for a tougher standWoodland, Washington is a surprisingly diverse American small town. Third generation berry farmers live near people who commute to work in distant Portland, Oregon, who in turn live near under-employed construction and mill workers. Woodland also has a growing Hispanic population.The mix verged on combustible at an overflowing City Council meeting recently, as townspeople commented on a resolution to endorse Arizona's immigration crackdown and to urge the Washington State Legislature to follow suit. One woman told council members, "The law opens the door to the indiscriminate use of racial profiling against individuals that look or sound foreign." "If you came to this country illegally, you started off on the wrong foot," another resident said. "You need to go back home, do the paperwork and come back the right way."A woman took the microphone to complain, "A lot of these people who are coming in illegally, they're getting medical coupons. They're getting food stamps... They're getting all kinds of things that are provided through our tax system. It has to stop! It has to stop somewhere!"A Woodland retiree agreed illegal immigration is out of hand, but said local Hispanic families are good people. "We're not a border town," she said. "That's the way I feel. Number one, we're not a border town. That's not our business."Putting a stop to illegal immigration from the bottom upBut City council member Benjamin Fredericks says it is Woodland's business. He introduced the controversial resolution, pointing out, "It obviously isn't working from the top down. The federal government is ignoring current law. That's why I believe Arizona has the right to pass their own laws." He sees Arizona's action and his proposal as part of an effort to start reform from the bottom up, and said he'd like to see the Washington state legislature take up the issue. Juan Barela is a counselor and human rights activist in Woodland. He says Arizona's immigration controversy has awakened the nation's Latino communities. "Now we are galvanized, united. We are strong and we're getting the vote."In the end, the Woodland city council voted down the resolution that would have urged the legislature to copy Arizona's tough enforcement approach. City councils in Seattle, Washington, and Los Angeles, California, have passed boycotts of Arizona travel and business contracts to show their disapproval of the new law. Most recently, the debate surfaced in Fremont, Nebraska where voters approved a city law against hiring or renting to illegal immigrants.Public unease about immigrationPortland, Oregon-based opinion pollster Adam Davis says all of the controversy is moving immigration higher on the list of issues people want addressed. "When you ask about the biggest problem facing the nation," he notes, "just recently there has been a real surge in the number of people that mention immigration. In the West particularly, it jumped from 2 to 16 percent in the Western states, saying that it the biggest problem facing the nation."Davis theorizes the support for stronger immigration enforcement reflects tough times. "They feel these people are taking jobs away from legal residents. In tough economic times, this is something that really concerns a lot of people. And it is not just jobs. There is also a feeling that resources are limited, that there isn't the money out there to provide government services to these people."Craig Keller hopes to tap that public unease. Keller directs a citizen initiative campaign in Washington State. His proposal would require all employers to check the immigration status of new hires through the government's e-verify service. Recipients of public benefits would also have to be validated."It's very ironic that there is huge public demand for a law like this. But the 'representatives'," he says with a bit of a sneer, "that have been selected to go to Olympia are not representing the people. That's why this is a perfect example of why the citizens' initiative process is required." His campaign needs to gather a quarter-million voter signatures to qualify the measure for the November ballot.Meanwhile, the Obama administration and some Arizona city governments hope to convince a judge to stop Arizona's new immigration law from taking effect later this month.亚利桑那州严苛的移民法定于7月29日生效。这个法律引起的辩论和争议早已超出一个州的范围。因此,移民改革成为民众要求领导人尽早解决的问题之一。亚利桑那州的移民法规定移民必须随时携带身份件,并要求地方警察盘问任何他们怀疑是非法入境的人。这本来是联邦执法人员的工作。 华盛顿邮报和美国广播公司合办的一次民调显示,百分之58的美国人持亚利桑那州这种引起争议的做法。在另一次全国民调中,大约半数受访者希望他们的州也效仿亚利桑那州的严格办法。 伍德兰是一个高度多元化的美国小镇。这里有三代种植草莓的农民,邻居是一群每天开车去俄勒冈州波特兰市上班的通勤族。离他们不远,住着工作时间不足的建筑工和钢铁厂工人。伍德兰的拉美裔居民也在不断增加。 最近小镇市政委员会开会,考虑通过一个决议,持亚利桑那州打击非法移民,并呼吁州议会跟进。与会者展开了激烈的辩论。 一名妇女说:“这个法律打开一扇门,也就是以外貌或口音取人,无端地以种族相貌为由进行歧视。” 一名男性说:“如果你非法进入美国,那你从一开始就错了。你应该回到原来的国家,按程序填表申请后再来。” 另一名妇女说:“很多非法进入美国的人得到医药补助,领到食品券,得到所有由我们的税金提供的福利。这种情形必须停止。” 已经退休的诺玛·布伦森也认为,非法移民问题已经到了失控的地步。但是她说,当地拉美裔居民都是好人。 最后,伍德兰市政委员会否决了关于敦促华盛顿州议会效仿亚利桑那州的提案。华盛顿州的西雅图市和加州洛杉矶市,都通过了抵制亚利桑那州旅游和商业合同的提案,以表示他们的不满。最近,内布拉斯加州弗来蒙市也就这个问题展开了辩论。选民通过投票,持该市一项禁止雇用或出租住房给非法移民的法律。 俄勒冈州波特兰的民调专家亚当·戴维斯说,这些争议将移民改革推到了民众希望解决的问题清单中的更高位置:“如果你问美国面临的最大问题是什么,最近越来越多的人会说是移民问题。尤其在西部各州,认为移民问题是美国面临的最大问题的人,从百分之2猛增至百分之16。” 戴维斯认为,持更严格的移民法律,也反映出目前时局的艰难。他说:“他们觉得非法移民抢走了合法居民的工作。在经济困难时期,许多人的确非常担心这个问题。还不仅仅是工作,还有人觉得资源有限,政府没有财力来为这些人提供务。” 克雷格·凯勒在华盛顿州领导着一个公民倡议运动。他建议,所有雇主都应通过政府的电子核对务,确认新雇人员的移民身份,对享受公共福利的人的身份也应当进行核实。 凯勒说:“非常具有讽刺意味的是,民众对这类法律的要求很高,而那些被选到州议会的所谓民意代表们,却没有代表人民说话。这恰恰说明为什么人民倡议运动是必要的。”凯勒的这个运动需要25万选民的签名,才有资格被列入今年11月选票上的公决项目。 与此同时,奥巴马政府和亚利桑那州的一些市政府希望能说联邦法官,阻止亚利桑那州的移民法在7月底生效。201007/109422

Vuvuzela enters the dictionaryThe World Cup, global warming and the credit crunch have all inspired the latest additions to the English language.The vuvuzela, the horn instrument which provided the soundtrack to this summer's football extravaganza in South Africa, is one new entry in the Oxford Dictionary of English, which is based on how language is really used.The battle to deal with climate change has given us carbon capture and storage - the process of trapping and storing carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels - and geo-engineering - manipulation of environmental processes in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming.The credit crunch has introduced toxic debt to the language - debt with a high risk of default - and quantitative easing - the pumping of new money into the national supply by a central bank.Cyberspace produces a constant supply of words and phrases. The dictionary now offers social media - websites and applications used for social networking - and microblogging, or posting short entries on a blog.In all there are more than 2,000 new items in the third edition of the dictionary, which was originally published in 1998.Other new entries are :* wardrobe malfunction: when someone exposes an intimate part of their body after clothing slips;* chill pill: a notional pill to make someone calm;* bromance: a close but non-sexual relationship between two men;* LBD (little black dress): This refers to the simple evening or cocktail dress that, it is claimed, should be part of every womans wardrobe; and* frenemy: a person that one is friendly with despite a fundamental dislike.Vocabulary:extravaganza: any lavish or opulent show, event, assemblage, etc.(盛典,铺张华丽的表演)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111760

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