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Happy Birthday to You! How people around the world celebrate birthdays for young and old. Happy birthday to you, the latest installment of our Small World Series. Today with the help of our digital reporters around the world, we are gonna take a look at birthday traditions across the globe, from Korea to Lebanon. I am Joohee Cho in Seoul. When it comes to spending on a first birthday party, sky is the limit for most Korean parents, and the Chung family is no exception. “I spent about ,000 and I just have only one baby and this baby is very precious to me.”The first birthday is considered a major milestone, because in the past, so many didn’t survive the first year of life. For the main ceremony, baby Eun-Suh wears a han bo(韩), the traditional costume. The highlight of the party is when the baby must choose an object that will symbolize her future. Family friends add cash to the choices. Looks like Eun-Suh will be in the money.I am Karen Russo in Mumbai /. With India's growing economy, the middle and upper class have more disposable income. And with that comes spending on elaborate events like the increasingly popular western-style birthday parties.This party for five-year-old Ruansh has a carnival-type atmosphere with face-painting and prize-winning games. There is even a magician.One Indian tradition remains constant, parents feeding their children the first piece of cake for good luck. Although it appears to be a tradition this naughty boy doesn’t care to follow.I am Lara Setrakian in Lebanon, there is an old tradition in the Middle East to not just celebrate birthdays but celebrate name days.Today, Elias and his wife Elian are celebrating theirs. It’s the feast of prophet Elijah. So for people with a name derived from Elijah, it’s their special day. They are the guests of honor at mass. But for Elias and Elian, the real party starts in their living room. Complete with cake. At nightfall, fireworks on the rooftop, a dinner with friends mark their special day.参考中文翻译:世界各地的人们怎样为年轻人和老年人庆祝生日的呢?现在,由于世界各地数码摄影记者的帮助,我们可以一览全球各地的生日传统,从韩国到黎巴嫩。我是Joohee Cho,现在在首尔。当人们举办第一个生日派对时,父母毫不吝惜,Chung的家庭也毫不例外。“我为孩子的第一个生日花费了6,000美元。我只有一个孩子,这个孩子对我来说非常珍贵。”第一个生日被认为是人生一个重要的里程碑。因为在过去,很过孩子根本活不到一岁就夭折了。为了这个重要的庆祝会,小宝宝Eun-Suh特意穿了传统的韩。晚会的高潮是宝宝“抓周”,宝宝随手抓到的物体象征的他的未来。亲朋好友会在所有的选择中加上现金,象征着小宝宝以后会很有钱。我是孟买的Karen Russo。随着印度经济不断增长,中低阶层的人们拥有越来越多的可配收入,可以花费钱财来举办一些豪华的盛宴,比如越来越受欢迎的西方风格的生日派对。为5岁的Ruansh举办的生日派对很有狂欢节的气氛,人们脸上都化装,还有赢奖的游戏,甚至还有一个魔术师。印度的一个传统仍然很普遍,父母喂孩子吃第一块蛋糕,代表好运。然而这个淘气的小男孩似乎不想遵循这个传统。我是黎巴嫩的Setrakian。中东地区有一个古老的传统,不仅要庆祝生日,还要庆祝他们的名字。今天,Elias和他的妻子Elian 正在为他们的孩子举行庆祝活动。这是预言者Elijah的盛宴,所以对所有以Elijah命名的人来说,今天是一个特别的日子。他们是受人尊敬的客人。但是,对Elias and Elian来说,他们真正的派对在客厅里举行,全部都是蛋糕。黄昏时,屋顶燃放烟花,与朋友共进晚餐来度过特别的一天。200811/57252Senate Panel Votes to Confirm Bernanke for Second Term美参院委员会批准伯南克提名The Senate Banking Committee has voted to approve the nomination of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for a second term as head of the U.S. central bank. The move paves the way for a vote by the full Senate in January. But the committee approval came after two hours of contentious debate, and the committee's ranking Republican was among those voting against Bernanke.参议院委员会投票批准了对美联储主席伯南克第二任期的提名。这为一月份参议院全体投票表决铺平了道路。不过该委员会在批准前还是进行了两个小时的激烈争论。该委员会中也有重要共和党议员投票反对伯南克连任。Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has cleared a major hurdle in his bid to win a second four-year term. But Thursday's Senate Banking Committee executive meeting turned out to be a roller-coast ride for Bernanke, who was not present, but was subjected to alternating sessions of praise and stinging criticism.美联储主席伯南克已经在争取第二个四年任期方面清除了一个重要障碍。但是星期四举行的参议院委员会常务会议却变成了伯南克的过山车之旅。他没有出席这个会议,但是会间对他的评价交织着褒扬和尖锐的批评。The top-ranking Republican on the committee, Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, said he would vote against Bernanke, saying the 2008 financial crisis was years in the making, and that Bernanke bears part of the responsibility because he was a member of the Federal Reserve at that time. 该委员会资深共和党人,来自阿拉巴马州的参议员理查德·谢尔比说,他将投伯南克反对票。谢尔比说,2008年金融危机是经多年酝酿发生的,而伯南克对此负有部分责任,因为他当时是美联储的成员。"I strongly disapprove of some of the past deeds of the Federal Reserve while Ben Bernanke was a member and its chairman, and I lack confidence in what little planning for the future he has articulated," he said.谢尔比说:“我对联储过往的某些作法持强烈反对意见,而伯南克那时是联储成员,也是其主席。我对他就未来所做的不详表述缺乏信心。”Republican Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky mocked Bernanke's naming on Wednesday by Time Magazine as "Person of the Year". The magazine credited Bernanke with saving the ed States from a second Great Depression. 来自肯塔基州的共和党参议员吉姆·邦宁对时代周刊星期三将伯南克命名为年度人物进行了嘲讽。该杂志称赞伯南克使美国免于陷入第二次大萧条。12/92321But the study, which followed 7th grade teens in Australia and Washington State for one year, found that those allowed to drink under adult supervision were more likely to have had a bad experience related to alcohol. Things like becoming violently drunk, or getting injured while drunk. Other studies have shown that kids are four times more likely to become alcoholics if they start drinking before the age of fifteen. It’s not entirely clear why allowing kids to drink under supervision raises the risk of later drinking problems. Experts speculate that it could make drinking excessively seem acceptable or more desirable than it otherwise would be. In any case, the studies clearly suggest that when it comes to teen drinking, parents do best to draw a firm line and not allow their kids to drink until they’re legal.【生词注释】entirely adv. 完全地; 彻底地risk n.风险speculate v. 推测legal adj. 合法的研究跟踪了澳大利亚和华盛顿州7年级学生长达一年,并发现那些在成年人监督下被允许喝酒的青少年更可能会经历与酒相关的糟糕经历,比如暴力酗酒或是喝酒时受伤。其他的研究表明如果青少年在15岁前就开始喝酒,他们成为酒鬼的可能性会比普通人高出4倍。现在还没有完全搞清楚为什么在成年人监督下被允许喝酒的青少年长大后会有酗酒方面的问题。专家推测那样做可能使过量饮酒看起来更容易接受或使青少年比原本更有欲望去过量饮酒。无论是那种情形,研究清晰地建议:对待青少年饮酒问题,父母应尽全力来严格控制,直到青少年达到法定年龄才允许他们喝酒。201110/159026What a difference a few weeks makes in President Obama's political fortunes. Shortly after the Republican rout in the November midterm congressional elections, Obama acknowledged he and his fellow Democrats got a shellacking at the polls.几个星期就能使奥巴马总统的政治前景大为改观。在共和党取得11月国会中期选举胜利后不久,奥巴马总统承认他和民主党人在选举中遭遇挫折。It was a much more upbeat President Obama, however, who spoke to reporters at the White House after a productive so-called lame duck session of Congress that included dozens of Democrats who were defeated in November.但是,在所谓跛脚鸭国会通过了一系列法后,奥巴马总统显得振奋多了。"If there is any lesson to draw from these past few weeks, it is that we are not doomed to endless gridlock," said Obama. "We have shown in the wake of the November elections that we have the capacity not only to make progress, but to make progress together. And I am not naiuml;ve. I know there will be tough fights in the months ahead. But my hope heading into the New Year is that we can continue to heed the message of the American people and hold to a spirit of common purpose in 2011 and beyond."他在白宫对记者说:“如果说可以从过去几个星期汲取什么教训的话,那就是我们并不是注定会有无休止的僵局。我们在11月选举之后明,我们不仅能够取得进展,而且可以共同取得进展。我并不天真。我知道在未来的几个月里我们会有艰巨的战斗。但在新年到来之际,我的希望是我们可以继续倾听美国人民的声音,在2011年和以后的时间里坚持追求共同的目标。”The list of compromise agreements includes extending tax cuts for all Americans first approved by President George W. Bush, ratification of a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia, and ending a long-standing policy that prevents homosexuals from openly serving in the U.S. military.国会最后通过的妥协性协议包括延长布什总统批准的为所有美国人减税的政策,批准跟俄罗斯的新的限制核武器条约,中止长久以来不准公开的同性恋者参军的政策。Not everyone was happy. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina complained that Democrats rammed through a number of measures in the waning days of the session, especially the law that overturns the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy that had barred gays and lesbians from openly serving in the armed forces.并不是所有的人都高兴。南卡罗莱纳州共和党籍参议员格雷厄姆抱怨说,民主党人在国会会期的最后几天强行通过了一些法案,尤其是通过了推翻禁止公开的同性恋者役的“不问不说”政策。201012/122318

Business Bulletin The latest in business news with the CNN.com business bulletinToday's closing bell marked the end of the first quarter on Wall Street.And as Stephanie Elam reports from our Business desk in New York. It wasn't a good one, was it Steph?No, no, it wasn't, Reggie. And I hate to say that 'cause I feel like I always start over the negative news but it's the case on this one, it just was not a good first quarter. During the 3 months of 2008, the market was driven lower by the housing crisis then there was that credit crunch and growing fears of a recession. So for the quarter, the DOW Industrials fell more than 7%, NASDAQ lost about twice as much and the broader Samp;P 500 lost nearly 10%. Now also impressuring the markets this quarter were rising oil prices. However, today, erase, oil actually erased much of those gains, tumbling 4 dollars to settle at 1.58.So, to take a look at the stock markets from today, look at those numbers, here we go. The DOW, on the upside, by 46 points at 12262, gain of little more than a third of a percent. NASDAQ, up 17 points at 2279 and that is a gain of about 3 quarters and the Samp;P 500 up a little more than 0.5%, Reggie.This next story is interesting to me. Because it goes to the heart of the matter, where these companies now see the money, because people are kind of maxing out their credit cards, then they have to obviously find a new market, and that new market, it's the young, right?Oh yeah, I don't know if this, this. Maybe this didn’t happen when you were in college. But when I was there, there were definitely tables and (Oh please, free T-shirt) get a free T shirt, sign up for a credit card. Why was that so exciting?And it, kids got... Why was that exciting? I have no idea. But it was exciting. People love getting it.Maybe I'm old now, because a T-shirt doesn't excite me. But I remember back in the day, people were pretty excited about the T-shirt. But this is in fact the new trend here. Not new, but a bigging, a growing trend here, it's a bigger trend. Some credit companies might see college kids as their golden goose. A study released by US Public Interests Research Group shows that 76% of students say credit cards have been marketed to them on their college campuses. The companies often set up tables on or near campus and lure students with free gifts like those T-shirts and frisbees and candy and pizza. All things you don't need probably at that age. And in some cases, even iPods. And all you have to do is fill out an application. There are about a dozen states that have restrictions on credit card marketing on campuses. But the report shows that the companies have become more aggressive, often calling or even emailing students, but it's not just the credit card companies that are to be blame here. Many colleges' webs, actually partner with the banks to issue code-branded credit cards or ID cards that double as debit cards .Some schools defend these partnerships as a way to offset cuts in state funding, Reggie. But obviously, I remember at my school they were just off campus but still everyone walked by themselves. So there was easy access.Oh really? They weren't off campus at mine. They were right in the student center!Like Hello!Yeah, come spend money. I mean, you know that, obviously kids don't really have a lot of money when they are in college. Or most kids don't. So why are the credit cards companies going after with such gusto, these college students.Well yeah they may not have a lot of money but they do have a lot of wants, and probably need at that age too. So there’s money to be made. And you know, a lot of these college students usually don't have financial ties, meaning that once they set out signing up for a credit cards through a certain bank, it's more likely they will go back to the same provider when they need a car loan or savings loan. So it kind of engenders some sort of loyalty, Reggie.I, well, I think that's, in my case, that was true actually .They got me right in the beginningAnd you probably still have that frisbee up the other wall. And that T-shirt somewhere!Yeah!Well , let's talk about there was a major deal that was announced today in the music world that gives a company that actually have not really had its hands in that much, prior to this, it really gives them a lot of power.Oh yeah, Irish rock band U2 has agreed to a twelve-year contract with concert promoter Live Nation. The move gives Live Nation control of U2's concerts, their merchandise and U2 website and fan-club. Live Nation which operates more than 100 concert venues around the country is ending its relationship with Ticket Master at the end of the year in order to compete with the ticket giant. Over the past few years, Live Nation has actually acquired several companies which run websites and create merchandise for artists. And last year, it signed a 10-year, 120 million-dollar deal with the Material Girl. That’s right Madonna was the one they got on there.Yeah so I mean everyone's jumping on the Live Nation bandwagon. I'm so glad that you wanna talk about Madonna.Ha, I always find a way to throw in some pop for you, Reggie.Thank you so much, yeah, I am listening to the new single I heard it's good, I haven't heard it yet.You gotta get it.But there's probably a different discussion that we will have to have somewhere else.Ok, could you work it into some business report this week? We'll get to that.OK I'll work on it.Alright, thanks Stephanie, see you later.Bye! Reggie!01/60673

India and its near-abroad印度及其周边国家New humility for the hegemon韬光养晦为称雄Too slowly, India is realising that poor relations with its South Asian neighbours hold back its global ambitions如梦初醒,印度现在才意识到以邻为壑会拖其全球野心之后腿Jul 30th 2011 | from the print editionNO ONE loves a huge neighbour. For all that, India’s relations with the countries that ring it are abysmal. Of the eight with which it shares a land or maritime boundary, only two can be said to be happy with India: tiny Maldives, where India has the only foreign embassy and dispenses much largesse, and Bhutan, which has a policy of being happy about everything. Among its other South Asian neighbours, the world’s biggest democracy is incredible mainly because of its amazing ability to generate wariness and resentment.没有国家喜欢与大国比邻而居。尽管如此,印度与其周边国家的关系只能用糟糕透顶来形容。在与其共壤或共海上边界的八个国家中,只有两个国家能说对印度感到满意:极小的马尔代夫和不丹。印度大使馆是马尔代夫境内唯一的外国大使馆,并在马尔大夫大行慷慨;不丹奉行与世无争的政策,对一切都感到满意。在其南亚邻居看来,印度让人产生戒心和愤恨的惊人能力,实在与“世界最大民主国家”难以匹配。Until recently it operated a shoot-to-kill policy towards migrant workers and cattle rustlers along its long border with Bangladesh. Over the years it has meddled madly in Nepal’s internal affairs. In Myanmar India snuggles up to the country’s thuggish dictators, leaving the beleaguered opposition to wonder what happened to India’s championing of democracy. Relations with Sri Lanka are conflicted. It treats China with more respect, but feuds with it about its border.直到近来,印度还对跨越边境的孟加拉国民工和偷牛贼施行“格杀勿论”的政策;多年来,它对尼泊尔的内政疯狂干涉;在缅甸,印度与该国凶残的独裁者沆瀣一气,遭围攻的反对派很想知道印度倡导的民主究竟发生了什么变故;印度与斯里兰卡的关系也是冲突不断;它对中国要更尊重一些,不过因边界问题,两者也是世仇。201108/149649

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